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Fri Mar 21 17:14:11 2014 UTClccn-no890199790.00Papers,0.741.00Speech of Hon. Shelby M. Cullom, of Illinois, on rights of naturalized American citizens; delivered in the House of Representatives, January 8, 186870946942Shelby_Moore_Cullomno 890199792651453Cullom, S. M. (Shelby Moore), 1829-1914Cullom, Shelby M. 1829-1914Cullom, Shelby Moore, 1829-1914lccn-no89019977Neilson, James W.(James Warren)1933-lccn-n79022161United StatesCongressSenatelccn-no93036796United StatesHawaiian Commissionlccn-n80061028Hawaiilccn-n2006083925United StatesCongressSenateSelect Committee on Interstate Commercelccn-n79107874United StatesCongressHouselccn-n79056405United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Appropriationsnc-united states$49th congress 1st session 1885 1886$senateUnited States49th Congress, 1st session, 1885-1886Senatelccn-no93036802Ballou, Sidney Miller1870-1929lccn-n80079702United StatesPresident (1897-1901 : McKinley)Cullom, Shelby M.(Shelby Moore)1829-1914BiographyHistorySpeeches in CongressIllinoisUnited StatesCullom, Shelby M.--(Shelby Moore),Political scienceHawaiiLawPoliticiansTransportationInterstate commerceNaturalizationCivil rightsCitizenshipProtectionismTariffRailroadsCanadaRevenueUtahGrant, Ulysses S.--(Ulysses Simpson),PolygamySherman silver law, 1890International relationsArbitration (International law)Reconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Radio--Law and legislationLincoln, Abraham,Logan, John Alexander,Oglesby, Richard J.--(Richard James),LegislatorsEmigration and immigrationDavis, David,Douglas, Stephen A.--(Stephen Arnold),Trumbull, Lyman,Morrison, William R.--(William Ralls),KoĢˆrner, Gustav Philipp,Woodman, Charles Walhart,Free tradeFranceGreat BritainLincoln, Robert Todd,Dodge, Grenville M.,Palmer, John M.--(John McAuley),Justice, Administration ofMormonsAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Michener, Louis T.--(Louis Theodore),Women school principalsMilitary participation--African AmericanWomen--EducationPresidents--Election1829191418611866186718681869187018731876187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191619201930195619571958196219691980198119992010201220142105220275923.273E661ocn857784981ocn857735140ocn857879842ocn857741972ocn857855384ocn857764119ocn857753169ocn857742930ocn857737976ocn8577793401274ocn582534977file18980.86United StatesMessage from the President of the United States transmitting the report of the Hawaiian Commission appointed in pursuance of the "Joint resolution to provide for annexing the Hawaiian Islands to the United States," approved July 7, 1898 : together with a copy of the civil and penal laws of HawaiiHistory901ocn317692988file18680.88Cullom, Shelby MSpeech of Hon. Shelby M. Cullom of Illinois on rights of naturalized American citizensSpeeches in Congress893ocn002479754book18860.88United StatesReport of the Senate Select Committee on Interstate Commerce ... : (with appendix) ... [and Testimony] 49th Cong., 1st sess348ocn019255714book18880.79In the Senate of the United States Mr. Cullom, from the Committee on Interstate Commerce, submitted the following report, to accompany Senate resolutions of August 3 and December 13, 1888263ocn016009294book18940.96Cullom, Shelby MThe revenue bill ... : speech of Hon. Shelby M. Cullom, of Illinois, in the Senate of the United States, Friday, April 27, 1894Speeches in Congress254ocn016135398book18700.96Cullom, Shelby MEnforcement of laws in Utah speech of Hon. Shelby M. Cullom ... delivered in the House of Representatives, February 17, 1870Speeches in Congress202ocn016009263book18940.97Cullom, Shelby MHistory of protection, free trade and state rights were the progenitors of nullification and disunion : speech of Hon. Shelby M. Cullom, of Illinois, in the Senate of the United States, Friday, June 8, 1894Speeches in Congress202ocn016098431book18930.97Cullom, Shelby MFinance remarks of Hon. S.M. Cullom, of Illinois, in the Senate of the United States, Monday, September 4, 1893Speeches in Congress171ocn016328246book18980.92United StatesThe report of the Hawaiian Commission, appointed in pursuance of the "Joint resolution to provide for annexing the Hawaiian Islands to the United States," approved July 7, 1898163ocn773318790book19120.95United StatesReport of the Committee on foreign relations together with the views of the minority upon the general arbitration treaties with Great Britain and France, signed on August 