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Fri Mar 21 17:12:48 2014 UTClccn-no20050476870.00Twenty-five volumes of Fundamenta Mathematicae /0.751.00Kurs vyssheĭ matematiki dli︠a︡ tekhnikov i fizikov66549922Jacob_Tamarkinno20050476876638426Tamarkin, J. D.Tamarkin, Jacob DavidTamarkin, Jacob David, 1888-Tamarkin, Jacob David, 1888-1945Tamarkin, Jakob Davidowitsch 1888-1945Tamarkin, Jakov D. 1888-1945Tamarkin, Jakov Davydovič 1888-1945Tamarkin, Yakov Davydovich 1888-1945lccn-n89633537Shohat, J.(James)1886-lccn-n79060639American Mathematical Societylccn-n88679316Feller, William1906-1970crelccn-n2009017440Brown UniversityGraduate Schoolviaf-51773430Shohat, James, carl einar$mathematician united states$1894 1980Hille, Carl EinarMathematician, United States1894 - 1980np-hille, carl einar$mathematicien etats unis$1894 1980Hille, Carl EinarMathématicien, Etats-Unis1894 - 1980lccn-n88298504Phillips, Ralph, carl einar$mathematiker usa$1894 1980Hille, Carl EinarMathematiker, USA1894 - 1980lccn-n50048486Smirnov, V. I.(Vladimir Ivanovich)1887-1974Tamarkin, J. D.(Jacob David)1888-1945Records and correspondencePeriodicalsDissertations, AcademicHistoryContinued fractionsDifferential equations, PartialPolynomialsFunctions, OrthogonalFourier seriesTopologyFunctional analysisMoment problems (Mathematics)Integral equationsMathematicsDifferential equationsSzegő, Gábor,Russia (Federation)--Saint PetersburgBrain drainTamarkin, J. D.--(Jacob David),Von Neumann, John,Numbers, ComplexDifferential equations, LinearFunctionsAmerican Mathematical SocietySeriesRichardson, R. G. D.--(Roland George Dwight),EducatorsMathematiciansBiographyBrown UniversityHopf, Eberhard,Calculus, IntegralUnited StatesStone, Marshall H.--(Marshall Harvey),EuropeMathematical analysisUniversities and colleges--FacultyVector analysisGeometry, AnalyticSzász, Otto,Mathematics--ResearchKillian, James Rhyne,Harrison, George Russell,Reuther, Walter,Kosambi, D. D.--(Damodar Dharmanand),McCulloch, Warren S.--(Warren Sturgis),Hein, Piet,Galdston, Iago,Heyel, Carl,Stratton, Julius Adams,Zygmund, Antoni,Rathe, Alex WKorzybski, Alfred,Wintner, Aurel,1888194519171918192719301932193319351936193719401941194219431950195619571960196319681970199819997972171512.4QA295ocn72387520561636ocn001227206book19430.70Shohat, JThe problem of moments1328ocn007713462book19410.95Tamarkin, J. DPartial differential equations113ocn013477071book19360.95Tamarkin, J. DOn the theory of polynomials of approximation; lectures delivered at Brown university during 1935-193692ocn013468521book19330.96Tamarkin, J. DTheory of Fourier series. Lectures delivered at Brown university during 1932-193383ocn012704601book19370.96Tamarkin, J. DTheory of abstract spaces; lectures delivered at Brown university during 1936-193742ocn637465226book19570.47Functional analysis and semi-groups : (Festschrift to the memory of J. D. Tamarkin)33ocn034795298book1.00Tamarkin, J. DKurs vyssheĭ matematiki dli︠a︡ tekhnikov i fizikov21ocn632541936book19170.47Tamarkin, J. DO někotopych obščich zadačach teorīi obyknovennych linejnych differencīal'nych uravnenīj i o razloženīi proizvol'nych funkcīj v" rjady11ocn014437767book19171.00Tamarkin, J. DO ni︠e︡kotorʹikh oʹshchikh zadachakh teorii obʹiknovennʹikh lineĭnʹikh different︠s︡ialʹnʹikh uravneniĭ i o razlozhenii proizvolʹnʹikh funkt︠s︡iĭ v ri︠a︡dʹiDissertations, Academic11ocn012687582book19171.00Tamarkin, J. DO ni︠e︡kotorykh obshchikh zadachakh teorii obyknovennykh lineǐnykh differnent︠s︡ialʹnykh uravneniǐ i o razlozhenii proizvolʹnykh funkt︠s︡iĭ v ri︠a︡dy11ocn221847853book19181.00Kruilov, Nikolai MitrofanovichSur la méthode de W. Ritz pour la solution approchée des problèmes de la physique mathématique11ocn014438229book19301.00Tamarkin, J. DIntroduction to the theory of integral equations. Lectures delivered at Brown university during the first semester of 1929-193011ocn014438226book19271.00Tamarkin, J. DLectures on integral equations at Brown university, June-July, 192711ocn835959377book1935Hille, EinarOn the absolute integrability of Fourier transforms11ocn013468066book19321.00Tamarkin, J. DIntegral equations. Lectures delivered at Brown University during 1931-193211ocn013463294book19401.00Tamarkin, J. DComplex numbers11ocn864219846book1936Tamarkin, J. DTwenty-five volumes of Fundamenta Mathematicae11ocn086140651mix1.00Tamarkin, J. DJacob David Tamarkin correspondenceHistoryPeriodicalsRecords and correspondenceConsists of correspondence dating from 1925 to 1943 that documents the career of mathematician Jacob David Tamarkin, particularly his responsibilities as an editor of the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. Correspondents include S.A. Janczewski, Lipót Fejér, Eberhard Hopf, N.M. Krylov, George Polya, Roland George Dwight Richardson, James Alexander Shohat, Marshall Harvey Stone, and Gabor Szego. Topics in the letters include formulas and theories, conferences, and academic appointments. Several of the mathematicians wrote about efforts to assist Otto Szasz and Gabor Szego with moves to the U.S. prior to World War II. Other correspondents, who wrote primarily regarding submissions to the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, include Garrett Birkhoff, Robert Daniel Carmichael, Mary Lucy Cartwright, Solomon Lefschetz, Raymond Edward Alan Christopher Paley, Tracy Yerkes Thomas, John Von Neumann, and Norbert Wiener. The collection includes the comments made by referees about papers submitted for publication. There is .8 linear ft. of correspondence between Tamarkin and Einar Hille that includes articles written by Hille11ocn166310960art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenTamarkin, Prof. J(acob) D(avid) : Brown University, Providence, R. I11ocn068506487art1999Tamarkin, Jacob DavidBiography01ocn086146202mixWiener, NorbertPapersThe collection includes extensive files of Wiener's writings, published and unpublished. Copies of articles he wrote while in Cambridge and Germany reflect his transition from philosopher to mathematician. His later writings record his collaborative work with colleagues and students. Included in the collection is the unpublished Dynamics of the Nervous System, by Wiener and Rosenblueth, as well as his other books, lectures, speeches, articles, and book reviews. Copies of writings by others are also included in the collectionFri Mar 21 15:54:08 EDT 2014batch13321