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Modeling indoor air pollution by D. W Pepper ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 940 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Emission of pollutants and their accumulation due to poor ventilation and air exchange are serious problems currently under investigation by many researchers. Of particular concern are issues involving air quality within buildings. Toxic fumes and airborne diseases are known to produce undesirable odors, eye and nose irritations, sickness, and occasionally death. Other products such as tobacco smoke and carbon monoxide can also have serious health effects on people exposed to a poorly ventilated environment; studies indicate that indirect or passive smoking can also lead to lung cancer. Design for prevention or remediation of indoor air pollution requires expertise in optimizing geometrical configurations; knowledge of HVAC systems, perceived or expected contaminants and source locations; and economics. Much of the design concept involves ways in which to optimize the benefits or balance the advantages and disadvantages of various configurations and equipment. The fact that a room or building will conceivably become contaminated is generally an accepted fact - to what extent indoor air pollution will become critical is not really known until it happens. A series of numerical models that run in MATLAB are described in the text and placed on the Web. These models include the finite difference method, finite volume method, finite element method, the boundary element method, particle-in-cell, meshless methods, and lagrangian particle transport. In addition, all example problems can be run using COMSOL, a commercial finite-element-based computer code with a great deal of flexibility and application. By accessing AutoCad ICES or DWG file structures, COMSOL permits a building floor plan to be captured and the interior walls discretized into elements
Fundamental concepts in computer science ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 861 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This book presents fundamental contributions to computer science as written and recounted by those who made the contributions themselves. As such, it is a highly original approach to a "living history" of the field of computer science. The scope of the book is broad in that it covers all aspects of computer science, going from the theory of computation, the theory of programming, and the theory of computer system performance, all the way to computer hardware and to major numerical applications of computers
Relative index theory, determinants and torsion for open manifolds by Jürgen Eichhorn ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 858 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
For closed manifolds, there is a highly elaborated theory of number-valued invariants, attached to the underlying manifold, structures and differential operators. On open manifolds, nearly all of this fails, with the exception of some special classes. The goal of this monograph is to establish for open manifolds, structures and differential operators an applicable theory of number-valued relative invariants. This is of great use in the theory of moduli spaces for nonlinear partial differential equations and mathematical physics. The book is self-contained: in particular, it contains an outline of the necessary tools from nonlinear Sobolev analysis
Advanced high speed devices by IEEE/Cornell Conference on High Performance Devices ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 855 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Advanced High Speed Devices covers five areas of advanced device technology : terahertz and high speed electronics, ultraviolet emitters and detectors, advanced III-V field effect transistors, III-N materials and devices, and SiC devices. These emerging areas have attracted a lot of attention and the up-to-date results presented in the book will be of interest to most device and electronics engineers and scientists. The contributors range from prominent academics, such as Professor Lester Eastman, to key US Government scientists, such as Dr Michael Wraback
Recent works on microbes and infections in China selected from the Journal of Microbes and Infections (China) ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 852 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Microbial infections have been and continue to be a major threat to public health. China has a huge population, among which, microbial infections are of great concern. The Journal of Microbes and Infection, a nationwide journal in China with over 4000 subscriptions, publishes original research articles on microbes and infections in the Chinese language. This book contains selected research articles published in this journal from 2006 to 2007 that have been translated into English, and offers a glimpse of a broad range of microbial infections including the clinical and epidemiological aspects of various viral infections, current status of bacterial infections in hospitals, and severe cases of fungal infections. This book provides a rare opportunity for scientists and physicians abroad to see the completely original research data, rather than just the abstract, based on studies conducted in modern China. Articles on molecular biological and bioinformatic studies are also included. An overview of the recent research trend in medical microbiology and infectious diseases in China will be presented as well. Scientists and physicians working in the fields of virology, microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, vaccinology, and infectious diseases will find the articles in this book fascinating and relevant to their own research and practice
