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Thu Oct 16 17:58:25 2014 UTClccn-no890104320.00Map of the route from Tajurrah to Ankober : letter from Dr. Beke to Colonel Jackson0.770.98A Letter to M. Daussy ... /32777664Charles_Tilstone_Bekeno 890104322588049Beke, C. T. 1800-1874Beke, C. T. (Charles Tilstone), 1800-1874Beke, Carl T. 1800-1874Beke, Charles Tilstone 1800-1874Tilstone, Charles Beke 1800-1874lccn-n50082678Veer, Gerrit delccn-n50065898Barentsz, Willemapproximately 1550-1597lccn-nr92010536Phillip, Williamtrlviaf-91244441Baptista, Pedro Joä̃onp-jose, amaroJosé, Amarolccn-n85245241Almeida, Francisco José de Lacerda e1753-1798nc-royal geographical society great britainRoyal Geographical Society (Great Britain)np-monteiro, jose maria correaMonteiro, José Maria Corrêaviaf-91249842Beadle, B. A.trllccn-n80057204Burton, Richard FrancisSir1821-1890trlBeke, Charles T.(Charles Tilstone)1800-1874HistoryRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcBarentsz, Willem,Arctic Ocean--Northeast PassageTravelArctic RegionsAfrica, SouthernEthiopiaGreat BritainHeemskerck, Jacob vanLibel and slanderBeke, Charles T.--(Charles Tilstone),Nile RiverEgypt--SinaiDiplomatic relationsInternational relationsDiscovery and exploration, DutchMidianitesAfrica, EasternHistory, AncientAuthority--Religious aspectsBibleGeographyBible.--PentateuchMissionsPrisonersBritishEgypt--Mount SinaiEconomic historyArabian PeninsulaDiscoveries in geographyEgypt--Janūb SīnāʼHarris, William Cornwallis,--Sir,Egypt--Shamāl SīnāʼCommerceEastern question (Far East)Political scienceEastern questionAfricaCivilizationSouth AfricaEthnologyFolkloreVoyages and travelsPlancius, Petrus,ChinaAfrican languagesPhillip, WilliamZambiaEgyptPortugueseFrance1800187418291830183418351836183718391843184418451846184718481849185018511852185318561859186018611862186318641865186718681869187118721873187418751876187818801913196319641969197019711978198420052010201120132259162429910.0916324G161ocn000207132ocn054614732ocn318368959ocn318369244ocn816598294ocn816617037ocn502475011ocn237135495ocn505194002ocn458443040ocn464879627ocn18718954538928ocn694144004file18530.74Veer, Gerrit deA true description of three voyages by the north-east towards Cathay and China undertaken by the Dutch in the years 1594, 1595 and 1596+-+836069459632438932ocn003640297book18760.66Veer, Gerrit deThe three voyages of William Barents to the Arctic regions, (1594, 1595, and 1596)Reprinted from Hakluyt Society edition, 1876+-+751069459632434515ocn000013085book18720.77Almeida, Francisco José de Lacerda eThe lands of Cazembe: Lacerda's journey to Cazembe in 1798History8314ocn004522288book18650.79Beke, Charles TThe British captives in AbyssiniaHistory819ocn004522345book18780.79Beke, Charles TThe late Dr. Charles Beke's Discoveries of Sinai in Arabia and of Midian with portrait, geological, botanical, and conchological reports, plans, map, and thirteen wood engravings7414ocn004522379book18600.88Beke, Charles TThe sources of the Nile : being a general survey of the basin of that river, and of its head-streams ; with the history of the Nilotic discovery6811ocn027285076book18500.82Beke, Charles TAn enquiry into M. Antoine D'Abbadie's journey to Kaffa, in the years 1843 and 1844, to discover the source of the Nile405ocn007677645book18340.82Beke, Charles TOrigines biblicae; or, Researches in primeval history389ocn681423348book18620.77Beke, Charles TA few words with Bishop Colenso on the subject of the Exodus of the Israelites and the position of Mount SinaiCriticism, interpretation, etc389ocn611432882book18450.93Beke, Charles TAbyssinia a statement of facts relative to the transactions between the writer and the late British political mission to the court of Shoa309ocn023930181book18520.97Beke, Charles TLetters on the commerce and politics of Abessinia and other parts of eastern Africa Addressed to the Foreign Office and the Board of Trade by Charles T. Beke239ocn024890079book18350.90Beke, Charles TViews in ethnography, the classification of languages, the progress of civilization, and the natural history of manHistory214ocn679929621file18630.74Beke, Charles TWho discovered the sources of the Nile? a letter to Sir Roderick I. Murchison, K.C.B., etc., president of the Royal Geographical Society : with an appendix containing a letter to the Right Hon. the Lord Ashburton, when president of the Society205ocn024902622book18640.93Beke, Charles TA lecture on the sources of the Nile, and on the means requisite for their final determination Delivered in the theatre of the London Institution, on Wednesday, January 20th, 1864, by Charles T. Beke188ocn080340069book18620.56Beke, Charles TThe French and English in the Red Sea175ocn020598718book18480.97Beke, Charles TAn essay on the sources of the Nile in the Mountains of the Moon178ocn020216743book18490.97Beke, Charles TOn the geographical distribution of the languages of Abessinia and the neighbouring countries175ocn020598719book18430.97Beke, Charles TOn the countries south of Abyssinia153ocn019529835book18670.98Beke, Charles TThe British captives in Abyssinia142ocn011611187book18780.33Beke, Charles TDiscoveries of Sinai in Arabia and of Midian; with por., geological, botanical, and conchological reports, plans, map, and 13 wood engravings1245ocn065279463file18450.93Beke, Charles TAbyssinia a statement of facts relative to the transactions between the writer and the late British political mission to the court of Shoa81ocn016347581book18460.56Beke, Charles TA statement of facts relative to the transactions between the writer and the late British political mission to the Court of Shoa in Abessinia41ocn181159514book18500.98Beke, Charles TA Letter to M. Daussy ...Records and correspondence11ocn535490278book18450.47Beke, Charles TAbyssinia11ocn503583979book1843Beke, Charles TMap of the route from Tajurrah to Ankober : letter from Dr. Beke to Colonel JacksonMaps11ocn171650671book1913Sotheby, Wilkinson & HodgeCatalogue of books & manuscripts comprising a collection of works by and relating to the celebrated Abyssinian explorer, Dr. Charles Tilstone Beke, and other properties : including first editions of the writings of modern English authors; books with coloured plates and works on the fine arts ...; illuminated horae and other manuscripts on vellum; works on aeronautics; collections of prints and galleries; archaeology, voyages, travel and sport, history, etc. : which will be sold by auction ... on Friday, the 25th of July, 191311ocn082711260book1844Murchison, Roderick ImpeyAddress to the Royal Geographical Society of London; : delivered at the anniversary meeting on the 26th May, 1845. Preceded by brief addresses on presenting the medals awarded by the Council of the Society.+-+8360694596324+-+8360694596324Thu Oct 16 15:47:38 EDT 2014batch20637