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Fri Mar 21 17:11:30 2014 UTClccn-no880001310.00Papers, 1856-18920.841.00Negro colonization. From Doolittle correspondence38929425James_Rood_Doolittleno 880001312243214Doolittle, J. R. (James Rood), 1815-1897lccn-n50003179Schurz, Carl1829-1906lccn-n50027507Douglas, Stephen A.(Stephen Arnold)1813-1861lccn-n85145510New England Society in the City of New Yorklccn-n2013075285Smith, John Y.(John Yates)1807-1874lccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-nr92028416American Union Commissionlccn-nr92028306Dennison, William1815-1882lccn-nr92028301Taylor, N. G.(Nathaniel Green)1819-1887lccn-n50015182Garfield, James A.(James Abram)1831-1881lccn-n79066574Thompson, Joseph P.(Joseph Parrish)1819-1879Doolittle, James R.(James Rood)1815-1897HistorySpeeches in CongressRecords and correspondenceControversial literatureUnited StatesSlaverySpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanReconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Political scienceDouglas, Stephen A.--(Stephen Arnold),Squatter sovereigntyAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Slavery--Extension to the territoriesCampaign literatureMassachusetts--SpringfieldDoolittle, James R.--(James Rood),RefugeesSlaves--EmancipationSouthern StatesNew York (State)--New YorkAmerican Union CommissionIndians of North America--Government relationsMassachusettsCivilian war reliefArizonaFreedmen--Social conditionsAfrican Americans--Social conditionsAfrican Americans--EducationAfrican Americans--Economic conditionsEconomic historyFreedmen--Economic conditionsFreedmen--EducationWisconsin--MadisonAfrican Americans--ColonizationIllinois--ChicagoTrialsAutomobile industry and tradeBimetallismTariffHospitalsSlavery--Speeches in CongressAfrican Americans--SuffrageStates' rights (American politics)WisconsinKansasPresidents--ElectionCalhoun, John C.--(John Caldwell),Currency questionEmigration and immigrationDebts, PublicBanks and bankingIndians, Treatment ofPolitical questions and judicial powerFreedmen181518971839185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187118721873187518781879188418851887188818891892189318971903190419051906190719091910191119141916191719201921192219301931195019551960196819691974197619771979198819992065171275324.73E438ocn0026510221485ocn317696692com18600.81Schurz, CarlDouglas and popular sovereignty speech of Carl Schurz, of Wisconsin, in Hampden Hall, Springfield, Mass., January 4, 1860 : also, Remarks of Senator Doolittle of Wisconsin on the occasion of the late anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims, as celebrated by the New England Society of the city of New York, December 22, 1859History1062ocn317696994com18650.90Smith, John YReview of Senator Doolittle's speech at the Assembly Chamber, Madison, Sept. 30, 1865 on the reconstruction of the rebel statesHistory921ocn729412657file18650.86American Union CommissionThe American Union Commission speeches of Hon. W. Dennison, postmaster-general, Rev. J.P. Thompson, D.D., president of the Commission, Col. N.G. Taylor, of East Tennessee, Hon J.R. Doolittle, U.S. Senate, Gen. J.A. Garfield, M.C., in the Hall of Representatives, Washington, Feb. 12, 1865History896ocn607384925com18590.79Doolittle, James RThe Calhoun revolution: its basis and its progress speech of Hon. J.R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin : delivered in the United States Senate, January 3, 1860Speeches in Congress882ocn795891740file18660.90Speeches of Hon. Edgar Cowan of Pennsylvania, Hon. Jas. R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin, Hon. Hugh McCulloch, Secretary of Treasury, letter of Hon. O.H. Browning, of Illinois, and an address by a member of the club also the condition of the South, a report of special commissioner B.F. TrumanHistory886ocn607379131file18620.76Doolittle, James RSpeech of Hon. J.R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin on homesteads for white men in the temperate zone--homesteads for black men in the tropics--white immigration to and black emigration from the United States--a continental policy, embracing all climes and races, bringing freedom and homes to all : delivered in the Senate of the United States, April 11, 1862Speeches in Congress752ocn778041554file18790.90Doolittle, James RIn the Appellate Court of Illinois, first district, October term, A.D. 1879 Washington Libbey, et al., appellants, vs. the Union National Bank, appellee : appeal from the Superior Court of Cook County, from decree on the original bill : and, Addie R. Coolbaugh, adm'x., and Marcus C. Stearns, adm'r., &c., appellants vs. the Union National Bank, appellee : appeal from the Superior Court of Cook County, from the decree dismissing the cross-bill734ocn123406786book18630.93Neill, Edward DThe relations of the government to the Indian tribes letter to Hon. James Doolittle, U.S. senator, from Wisconsin677ocn006100105book18600.92Lincoln, AbrahamNational politics. Speech of Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, delivered at the Cooper Institute, Monday, Feb. 27, 1860Controversial literature679ocn244806593book18600.84Doolittle, James RThe Calhoun revolution, its basis and its progress : speech of Hon. J.R. Doolittle of Wisconsin, delivered in the United States Senate, December 14, 1859Speeches in Congress614ocn607360951com18650.76Waldo, Otis HFour letters to Hon. J.R. DoolittleHistoryRecords and correspondence562ocn002651022book19160.56Doolittle, James RThe romance of the automobile industry : being the story of its development, its contribution to health and prosperity, its influence on eugenics, its effect on personal efficiency, and its service and mission to humanity as the latest and greatest phase of transportation525ocn000424232book18590.70Doolittle, James RThe Calhoun revolution its basis and its progress516ocn607381493com18610.73Doolittle, James RSpeech of the Hon. James