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Thu Oct 16 17:49:52 2014 UTClccn-no20020879460.00The Glen Men - all seminarians0.160.21Platoon107093605Kevin_Dillonno20020879465872081lccn-no2003072223Connolly, Kevin1974-prfactlccn-no2004120276Grenier, Adrian1976-prfactlccn-no98081433Piven, Jeremyprfactlccn-no2006123554Ferrara, Jerry1979-actlccn-no2005063107Ellin, Dougsceprodrtccpantauscrelccn-n82062309Home Box Office (Firm)lccn-no2008036301HBO Entertainment (Firm)lccn-no91013561HBO Video (Firm)lccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-no2002011455Reeves, PerreyactDillon, KevinDramaFilm adaptationsJuvenile worksFictionHistorical filmsBiographyMotion picturesBiographical filmsMethods‡vRock‡vSelf-instructionInterviewsMale friendshipMotion picture actors and actressesCalifornia--Los AngelesUnited StatesVietnam War (1961-1975)California--Los Angeles--HollywoodSoldiersUnited States.--ArmyFoster childrenFeral dogsHotelsAbandoned buildingsChildren as inventorsAfrican American social workersVietnam (Democratic Republic).--Quân độiPersonnel managementMen--Conduct of lifeMotion pictures--DistributionDoors (Musical group)Rock musicMorrison, Jim,DogsDuncan, Lois,Brothers and sistersAnimal rescueHuman-alien encountersPennsylvaniaCities and townsLife on other planetsBodyguardsTeenagersMotion picture producers and directorsRock musiciansWorld War (1939-1945)War--Moral and ethical aspectsSoldiers--Conduct of lifeVietnamTet Offensive (1968)Motion picture music--ExcerptsWharton, WilliamPenal coloniesTelevision comediesRock groupsNew York (State)--New YorkYoung menNew York (State)--New York--BrooklynCatholic schoolsBumppo, Natty (Fictitious character)Indians of North AmericaIroquois Indians--Kings and rulers19651967197519781979198019811984198519861988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201311373185344791.4372PN1992.77ocn059760840ocn317631943ocn051064136ocn076907365ocn027082249ocn050012169ocn031324036ocn018994315ocn034581979ocn793343717ocn276837673ocn781346412ocn553977057ocn781313595ocn839359075ocn781010705ocn780921635ocn552588427ocn780937351ocn780924185ocn430103363ocn85893407018967ocn311870871visu20090.07Roberts, EmmaHotel for dogsJuvenile worksDramaFilm adaptationsFoster children Andi and Bruce have been placed with a flaky couple who care more for their aspiring rock careers than their charges. Their mischievous tendencies repeatedly get them into trouble. After a close call with the local pound, the kids end up searching for Friday, their secretly adopted dog, in an abandoned old hotel where they find several other stray dogs seeking shelter. They, along with three other local kids, begin caring for the strays. Bruce is a clever inventor whose innovative gadgets ensure top-notch care and constant entertainment for all the dogs. The police storm the hotel and take all the dogs to the pound. The kids attempt to rescue the dogs and it might just land them in separate group homes. Bernie, their social worker, will have to somehow convince the authorities, and perhaps a loving family, that the children were just doing what was right+-+13549206968087ocn059760840visu20050.18EntourageDramaEric, Turtle, and Johnny Drama are dedicated to helping their film-star buddy, Vincent Chase, navigate the absurdities and pitfalls of modern-day Hollywood79832ocn051064136visu19910.20Doors (Musical group)The DoorsBiographyFictionInterviewsDramaMethods Rock Self-instructionBiographical filmsBiographical film about one of the most exciting and controversial figures of the '60s, Jim Morrison. With his rock and roll band, The Doors, he influenced the rock music scene as no other group had7438ocn066914079visu20060.18EntourageDramaAfter three months shooting an indie film in NYC, the boys are back in La-la-land6387ocn085835214visu20070.18EntourageDramaWith Vince's star expected to rise even higher in the Hollywood firmament as a result of his starring role in a potential blockbuster titled "Aquaman," Eric, Drama, Turtle and Ari must find a way to keep stroking their golden goose while making sound decisions for a long-lasting career in a world of fleeting fame6387ocn231698059visu20080.17EntourageDramaEric and Vince have taken on new roles as producers. Will their film be hailed as a critical masterpiece, or will it end up on the trash heap of broken Tinseltown dreams?