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Fri Mar 21 17:13:43 2014 UTClccn-nb909377960.00Correspondence, 1844-19100.681.00Correspondence : 1821-187359864890Eliza_Meteyardnb 909377964903334Silverpen 1816-1879containsVIAFID/75810334Silverpen, 1816-1879lccn-n50022707Wedgwood, Josiah1730-1795lccn-no2003093771Wedgwood, Josiah1769-1843lccn-nr93042339Wedgwood, Thomas1771-1805lccn-sh85145914Wedgwood familylccn-n50004058Flaxman, John1755-1826illlccn-n50022708Josiah Wedgwood & Sonsnp-wedgwood, josiahWedgwood, Josiahilllccn-nr93004137Leighton, John1822-1912bddlccn-n85145330Absolon, John1815-1895illlccn-nb2007004000Nicholls, RobertcomMeteyard, Eliza1816-1879HistoryJuvenile worksFictionBiographyHandbooks, manuals, etcWedgwood wareEnglandPotteryWedgwood, Josiah,Wedgwood, Josiah,PhotographyWedgwood familyWedgwood, Thomas,Pottery--MarksFlaxman, John,Pottery--Collectors and collectingEngland--LondonTravelCeramicsChildren--Conduct of lifePottersCameosAnimal welfareChristian lifeHuman-animal relationshipsConduct of lifeFathers and daughtersMuseumsChildren's stories, EnglishArchaeologyAuntsBrothers and sistersPottery, EnglishFarmsMeteyard, Eliza,Voyages and travelsRomaniesParent and childHorsesPetsTurner, Dawson,Botanical specimens--Collection and preservationSpottiswoode, William,Redgrave, Samuel,BotanyLudlow, John Malcolm Forbes,Burton, Decimus,Clay, Walter LoweFranks, Augustus Wollaston,Natural historyClergyCole, Henry,--Sir,Bates, Henry Walter,Eardley-Wilmot, J. E.--(John Eardley),--Sir,Fairholt, F. W.--(Frederick William),181618791845184618471849185018521854185718581860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918821883188719301963196719701971198019901427104278738.37NK4210.W4ocn005591605ocn83751595238826ocn002408016book18650.70Meteyard, ElizaThe life of Josiah Wedgwood, from his private correspondence and family papers ... with an introductory sketch of the art of pottery in EnglandHistoryBiography16716ocn001317650book18750.50Meteyard, ElizaThe Wedgwood handbook. A manual for collectors. Treating of the marks, monograms, and other tests of the old period of manufacture. Also including the catalogues, with prices obtained at various sales, together with a glossary of terms. By Eliza MeteyardHandbooks, manuals, etc16714ocn003011618book18710.84Meteyard, ElizaA group of Englishmen (1795 to 1815) being records of the younger Wedgwoods and their friends, embracing the history of the discovery of photography and a facsimile of the first photographHistory1142ocn000432349book19670.33Meteyard, ElizaWedgwood trio8116ocn004156283book18620.92Meteyard, ElizaThe hallowed spots of ancient London : historical, biographical and antiquarian sketches illustrative of places and events as they appeared and occurred in the olden timeHistory706ocn003683123book18730.79Meteyard, ElizaWedgwood and his works : a selection of his plaques, cameos, medallions, vases, etc. from the designs of Flaxman and others : reproduced in permanent photography by the autotype process, with a sketch of his life and the progress of his fine-art manufactures378ocn004294076book18780.66Meteyard, ElizaChoice examples of Wedgwood art : a selection of plaques, cameos, medallions, vases, etc., from the designs of Flaxman and others3610ocn020600241book18740.94Meteyard, ElizaMemorials of Wedgwood a selection from his fine art works in plaques, medallions, figures and other ornamental objects355ocn019321581book18730.96Meteyard, ElizaWedgewood and his works. A selection of his plaques, cameos, medallions, vases, etc. from the design of Flaxman and others322ocn005591605book18730.53Wedgwood, JosiahWedgwood's catalogue of cameos, intaglios, medals, bas-reliefs, busts, and small statues272ocn797290744file18730.88Wedgwood, JosiahWedgwood's catalogue of cameos, intaglios, medals, bas-reliefs, busts, and small statues2714ocn793690419book18570.17Meteyard, ElizaLilian's golden hoursJuvenile worksFiction2412ocn013342292book18600.90Meteyard, ElizaMainstone's housekeeper225ocn593493007com18620.81Meteyard, ElizaThe Lady Herbert's gentlewomen212ocn004930667book18740.53Meteyard, ElizaMemorials of Wedgewood. Selections from his fine art works in plaques, medallions, figures, and other ornamental objects.204ocn024894906book18780.96Meteyard, ElizaChoice examples of Wedgewood art. A selection of plaques, cameos, medallions, vases, etc. from the designs of Flaxman and others. Reproduced in permanent photography by the autotype process. With descriptions by Eliza Meteyard115ocn011407429book18690.28Meteyard, ElizaDora and her papa : a story for childrenJuvenile worksFiction109ocn310778425book18650.47Meteyard, ElizaThe Life of Josiah Wedgwood86ocn310778416book18650.47Meteyard, ElizaThe Life of Josiah Wedgwood85ocn562479923book18500.22Meteyard, ElizaThe doctor's little daughter11ocn122540781mixHooker, Joseph DaltonA variety of topics are discussed in these letters, mainly on plant specimens and botanical subjects in relation to England, India, and other parts of the world. The most voluminous correspondence is with Henry Walter Bates, Sir Henry Cole, Sir Richard Strachey, Dawson Turner, and William Crawford Williamson11ocn078472353mixJewitt, Llewellynn Frederick WilliamLettersLetters and related ephemera primarily to the collector Joseph Mayer concerning contributions to "The Reliquary," a projected work on pottery, and Eliza Meteyard's handbook on Wedgwood pottery; with letters to the antiquarian Charles Roach Smith concerning Fairholt's will and obituary, Castleford pottery, Wedgwood, and similar matters; a letter to J. Clarke concerning the Roman ruins at Headlington; and a letter to Arthur Monk concerning a review of a book on Worcester Cathedral11ocn019465762mix1.00Clay, JohnCorrespondence : 1821-1873Letters to Clay during the 1840s and 1850s and to his son, Walter Lowe Clay, in the 1860s, concerning the causes and prevention of crime, prison reform, alcoholism, the condition of the laboring classes, and the roles of the church and of secular and religious education in combating crime. Correspondents include Charles Adderly, Lord Brooke, Mary Carpenter, William Shove Chalk, Sir Smith Child, George Combe, Emily Davies, Augustus De Morgan, George Dixon, Lord Ebrington, Lord Ingestre, John Just, Lord Lifford, John Malcolm Forbes Ludlow, Lord Lyttelton, Eliza Meteyard, John Stuart Mill, Professor Mittermaier, Ogle William Morre, John Somerset Pakington, John Wilson-Patten, John Richardson Porter, Samuel Redgrave, James Harrison Rigg, Charles Savile Roundell, Lord Sandon, Robert A. Slaney, William Cooke Taylor, Georg Varrentrapp, and Sir John Eardley-WilmotFri Mar 21 15:09:25 EDT 2014batch17139