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Fri Mar 21 17:13:54 2014 UTClccn-no920057530.00House, Son0.291.00Broadside collection,7579212Son_Houseno 920057533132633House Eddie 1902-1988House, Eddie JamesHouse, Eddie James, 1902-1988House Eddie James Son 1902-1988House, Eugene JamesHouse, Eugene James 1902-1988Son House 1902-1988lccn-n87113954Patton, Charley1891-1934prfitrlccn-n82078503Muddy Waters1915-1983sngprfitrlccn-n82006577King, B. B.prflccn-n81072535White, Bukkasngarrprfitrvoclccn-n81033547Hooker, John Leeprflccn-n82152296Howlin' Wolf1910-1976prflccn-nr91017736Beaumont, Daniel E.lccn-n87823750James, Skip1902-1969prfitrvoclccn-n82234801McGhee, Brownie1915-1996prflccn-n81140140Williams, Big Joe1903-1982prfitrHouse, SonMusicCriticism, interpretation, etcBlues (Music)Motion picture musicRhythm and blues musicPopular musicFolk songs, EnglishOld-time musicMusic‡vTextsPoetryBlues (Music)United StatesBlues musiciansHouse, SonAfrican AmericansMississippiPopular musicMississippi--Delta RegionGuitar music (Blues)African American musiciansNatural disastersSouthern StatesTransportation accidentsBallads, EnglishMurderArkansasFolk-rock musicFolk musicFolk songs, EnglishMotion picture musicTopical songsOld-time musicLouisianaRhythm and blues musicMusicians, BlackMotion picture music--ExcerptsBlacksAfricansDisastersViolent crimesHope, John,Staples, Brent A.,Moon, WarrenGumbel, GregYoungblood, Johnny RaySanders, Dori,Dee, RubyHaynes, George Edmund,Cullen, Countee,Lee, CanadaO'Neal, ShaquilleRice, Norman BBrooke, Edward W.--(Edward William),Himes, Chester B.,Hinton, William A.--(William Augustus),Reed, Ishmael,Butler, Octavia EBrown, Elaine,Gibson, Althea,Fitzgerald, Ella190219881942196319641965196619671968196919701972197319751977197919801981198319841985198719881990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220137840282411781.643M1630.18ocn051936278ocn027212317ocn078815557ocn062216435ocn026401145ocn022689480ocn042843034ocn053298570ocn024272017ocn068924128ocn033840162ocn798070680ocn760253264ocn743163966ocn742824443ocn760203839ocn765794660ocn658926607ocn765459466ocn766614252ocn693955935ocn659024549ocn765961481ocn658763574ocn658948317ocn661595596ocn032937062ocn746495095ocn746495095ocn765794660ocn658926607ocn765459466ocn766614252ocn659169726ocn765961481ocn658763574ocn658948317ocn661595596ocn043147776ocn65863568241521ocn050190621rcrd19910.25House, SonDelta blues3301ocn053045528rcrd20030.15Martin Scorsese presents The best of the bluesA distillation of the five-disc series, this album has so many different artists and styles that it is made very clear that the blues are as varied and individual as the artists themselves2581ocn051936278rcrd20030.23Classic blues from Smithsonian Folkways RecordingsMusic1921ocn040861518rcrd19930.27Mississippi Delta blues1918ocn027212317rcrd19920.24House, SonFather of the Delta blues the complete 1965 sessions1891ocn049920493visu20020.32Blues masters : the essential history of the bluesCriticism, interpretation, etcMusicRare performances and historical footage tracing the development of American blues music+-+96930511063241833ocn042843034rcrd19990.50Mississippi, the blues lineage musical geniuses of the fields, levees, and jukes1822ocn053298570rcrd20030.47Classic blues from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings1781ocn000958536book19730.32Woke up this mornin' : poetry of the bluesPoetryMusic Texts1745ocn042553882rcrd19980.20House, SonThe original delta blues1741ocn078815557rcrd20070.12Music from the motion picture Black snake moanBlues (Music)Motion picture music1701ocn181349992rcrd20070.28People take warning! murder ballads & disaster songs, 1913-1938MusicFolk songs, EnglishOld-time musicPopular music1691ocn062216435visu20050.24Baez, JoanFestival filmed at the Newport Folk FestivalA cinematic synthesis of four Newport folk Festivals that depicts the crucial years of transition for the art of folk music 1963-19661592ocn026401145rcrd19910.31Masters of the Delta blues the friends of Charlie PattonMusicThe impact of Charlie Patton on the Mississipi blues is demonstrated through the music on this album1521ocn022689480rcrd19900.24Legends of the blues1125ocn031705207visu19920.33Legends of country blues guitarCriticism, interpretation, etc"The rare footage presented in this video is a treasure beyond imagining, drawn from a myriad of sources, depicting some of the greatest blues musicians who ever lived."--Container+-+24645942063241121ocn040861516rcrd19930.27Blues revival1091ocn032521651visu19930.32Blues masters history of the bluesCriticism, interpretation, etcMusicRare performances and historical footage tracing the development of American blues music1091ocn056779226visu20040.28The American folk blues festival, 1962-1969Blues (Music)Rhythm and blues musicRecorded live in small TV studios during the famed festival's tours of Europe, these historic and unseen performances have been lost for nearly 40 years. Contains 18 complete performances from some of the greatest blues musicians of all time1072ocn053174697rcrd20030.19Feel like going home a film by Martin Scorsese9053ocn659306236book20110.31Beaumont, Daniel EPreachin' the blues : the life and times of Son HouseBiographyFollow House's journey from rural pulpits and labor farms to smoky juke joints. In the 1930s, he