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Fri Mar 21 17:11:38 2014 UTClccn-no910146810.10Counsel upon the reading of books0.691.00Operation Kaleidoscope, a melange of personal recollections : n.p37280445H._Morse_Stephensno 910146812962413Morse Stephens, HenriStephens, H. M.Stephens, H. Morse.Stephens, H. Morse (Henry Morse), 1857-1919Stephens, Henry M.Stephens, Henry MorseStephens, Henry Morse, 1857-1919lccn-n85266640Adams, George Burton1851-1925edtlccn-n79023147Great Britainnc-american historical associationAmerican Historical Associationlccn-n50040391Lowell, A. Lawrence(Abbott Lawrence)1856-1943lccn-n80010488Bolton, Herbert Eugene1870-1953edtlccn-n83168513American Asiatic Associationnc-asiatic instituteAsiatic Institutelccn-n82024600Haskins, Charles Homer1870-1937lccn-n50036850Adams, Herbert Baxter1850-1901lccn-n50032646Hart, Albert Bushnell1854-1943Stephens, H. Morse(Henry Morse)1857-1919HistorySourcesChurch historyOutlines, syllabi, etcDramaBiographyConference proceedingsGreat BritainConstitutional historyConstitutional lawEuropeFranceRevolution (France : 1789-1799)PortugalColonies--AdministrationCivil servicePacific OceanPhilippinesBooks and readingNorth America--Pacific CoastSpeeches, addresses, etc., FrenchHistory--Study and teachingEast India College (Hertford, England)OratorsAlbuquerque, Afonso de,IndiaPatrick,--Saint,Stephens, H. Morse--(Henry Morse),PortugueseHistoriographyCornell UniversityManners and customsStudentsLeland, Waldo Gifford,California--San FranciscoRussiaStudy skillsMines and mineral resourcesJameson, J. Franklin--(John Franklin),Tyler, Moses Coit,Wheeler, Benjamin Ide,TravelPacific Ocean--Islands of the PacificJordan, David Starr,Straight, Willard Dickerman,Seymour, Charles,Adams, Herbert Baxter,Private collectionsCorson, Hiram,Farrand, Max,Burr, George Lincoln,College studentsGottschalk, Louis Reichenthal,Dunning, William Archibald,Hart, Albert Bushnell,LibrariansNew York (State)--Ithaca1857191918861889189118921893189418951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119231924192619271928192919301933193419351936193719391945194719481953195419591963196619671968196919711973197719801983198419892000200120032004200820092010201220136393141490342.429JN111ocn002147659ocn004736128ocn616884532ocn259977823ocn301034233ocn006593943ocn048342831ocn491984951ocn615431501ocn551343768ocn122556671ocn040311143ocn122354913ocn025751149ocn123380096ocn026324199ocn122370206ocn122392845164370ocn008368792book19010.66Adams, George BurtonSelect documents of English constitutional historyHistoryChurch historySources100567ocn004149252book18930.59Stephens, H. MorseRevolutionary Europe, 1789-1815History50142ocn000652178book18860.70Stephens, H. MorseA history of the French revolutionHistory41815ocn060725388file19000.84Lowell, A. LawrenceColonial civil service the selection and training of colonial officials in England, Holland, and France+-+00791018964137ocn002147659book19170.59Panama-Pacific Historical CongressThe Pacific Ocean in history : papers and addresses presented at the Panama-Pacific Historical Congress, held at San Francisco, Berkeley and Palo Alto, California, July 19-23, 1915HistoryConference proceedings3357ocn050042568book19000.76Counsel upon the reading of books30018ocn003791222book18910.66Stephens, H. MorseThe story of PortugalHistory28215ocn000759870book18920.73Stephens, H. MorseThe principal speeches of the statesmen and orators of the French Revolution, 1789-1795History26826ocn003431602book18910.79Stephens, H. MorsePortugalHistory23318ocn005316318book18920.76Stephens, H. MorseAlbuquerqueHistoryBiographyAffonso de Albuquerque, 1453-1515, Portuguese conqueror of Goa and Malacca23310ocn001171998book18990.73American Historical AssociationThe study of history in schools; report to the American historical association1228ocn001090212book18990.86Stephens, H. MorseSyllabus of a course of eighty-seven lectures on modern European history (1600-1890)HistoryOutlines, syllabi, etc11113ocn004977547book18930.84Stephens, H. MorseEurope, 1789-1815History924ocn005974210book19090.84Stephens, H. MorseSt Patrick at Tara, a forest playDrama631ocn828931805file20120.10Counsel upon the reading of booksThis 1900 collection of papers contains essays written by historians H. Morse Stephens, Agnes Repplier, Arthur T. Hadley, Brander Matthews, Bliss Perry, and Hamilton Wright Mabie. Written for the American Society for the Extension of University Teaching, essays cover such topics as history; memoirs and biographies; sociology, economics, and