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Thu Oct 16 17:57:15 2014 UTClccn-no000453730.07Olive, the other reindeer0.150.21The Simpsons27275992Dan_Castellanetano 000453735247620lccn-n81122877Kavner, Julienrtprfactlccn-no99013925Smith, Yeardleyprfactlccn-no98065061Cartwright, Nancy1959-nrtprfactlccn-no96013286Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Incfast-1119149Simpsons (Fictitious characters)lccn-n85369991Groening, Mattsceproactcrelccn-n92113678Shearer, Harry1943-lbtprfdrtlyractfast-1119147Simpson, Bart (Fictitious character)lccn-no98065024Gracie Filmsfast-1736791Simpson, Homer (Fictitious character)Castellaneta, DanDramaJuvenile worksInterviewsTelevision comediesAnimated television programsFilm adaptationsFilm and video adaptationsTelevision programsAnimated filmsHistorySimpsons (Fictitious characters)United StatesSimpson, Bart (Fictitious character)Simpson, Homer (Fictitious character)Springfield (Imaginary place)FamiliesStockbrokersFathers and sonsInternship programsMillionairesSales personnelDespairDreamsPeter Pan (Fictitious character)Gardner, Chris--(Chris P.)HomelessnessSingle fathersCalifornia--San FranciscoOffenses against the environmentHazardous wastesAladdin (Legendary character)RevengeJinnPiratesTrustBelief and doubtPixiesNever-Never Land (Imaginary place)AlaskaSchool childrenBarrie, J. M.--(James Matthew),Comic Book Guy (Fictitious character)Shopping mallsFriendshipTelevision comediesReindeerDogsSeibold, J.ottoChristmas playsDysfunctional familiesFamilies on televisionTelevisionParent and childJerry (Fictitious character : Hanna and Barbera)Tom (Fictitious character : Hanna and Barbera)MiceCatsHalloweenDivorced menNew York (State)--New York1957199019931994199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201421907317583791.4372PN1997.2ocn077553857ocn053278933ocn057364262ocn062257108ocn853459232ocn154042001ocn070834674ocn052908164ocn050275372ocn422770249ocn077554316ocn053396462ocn043114464ocn123760957ocn045548827ocn295578380ocn429021616ocn123768002ocn123899867ocn144755314ocn285232142ocn494730757ocn690496365ocn492998018ocn494730775ocn762643970ocn674486031ocn494731011ocn492976154ocn673606870ocn674495577ocn658802334215912ocn077553857visu20060.18Muccino, GabrieleThe pursuit of happynessFictionInterviewsDramaChris Gardner is an intelligent, energetic guy who can't catch a break. In the sluggish Bay Area economy of 1981, he's losing ground, by investing all his family's money in high cost bone-density scanners. His wife leaves him, he loses his apartment, and with his 5-year-old son in tow joins the ranks of the homeless, if not the hopeless. Bounced from shelter to shelter, he finds himself a single dad who has to support and care for a young child. Impressing a Dean Witter higher-up by solving a Rubik's cube during a taxi ride, Chris gets a place in a stockbroker-training program. But internships don't pay, and there's no guarantee he'll be offered a job at the end of it. Against all odds, he pushes toward success, and eventually turns his life around+-+K392639796178112ocn173319618visu20070.08Twentieth Century-Fox Film CorporationThe Simpsons movieJuvenile worksDramaLisa convinces the locals to clean up the polluted Lake Springfield after a crowd of fans sink the Green Day concert stage. Meanwhile, Homer saves a pig from being killed in Krusty Burger and adopts it, calling the animal Spider Pig. After two days, Spider Pig fills up a silo with its excrement and not knowing what else to do, Homer dumps the silo in the lake, polluting it. The angry population forces the Simpsons to move to Alaska. Meanwhile, the president is induced by his adviser from the EPA to put a dome over Springfield to hold in the population and destroy the city. When Marge sees the news on television, she tells Homer that they must return to Springfield to save their town and friends, but Homer is not convinced that the people of Springfield deserve their support12242ocn166353159visu20070.10Walt Disney PicturesPeter Pan in Return to Never LandHistoryJuvenile worksDramaFantasy filmsFilm adaptationsAnimated filmsMeet Jane, Wendy's ever-so-practical daughter, who's outgrown her mothers' tales of pirates and pixies. That is until Captain Hook whisks her away to Never Land. The crafty pirate sets in motion a plot to capture Peter and Tink, whose light is fading fast because Jane doesn't believe in fairies. Now, only Jane, the first-ever "Lost Girl," can save them. She must now call upon faith, trust and pixie dust to help her fulfill her mission10663ocn030448450visu19940.12Shelton, TobyThe return of JafarJuvenile worksDramaEvil sorcerer Jafar, now the most powerful genieof all has escaped from his lamp and he's bent on taking revenge