Tools, techniques & approaches for sustainability collected writings in environmental assessment policy and management ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 851 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This unique volume brings together key writings from experts drawn from the first ten years of the Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management (JEAPM), launched in 1999 as a forum for encouraging better linkages between environmental assessment and management tools. The book is structured around four themes that focus on the characteristics of tools that influence their ability to link together effectively : The Nature of Tools ; The Nature of Decision-Making and Institutional Context; The Nature of Engagement and The Nature of Sustainability. Edited and introduced by William Sheate, founding and present editor of JEAPM, the book provides an analysis of what makes for successful linking of assessment and management tools, supported by theoretical and practical examples. Key authors include Roland Clift, David Gadenne, Robert Gibson, Neils Faber, Thomas Fischer, David Lawrence, Mn̄s Nilsson, Bronwyn Ridgway, and Frank Vanclay
New trends in fluid and solid models proceedings of the international conference in honour of Brian Straughan, Vietri sul Mare (SA), Italy, 28 February-1 March 2008 by Conference on New Trends in Fluid and Solid Models ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 850 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
The Proceedings of the 1st Conference on New Trends in Fluid and Solid Models provide an overview of results and new models in fluid dynamics and, in general, in continuum mechanics. The contributions refer in particular to models in continuum mechanics, phase transitions, qualitative analysis for ODEs or PDEs models, stability in fluids and solids, wave propagation, discontinuity and shock waves, and numerical simulations
Codes over rings proceedings of the CIMPA Summer School : Ankara, Turkey, 18-29 August, 2008 by International Centre for Pure and Applied Mathematics Summer School ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 849 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This is the proceedings volume of the International Centre for Pure and Applied Mathematics Summer School course held in Ankara, Turkey, in August 2008. Contributors include Bozta?, Udaya, Dinh, Ling, López-Permouth, Szabo, Honold, Landjev and Wood. The aim is to present a survey in fundamental areas and highlight some recent results
Design of pile foundations in liquefiable soils by Gopal Madabhushi ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 849 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Pile foundations are the most common form of deep foundations that are used both onshore and offshore to transfer large superstructural loads into competent soil strata. This book provides many case histories of failure of pile foundations due to earthquake loading and soil liquefaction. Based on the observed case histories, the possible mechanisms of failure of the pile foundations are postulated. The book also deals with the additional loading attracted by piles in liquefiable soils due to lateral spreading of sloping ground. Recent research at Cambridge forms the backbone of this book with the design methodologies being developed directly based on quantified centrifuge test results and numerical analysis. The book provides designers and practicing civil engineers with a sound knowledge of pile behaviour in liquefiable soils and easy-to-use methods to design pile foundations in seismic regions. For graduate students and researchers, it brings together the latest research findings on pile foundations in a way that is relevant to geotechnical practice
When the universe took a u-turn by B. G Sidharth ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 849 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This book addresses some of the baffling questions encountered at the final frontier of space and time related to particle physics and cosmology in the context of recent iconoclastic observations and developments. When particle physics stagnated in the early seventies, a new development emerged - String Theory. For the past 25 years, String Theory, popularly called the "Theory of Everything", has mesmerized not just scientists, but also the general public. Yet a closer scrutiny today reveals that it is no more than a mathematical marvel. It has neither predicted anything nor has it been anywhere near verification. We are essentially where we were in the early seventies. Another chronic problem that Einstein had abandoned was the unified description of his theory of General Relativity that deals with the Universe at large and Electromagnetism which is to do with particles. Such a description is necessary even if it warrants a radical departure from our time-honoured ideas of space and time. A bright spot has now appeared in Cosmology. Iconoclastic observations in the past years have shown that the Universe is actually accelerating, driven by a mysterious Dark Energy. This book takes the lay reader through these uncharted waters and mind-boggling developments on an unimaginable journey from the ultra small to the farthest stretches conceivable, via such imagination defying concepts as extra dimensions and multiple universes
4D electron microscopy imaging in space and time by Ahmed H Zewail ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 846 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
