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Thu Oct 16 17:49:40 2014 UTClccn-no20100429460.00Ce que j'ai à te dire... /0.320.92Rain Road for108063540Rain_(entertainer)no20100429468425088Chŏng, Chi-hun, 1982-Čōñ Či-HunJeong, Ji-hoonJeong, Ji-Hoon, 1982-Jeong Ji HunJi-Hoon, JeongJi-hoon, JungJi hun 1982-Jung, Ji-hoonJung, Ji-hoon 1982-Jung, Ji-hun 1982-Pi.Pi, 1982-Pi (Musician)Rain.비, 1982-비 (Musician)정 지훈정, 지훈, 1982-....정지훈, 1982-lccn-no2005095607Pae, Yong-jun1972-lccn-nb2010027222Jung, Sun1972-lccn-no2006079386Anarchos Productions, Inclccn-no2006076745Miles, Benlccn-no2007112018Legendary Pictureslccn-no2006079319McTeigue, Jamesflmdrtlccn-no2004015610Harris, Naomie1976-actlccn-no2003017455Warner Bros. Pictures (1969- )lccn-no2003065075Dark Castle Entertainment (Firm)lccn-no98092585Silver PicturesRain1982-DramaFilm adaptationsTelevision plays, KoreanFictionPopular musicTelevision programsRomance television programsJuvenile worksMan-woman relationshipsAutomobile racing driversAutomobiles, RacingFamily-owned business enterprisesBrothersKorea (South)Masculinity in popular cultureCross-cultural studiesMasculinityKoreaPopular culture and globalizationMen in popular culturePae, Yong-jun,Fans (Persons)--PsychologyIntellectual lifeConsumption (Economics)--Social aspectsCulture diffusionNinjaAssassinsPopular cultureMental health facilitiesPopular musicTelevision plays, KoreanTelevision mini-seriesCyborgsRomance dramaSongs, KoreanRap (Music)Automobile racingYoshida, Tatsuo,Mentally illFiction filmsSingersFilm adaptationsPrivate investigatorsMale singersActorsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)AsiaLove stories, KoreanWomen screenwritersWestern countriesRoommatesVietnamSongs, VietnameseConcertsJapanArt appreciationTelevision actors and actressesAutomobiles1982200320052006200720082009201020112012201315784074791.4372PN1995.9.F36ocn745062123ocn802897852ocn871134891ocn553956273ocn076908044ocn646284957ocn553976730ocn671252889ocn822680513ocn646343270ocn657335720ocn651023110ocn82267204267112ocn502287066visu20090.15Ninja assassinDramaRaizo, trained from childhood in the way of the Ozunu Clan ninja, is stalked by fellow warriors for breaking free of them and their iron-willed dojo patriarch. He is on the run with a Europol agent who has proof the clan sells assassination services to governments873ocn745062123visu20070.26Ssaibogŭjiman kwaench'ana I'm a cyborg, but that's OKDramaYoung-goon, a young woman who believes herself to be a cyborg, is institutionalized after a gruesome and nearly fatal attempt to recharge her batteries. Among the characters she meets in the mental hospital is Il-soon, a kleptomaniac who steals not only small items, but entire character traits from the other patients. Young-goon enlists Il-soon's aid to help her discover and complete her purpose as a cyborg, while he finds himself coming to care about her219ocn553956273visu20060.26I'm a cyborg, but that's okDramaYŏng-gŭn, mentally deranged and frequently electro-charging herself with a transistor radio, has been admitted into a mental institution. Firmly believing herself to be a cyborg, she refuses to consume like a human being. Il-soon is another patient, who catches the eye of Young-goon and soon becomes a close friend. Il-soon is now confronted with the biggest task to cure Yŏng-gŭns mental problem and have her eat real food171ocn710812480visu20080.14Wachowski, AndySpeed RacerJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsSpeed Racer is a natural behind the wheel of his thunderous Mach 5. With the support of Pops and Mom Racer, girlfriend Trixie, younger brother Spritle and the mysterious Racer X, Speed