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Fri Mar 21 17:15:33 2014 UTClccn-no20010251710.10Expedition Congo /0.340.90After Bloody Sunday : ethics, representation, justice /95339253no200102517149328485451335リンチ, ジョンlccn-n00013559Barrett, Louiselccn-n50049886British Broadcasting CorporationTelevision Servicelccn-n83017173Burke, James1936-aushstlccn-n85369597RKO Picturesnp-reisz, richardReisz, Richardprolccn-n89116311Ambrose Video Publishinglccn-n87887584Aulich, Jamesedtlccn-n50047202Kitaj, R. B.lccn-nr98040934France 3 cinéma (Firm)lccn-n79063279Yleisradio OyLynch, JohnHistoryDramaCriticism, interpretation, etcFilm adaptationsPopular worksDocumentary television programsNonfiction television programsScienceCivilizationCro-MagnonsEdward--II,--King of England,Knowledge, Theory ofTechnologyKitaj, R. BGay menMarlowe, Christopher,Earth (Planet)Science, RenaissanceHuman evolutionHuman beings--OriginFossil hominidsHuman remains (Archaeology)Discoveries in scienceBloody Sunday (Derry, Northern Ireland : 1972)Political scienceNorthern IrelandNorthern Ireland--DerryEthnic relationsHistoriographyTruthTechnology and civilizationGraphic artsPhysicsCulturePrintingMedicineEvolution (Biology)Social medicineDarwin, Charles,RenaissanceHomosexuality in motion picturesGreat BritainKings and rulersScientistsEnglandMale homosexualityPerspectiveIndustrial revolutionFilm trailersFactory systemIndustriesUrbanizationWorking classPrinting--Origin and antecedentsBooksGaveston, Piers,Civilization, Medieval1965198519861995199620002001200220032005200720082009201020112012201322822960569.9GN286.3ocn316604487ocn144599347ocn469780631ocn2767785087766ocn051477952book20020.16Lynch, JohnWalking with cavemen : eye-to-eye with your ancestorsUses the live-action photography and computer-generated images from the Discovery Channel series of the same name, along with the latest archaeological discoveries, to provide a history of human evolution on Earth+-+60224943253419ocn044026383book20000.79Critical Kitaj : essays on the work of R.B. KitajCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+81700546253243325ocn316604487visu19860.32The day the universe changedHistoryThis series traces the major advances in knowledge in Western civilization since the Greeks, and demonstrates how our view of the world changes as our knowledge develops2145ocn229407348book20070.18Stewart, Iain SEarth : the power of the planetPopular worksBoek bij de documentaireserie over de rol van natuurkrachten bij de evolutie van de aarde+-+39648081053241805ocn642283628book20070.18Mosley, MichaelThe story of science : power, proof and passionHistoryNonfiction television programsDocumentary television programs"For three thousand years, we have struggled to answer the great questions: the what, the where, the how and the why of mankind and our planet... An insightful and entertaining series, the Story of Science reveals how the political upheavals of history combine with iconic inventions and discoveries, along with the ideas of great thinkers, to create the advances that have transformed our lives."--Container+-+82908809361455ocn180880521book20070.90Herron, TomAfter Bloody Sunday : ethics, representation, justiceHistory"After Bloody Sunday examines the portrayals of the day and its devastating repercussions in photography, film, theatre, poetry, television documentary, art installations, murals, commemorative events and legal discourse. The authors consider these representations' veridicity, their mechanisms of authenticity and their assumption that a particular medium - be it film, language, or visual art - can somehow articulate the 'truth' of Bloody Sunday." "The authors place special emphasis on the commemorative events held each year in Derry in which the families of the victims have - over many years - remembered their dead and injured, while at the same time building a highly-effective campaign that resulted, finally, in the new Inquiry." "Drawing on their expertise in the fields of literature, cultural theory, media studies and visual art, the authors have produced a thoroughly interdisciplinary approach towards the many representations that claim, with varying degrees of confidence, to tell the story of 'what really happened' on the streets of the Bogside on the afternoon of 30 January 1972."