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Thu Oct 16 18:02:18 2014 UTClccn-no000770280.00Ils se sont aimés0.251.00Serial lover69129230Michèle_Laroqueno 000770285316662Laroque, Michele 1960-Larroque, Michèle 1960Michelle Laroquelccn-no00077045Écoffey, Jean-Philippe1959-prfactlccn-no99070631Haut et Court (Firm)prolccn-no00077220Vander Stappen, Chrissceantausaudadplccn-no2003027103Vincent, Hélène1943-prfactnp-scotta, caroleScotta, Caroleprolccn-no00077037Du Fresne, Georges1985-prfactviaf-305799916Hanssens, Danielactlccn-no2014067063Bibot, Laurence1968-prfactlccn-no2005097947Bunel, Marieprfactlccn-no2012044146Gallotte, Jean-François1953-actLaroque, Michèle1960-DramaComedy filmsRomantic comedy filmsRomance filmsFictionMotion picturesGender identitySex role in childrenHomosexualityFranceTransgender childrenAccountantsBlue collar workersGender identity disorders in childrenMotion pictures, FrenchMan-woman relationshipsTerminally ill childrenDivorced menLandlord and tenantFemale friendshipMotion picturesGay menInterpersonal relationsWomenDating (Social customs)Identity (Psychology) in childrenTranssexualsPolitical correctnessReducing dietsTranssexuals--IdentityCancer in childrenCancer--PatientsAircraft accidentsFamiliesBelgiumEurope--Mont BlancTransvestismMalabar Princess (Airplane)Children and adultsTransvestitesCancerGrandfathersFriendshipGreat Britain19601988199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132289119276791.4372PN1997ocn046673735ocn048264897ocn762762063ocn058552185ocn674161739ocn676379167ocn768338104ocn692006230ocn691927621ocn762881793ocn421715749ocn553424081ocn408747693ocn421569425ocn834139010ocn822839285ocn690428629ocn780964070ocn839334004ocn742899156ocn765756469ocn659040027ocn765596415ocn765756317ocn693962929ocn694005810ocn693962906ocn766871477ocn766707942ocn765596048ocn762810507ocn762621257ocn743018712ocn742832432ocn822834881ocn74297327081333ocn046673735visu19970.28Berliner, AlainMa vie en roseDramaAn ironic tale about a seven-year-old boy's gender confusion. He dreams of being a girl. This has repercussions on his family, classmates and neighbors5276ocn048264897visu20010.23Le placard ClosetDramaFrançois Pignon, a very bland sort of man who works as an accountant in a condom factory, is about to be fired. His new neighbour comes up with an idea to prevent such a thing from happening: he creates photos and then spreads the rumor that François is gay so that the factory management might be afraid they'll be sued for sexual discrimination. Of course, nothing happens as it should, but the changes in François Pignon's life--and other people's too--is drastic!2695ocn040726321visu19980.26Ma vie en rose My life in pinkDramaWith six-year-old certainty, Ludovic believes he was meant to be a little girl and that the mistake will soon be corrected. Instead of the miraculous, Ludo finds rejection, isolation and guilt as the intense reactions of family, friends, and neighbors strip away every innocent lace and bauble2029ocn642056645visu20080.18Schmitt, Éric-EmmanuelOscar et la dame Rose Oscar and the lady in pinkDramaOscar, a 10-year-old boy, lives in a hospital. Neither the doctors nor his parents have the courage to tell him the truth. After listening in on a conversation, he finds out he only has a few weeks to live. Furious, he refuses to speak to anyone except straight-talking Rose, who delivers pizza to the hospital1252ocn244448767visu20080.14The neighborDramaComedy filmsRomance filmsRomantic comedy filmsA businessman thinks his life is over when he learns his ex-wife is about to marry his best friend, and the neighbor wants to buy his condo to add to hers. When he needs a date to his ex's wedding, he makes a proposal to the neighbor she can't refuse722ocn048264889visu20010.19The closetDramaFrancois Pignon, a very bland sort of man who works as an accountant in a condom factory, is about to be fired. His new neighbour comes up with an idea to prevent such a thing from happening: he creates photos and then spreads the rumor that Francois is gay so that the factory management might be afraid they'll be sued for sexual discrimination. Of course, nothing happens as it should, but the changes in Francois Pignon's life-- and other people's too - is drastic!1912ocn063210000visu20040.26Legrand, GillesMalabar PrincessFictionDramaMotion pictures"Disparaître, ce n'est pas mourir. Ainsi en a décidé Tom (8 ans) qui n'a qu'une idée en tête: retrouver sa mère disparue sur un glacier du massif du Mont-Blanc ... il y a cinq ans. Confié le temps d'une année scolaire à son grand-père, le petit citadin est prêt à déplacer les montagnes. Tenace, curieux et imaginatif, il fera ressurgir les nombreux secrets de famille tout comme ce glacier qui rejette sous ses yeux, l'un après l'autre les débris du Malabar Princess, l'avion d'Air India qui avait percuté le sommet du Mont-Blanc, il y a cinquante ans, avant de disparaître dans les neiges