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Thu Oct 16 17:52:11 2014 UTClccn-no20041090710.86Adele Cohen : a life in art /0.941.00[Poetry reading at the University at Buffalo]129360031no20041090716489600State University of New York at Buffalo. Special Collections. Poetry CollectioncontainsVIAFID/264085552State University of New York at Buffalo. Poetry/Rare Books Collectionlccn-n86014986De Loach, Allenlccn-n79087117Bertholf, Robert J.lccn-no2009184477Just Buffalo Literary Centerlccn-no2008189336Hogan, Paul T.lccn-n79043504Creeley, Robert1926-2005lccn-n89617894WBFO (Radio station : Buffalo, N.Y.)np-basinski, michaelBasinski, Michaellccn-n79109040Ginsberg, Allen1926-1997lccn-n50039516Logan, John1923-1987lccn-n79043502Duncan, Robert1919-1988State University of New York at BuffaloPoetry CollectionCatalogsExhibition catalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsPoetryCohen, Adele,Joyce, James,Poets, AmericanBeat generationAmerican poetrySound poetryExperimental poetry, AmericanLive sound recordingsPoetry--Study and teachingWomen poets, AmericanPoetics--Study and teachingPoetry, ModernOlson, Charles,Performance poetryBloomsdayUlysses (Joyce, James)Performance poetsOral interpretation of poetryMalanga, GerardNew York (State)--BuffaloImprovisation (Music)Songs (Medium voice) with instrumental ensembleLockwood, Thomas BPoets, WelshIrish poetryEnglish poetryPainting, ItalianBrothersUniversities and colleges--FacultySiskind, AaronCanadian poetryPyle, Howard,Cummings, E. E.--(Edward Estlin),SexJazzSmart, Christopher,PoeticsLockwood Memorial LibraryLibrariesUniversity of BuffaloWhitman, Walt,Experimental poetryWar poetryProtest poetry, American19862004200520062007200820092010201120122013167314361555N6537.C578602ocn085359619book20060.86Cohen, AdeleAdele Cohen : a life in art371ocn426052245book20090.93Discovering James Joyce : the University at Buffalo CollectionCatalogsExhibition catalogs+-+18731177453241313ocn699214363rcrd20091.00Logan, John[Poetry reading at the University at Buffalo]PoetryPoetry reading by John Logan at the Psychology Club. Logan read from Ghosts of the heart, Cycle for Mother Cabrini, and the manuscript of Spring of the thief. Logan provides ample anecdotes and introductory remarks to his poems. This was Logan's first reading in Los Angeles1010ocn713609022rcrd20091.00Kerouac, Jack[Poetry reading]Recording of Jack Kerouac reading an excerpt from Neal and the Three Stooges92ocn695637420book20100.98Mackey, NathanielBlue anuncia's bird lute : after Bob Thompson88ocn694473688rcrd20091.00Duncan, Robert[Vancouver Poetry Conference, 1963]Criticism, interpretation, etcOn PCF004, Robert Duncan, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, Charles Olson, Denise Levertov, and Margaret Avison have an open-forum discussion, and then, beginning on disc 2 of PCF004, Creeley, Duncan, and Ginsberg read poems by Hart Crane. Next, Creeley, Duncan, and Levertov read poems by William Carlos Williams. Levertov reads a brief quotation from Federico García Lorca and Ginsberg reads Lorca's "Ode to Walt Whitman" in Spanish and English. Duncan reads from Lorca's essay "Teoría y juego del duende" in English. Olson, Duncan, and Ginsberg discuss Lorca's conception of the duende, and Ginsberg concludes by reading Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Ode to the west wind."81ocn298443133book20080.97DuPlessis, Rachel BlauSome codas77ocn720088726rcrd20090.98Dorn, Edward[Poetry readingPoetry reading by Ed Dorn71ocn493405867book20090.98Graves, RobertSong for New Year's Eve77ocn713075572rcrd20091.00Adam, Helen[San Francisco's burning]Recording of Helen Adam reading San Francisco's burning66ocn694354581rcrd20091.00Basinski, Michael[Poetry reading, Buffalo, N.Y.]Recorded practice of performance by sound poet Michael Basinski66ocn698112044rcrd20090.98Creeley, Robert[Poetry readingPoetry readings by David Wilk, John Wieners, Charles Stein, Kenward Elmslie, Charles Shively. There are some audio issues on disc 2 which slightly impact the listenability of the recording55ocn667227146rcrd20091.00E.B.M.A. (Musical group)[Poetry reading]Performance poetry with musical accompaniment. Performers of E.B.M.A. include Michael Basinski, James E. Perone, Don Metz, and John Toth44ocn696637543rcrd20091.00Basinski, MichaelConversationsPerformance of Conversations by Michael Basinski, James Perone, Carolyn Unitas, Jeff Filipski44ocn692717429rcrd20090.96Ginsberg, Allen[Poetry readingThe location and date of this poetry reading by Allen Ginsberg and George Oppen are unidentified. Ginsberg mentioned that the poem "Chances 'R,' " which is dated February 1966 in the book Planet news, published in 1968, was written "from Kansas to Lincoln, Nebraska a few weeks ago." Oppen said "This is a manuscript of the next book" before reading all of Of being numerous, published in 196841ocn056768083book20040.96Slote, SamA centennial Bloomsday at BuffaloCatalogsExhibition catalogs33ocn711789766rcrd20091.00Butterick, George F[Discussion of Charles Olson]Recording of a discussion of Charles Olson by George Butterick. Recording begins with President Nixon addressing the country during the 1970s33ocn711789794rcrd20091.00Malanga, Gerard[Interview]InterviewsRecording of an interview with poet Gerard Malanga conducted by George Butterick33ocn707172586rcrd20091.00Kyger, Joanne[Poetry reading at the Creative Arts Festival, Kent State University, April 1974]Recording of Joel Oppenheimer at the Creative Arts Festival. Introduction by Joanne Kyger33ocn711076268rcrd20091.00Rexroth, Kenneth[Poetry reading with jazz music, Cabrillo Music Festival]Recording of Kenneth Rexroth reading poetry with jazz music. The recording's sound quality is poor at times11ocn775736709book20101.00State University of New York at BuffaloOlson in/and Buffalo : Oct. 15, 2010-Jan. 31, 2011Exhibition catalogs11ocn717316826mix1.00Abbott, Charles DCharles D. Abbott papersCriticism, interpretation, etcArchivesRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsCorrespondence file of Charles D. Abbott, primarily with persons outside the Library, pertaining especially to the rare book and poetry collections; also includes correspondence with the University of Buffalo Chancellor, Dean of Administration, and Treasurer11ocn715620194rcrd20091.00State University of New York at BuffaloPoetry Collection Audio Archive, University at BuffaloCollection of digitized sound recordings divided into distinct collections. Each item is cataloged individually. Recordings consisted of poetry readings, lectures on poetics and poetry, interviews with poets, recorded radio programs, performances of music and poetry, notes and reminiscences of poetry editors and poets, and poetry workshops+-+1873117745324+-+1873117745324Thu Oct 16 15:06:49 EDT 2014batch32896