takes on fierce competitors to save his family's business and protect the sport he loves. When Speed steps on the track, it's not just a race83ocn271118998visu20070.59Ssaibogŭ chiman kwaench'ana I am a cyborg, but that's OKDramaYŏng-gŭn, mentally deranged and frequently electro-charging herself with a transistor radio, has been admitted into a mental institution. Firmly believing herself to be a cyborg, she refuses to consume like a human being. Il-sun is another patient, who catches the eye of Yŏng-gŭn and soon becomes a close friend. Il-sun is now confronted with the biggest task to cure Yŏng-gŭn's mental problem and have her eat real food73ocn224924907visu20050.50P'ul hausŭ Full houseDramaRomance television programsTelevision programsTelevision plays, Korean"Han ji-eun is an easygoing, cheerful, but very realistic woman. She is an internet romance novelist who always welcomes money. She is after money to keep the Full house, her one and only haven. She seems to be happy and strong, but inside she is very emotional and gets hurt easily. Forced to lose the Full house by her friends' conniving scheme, she gets involved with a top movie star, Yi Yeong-jae who becomes the new owner of the Full house. Outspoken and immature, he is also a warm-hearted young man who is just clumsy with his emotions. They're in love with another man/woman, but they decide to get married by contract to get his/her own love, and to keep the Full house. Will the Cinderella who happens to live with a star be able to find her own happiness?"--Container62ocn076908044rcrd20050.20RainIt's Raining51ocn729391319visu20110.47Tomangja plan BDrama51ocn495333848visu20080.47Pak, Ch'an-ukSaibogujiman kwenchana Je suis un cyborg41ocn827611843visu20120.10Pik BigDrama31ocn225163136visu20060.10Danh ca & tài tử đến Saigon từ Hàn Quốc Rain & Đàm Vĩnh HưngA program of popular music performed by Korean and Vietnamese artists31ocn322528725visu20070.10Full houseDramaFilm adaptationsWhen her two friends betray her and sell the house she owns behind her back, Ji-eun and the famous young actor who bought it make a deal; she pretends to be his wife so she can continue living there31ocn826831614book2012RainCe que j'ai à te dire...32ocn277187051visu20050.19Rain's first live concert Rainy day33ocn742059910visu2008Soy un cyborg = Saibogujiman kwenchana = Sóc un cybord, però no passa res = I'm a cyborg, but that's OKYoung-Soon está convencida de ser un cyborg, por eso come pilas. Ingresada en un hospital psiquiátrico conoce a un joven que se oculta tras una máscara y que se cree capaz de robar las habilidades especiales de aquellos que le rodean. Entre ellos surgirá una atípica y sorprendente amistad21ocn821933977visu20120.10Tomangja plan B Cheng shi ying xiongDrama21ocn663956251visu20060.92Rain Road for21ocn646284957rcrd20080.24RainRainismPopular music22ocn822680513visu2006Pak, Ch'an-ukJe suis un cyborgMots-clés: folie ; malade mental ; hôpital psychiatrique22ocn650904091rcrd20060.47RainRain's world the 4th album6974ocn743276066file20100.50Jung, SunKorean masculinities and transcultural consumption Yonsama, Rain, Oldboy, K-Pop idolsElectronic discussion groupsInvestigates transcultural consumption of three iconic figures, the middle aged Japanese female fandom of actor Bae Yong-Joon, the Western online cult fandom of the horror film Oldboy, and the Singaporean fandom of the popstar Rain+-+411375333421ocn070794395book20050.10Zhang, HuiIt's raining : gen Rain yi qi qu meng xiang = Pi, sarŏng [i.e. sarang] haeyoBiographyPictorial works11ocn807444532file20070.17Zhang, GuoxiangXuan yu Han liu : RainBiography+-+4113753334Thu Oct 16 16:04:37 EDT 2014batch15099