became the decade's leading bluesman in Mississippi, and an important influence on Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. This account of his life offers a fresh perspective on how the blues influenced American culture and spread throughout the world+-+8200480465992ocn010041392book19670.84Brief list of material relating to Eddie "Son" HouseBibliography161ocn527366197book19950.20Contemporary Black biography, Profiles from the international Black communityBiographyBiographical profiles of important and influential persons of African heritage who form the international black community. Covers persons of various nationalities in a wide variety of fields providing coverage of names found in today's headlines as well as selected individuals from earlier in this century whose influence continues to have an impact on contemporary life+-+448208563591ocn527365975book19940.33Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in musicBiographyProvides comprehensive information on musicians and groups from around the world. Entries include a detailed biographical essay, selected discographies, contact information, and a list of sources81ocn769033294rcrd20110.24House, SonSon House in Seattle 1968Interviews11ocn153321954art19690.10Stambler, IrwinHouse, Son11ocn054496666art1999House, SonBiography11ocn233539999book20080.47Urgo, GeorgeRe-imagining heaven through a cave blues music as institutional & ideological criticism in the lives & artistry of Son House & Honeyboy EdwardsBiographyDissertations, AcademicThis thesis explores two twentieth century blues artists, Son House and Honeyboy Edwards, and the confessional and critical voices in their art and lives. House (b. 1902), grew up and became musically competent in the black Baptist church in the American south during a period after reconstruction but before civil rights. When House reached adulthood in the 1920s the blues was prohibited and denounced by the Baptist church. House wrote and recorded "Preachin' the Blues" in 1930 in order to work through his anxiety regarding church ordinances that branded blues music as sinful and evil. In this text, House confesses the reality of his desire for whiskey, many devoted women, and a heaven of his own. In describing his fantasies House effectively criticized and resisted church efforts to promote temperance, chastity, and collective homogeneity. Honeyboy Edwards (b. 1915) aims his critical gaze at other institutions and ideologies. For Honeyboy, the blues is both an outlet for confession and a means of resisting the interpellative call of sharecropping, prison, police, and the draft; all these institutions view black males as anonymous and exchangeable and seek to collect and co-opt black male individuality for laborious and deathly purposes. Honeyboy's autobiography contains overwhelming evidence of the limited options available to black men from the nineteen-twenties to the nineteen-sixties as well as the brutal nature of work farms and white-operated prisons. Honeyboy's blues allows him to avoid and subvert such systems and, by playing the blues, reassert and recast his own personhood and agency. His song, "Build Myself a Cave," challenges the call of Uncle Sam's World War II draft by depicting the life Honeyboy will be forced to give up: freedom of movement, drinking and partying, and his lover's affection. Though House and Honeyboy criticize different institutions and each bear different apprehensions, their ultimate goal is very much the same. The two artists use their blues to candidly express desire and fantasy--the way things ought to be--and both men reconfigure their own place and purpose in the world through the blues. In doing this work of reorientation, both men reveal a deep and emotive understanding of the realities and limitations of the institutions and ideologies at work in their lives11ocn212432118visu20041.00So much truth the life & music of Joe BeardBiographyInterviewsThe career of Rochester blues guitarist Joe Beard, including his reminiscences about fellow musician and Rochesterian Son House11ocn047798957mix1.00Broadside collectionFolk musicMaterials from the "Broadside" offices. Sound recordings include open reel tapes and audio cassettes, many of which were used to transcribe topical folk songs for publication in "Broadside." Additional recordings include demo tapes, live concert performances, and interviews, which were sent to the Broadside offices by friends, folk singers, and subscribers. The work of numerous performers is included (many of the most significant appear as access points in this record). Documentation materials include a log of the "Broadside" tapes, correspondence, and tape notes. The "Broadside" tape log is a list of the tapes in their original order. Correspondence and tape notes consist of materials included in the original tape boxes. Correspondence includes personal letters to Cunningham and Friesen from friends and contributors. Tape notes contain track listings of songs, dates of performances, and names of performers01ocn122605162mixBerkeley Folk FestivalPhotographs, budget and publicity files, general files, programs, posters and audio tapes from the Berkeley Folk Festivals, 1958-1971+-+9693051106324+-+9693051106324Fri Mar 21 15:09:26 EDT 2014batch25263