politics; fiction; poetry; and criticism284ocn609797161file19130.88Stephens, H. MorseSyllabus of lectures History 1A, [1B]HistoryOutlines, syllabi, etc252ocn029194467book18990.59American Historical AssociationThe study of history in schools; report to the American Historical Association by the committee of seven, Andrew C. McLaughlin, chairman, Herbert B. Adams, George L. Fox, Albert Bushnell Hart, Charles H. Haskins, Lucy M. Salmon, H. Morse Stephens152ocn262827276file0.92Stephens, H. MorseSyllabus of a course of twenty-four lectures on the history of Europe during the nineteenth centuryHistoryOutlines, syllabi, etc152ocn262466798file19050.90Stephens, H. MorseSyllabus of a course of twelve lectures on the enlightened despotism of the eighteenth century in EuropeHistoryOutlines, syllabi, etc143ocn714907263com19050.84Stephens, H. MorseSyllabus of a course of twelve lectures on history and historiansHistoryOutlines, syllabi, etc31ocn026598482book1.00Landfield, Jerome BarkerOperation Kaleidoscope, a melange of personal recollections : n.p. :Revised, concerning education at Cornell; work with Henry Morse Stephens as secretary and graduate student; travels in Russia, many relating to mining explorations; teaching history at the University of California, 1902-1906; experiences during the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906; social life in San Francisco; friendship with Senator John Percival Jones, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, Gertrude Atherton and others; marriage to Russian Princess Louba Lobanoff-Rostovsky; Siberian gold mines21ocn022263044book1.00Henry Morse Stephens collectionHistory11ocn064073193mix1.00Dutcher, George MatthewGeorge Matthew Dutcher papersHistoryTwelve notebooks of courses taken at Cornell, including notes on German, Greek, history of philosophy, and American and English history taught by Professors Charles H. Hull, Henry Morse Stephens, Moses Coit Tyler, and others. Also, Class of 1897 photograph album, and miscellaneous papers of George Matthew Dutcher11ocn063543501mix1.00Hull, Charles HenryCharles Henry Hull papersCorrespondence of Hull relating to his studies in Germany in the 1890's, to his work as professor and dean at Cornell University, to his research as an historian, and to the professional organizations to which he belonged, particularly the American Historical Association; also manuscript and printed materials, correspondence and financial accounts pertaining to Ithaca, N.Y. organizations such as the Cornell Public Library, the Cornell Heights Land Company, the Fall Creek Milling Company, the Ithaca Children's Home, the Ithaca Band, and the Ladies Union Benevolent Society. Additional records include deeds, mortgage and survey (1733-1803) on lands in Albany and Montgomery Counties and newspaper clippings and handwritten notes about the early Ithaca "Moral Society"; a few letters and other papers of Miss Mary J. Hull, sister of Professor Hull; English documents(1607-1725); and notes relating to the life of Ezra Cornell. Also included is correspondence of William A. Dunning, Max Farrand, Charles Homer Haskins, J. Franklin Jameson, Waldo G. Leland, Andrew C. McLaughlin, Isaac P. Roberts, Henry Morse Stephens, Willard Straight, James Sullivan, Hendrik Willem Van Loon. One box of lantern slides11ocn074898999mix1.00Knowlton, Daniel CDaniel C. Knowlton miscellanyA dismantled scrapbook of correspondence and Cornelliana, including clippings, official notices, pictures, and programs; texts, syllabi and notes by Knowlton on European History taught by Henry Morse Stephens and George Lincoln Burr, English History in India by Stephens, American History by Moses Coit Tyler, and International Law by Ernest W. Huffcutt; photographs and an expense book11ocn233004226book1.00Omar Khayyām: a collection compiled by Henry Morse Stephens, including works by and about Edward FitzGerald and others11ocn033366489visu1.00Portraits from the Farnham P. Griffiths papersTwo photographs: the first portraying H. Morse Stephens (in Bohemian Grove?), the second is a studio portrait signed by Edio . J. Mc utchen dated 1921. Lithographic portrait of H.A. Freeth by Cyril Bailey dated 194011ocn071065803mix1.00American Historical AssociationRecords of the American Historical AssociationSubjects include the role of the association in the establishment of the Public Archives Commission, relations with various professional associations (American Council of Learned Societies, American