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Thu Oct 16 17:51:51 2014 UTClccn-no20101622940.00Tammany picked an honest man : [William Jay Gaynor] /0.641.00TR's return to New York, 1910 [1]127099897William_Jay_Gaynorno20101622948648057Gaynor, William Jay, d. 1913lccn-n85023330Thomas, Latelylccn-nr98010732Pink, Louis H.(Louis Heaton)1882-1955lccn-n80083743Smith, Mortimer Brewster1906-1981lccn-n88601457Clews, Henry1836-1923lccn-n79027239Roosevelt, Theodore1858-1919lccn-n79148831Authors' League of Americalccn-n99054952Vanderbilt, Cornelius1873-1942nc-tammany hallTammany Halllccn-n80004058Hearst, William Randolph1863-1951lccn-n50001179New York (N.Y.).MayorGaynor, William Jay-1913Records and correspondenceHistoryNew York (State)--New YorkPolitical sciencePoliceCivil rightsMayorsJudgesUnited StatesTariffEconomic historyRoosevelt, Theodore,StreetsNew York (State)Railroads--Freight--RatesRailroads and stateEditorial cartoonsAmerican newspapers--Sections, columns, etcSubways--FinanceJews--PersecutionsVirginia--Banister LodgeJewish learning and scholarshipAppellate procedureShipsHarborsProcessionsPlazasEquityJewsFinance, PublicPresidents--ElectionNelson familyUnited States.--Army.--Volunteer Cavalry, 1stSearches and seizuresGilman familyJuryPresidential candidatesConway, EustaceNew York (State)--New York--Battery ParkKelley, Florence,Dickerman, Marion,New York AquariumBlake, Katherine Devereux,Coolidge, Calvin,Hurst, Fannie,Hepburn, Katharine Houghton,Howe, Julia Ward,Glasgow, Ellen Anderson Gholson,Hay, Mary Garrett,Addams, Jane,Vanderbilt, Cornelius,Reszke, Edouard de,1849191319011903190519061909191019111912191319141931195119551967196819691970198414346077HV79212316ocn060734184file19120.77Gaynor, William JayThe law of personal liberty222ocn016007825book19120.94Gaynor, William JaySpeech of Hon. William J. Gaynor, mayor of the City of New York, on "the tariff and high prices," at the National Democratic Club of New York City, Thursday evening, February 8, 1912222ocn263177687file19130.79Gaynor, William JaySome of Mayor Gaynor's letters and speeches41ocn039795548book19110.74Gaynor, William JaySpeech of Hon. William J. Gaynor, mayor of New York city, at the convention of the Atlantic deeper waterways association at Richmond, Virginia, Wednesday, October 18, 1911. Freight rate favoritism the mother of monopolies; the folly of trying to regulate commerce by laws or judicial decisions31ocn035994597book19110.47Gaynor, William JayMessage of Hon. William J. Gaynor, mayor of the City of New York to the Board of Aldermen, pursuant to section 115 of the greater New York Charter. Finances. February 7, 191132ocn237243673mix0.26Rice, Arthur FLetters concerning affairs in New York City and Theodore Roosevelt's attempt at the presidency in 191221ocn065150231book19010.47Gaynor, William JaySome remarks on jury panels, cases on appeal and special term trials21ocn042411116book19120.47New York (State)Theodore A. Bingham, plaintiff, against William J. Gaynor, defendant. Summons and complaint. Amended answer. Charles H. Hyde, attorney for defendant21ocn082790271book19120.47Gaynor, William JayWhat every policeman ought to know. The law of personal liberty21ocn427923027book19030.47Gaynor, William JayA government of laws, not of men21ocn476386127book19110.10New York (N.Y.)Message of Hon. William J. Gaynor Mayor of the city of New York to the Board of Aldermen : pursuant to section 115 of the greater New York charter finances21ocn037702925book19050.10Gaynor, William JayAddress of Judge William J. Gaynor before the Hebrew Educational Society of Brooklyn, January 22d, 190521ocn647835355mix0.47Page, Thomas NelsonPapers of Thomas Nelson PageThe papers contain the manuscript of a farsical poem "Dutch marriage ceremony."21ocn026955355book19050.47Gaynor, William JayAddress of Judge William J. Gaynor22ocn057124513visu19101.00TR's return to New York, 1910 [1]Theodore Roosevelt returned to N.Y. on June 18, 1910, having completed a fifteen-month tour of Africa and western Europe. The Roosevelt party on the liner Kaiserin Auguste Victoria was met by the city revenue cutter, Manhattan. From the Manhattan, TR went aboard a larger cutter, the Androscoggin, which carried the official reception committee. After a trip up the Hudson to Fifty-Ninth St., the Androscoggin returned to the Battery. There TR and Cornelius Vanderbilt were met by William J. Gaynor, Mayor of New York. After the Battery ceremonies, a parade was formed which marched up Broadway and Fifth Ave. to the Fifty-Ninth St. plaza, where it dispersed. The film shows several shots of harbor activity: front and side views of the Kaiserin, shots of the Androscoggin in the harbor, passing the Aquarium, and approaching the flag-draped docking area, pans of naval vessels accompanying the Kaiserin including the dreadnought South Carolina, the steamboat Majestic, flying a pennant which says "Dee-Lighted", other misc. vessels, and views of houses overlooking the harbor. Scenes at the Battery show TR with Cornelius