+-+K9411346966185ocn156999517visu20070.18EntourageDramaFor Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywood's fast lane isn't without its road bumps, as we learned when a botched deal cost Ari, Vince's longtime agent, his job. Will change at the top make the difference in getting Vince his dream picture, or will the boys regret giving Ari the ax?+-+61990683256022ocn317631943visu20090.17EntourageDramaExplores the life of a young Los Angeles actor, his close group of friends, and his agent5707ocn599861022visu20090.17EntourageFictionDramaTelevision comediesTelevision seriesFor Vince, Eric, Drama, and Turtle, life in Hollywood's fast lane can be an intoxicating roller-coaster of a ride. After hitting some speed bumps the last couple of year, Vince's career is in high gear after his role in a new Martin Scorsese film. But now that Vince is back on top, is it finally time for the entourage to step out of his shadow?+-+60213346963245447ocn727132531visu20100.16EntourageFictionDramaFor Vince, Eric, Drama and Turtle, life in Hollywood's fast lane can be an intoxicating ride. This season, after an accident during the filming of his latest action flick, Vince develops a new lease on life that makes him even more difficult to manage, while each of the guys must decide which steps to take to map out their own futures, both personally and professionally5127ocn786322443visu20120.16EntourageDramaHBO presents the final eight episodes of Entourage, the Emmy Award-winning hit. Vince, Eric, Drama, and Turtle have been through a lot over the years, chasing dreams, women, and good times. Through the highs and lows their friendship has kept them together. This season, find out if the guys can compete on their own in the fast lane of high-stakes Hollywood. Special features include: Hollywood Sunset: Roundtable with the Cast4504ocn027082249visu19920.20A Midnight clearDramaFilm adaptationsA small army intelligence platoon on a dangerous mission to the German front discovers a small band of frightened soldiers in a Nazi camp+-+39006655353243166ocn166244238visu19900.21Stone, OliverPlatoonHistoryFictionDramaMotion picturesIn "Platoon, " a middle-class college student volunteers for the war in Vietnam because he considers it his patriotic duty. The first thing he encounters on the airport tarmac in Saigon is a cart of body bags. It's downhill from there: endless hikes, ditch-digging, heat, rain, bugs and snakebites, fear and confusion, sleeplessness, and terror when he finally sleeps. He will only gradually, unknowingly, become an adequate soldier--one who has left innocence far behind2609ocn048779714visu19880.21The blobDramaA vile, malignant life-form crashes to earth in a cozy, rural American town and eats everything that moves2127ocn021510608visu19900.16Immediate familyDramaA mature, successful couple have everything they want except a baby. Enter a teenage couple who aren't ready to be parents, but have a baby on the way. The movie is all about two very different couples who find a common bond and end up bringing out the best in each other+-+15765655353242081ocn276837673rcrd20090.07Hotel for dogs music from the motion pictureJuvenile worksFeatures the soundtrack to the Nickelodeon film Hotel for Dogs1496ocn068728613visu19940.16James Fenimore Cooper's The PathfinderDramaHistorical filmsThe legendary woodsman known as the Pathfinder, his adoptive Indian father, Chingachgook, and a beautiful Colonial woman, Mabel Dunham, are swept up in a desperate race to rescue a British fort besieged by hostile French forces, and a deadly, unknown traitor1383ocn064551082visu19850.18Dinner, MichaelHeaven help usDramaSet in a Catholic school in Brooklyn in the 1960's, the film tells the story of 16-year-old Michael Dunn who arrives at St. Basil's school in 1965 and immediately befriends all of the misfits in his class. What unfolds is the hilarious and moving story of boys growing up during a tumultuous, important year in their lives892ocn031324036visu19940.15No escapeDramaFilm adaptationsFor a former Marine sentenced in the year 2022 to a secret and remote prison island inhavited by society's most violent and feared criminals, there is only one thought that keeps his alive - escape706ocn034581979visu19950.17True crimeDramaA teenaged girl (Silverstone) teams up with a police cadet (Dillon) to investigate a string of unsolved murders and finds incriminating evidence in his apartment+-+111571820632411ocn795642781file1967The Glen Men - all seminarians ...Three men, all whole-length, all holding guitars; from left, Kevin Larkins, 24, John Stuart, 24 and Kevin Dillon, 23+-+1354920696+-+1354920696Thu Oct 16 15:55:55 EDT 2014batch21563