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Thu Oct 16 18:00:40 2014 UTClccn-no20030099690.06The Lizzie McGuire movie /0.130.88There's something about Mary (1998) shooting script /54349644Ed_Decterno20030099695962651Decter, Ed.Decter, Eddward 1959-Decter Edward 1959-....lccn-no2002102733Strauss, John J.1957-sceausccplccn-no98084452Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-no2004089586Walt Disney Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-no2003109429Jansen, Susan Estellesceauslccn-n84202014Walt Disney Pictureslccn-n95080111Rudnick, Steveccplccn-no2008166996Santa Frost Productionslccn-n2007087820Halprin, Philipscelccn-n92058119Belushi, James1954-fast-1013074McGuire, Lizzie (Fictitious character)Decter, Ed1959-DramaFictionJuvenile worksAdventure storiesYoung adult worksAnimated filmsAction and adventure filmsFantasy filmsHistoryTrials, litigation, etcJealousySanta ClausJack Frost (Legendary character)Zoo animalsNew York (State)--New YorkClauses (Law)Married peopleArctic RegionsMan-woman relationshipsMcGuire, Lizzie (Fictitious character)EscapesAdventure and adventurersItalyPrivate investigatorsSingersTravelFathers and sonsFamiliesAdventure storiesItaly--RomeSchool sportsHigh school seniorsTeenagers--Conduct of lifeRock musiciansLookalikesSingle menStalkingUnrequited lovePromsDeceptionFlorida--MiamiHigh school studentsRhode Island--ProvidenceSchool field tripsFriendshipTexasExplorersActressesIndians of North America--AntiquitiesUnited StatesCalifornia--Los AngelesDysfunctional familiesMotion picture actors and actressesYoung adultsChristmas storiesMen--Sexual behaviorMale friendshipDating (Social customs)FloridaMine explosions195919811997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012893080208791.4372PN1995.9.C5113ocn042305949ocn052008198ocn780789897ocn781436092ocn780954445ocn781125675ocn780930388ocn799999028ocn781436092ocn780954445ocn673869159ocn828237064ocn406920334ocn826767921ocn767299904ocn692041759ocn421412747ocn799267105ocn800006006ocn828237064ocn767442238ocn676568354ocn690920725ocn767062539ocn676651160ocn767356673ocn673906028ocn781111069ocn780834655ocn676568305ocn691879011ocn67362763416598ocn105899821visu20060.13Santa clause 3 the escape clauseJuvenile worksDramaWith another Christmas season fast approaching, Santa Claus/Scott Calvin is feeling even more pressure. Mrs. Claus is expecting a little Claus. She is also longing for the company of some "tall people." So Scott agrees to let her parents visit as long as they believe that they're really in Canada rather than at the North Pole. Further complicating matters is a visit by Scott's ex-wife, her husband, and their daughter, Lucy. A member of the Council of Legendary Figures, Jack Frost is a very bad boy. He is supremely jealous of the figures who have their own holidays, especially Santa. So he launches a plan to sabotage the toy factory and compel Scott to invoke the little-known Escape Clause and wish he'd never become Santa. The resulting chaos has Scott rewinding 12 years and juggling a full house of family and the mischievous Jack Frost, who is scheming to take over the 'big guy's' holiday160910ocn052778717visu20030.12Fall, JimThe Lizzie McGuire movieDramaLizzie McGuire is a teenager graduating from Junior high school, and eager to find adventures in Rome, Italy on a School trip. Upon arriving there, she discovers that she is the identical spitting image of an Italian beauty who is half of a famous pop duo. Meeting Pualo, the other half of the duo, she is reeled into posing as Isabella on what becomes a journey of self-discovery15994ocn070106896visu20060.13Disney, WaltThe wildJuvenile worksDramaFantasy filmsAction and adventure filmsAnimated filmsSampson is a lion on display at a zoo in New York City's Central Park, and he holds court over all the other animals, including Nigel, a testy koala bear; Larry, a dumb but well-meaning snake; Kazar, a wildebeest with a passion for choreography; Bridget, a bright but cynical giraffe; and Benny, a squirrel who is good friends with Sampson and is trying to romance Bridget without much success. Ryan is the pride and joy of Sampson's life and he becomes devastated when one day Ryan is crated up and sent away to another zoo. Sampson is desperate to find his boy, and with the help of his pals he escapes the zoo and sets out on a rescue mission. However, midtown Manhattan is unfamiliar territory for Sampson and the other zoo animals, and they have a hard time adjusting to the concrete canyons of the Big Apple157526ocn060035950visu19990.18Farrelly, BobbyThere's something about MaryFictionDramaIn 1985, teen-nerd Ted challenges a high-schooler who's bullying retarded Warren. His concern prompts Warren's sister, the dazzling and desirable Mary to choose Ted as her senior prom date, but the date never happens. 13 years later Ted hires Pat to locate Mary, and the private investigator finds her in Miami. Pat claims to be a Harvard-educated architect and Mary falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Ted learns the truth but continues to encounter offbeat obstacles as he accelerates to Miami in hopes of finding happiness with his true love44514ocn050256594visu20020.14The new guyDramaTerminally nerdy Dizzy Harrison is routinely laughed at, ridiculed and picked on. His senior year is nothing but an exercise in pain and torture. After purposely getting expelled from school, he enrolls in a rival school with a new look, a new story and a new attitude. But when his past re-surfaces and threatens to expose the real Dizzy, he must rise to the occasion to show the world exactly what he's all about+-+99619495964152ocn052051738book20030.06Weiss, J. GThe Lizzie McGuire movieFictionLizzie, more than