--BOOK JACKET+-+6079364036771ocn066771459book20030.18Lynch, JohnDe eerste stappen van de mens : oog in oog met onze voorouders271ocn807270410visu20090.22The day the universe changedHistoryPrograms 3-4 in a series that traces the major advances in knowledge in Western civilization since the Greeks, and demonstrates how our view of the world changes as our knowledge develops. Program 3 covers the astonishing changes that developed out of new discoveries of perspective geometry, new architectural techniques, and the ability to map the world and cross oceans. Also explores how knowledge led to a new individualism. Program 4 looks at how the world was transformed by Gutenberg's discovery of the printing press, and draws connections to subsequent revolutions in Western thought271ocn807272279visu20090.22The day the universe changedHistoryPrograms 9-10 in a series that traces the major advances in knowledge in Western civilization since the Greeks, and demonstrates how our view of the world changes as our knowledge develops. Program 9 examines the revolution of physics through time. As scientists in 1800 investigated the new electric battery, their common- sense Newtonian world began to fall apart. A new science slowly evolved from pioneers from Faraday to Einstein. Program 10, the final program, reviews the series and recalls the many systems of belief which have been discarded as the discovery of new knowledge rendered them apparently invalid271ocn807270411visu20090.22The day the universe changedHistoryPrograms 5-6 in a series that traces the major advances in knowledge in Western civilization since the Greeks, and demonstrates how our view of the world changes as our knowledge develops. Program 5 explains how from 1550 and forward science began to undermine the Church-sanctioned Aristotelian doctrine of the universe, in which the Sun and all the planets revolved around the Earth. In its place was established the model to which we adhere today of a clockwork universe, governed by discoverable laws of math and physics. Program 6 examines the reasons for and the effects of the Industrial Revolution. Shows how growing wealth, coupled with innovations in business and credit, created a new industrial society271ocn807280556visu20090.22The day the universe changedHistoryPrograms 7-8 in a series that traces the major advances in knowledge in Western civilization since the Greeks, and demonstrates how our view of the world changes as our knowledge develops. Program 7 looks at the rise of modern medicine and its surprising relationship with the invention of statistics, which doctors used to validate the efficacy of diagnoses and treatments; examines how bacteriology put the patient on a microscope slide and brought about a world in which even healthy human beings were reduced to statistics. Program 8 examines the mid-nineteenth century emergence of the theory of evolution and its effects; shows how Darwin's writings undermined the concept of an orderly, unchanging universe and the belief in the Biblical theory of creation241ocn687662950book20100.18Mosley, MichaelDe kracht van kennis : geschiedenis van de wetenschap211ocn495597602book20100.18Mosley, MichaelScience storyHistory+-+8290880936172ocn244009307book20080.28Expedition Erde : die Urkräfte unseres PlanetenErdbeben, Hochwasser, Stürme im 21. Jahrhundert wird die Erde von Naturkatastrophen dramatischen Ausmaßes heimgesucht. Es sind Urkräfte der Erde, die seit Millionen Jahren wirksam sind. Anhand jüngster geo-physikalischer Erkenntnisse und spektakulärer Bilder erläutern die Autoren, wie unser Planet entstanden ist und funktioniert. Jetzt ist er tödlich bedroht und damit auch die Menschheit. Können wir die Erde noch retten oder rettet die Erde uns?111ocn076467195book20030.31Das Wetter91ocn077269087com20050.28Burke, JamesScientific imagination in the RenaissanceHistoryShows the startling changes that grew out of the study of Arab optics. From the discovery of perspective geometry came new painting and architecture, the ability to measure at a distance and to map the world, and the confidence that allowed Columbus to cross the Atlantic. Above all the new knowledge led to a new individualism71ocn857200253visu20130.10Expedition CongoDrie documentaires over de Congo met aandacht voor de flora en fauna in en rond de rivieren, de mensen die daar wonen en de mensapen51ocn144599347visu20050.35Jarman, DerekEdward IIHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsEmbraces the essential dramatic themes of passion, murder, and unrequited love. Steven Waddington plays the monarch as a man whose destiny hangs on his overpowering passion and lack of responsibility to the British throne21ocn068675112visu19950.47De code van de neusDocumentaire over een revolutie in de reukwereld. Wetenschappers gingen er tot op heden vanuit dat de neus kon ruiken door de vorm van moleculen te herkennen. De biofysicus Dr. Luca Turin komt nu met een geheel nieuwe theorie, namelijk dat geur wordt veroorzaakt door een moleculaire trilling. Getoond wordt de manier waarop een wetenschappelijke theorie zich ontwikkelt en getest wordt. Tevens probeert Dr. Luca zijn tegenstanders te overtuigen van de juistheid van zijn theorie. Een ontdekking welke enorme gevolgen kan hebben voor de parfum- en voedselindustrie en voor de ontwikkeling van luchtvervuilingsdetectoren22ocn763088369book20110.47Kagaku wa rekishi o dō kaetekitaka : Sono chikara shōko jōnetsu+-+6022494325+-+6022494325Fri Mar 21 16:04:03 EDT 2014batch16933