against Aladdin. Fom battlingthieves on flying horses to dodging flames inside an exploding lava pit, it is up to Aladdin and his gang to save the kingdom once and for all7285ocn050275372visu20020.21The SimpsonsDramaTelevision comediesAnimated television programsTelevision programsThe complete second season of the animated television sit-com of the satiric adventures of a working class family, the Simpsons. The father Homer, works with pride in a nuclear power plant run with more regard for profit than safety. His wife Marge is a kind of supermom, while their eldest son Bart is an underachiever and proud of it64925ocn049207991visu20010.21Groening, MattThe Simpsons the complete first seasonCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksDramaTelevision comediesTelevision programsThe complete first season of the animated television sit-com of the satiric adventures of a working class family, the Simpsons. The father, Homer, works with pride in a nuclear power plant run with more regard for profit than safety. His wife Marge is a kind of supermom, while their eldest son Bart is an underachiever and proud of it6383ocn050899850visu20020.12Tucker, TuckHey Arnold! the movieJuvenile worksCaricatures and cartoonsDramaArnold and friends try to stop an industrial company from bulldozing their town5841ocn053278933visu20030.07Groening, MattOlive, the other reindeerJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsOlive is really a kind-hearted dog who sets out to save Christmas when she hears that Blitzen is injured and Santa can't find a replacement57211ocn062257108visu20050.20Castellaneta, DanThe SimpsonsFictionDramaAnimated television programsSeason 7 of The Simpsons brought fans the answer to the question 'Who shot Mr. Burns?' They also got to go rock out at Homerpalooza and watch as Lisa became a vegetarian. This set contains the complete season along with many extras5686ocn057364262visu20040.20The SimpsonsFictionDramaTelevision comediesAnimated filmsTwenty-two episodes of The Simpsons5172ocn055034037visu20040.20The SimpsonsDramaTelevision comediesAnimated television programsMarge and Homer make whoopee while Bart and Lisa attend summer camp. Lisa is crowned Little Miss Springfield. Marge puts her charm and smarts to work in the power plant and when Mr. Burns notices, it leads to a cozy dinner for two. Homer becomes the power plant's union negotiator and tries to bargain away the dental plan for beer4809ocn076895260visu19970.20The SimpsonsJuvenile worksDramaTelevision comediesAnimated television programsThe comedy adventures of a working class family in the misfit city of Springfield47411ocn070834674visu20060.21The SimpsonsJuvenile worksDramaHomer works, with pride, in a nuclear power plant run with more regard for profit that safety. Marge is his wife, who is a hardworking supermom. Together they have three kids: Bart is the oldest, but an underachiever ("and proud of it"), Lisa is the brains in the family and is know at school as the "principal's pet," and Maggie, who is the baby4646ocn061199199visu20050.21The SimpsonsFictionDramaContains the complete sixth season of the animated television sit-com of the satiric adventures of a working class family, the Simpsons4518ocn154042001visu19990.20The SimpsonsFictionDramaHomer thinks he can make a fortune by selling grease, as well as growing jealous of Thomas Edison and seeking to become an inventor. Marge develops road rage. Bart cares for bird eggs. Striking revenge when the kids of Springfield are put on an unjust curfew. Homer chickens out in donating a kidney to Grandpa and goes to Vegas with Flanders, and becomes a renowned artist, well, kind of. The family going to Tokyo41610ocn244206303visu19990.18SimpsonsJuvenile worksCaricatures and cartoonsDramaSeason 11 includes all 22 episodes from the 11th season and bonus material on all four discs4079ocn045704167rcrd19990.16Simon, NeilThe odd coupleDramaRadio playsHyper-neurotic Felix and the slob Oscar, two poker buddies, become wildly mismatched roomates when they find themselves bachelors again+-+15466353064016ocn052908164visu20030.20The Simpsons the complete third seasonDramaTelevision comediesAnimated television programsThe complete third season with all 24 episodes3783ocn070860995visu20060.10Tom and Jerry Shiver me whiskersJuvenile worksDramaIt's a swashbuckling pirate adventure when Tom sails with the biggest, baddest pirate on the high seas, the infamous Captain Red. To find buried treasure, Tom and Jerry work together to get past the coconut-throwing monkeys, a giant octopus, and more!3712ocn052986424visu20030.15Treehouse of horrorDramaFour tales of Simpsons horror+-+K392639796+-+K392639796Thu Oct 16 16:06:43 EDT 2014batch25231