The modern electron microscope, as a result of recent revolutionary developments and many evolutionary ones, now yields a wealth of quantitative knowledge pertaining to structure, dynamics, and function barely matched by any other single scientific instrument. It is also poised to contribute much new spatially-resolved and time-resolved insights of central importance in the exploration of most aspects of condensed matter, ranging from the physical to the biological sciences. Whereas in all conventional EM methods, imaging, diffraction, and chemical analyses have been conducted in a static - time-integrated - manner, now it has become possible to unite the time domain with the spatial one, thereby creating four-dimensional (4D) electron microscopy. This advance is based on the fundamental concept of timed, coherent single-electron packets, or electron pulses, which are liberated with femtosecond durations. Structural phase transitions, mechanical deformations, and the embryonic stages of melting and crystallization are examples of phenomena that can now be imaged in unprecedented structural detail with high spatial resolution, and ten orders of magnitude as fast as hitherto. No monograph in existence attempts to cover the revolutionary dimensions that EM in its various modes of operation nowadays makes possible. The authors of this book chart these developments, and also compare the merits of coherent electron waves with those of synchrotron radiation. They judge it prudent to recall some important basic procedural and theoretical aspects of imaging and diffraction so that the reader may better comprehend the significance of the new vistas and applications now afoot. This book is not a vade mecum - numerous other texts are available for the practitioner for that purpose. It is instead an in-depth exposé of the paradigm concepts and the developed techniques that can now be executed to gain new knowledge in the entire domain of biological and physical science, and in the four dimensions of space and time
General equilibrium theory and evidence by W. D. A Bryant ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 846 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
General Equilibrium Theory studies the properties and operation of free market economies. The field is a response to a series of questions originally outlined by Leon Walras about the operation of markets and posed by Frank Hahn in the following way: 'Does the pursuit of private interest, through a system of interconnected deregulated markets, lead not to chaos but to coherence - and if so, how is that achieved?' This is always an apt question, but particularly so given the 'Global Financial Crisis' that emerged from the operation of market economies in the Americas and Europe in mid to late 2008. The answer that General Equilibrium Theory provides to the Walras-Hahn question is that, under certain conditions coherence is possible, while under certain other conditions chaos, in various forms, is likely to prevail. The conditionality of either outcome is not always well understood - neither by proponents of, or antagonists to, the 'free market position'. Consequently, this book attempts to show something of what General Equilibrium Theory has to say about the wisdom or otherwise of always relying on 'market forces' to manage complex socio-economic systems
Labelled Markov processes by P Panangaden ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 845 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Labelled Markov processes are probabilistic versions of labelled transition systems with continuous state spaces. The book covers basic probability and measure theory on continuous state spaces and then develops the theory of LMPs
Quantum bio-informatics II from quantum information to bio-informatics : Tokyo University of Science, Japan, 12-16 March 2008 by Conference on Quantum Bio-Informatics ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 843 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
The purpose of this proceedings volume is to look for interdisciplinary bridges in mathematics, physics, information and life sciences, in particular, research for new paradigms for information and life sciences on the basis of quantum theory. The main areas in this volume are all related to one of the following subjects: (1) mathematical foundation of quantum mechanics, (2) quantum information, (3) quantum algorithm and computation, (4) quantum communication, (5) white noise analysis and quantum dynamics, (6) chaos dynamics and adaptive dynamics, (7) experimental studies of quantum computer, (8) bio-informatics and (9) genome analysis
General relativistic dynamics extending Einstein's legacy throughout the universe by F Cooperstock ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 842 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This book brings Einstein's general relativity into action in new ways at scales ranging from the tiny Planck scale to the scale of immense galactic clusters. It presents the case that Einstein's theory of gravity can describe the observed dynamics of galaxies without invoking the unknown "dark matter" required in models based on Newtonian gravity. Drawing on the author's experience as a lecturer and on his own research, the book covers the essentials of Einstein's special and general relativity at a level accessible to undergraduate students. The early chapters provide a compact introduction to relativity for readers who have little or no background in the subject. Hermann Bondi's very transparent approach to special relativity is expanded to resolve the "twin paradox" using only elementary mathematics. In later chapters, general relativity is used to extend the concept of the Planck scale, to address the role of the cosmological term and to analyze the concept of "time machines."