Economic Association, American Political Science Association, Social Science Research Council, and Society of American Archivists), establishment of the American Historical Review and its relations with Macmillan Company, encouragement of various writing projects (Guide to Historical Literature, Writings on American History, and Dictionary of American Biography), various awards promoting historical scholarship, archival activities at the state and federal level such as training of archivists and museum curators, publication of guides to archival resources, and construction of the National Archives building, the protection of members of the historical profession in their pursuit of scholarship, sponsorship of the Commission for Investigation of Social Studies, teaching at the secondary level in as reflected in the establishment of the Service Center for Teachers of History, and cooperation in various government publications12ocn214990316book19631.00Bowman, J. NReminiscences of the University of California, 1906-1912 :With this: University Days, recollections of his university days in Germany, 1896-190011ocn122369439mix0.47Educators and librarians collectionRecords and correspondenceSingle items and small collections including letters, postcards, and bills representing persons in the fields of education and librarianship. Included is a collection of William James' correspondence with F. C. S. Schiller about pragmatism and humanism11ocn019545739book19191.00CaliforniaHenry Morse Stephens. In memoriam. Assembly concurrent resolution no. 2811ocn025664924book1.00Stephens, H. MorseH. Morse Stephens papers : additionsArchivesCorrespondence, clippings, notes and papers relating to his career as professor of history, University of California, Berkeley11ocn064075187mix1.00Burr, George LincolnGeorge Lincoln Burr papersPictorial worksLetter, 1903, from Andrew Dickson White about his trip to Elba, with comments about Napoleon I, and fourteen postcards, some annotated, of scenes of Elba11ocn064073174mix19001.00Eells, Kate GayKate Gay Eells student notebooksNotes of lectures given by H. Morse Stephens concerning the physical geography of England, and by Hiram Corson concerning Shakespeare11ocn244316076mix1.00Donovan, Herbert D. AHerbert D. Donovan course notes, programs of student activities, pipes, tobacco14 items containing class notes on lectures given by Professors Henry Morse Stephens, George Lincoln Burr, Hiram Corson, Alfred Gudeman, and Jeremiah Whipple Jenks, with introductory remarks by Herbert Donovan, 1899-1903. Also 15 Cornell programs dated 1900-1912, 5 pipes, and two packets tobacco used at reunion functions11ocn019545764book19471.00Probert, Frank HA eulogy on Henry Morse Stephens11ocn026632029book1.00Stephens, H. MorseH. Morse Stephens papersArchivesCorrespondence, manuscripts of articles and books, lecture notes and clippings, mainly relating to his career as professor of history, University of California, and to his activity in the acquisition of the Bancroft Library. Also included: material relating to Rudyard Kipling, and some papers of Stephen's sister, Amy Ellen11ocn048134754mix1.00Adams, Herbert BaxterAdams (Herbert Baxter) papersArchivesTwo personal scrapbooks contain cards from friends and students, carte-de-visites, report cards, and copies of the Amherst student newspapr. The personal series also contains financial records, newspaper clippings, genealogical material and reminiscences11ocn754864059mix0.47Stanford UniversityStanford University, President's Office, Rhodes scholarship committee recordsRecords include letters, minutes of the Stanford committee and the joint committee (representing several California colleges), and memoranda from the Rhodes Scholarship Trust, which include exam questions and reports on past Rhodes scholars. The correspondence and minutes pertain to exam dates, candidates, and policy issues. Correspondents include George R. Parkin of the Trust; Benjamin I. Wheeler (University of California president) and David Starr Jordan (Stanford president); and Profs. Augustus T. Murray (Stanford), H. Morse Stephens (University of California), and H. R. Fairclough (Stanford)11ocn033414812visu1.00Moulin, GabrielBohemian GrovePhotographsPortraitsPictorial worksMainly groups of people and theatrical performances at Bohemian Grove. Individuals pictured include: P. Garnett, X. Martinez, H.M. Stephens, G. Sterling, B.I. Wheeler, and G. Coutts+-+0079101896+-+0079101896Fri Mar 21 15:41:12 EDT 2014batch30818