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Fri Mar 21 17:11:26 2014 UTClccn-no20010588850.00Down in the valley V dolini /0.160.19You can count on me39655970Rory_Culkinno20010588855542996lccn-no97049450Phoenix, Joaquinprfactlccn-no98084452Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-no2003066352Blinding Edge Pictureslccn-n85327188Roth, Ann1931-lccn-no2002080342Mercer, Samlccn-no98051100Jones, Cherry1956-actlccn-n85197476Gibson, Melprfactnp-fulton, larryFulton, Larrylccn-no98115984Kalember, Patriciaactlccn-n90699532Howard, James NewtonprfcmpCulkin, RoryDramaFilm adaptationsFictionCrop circlesPennsylvaniaHuman-alien encountersFaithInterpersonal relationsBrothers and sistersMothers and sonsFamily reunionsFathers and sonsMidlife crisisCerebrovascular disease--PatientsUnited StatesRadio talk showsFans (Persons)Sick childrenTruthfulness and falsehoodGay menSexually abused childrenTeenage girlsRevengeRiversBoats and boatingTeenagers--Conduct of lifeTeenagersNew York (State)--Long IslandNineteen seventiesMan-woman relationshipsCalifornia--San Fernando ValleyCowboysFathers and daughtersYoung menSocial classesYouth--Drug useDrug dealersNew York (State)--New York--ManhattanNew York (State)--New YorkHedonismNeighborsScandalsCaliforniaSuburban teenagersSuicide--Social aspectsDrug abuseImagination in childrenHotelsSanta ClausFloridaAbusive parentsDrugsMurder198920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013817841124791.4372PN1997.2ocn050908812ocn071757530ocn426058605ocn671811304ocn746162963ocn857976364ocn756797188ocn839982963ocn779131969ocn762806373ocn781418442ocn781323648ocn417554994ocn742934983ocn742856147ocn742657719ocn839391161ocn742681985ocn420129969ocn421687634219313ocn050908812visu20020.17Gibson, MelSignsFictionDramaDe M. Night Shyamalan, llega la historia de una familia de granjeros, en un pequeño condado de Pensilvania. Una mañana toda su vida cambió, al descubrir en su sembradío un área podada de 152 metros de diámetro. Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) y su familia, creen responsables a un grupo de chicos del pueblo, hasta que se enteran, que están apareciendo en todo el mundo, estas señales. Señales es la emotiva historia de una familia encerrada en el temor dentro de su propia casa, creyendo vivir los últimos momentos de un planeta que está siendo invadido122510ocn047267044visu20000.19You can count on meFictionDramaSammy is a single mom living in a small Catskill town with her eight-year-old son. A lot happens all at once to Sammy as she, sort of, picks up with an old boyfriend, gets a new boss and her wayward brother finally shows up after months of no communication. A crisis of sorts ensues when the son meets his estranged father+-+87702674253249727ocn052872921visu20030.13Wigutow, JesseIt runs in the familyDramaNew York Lawyer Alex Gromberg (Michael Douglas) is blessed with a beautiful wife, two healthy children and vivacious parents. Sounds like the perfect family, right? Wrong! As the Grombergs drift apart with a host of modern-day dilemmas, alex finally accepts his life's most important mission: to pull his family back together!7738ocn071757530visu20070.14Stettner, PatrickThe night listenerDramaFilm adaptations"Un enigmático drama lleno de suspenso y revelaciones, basado en el caso real de un locutor de radio que recibe cada noche la llamada de un misterioso niño, las llamadas comienzan a ser cada vez más intrigantes y, sin darse cuenta, el hombre queda envuelto en una incógnita donde la obsesión, es la puerta que lo llevará a la perdición"--Envase60314ocn056946486visu20040.17Estes, Jacob AaronMean CreekDramaFollows a bunch of ragtag teenagers who take a boat trip on a nearby creek to celebrate their youngest member's birthday. They have an ulterior motive - to payback a local bully for his cruelities to the birthday boy. This is a hearty dose of how revenge can change a life in 24 hours+-+23635206963244948ocn426058605visu20080.15LymelifeFictionDramaScott is 