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Thu Oct 16 18:03:20 2014 UTClccn-no20051113640.08Chernye koshki /0.221.00Mania Giseli the mania of Giselle /80788436Yevgeny_Sidikhinno20051113646789718Sidikhin, Evgenij 1964-Sidikhin, EvgenySidikhin, Evgeny 1964-Sidikhin, Yevgeni.Sidikhin, Yevgeni 1964-Sidikhin, Yevgeni Vladimirovich.Sidikhin, Yevgeny.Sidikhin, Yevgeny, 1964-Sidikin, Jewgenij.Сидихин, Евгений, 1964-lccn-nr97034769Hermann, Irmprfcreactlccn-no97060235Strand Releasing (Firm)lccn-no2010031975Schuchmann, Catharinasceauslccn-n80113710Zweites Deutsches Fernsehenlccn-n80126258Soviet UnionRaboche-Krestʹi︠a︡nskai︠a︡ Krasnai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡lccn-nr98015669Vogler, Rüdigerprfactlccn-no2003051291Köhler, Juliane1965-actlccn-no2011191348Faust, Luciacstlccn-no2011191347Linda, Ewa J.flmlccn-no2011027859Tempus (Production company)Sidikhin, Evgeniĭ1964-DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryTelevision programsFictionSoviet UnionMan-woman relationshipsGermany--BerlinWorld War (1939-1945)WomenBerlin, Battle of (Germany : 1945)SoldiersSoviet Union.--Raboche-Krestʹi︠a︡nskai︠a︡ Krasnai︠a︡ Armii︠a︡Rape as a weapon of warRussia (Federation)ThievesCommunismHungaryOrganized crimeShpalikov, Gennadiĭ,SecrecyCriminalsTelevision mini-seriesRussia (Federation)--Saint PetersburgMotion pictures, RussianMothers and daughtersRussiaTreasure trovesMade-for-TV moviesCity and town lifeDickens, Charles,AmericansManners and customsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)RapePolice, PrivateCrimeMoney launderingLoveTeenagersEconomic historyMurderSingersZykina, L.--(Li︠u︡dmila)FoundlingsMoskovskiĭ ugolovnyĭ rozyskRussia (Federation)--Rostov-na-DonuCriminal investigationDetectivesFamiliesCities and townsGiselle (Choreographic work)GermanyFamily secretsDolgushin, Nikita,196419911995199920012002200320042005200620072008200920102012201320148266788791.4372PN1997.2ocn443502916ocn503259239ocn451488072ocn062219435ocn070689949ocn070690132ocn845486296ocn673091142ocn058975516ocn682680015ocn551849814ocn780710209ocn551637770ocn551646109ocn7238432254201ocn443502916visu20090.21Anonyma eine frau in Berlin = A woman in BerlinDramaFilm adaptationsWomen become the victims of the Red Army invasion in Berlin in 1945. One of them, Anonyma, an educated woman, decides to look for an officer who can protect her. A complex symbiotic relationship develops between her and Russian officer Andrej that will force them to remain enemies until the bitter end784ocn503259239visu20090.24A woman in Berlin Eine Frau in BerlinHistoryFictionDramaWomen become the victims of the Red Army invasion in Berlin in 1945. One of them, Anonyma, an educated woman, decides to look for an officer who can protect her. A complex symbiotic relationship develops between her and Russian officer Andrej that will force them to remain enemies until the bitter end572ocn085895584visu20070.19Vaska Easoff [Haggyállógva Vászka]Drama"In this fractured fairytale for adults, two thieves, Vaska and Vanya, steal the czar's treasure from the Bank of St. Petersburg by opening the roof with a sardine-can key taken from the nest of a griffin. And, this is only the start of their misadventures: Vaska is temporarily beheaded, the Red Guards are hot on their heels, and copious amounts of Vodka are consumed by all."443ocn057300223visu20030.23Kovcheg The arkDramaFilm adaptationsYoung Katya lives in a small town where she dreams of finding her prince charming. She falls in love with a stern skipper and goes to Moscow to learn about his secret past. One night changes both their lives as they grow to understand each other255ocn451488072visu20080.26Färberböck, MaxAnonyma : eine Frau in BerlinHistoryDramaA woman tries to survive the invasion of Berlin by the Soviet troops during the last days of World War II171ocn057695313visu20040.21Zhenshchiny v igre bez pravil Women in a game without rulesDramaThree young detectives muddle through romance and intrigue while solving unique cases153ocn056898990visu20030.14Beloe zolotoDramaIn Los Angeles, a Russian emigré dies, leaving his great-grandson Vlad Orlov the map to "Kolchak's treasure": gold that was lost during the Russian Civil War. Vlad decides to follow the map to Russia to find the treasure. When he arrives, it seems everyone wants a share141ocn056430463visu20030.35KovchegDrama143ocn056495636visu20030.16Sverchok za ochagom skazka o semeĭnom schastʹe Chrarlʹa DikkensFilm adaptationsIt is the holiday season and the post carrier John brings home a mysterious and disturbing stranger to his happy family. But in the end, family happiness is preserved121ocn056325662visu20030.24Dom dli︠a︡ bogatykh kinoromanDramaIn the middle of the 19th century, a nobleman converts his family mansion into apartments. The building transforms through the years alond with the various tenants, each of whom have their own story and their own issues as they inhabit the apartments111ocn063518567visu20050.16Stai︠a︡DramaTelevision programsAnton learns that his wife is having an affair with his boss. He leaves her to become a ski instructor. While working with a general, he stops a sniper. Soon Anton is on a security force and between the sniper, the general, and the general's wife91ocn078931442visu20050.19Banditskiĭ PeterburgDrama81ocn086110849visu20070.26Banditskiĭ PeterburgDrama61ocn076963105visu20050.21Banditskiĭ PeterburgDrama61ocn062219435visu20010.4727 missing kissesDramaA summer adventure of teenager Sybilla, who falls in love with the middle-aged father of the teenage son who is romancing her52ocn070689949visu20050.22MUR estʹ MUR 2HistoryDrama51ocn864714161visu20130.10Stanit︠s︡aDrama51ocn854859096visu20130.10Li︠u︡dmila brillianty odinochestvaDrama52ocn872277899visu20140.10Parallelʹnai︠a︡ zhiznʹHistoryDrama51ocn871347135visu20130.08Chernye koshkiHistoryDrama21ocn037633299visu19951.00Mania Giseli the mania of GiselleDrama based on the life of ballerina Olga Spessivtseva, emphasizing her slow descent into madness. The story is interspersed with scenes from a contemporary re-interpretation of the ballet Giselle, Spessivtseva's most famous role. The film also incorporates b&w footage from a 1932 newsreel of Spessivtseva and Anton Dolin in Giselle, and libretto materials from Boris Eifman's ballet The red GiselleThu Oct 16 16:00:17 EDT 2014batch13787