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Fri Mar 21 17:14:26 2014 UTClccn-no20120489770.00The skulls0.151.00Here come the girls 2 : Gleeful desire ; a collection of short films /81922002Clare_Kramerno20120489779164033lccn-no2003025393Purcell, Dominic1970-actviaf-32201350Mendez, Mikedrtviaf-76646720Thomas, Marcusactlccn-no2011187465Rosenblatt, Bartlccn-no00038979Perry, Megahnactviaf-282515464Corley, Allccn-no2005114128McCutchen, Billlccn-no2013115717Musso, Eugenenp-fuhrmann, lawrence elmerFuhrmann, Lawrence Elmerlccn-no2010103498Code Entertainment (Firm)Kramer, ClareDramaFictionSecret societiesMurderExtortionCemeteriesRevengeCollege studentsUniversities and colleges--Societies, etcVampiresDrug addictsThrillers (Motion pictures)Man-woman relationshipsWomen college studentsDating (Social customs)LesbiansLesbians in motion picturesLesbianism in motion picturesSecret societies--RitualsMotion picture film collectionsPrivate universities and collegesFilm sequelsWomen spiesDisappeared persons1974200020042005200620072008200920113561424791.4372PN1995.9.H6ocn676647346ocn676305328ocn676305288ocn762257238ocn857972980ocn181644835ocn780959562ocn8393745981303ocn086111775visu20060.14The gravedancersDramaAfter a drunken night of dancing on graves, a group of friends are haunted by three havoc-minded ghosts bent on revenge886ocn053997075visu20040.16The SkullsDramaA sexy, young undergrad has set her sights on being the first female member of the all-male secret Skulls society. But will she be willing to resort to blackmail, lies and murder, just to get in?+-+2040378325613ocn302359316visu20090.16The Skulls trilogyDramaThe Skulls: For Luke McNamara, an invitation to join the prestigious secret college organization, The Skulls, is a dream come true. But when a fellow pledge gets caught up in murder, Luke finds himself alone amidst the sinister and well-connected brotherhood, and now he must summon the strength to stand up against immeasurable odds341ocn123120484visu20070.13The thirstDramaA pair of recovering drug addicts are recruited by a clan of sex and gore crazed vampires. As each depraved 'fix' leads them deeper into hell, what will be the final price for the most horrific addiction of all?211ocn061503496visu20050.10The mummy an' the armadillo"In the middle of nowhere sits the Armadillo Café. The once popular, but now desolate, café is run by a strange family let by a troubled, booze-addled mother and a disturbed family. Their dark secrets are threatened when Sarah arrives, seeking answers to her past. Turmoil reigns and emotions boil over as the horrifying truth unravels and Sarah barely escapes with her life." -- container101ocn123088006visu20070.10The Mallory effectFictionDramaMallory dumps Charlie on Valentine's Day. His friend Nick takes him out to seduce women, but he sees Mallory with her new man31ocn780959562visu2004The skulls21ocn829225981visu20111.00Here come the girls 2 : Gleeful desire ; a collection of short filmsDramaFeaturing short films from established lesbian film directors from the UK and across the pond, a wide selection of themes and narratives focusing on lesbian romance and women in love are touched upon, from controversial encounters such as rebelling against a homophobic high school prom, first-time follies at the local dyke bar, poisionous potions and gun-totin' schoolgirls!22ocn676305328visu2008Profanations11ocn432096918visu20090.10The Skulls trilogyDramaThe Skulls III: A young, overachieving coed has set her sights on being the first female member of the all-male secret Skulls society. But will she be willing to resort to blackmail, lies and murder just to get in?11ocn181644835visu20050.18Robinson, AngelaD.E.B.SDramaShort film about plaid-skirted school girls groomed by a secret government agency to become the newest members of the elite national defense group, D.E.B.S11ocn740299828visu2009Los profanadores de tumbas The gravedancersTres jóvenes se reúnen en el funeral de un amigo. Tras años sin verse salen para recordar viejos tiempos y terminan borrachos en el cementerio. Sin quererlo, despiertan a tres vengativos espíritus que les acosan hasta la muerte11ocn839374598book20000.47Girls United11ocn699027055visu2004Skulls III Erpressung, Lügen, Mord ... Wie weit wird sie gehen, um dazuzugehören?+-+2040378325+-+2040378325Fri Mar 21 15:20:37 EDT 2014batch8219