15 and growing up in suburban Long Island. While caught up in his first love, Scott watches the relationships of his parents and neighbors slowly crumble as they try to keep up with the changing times4435ocn070860982visu20050.17Jacobson, DavidDown in the valleyDramaA rebellious teenage girl falls for an older man, who may or may not have once been a cowboy. Her father does not approve of the relationship, and attempts to prevent them from seeing each other3606ocn671811304visu20100.15TwelveDramaFilm adaptationsWhen you're this filthy rich, it's hard to get clean. White Mike is a young drug dealer straddling the mean streets of Harlem and the party palaces of upper Manhattan. Mike's double life comes crashing down when a highly addictive new drug called 'twelve' hits the streets, unleashing a shocking wave of passion and violence2634ocn062364602visu20060.19The chumscrubberDramaThe Chumscrubber is a dark comedy about the lives of people who live in upper-class suburbia. It all begins when Dean Stiffle (Jamie Bell) finds the body of his friend, Troy. He doesn't bother telling any of the adults because he knows they won't care. Everyone in town is too self consumed to worry about anything else than themselves. And everybody is on some form of drug just to get themselves through the day. After Troy's death, local drug dealers (Camilla Belle, Justin Chatwin, Lou Taylor Pucci) at the school run out of their stash. They convince Dean to get Troy's stash or they are going to kill his brother that they kidnapped, but they grabbed the wrong kid2212ocn051195979visu20020.10Off seasonDramaAn imaginative ten-year-old, dealing with the loss of his parents and living with his aunt in a run-down Florida hotel, spreads a rumor that a white-haired guest is really Santa Claus2042ocn796946317visu20120.13HickDramaFilm adaptationsSmall town teenager Luli escapes to Las Vegas, leaving behind her alcoholic and abusive parents. Armed with her smarts, a pistol and pocket money, she hitchhikes her way west. Along the way, Luli crosses paths with Eddie, an unstable rebel with questionable motives and Glenda, a cocaine-snorting drifter on the run. Adapted from the critically acclaimed novel by Andrea Portes, this powerful story pulls you into a provocative world of drugs, seduction and murder1494ocn664877891visu20080.13Chasing 3000FictionDramaTwo brothers, one of whom is afflicted with muscular dystrophy, make the drive from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh in hopes of witnessing Roberto Clemente getting his 3000th base hit1097ocn070858941visu20050.17Bulkley, AlexanderThe ZodiacDramaSgt. Matt Parish investigates the gruesome murders of the Zodiac Killer501ocn191805326visu20070.18Signs The villageDramaSigns: The emotional story of the Hess family in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as they encounter the possibility that the world is being invaded by extraterrestrials381ocn696016927visu20100.19The sixth sense Signs ; The villageDrama207ocn841345928visu20120.14Thomas, RebeccaElectrick childrenDramaPregnant by music? Rachel, a young teenager from a fundamentalist Mormon community, believes in immaculate conception, while her fundamentally religious family regards her condition as an intolerable transgression. The search for the child's origins is a revelation for the 15-year-old111ocn415704497visu20060.10The Night listener Une voix dans la nuitDramaA late night radio storyteller befriends a boy and his adoptive mother after becoming captivated by their harrowing story101ocn815468639visu20110.19Miramax mysteries The crossing guard, Benefit of the doubt, The night listener, Heaven, The human stain, The innocentDramaThe innocent: A CIA agent in post World War II Berlin is engulfed in danger when he falls for a mysterious seductress. (119 min., 1993)51ocn781418442visu2007Down in the valley V dolini41ocn781323648visu2005Mean creek Zlobna struga+-+8770267425324+-+8770267425324Fri Mar 21 15:09:25 EDT 2014batch15984