Nanoscale processes on insulating surfaces by Enrico Gnecco ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 841 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Ionic crystals are among the simplest structures in nature. They can be easily cleaved in air and in vacuum, and the resulting surfaces are atomically flat on areas hundreds of nanometers wide. With the development of scanning probe microscopy, these surfaces have become an ideal "playground" to investigate several phenomena occurring on the nanometer scale. This book focuses on the fundamental studies of atomically resolved imaging, nanopatterning, metal deposition, molecular self-assembling and nanotribological processes occurring on ionic crystal surfaces. Here, a significant variety of structures are created by nanolithography, annealing and irradiation by electrons, ions or photons, and are used to confine metal particles and organic molecules or to improve our basic understanding of friction and wear on the atomic scale. Metal oxides with wide band gap are also discussed. Altogether, the results obtained so far will have an undoubted impact on the future development of nanoelectronics and nanomechanics
Nano-biomedical engineering 2009 proceedings of the Tohoku University Global Centre of Excellence Programme Global Nano-Biomedical Engineering Education and Research Network Centre : Sendai International Centre, Sendai, Japan, 27-28 March 2009 by Sendai International Centre ( )
2 editions published in 2009 in English and held by 840 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This proceedings volume details both current and future research and development initiatives in nano-biomedical engineering, arguably the most important technology of the world in the 21st century. It deals with the following four groups of nano-biomedical engineering: nano-biomechanics, nano-bioimaging, nano-biodevices, and nano-biointervention. Consisting of a compilation of studies conducted by group members of the Tohoku University Global Center of Excellence Program, with specially coordinated funding from the Japanese Government, the papers emphasize the integration of research and education collaboration between engineering and medicine, and showcase Japan's top-level research in the field of nano-biomedical engineering
Advanced classical field theory by G Giachetta ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 840 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Contemporary quantum field theory is mainly developed as quantization of classical fields. Therefore, classical field theory and its BRST extension is the necessary step towards quantum field theory. This book aims to provide a complete mathematical foundation of Lagrangian classical field theory and its BRST extension for the purpose of quantization. Based on the standard geometric formulation of theory of nonlinear differential operators, Lagrangian field theory is treated in a very general setting. Reducible degenerate Lagrangian theories of even and odd fields on an arbitrary smooth manifo
Recent advances in financial engineering proceedings of the 2008 Daiwa International Workshop on Financial Engineering : Otemachi Sankei Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, 4-5 August 2008 by Daiwa International Workshop on Financial Engineering ( )
1 edition published in 2009 in English and held by 839 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
This volume contains the proceedings of the 2008 Daiwa International Workshop on Financial Engineering held in Tokyo. The annual workshop is sponsored by the Daiwa Securities Group, and serves as a bridge between leading academics and practitioners in the field. This year, the papers presented at the workshop have been refereed and published in a single volume to commemorate the 60th birthday of Professor Yuri Kabanov, and to thank him for his contributions to the progress of mathematical finance in general, and the Daiwa International Workshop in particular. The book caters to academics and practitioners as well as graduate and postgraduate students of financial engineering. Quantitative researchers on financial markets will also find it a useful resource
Chemistry versus physics chemical reactions near critical points by M Gitterman ( )
1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 838 WorldCat member libraries worldwide
Chemical reactions at high pressures are widely used in modern technology (supercritical extraction is an example). On the other hand, critical phenomena is the more advanced field in statistical mechanics. There are thousands of theoretical and experimental articles published by physicists, chemists, biologists, chemical engineers and material scientists, but, to our knowledge, there are no books which link these two phenomena together. This book sums up the results of 222 published articles, both theoretical and experimental, which will be of great benefit to students and all researchers working in this field
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