R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin, on the bill to organize the territory of Arizuma delivered in the Senate of the United States, December 27, 1860HistorySpeeches in Congress494ocn001182976book18660.95Doolittle, James RSpeech of Hon. James R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin, on the Lincoln-Johnson policy of restoration : delivered in the Senate of the United States, January 17, 1866HistorySpeeches in CongressControversial literature442ocn607392285file18580.70Doolittle, James RThe union Kansas and the Lecompton Constitution speech of James R. Doolittle, in the Senate of the United States, March 4 and 8, 1858Speeches in Congress413ocn007950616book18610.93Doolittle, James RSpeech of the Hon. James R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin, on the bill to organize the territory of ArizumaHistorySpeeches in Congress354ocn004397513book18600.88Schurz, CarlDouglas and popular sovereignty speech of Carl Schurz of Wisconsin in Hampden Hall, Springfield, Mass., January 4, 1860352ocn085799163com18650.88Conway, M. FLetter of Hon. M.F. Conway to Senator Doolittle of Wisconsin in support of President Johnson's policy of reconstructionHistory344ocn005298517book18600.94Doolittle, James RCourts cannot change the Constitution : speech of Hon. J.R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin : in the United States Senate, February 24, 1860Speeches in Congress531ocn866855720file0.90Doolittle, James RJames R. Doolittle papers, 1859-1927HistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material of James R. Doolittle383ocn016098680book18660.97Gallatin, JamesThe public debt, banking, currency, and finances of the United States letter to Hon. James R. Doolittle, United-States Senator192ocn057608104com19050.97Lee, Samuel PhillipsLetter of Rear Admiral Samuel Phillips Lee to Senator James Rood DoolittleHistory111ocn029292260book18670.88Manypenny, George WashingtonLetter of Hon. Geo. W. Manypenny, in regard to treatment of the Indians January 31, 186772ocn010495381book0.94Sellers, James LJames R. Doolittle61ocn026372162art1.00Mowry, DuaneNegro colonization. From Doolittle correspondence51ocn035651357book19100.97Mowry, DuaneAn appreciation of James Rood Doolittle : from the Proceedings of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin for 1909, pages 281-29651ocn009844332book0.97Doolittle, James RPapersHistorySourcesCorrespondence, speeches, and newspaper clippings concerning Doolittle and the Civil War or Reconstruction periods31ocn079964428book19171.00Doolittle, James RLetters of Edward Bates and the Blairs, Frank P., Sr., and Jr., and Montgomery, from the private papers and correspondence of Senator James Rood Doolittle of WisconsinHistoryRecords and correspondence22ocn746495777book19761.00Albright, ClaudeDixon, Doolittle, and Norton : the forgotten Republican votes22ocn024857113book19031.00Mowry, DuaneJames Rood Doolittle21ocn031605680mix1.00Washburn, IsraelHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, speeches, reports, printed materials, and other papers, reflecting Washburn's activities as state legislator, U.S. representative, governor, customs collector of the port of Portland, Me., and organizer of the Republican Party. Subjects include slavery, the Civil War, Universalists, government appointments and elections, the building of Washburn Memorial Library at Livermore, settlement of family business at Norlands (the Washburn estate), the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), Whig and Republican politics, boundary issues, and General George B. McClellan. Correspondents include John Appleton, George M. Baker, Roscoe Conkling, J.R. Doolittle, William Pitt Fessenden, Hamilton Fish, Horace Greeley, Hannibal Hamlin, Edward Kent, J.A. Peters, Luther Severance, and Washburn's brother, Elihu Washburne21ocn003807478book19101.00Mowry, DuaneAn appreciation of James Rood Doolittle22ocn608570503book19680.92De Marke, Margaret MaryJames Doolittle and the sectional conflict21ocn004827759book18631.00Record of the Hon. James R. Doolittle in the Twenty-seventh Congress21ocn244811447com18601.00Schurz, CarlDouglas and popular sovereignty Speech of Carl Schurz, of Wisconsin, in Hampden hall, Springfield, Mass., January 4, 1850. Also, remarks of Senator Doolittle, of Wisconsin, on the occasion of the late anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims, as celebrated by the New England Society of the City of New York, December 22, 185911ocn078620083book18621.00Record of James R. Doolittle in the 27th [i.e. 37th] Congress11ocn081903873mix1.00Buckalew, Charles RollinPapers of Charles Rollin BuckalewChiefly incoming correspondence relating to Pennsylvania and national political affairs. Includes 9 letters written by Buckalew, daybook (1844-1869), financial papers, and Mrs. Buckalew's diary (1859) during her stay in Ecuador while Buckalew was U.S. minister. Correspondents include James R. Doolittle, John W. Forney, John T. Hoffman, and Thaddeus Stevens11ocn469775273mixDoolittle, James RHistoryCorrespondence, mostly to Doolittle, and 3 speeches, some originals and some typed copies. Includes some Civil War letters from Lyman Trumbull; an October 1865 letter from Joseph Mitchell about colonization; an 1884 letter from Doolittle concerning security for newly elected president Grover Cleveland; and an 1892 letter with Doolittle's rather negative view of Cleveland as a presidential candidate11ocn122535644mix18651.00Tilden, Samuel JLetterLetter to J.R. Doolittle concerning federal appropriations laws for railroads, especially one in the legislature at the time which would allow the government not to pay any cost of transportation on land grant railroads, and would force railroad companies to repay any funds already given by the government. Tilden was writing on behalf of the stockholders of the Illinois Central. Written at New York, N.YFri Mar 21 15:47:07 EDT 2014batch25331