3, 1911, and the proposed committee amendments. With appendices162ocn259708299com18670.81Cullom, Shelby MSpeech of Hon. Shelby M. Cullom, of Illinois, on reconstruction delivered in the House of Representatives, January 28, 1867HistorySpeeches in Congress152ocn260320024com18850.86Cullom, Shelby MU.S. Grant Address of Shelby M. Cullom, at the memorial services, Springfield, Ill., Aug. 8th, 1885152ocn028364732book18770.56IllinoisMessage of Shelby M. Cullom, governor of Illinois, to the Thirtieth General Assembly, at the inauguration of state officers Monday, January 8, 1877132ocn733972763com19080.95International radiotelegraph conference, Berlin, 1906International wireless telegraph. Hearings, Sixtieth Congress, first session. An international wireless telegraph convention, with service regulations annexed thereto, a supplementary agreement, and a final protocol, all signed at Berlin on November 3, 1906, by delegates of the United States and those of several other powers102ocn249896737book19620.73Neilson, James WShelby M. Cullom, Prairie State RepublicanBiography92ocn013501639book18681.00Cullom, Shelby MSpeech of Hon. Shelby M. Cullom, of Illinois, on rights of naturalized American citizens; delivered in the House of Representatives, January 8, 186897ocn859302411book19110.63Cullom, Shelby MFifty years of public service; personal recollections of Shelby M. Cullom, senior United States senator from IllinoisBiography+-+197922806632482ocn747293941com18860.88United StatesReport (with appendix [and Testimony])71ocn857784437file18930.31In the Senate of the United States. February 3, 1893. -- Ordered to be printed. Mr. Cullom presented the following: Ordered, that the rules be suspended and that the Secretary of the Senate be directed to withdraw from the files of the Senate, for exhibition at the World's Columbian Exposition, ...a memorial of Maria Helena America Vespucci praying a donation of land and that she be admitted to the rights of citizenship71ocn857737976file18860.31In the Senate of the United States. June 11, 1886. -- Ordered to be printed. Mr. Cullom, from the Committee on Territories, submitted the following report. (To accompany Bill H.R. 5496.) The Committee on Territories, to whom was referred the Bill (H.R. 5496) to increase the jurisdiction of probate courts in Arizona, and to repeal all acts of the Territorial Assembly creating county courts in said territory, respectfully report5867ocn000503672book19110.63Cullom, Shelby MFifty years of public service; personal recollections of Shelby M. Cullom, senior United States senator from IllinoisBiography3402ocn000675464book19620.73Neilson, James WShelby M. Cullom, Prairie State RepublicanBiography152ocn263161208com19160.79IllinoisShelby Moore Cullom Funeral services held in the Illinois State Capitol, Sunday, February 1, 1914132ocn263161213com19160.84Converse, Henry AaronThe life and services of Shelby M. Cullom81ocn062035037com18760.97Warner & BeersGustavus Koerner, Lyman Trumbull, Gen. U.S. Grant, Judge David Davis, Richard Edwards, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, Gov. John L. Beveridge, Richard J. Oglesby, Wm. R. Morrison, John A. Logan, Shelby M. Cullom, Chas. W. Woodman, Thos. S. Ridgeway [i.e. Ridgway], Samuel M. Etter, Wm. G. BowmanBiographyPortraits41ocn016907866book18661.00Facts for the people41ocn014281784book19110.47Lincoln Centennial Association (Springfield, Ill.)The Lincoln Centennial Association Springfield, Illinois, 1809-1911 : [program]A program for the celebration of Lincoln's 102nd birthday reprinting Lincoln's Farewell address at Springfield, Illinois, 1861, and letters to Judge J. Otis Humphrey from Shelby M. Cullom, Robert T. Lincoln, and Grenville M. Dodge32ocn032153191book19580.97Neilson, James WThe senatorial career of Shelby Moore CullomBiography31ocn025734103book18730.47IllinoisGovernor's message21ocn028417490mix1.00Wright, Anna WCollection of papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceLetters to Indiana governor Oliver P. Morton pertaining to recruitment of black troops for Indiana regiments during the Civil War (1861-1864), from Morton to Jacob T. Wright regarding 1868 Republican National Convention, Chicago, Ill., from national politicians to Louis T. Michener responding to requests to speak in Indiana during the 1890 election campaign, and Wright family letters; together with papers (1864-1866) of Republican Union State Central Committee in Indianapolis chaired by Wright; account books (1855-1858) for George Tomlinson general store, Southport, Ind.; scrapbook (1896-1906) of programs, clippings, correspondence, and photos of Classical School for Girls, Indianapolis, particularly relating to its principal, May Wright Sewall; and scrapbooks of late 19th-century newspaper clippings. Correspondents include William B. Allison, Albert J. Beveridge, Charles A. Boutelle, John Coburn, Shelby M. Cullom, Will Cumback, William P. Fishback, Robert M. La Follette, William H.H. Miller, Oliver P. Morton, L.E. Payson, Gilbert A. Pierce, Preston B. Plumb, Thomas B. Reed, John C. Spooner, W.H.H. Terrell, Richard W. Thompson, and Daniel W. Voorhees21ocn171220656art18980.10Cullom, Shelby Moore : senatorBiography21ocn018314868book19690.47Wells, Richard FIllinois agrarianism and Shelby Moore CullomHistory11ocn014406967book1900Ridgway, J. CastleWhat Illinois editors say about Senator Shelby M. Cullom. Note: When reprinting following notices or extracts therefrom, please give due credit to the paper from which taken and send marked copy to J. Castle Ridgway ... Chicago, Ill11ocn801646032visu18961.00Dalrymple, LouisHe starts in with an AusterlitzPrint shows William McKinley sitting on a white horse on a cliff, as the brilliant leader of a successful military campaign, with Mark A. Hanna standing next to him, holding a banner that states "Three Cheers and a Tiger for Prosperity's Advance Agent!!" In the valley below lie the casualties of the campaign, "Morton, Quay, Allison, Reed, Manley, [and] Cullom", and in the background are John Sherman, Robert T. Lincoln, and Benjamin Harrison. "Manley", Reed's campaign manager, wears a Red Cross on his uniform11ocn027045471mixBeaux, CeciliaPapersPortraits3 letters to J. Otis Humphrey concern the completion and delivery of a portrait of John W. Bunn. 3 other items concern the insuring of the Bunn and Shelby M. Cullom portraits in the Sangamo Club, Springfield, Illinois, by the Lincoln Centennial Association11ocn078598699book0.47Stephenson, B. PPortraits of great men of our time painted by A. Benziger11ocn014156575book1906Senator Cullom. The senior senator is a friend of organized labor ... Resolved, That we pledge ourselves to support Senator Cullom for re-election to the United States Senate11ocn053040000mixNewport, JohnTwo letters, 1881, discuss the railroad and family business. The remaining letters 1895-1900, refer to the sinking of a coal mine in Farmington and politics. Several letters from John Moorehead of the Madison Coal Company of which the last spells out the requirements of the land to sink the mine. Several letters from James M. Truitt, an attorney in Hillsboro, Ill. discuss the 1900 election campaign, with opinions on Yates, Walter Reeves, Senator Cullom and John Tanner. Letters from Reeves and Elbridge Hanecy re: their campaigns. Two Bulletins from the Methodist Episcopal Church of Waggoner, Ill. for Aug. 11 & 18, 1907. An invitation to the graduation at the Whipple Academy, 1892. A list of births, deaths and marriages in the John McCormick family from 1801-186711ocn801646030visu18961.00Dalrymple, LouisThe spring athletic meetingPrint shows Grover Cleveland lifting a heavy weight labeled "Silver Question", he has several medals pinned to his chest, with him are "W.E. Russell", David B. Hill, Robert E. Pattison, Adlai E. Stevenson, James E. Campbell, and William R. Morrison. On the right, refusing to touch any of the weights labeled "Silver Question, Tariff Question, [and] Cuban Question" are William McKinley, Shelby M. Cullom, Levi P. Morton, Robert Todd Lincoln, Thomas B. Reed, Benjamin Harrison, [and] William B. Allison. Uncle Sam is part of a large audience seated in the background11ocn079452964mix1.00Wilson, James HarrisonJames Harrison Wilson papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents include Charles Francis Adams, Adam Badeau, Simeon E. Baldwin, Tasker Howard Bliss, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clark Corbin, E.H. Crowder, Shelby M. Cullom, Charles A. Dana, Grenville Mellen Dodge, Stuyvesant Fish, Hamlin Garland, Frederick John Kingsbury, Robert Todd Lincoln, Henry Cabot Lodge, William McKinley, John Bassett Moore, George Haven Putnam, Whitelaw Reid, Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, Francis Lynde Stetson, Moorfield Storey, Oswald Garrison Villard, Paul M. Warburg, Horace White, Edward Francis Winslow, and John Russell Young+-+1979228066324+-+1979228066324Fri Mar 21 15:16:30 EDT 2014batch27309