Vanderbilt; TR and dignitaries walking through a passageway, probably on their way to the welcoming ceremonies; Mayor Gaynor and TR on the decorated stand greeting the crowd prior to their speeches. Parade sequences include pans of the New York Produce Exchange Bank at Beaver St. at the beginning of the parade; shots of mounted Rough Riders and other Spanish-American War veterans preceding TR's carriage; TR, with a New York City Police escort, standing in his carriage and waving his top hat; shots of the crowd and flag-draped stands21ocn026955374book19130.47Gaynor, William JayW.J. Gaynor, mayor, 1910-1913 W.J. Gaynor, 1914-1917?21ocn645169459com0.47Gaynor, William JaySome of Mayor Gaynor's letters and speechesF128.5 .G2821ocn058782589book19100.10New York (N.Y.)Message of Hon. William J. Gaynor, Mayor of the city of New York to the Board of Aldermen : pursuant to section 115 of the greater New York charter, January 11, 191011ocn812452663book19101.00Gaynor, William JayDedication of the Ethical Society Meeting House in New York to its civic uses11ocn017194941mix1.00Creelman, JamesPapersHistoryRecords and correspondenceExtensive professional and personal correspondence. Much on Spanish-American War (Santiago, Manila Bay, treaty negotiations). Includes some manuscripts of his writings, clippings of some earlier writings. Some material included in his book, On the great highway (1901). Correspondents include many prominent politicians, jurists, journalists4932ocn000024404book19690.47Thomas, LatelyThe mayor who mastered New York : the life & opinions of William J. Gaynor2494ocn000089646book19310.70Pink, Louis HGaynor : the Tammany mayor who swallowed the tiger : lawyer, judge, philosopherBiography2192ocn000422709book19510.70Smith, Mortimer BrewsterWilliam Jay Gaynor, mayor of New York871ocn000574798book19130.79Gaynor, William JaySome of Mayor Gaynor's letters and speeches212ocn023680000book19130.97Clews, HenryAddress of Henry Clews, Ph. D., LL. D., at the memorial meeting in commemoration of the late William Jay Gaynor, at Cooper Institute, New York, September 23, 1913Biography111ocn003063094book19130.92Authors' League of AmericaW.J. Gaynor, mayor, 1910-1913 : W.J. Gaynor, 1914-1917?Caricatures and cartoons41ocn003672735book19680.92W.J. Gaynor, Mayor, 1910-1913 W.J. Gaynor, Mayor, 1914-1917? : [a chronological collection of cartoons relating to Mr. Gaynor published in the New York newspapers, 1910-1917]Caricatures and cartoons21ocn016132887book19120.47Democratic Association of New York for GaynorMayor Gaynor for President21ocn013682243book19131.00Clews, HenryAddress at the memorial meeting in commemoration of the late William Jay Gaynor : at Cooper Institute, New York, September 23, 1913 at eight o'clock, p.m.21ocn023242816book19120.47Gaynor, William JayLetter : New York [N.Y.] to Eustace Conway, New York CityRecords and correspondenceTypescript, signed. Relates to removal of judges and court decisions affecting employers' liability act22ocn667623397book0.10William J. Gaynor, Mayor, City of New YorkBiographyA scrapbook consisting of newspaper clippings and pamphlets21ocn030986135book19551.00Hochman, William RussellWilliam J. Gaynor years of fruition11ocn051133327visu19101.00[Theodore Roosevelt between Mayor Gaynor and Cornelius Vanderbilt, with hand outstretched to greet Rough Rider, New York City parade]11ocn048257492book19121.00Minute Men (New York, N.Y.)Why Roosevelt, frightened, dropped Prendergast! : To the members of the Democratic and Republican National Committees. Respectfully submitted on behalf of the committee11ocn270707516art1967Thomas, LatelyTammany picked an honest man : [William Jay Gaynor]HistoryThe upcoming race for the mayoralty of New York looked like a tough one. But anybody can make a mistake, and Tammany picked an honest man11ocn144846621art19840.10Gaynor, William Jay, jurist11ocn456257510book19090.10Presentation of testimonial busts to hon. William J. Gaynor and hon. William D. Dickey11ocn054791275art1914American Scenic and Historic Preservation SocietyDeath and obsequies of William J. Gaynor, mayor of New York11ocn053815035book19670.47O'Donnell, Mary Grace LawrenceWilliam J. Gaynor : Tammany Candidate, 190911ocn122557928mix1.00Laidlaw, H. BSeries V, Suffrage and other U.S. issues, includes correspondence, photographs, minutes, financial records, press rleases, bulletins, reports, speeches, fliers, programs, valentines, and printed material concerning Laidlaw's work with the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Men's League for Woman Suffrage, and League of Women Voters. Also included is material on anti-suffrage, prohibition, and labor. Series VI, World War I, consists of correspondence, certificates, and printed material concerning her activities during 1917-1919. Series VII, International organizations and issues, includes correspondence, reports, minutes, press releases, programs, etc., relating to the League of Nations and organizations supporting itThu Oct 16 15:28:34 EDT 2014batch19113