anything, wants to forget the humiliation of her junior high graduation. What better way than a class trip to Rome where she meets the hot Italian pop star, Paolo Valisari, and finds out that she bears a striking resemblance to his singing partner, Isabella+-+39309313252213ocn150376680book20070.06Decter, EdExpedition to Pine HollowJuvenile worksFictionAdventure stories"Eagle Tower is just about the most important place in the world to my friends and me. The first Outrider expedition ever was a hike to Eagle Tower. For us, it's kind of like the spot where my friends and I became Outriders. So when we found out that a mining company was going to tear the Tower down in five days, we had to plan one last expedition there. One thing I can say about expeditions is that most times they turn out a lot differently than you planned"--P. [4] of cover+-+12586416962122ocn233939620book20090.08Decter, EdThe one : a Chloe Gamble novelFictionChloe Gamble knows three things: she's better than the tiny Texas town she grew up in; there's just one person she can trust; and she wants to be famous+-+K0890416961752ocn077567470book20070.06Decter, EdThe OutridersJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesCam, Shelby, and their friends sail for Blue Cave to observe rare bioluminescent plankton but instead discover a pair of crooks who are hiding an antique golden sextant stolen from rich Mr. Thorpe. When the boys recover the stolen goods, the crooks kidnap Shelby's little sister+-+K0586416961663ocn310397861book20090.13Decter, EdVIP lounge : a Chloe Gamble novelFiction"Chloe Gamble is the hottest thing in Hollywood but it's only pretty from the outside. Travis was supposed to have Chloe's back but the spotlight of fame is very seductive. Nika's the secret behind Chloe's succes but she's got an agenda of her own."--P. [4] of cover+-+31890416961631ocn077567496book20070.06Decter, EdThe OutridersJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesFriends who call themselves the Outriders go with their biology class to Willow Key to explore a ship wreck, find hidden treasures, and help their teacher with his biomass study. They also run into a bunch of really bad dudes who try to prevent them from ever leaving Willow Key!+-+31586416961102ocn464592295book20100.08Decter, EdHot mess : a Chloe Gamble novelJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult works"It's all happening for Chloe Gamble: movies, albums, awards, money ... Too bad everything else is crumbling around her. Her no-good daddy is going after Chloe's money and independence. Her mama is dating a shady producer and causing more trouble than ever. Nika is busy with her own career to worry about Chloe's. Travis is a world away, taking his life in a totally different direction. See Chloe spin out of control. See Chloe ignore the rules. See Chloe go splot. But don't ever count her out."--P. [4] of cover+-+12890416961063ocn055858889visu19980.17Diaz, CameronThere's something more about MaryDramaIn 1985, teen-nerd Ted challenges a high-schooler who's bullying retarded Warren. His concern prompts Warren's sister, the dazzling and desirable Mary to choose Ted as her senior prom date, but the date never happens. Thirteen years later Ted hires Pat to locate Mary, and the private investigator finds her in Miami. Pat claims to be a Harvard-educated architect and Mary falls in love with him. Meanwhile, Ted learns the truth but continues to encounter offbeat obstacles as he travels to Miami in hopes of finding happiness with his true love762ocn076363943book20070.06Decter, EdExpedition to Blue CaveJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesCam Walker and his friends from the Outriders plan to combat boredom by traveling twelve miles to Blue Cave, where they hope to see the glow of phosphorous plankton and instead encounter unexpected danger+-+4621741696324593ocn137313415book20070.06Decter, EdExpedition to Willow KeyJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesCam Walker and his friends find adventure and danger when they accompany their biology teacher on a field trip to Willow Key to help conduct a biomass study and search for a long-lost treasure+-+1721741696324471ocn077480999visu20060.23The Constitution projectHistoryTrials, litigation, etcOffers three 20-minute videos which examine key constitutional concepts. The first explains why the nation's framers created the Constitution. The second describes the protection of individual rights by highlighting the Supreme Court case of Gideon v. Wainwright, affirming the right to an attorney. The last explores the separation of powers by examining the Supreme Court case of Youngstown v. Sawyer, a challenge to President Truman's decision to take over steel mills during the Korean War381ocn156272153com20050.88Decter, EdThere's something about Mary (1998) shooting scriptMotion picture plays241ocn008555028book19810.23Smith, RichardOops, the complete book of bloopers233ocn878063052file20060.06Egan, KateA very merry FrostmasJuvenile worksFiction"Jack Frost is one very angry Legendary Figure. He is tired of being the warm-up act for Santa Claus. He wants his own holiday! When no one will give it to him, he decides to take matters into his own hands and put the freeze on Santa."--Cover back+-+8050568796324233ocn878063385file20060.06Egan, KateWhat to do about Frost?Juvenile worksFiction"The Council of Legendary Figures has a problem. Jack Frost will not behave! To teach him a lesson, the Council orders him to help Santa prepare for Christmas. But things quickly start to go wrong at the North Pole. Will Jack Frost end up ruining Christmas forever?"--p. 4 of cover+-+5150568796324+-+3930931325+-+3930931325Thu Oct 16 15:55:55 EDT 2014batch22142