éternelles"--Container164ocn712244813visu20100.23Oskar und die Dame in Rosa"Die Dame in Rosa" stolpert in einem Hospital im wahrsten Sinne über den schwer kranken zehnjährigen Oskar. Mit ihrer energischen Art bringt sie den verschlossenen Jungen zum Lachen. Fortan will Oskar nur noch mit ihr reden. Mit einem Trick erfüllt der Doktor seinen grossen Wunsch: Er engagiert Rose kurzerhand als Pizzalieferantin für die Klinik mit Sonderauftrag "Oskar". Täglich besucht sie nun den Jungen und zwischen beiden entwickelt sich eine tiefe Freundschaft. Um Oskar auf andere Gedanken zu bringen, schlägt sie ihm ein Spiel vor: Er soll sich vorstellen, dass er an jedem einzelnen Tag soviel erlebt wie andere in zehn Jahren. Dank Roses Hilfe erobert sich Oskar in den nächsten zwölf Tagen sein Leben zurück. Mit der gleichaltrigen Peggy Blue erlebt er die erste Liebe, er wird reifer und weise. Noch ahnt Rose nicht, in welchem Masse die Begegnung mit Oskar auch ihr eigenes Leben beeinflussen wird. (Quelle:, GérardLe plus beau métier du mondeA new teacher in a lower class school in a racially troubled French suburb has a hard time with a special 8th grade class while he himself is estranged from his wife149ocn231638339visu20050.47Azuelos, LisaComme t'y es belle!DramaIsa, Alice, Lea and Nina, bound by their families as much as by their friendship, share their lives: stories of the heart, a beauty parlour under tax control, children to be raised, a Moroccan nanny without papers, family and religious festivals to honour ... But before being beautiful, their larger challenge remains to be themselves1110ocn315265020visu19970.47Mein Leben in rosarot manchmal ist es wichtig du selbst zu bleibenDer siebenjährige Ludovic versteht einfach nicht, warum seine Umwelt partout darauf besteht, daß er ein Junge ist, wo er doch viel lieber ein Mädchen sein möchte. Erst als die bigotte Nachbarschaft Arbeitslosigkeit und Ehezwist in der Familie sät, lenkt er seinen Eltern zuliebe ein, bis sie schließlich erkennen, daß Ludovic ein Recht auf seine eigene Identitätssuche hat. Eine von Poesie und Menschlichkeit gleichermaßen erfüllte Geschichte zwischen Drama und Komödie. Farbästhetisch sehr pointiert und hervorragend ausgestattet, hält die Inszenierung genau die Balance zwischen den heiteren und den ernsten Momenten. (, 17.12.2008)102ocn435974723visu20090.22Hey good looking! Comme t'y es belle!Drama"Desperate Housewives meets Sex and The City in this steamy smash-hit comedy that traces four savvy women and their chaotic lives and loves"-- Container105ocn058552185visu20020.29Quentin, FlorenceJ'ai faim!!!DramaThree friends go to extraordinary ends to help a fourth recover her boyfriend, who has been lost to a skinny girl. The results are not quite as expected910ocn742668316visu19970.06Palmade, PierreIls s'aiment !Mise en scène M.Robin, textes de M.Robin,P.Palmade, Malglaive,déc.B.Fau,mus.C.Petit... "Vive la mariée", "Le permis de conduire", "Stockholm", "Les parents", "Le couple homo", "Comme des amours d'aéroport", "Interview", "Accent du Sud-Ouest", "Gérard et Toinette"97ocn458722923visu20080.08Mergault, IsabelleEnfin veuveAnne-Marie vient de perdre son mari dans un accident de voiture. Elle est enfin libre d'aimer celui qu'elle voit en cachette depuis deux ans. Mais elle n'a pas prévu que sa famille, pétrie de bons sentiments, a décidé de rester à ses côtés pour la soutenir dans son chagrin. Anne-Marie se retrouve alors encore plus prisonnière que lorsqu'elle était mariée84ocn259385068visu20060.66Boon, DanyLa maison du bonheurComedy filmsA young man working in the litigation department of a credit company and rather miserly in general to boot, decides to secretly buy a country house for his wife and sell their present central Paris apartment, all unbeknown to her and unfortunately falls upon a shyster estate agent who manages to sell him a ruin and, to make things even worse, furnishes a less-than-competent building team76ocn173289587visu19981.00Serial loverDramaClaire, the director of Editions Dangereuses, is preparing to celebrate her 35th birthday. She's a redhead, she's beautiful and she has it all. Maybe too much. She is in love with three men at once. To help her choose, she invites them all to the party. But an unfortunate accident occurs71ocn680087434visu20080.47Comme t'y es belle! GorgeousFictionFollows the friendship of four women as they try and balance work, romance, religion and motherhood64ocn057455815visu19950.33Aghion, GabrielPédale douceA closeted gay man's attempts to "act straight" for the sake of his job have unexpected consequences55ocn691851635visu2002Bergère, SylvainIls se sont aimésMise en scène M.Robin et P.Palmade, avec P.Palmade et M.Laroque... Après "Ils s'aiment", Robin et Palmade tentent de répondre à la question "Y a-t-il une vie après le divorce ?", à travers l'histoire d'Isabelle et Martin, un couple en pleine criseThu Oct 16 15:14:08 EDT 2014batch20222