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National Audit OfficecontainsVIAFID/130247324Australian Audit Officelccn-n81080230AustraliaDepartment of Defencenp-nicoll, paulNicoll, Paulnc-australian taxation officeAustralian Taxation Officelccn-nb2009012945AustraliaCentrelinknp-lack, stevenLack, Stevenviaf-91437940Greenslade, Alannp-cronin, colinCronin, Colinlccn-n2002135091AustraliaDepartment of Health and Ageinglccn-n83211605AustraliaDepartment of Veterans' Affairslccn-n84050769Australian Taxation OfficeAustralian National Audit OfficePeriodicalsAustraliaAustralian National Audit OfficeAuditingFinance, Public--AuditingAdministrative agencies--AuditingFinance, Public--ManagementFinance, Public--Auditing--Law and legislationLegislative auditingAuditing, InternalFinance, PublicAdministrative agencies--Management--AuditingBenchmarking (Management)Finance, Public--AccountingManagement auditAustralia.--Department of DefenceAustralia.--Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous AffairsCanadaCanada.--Office of the Auditor GeneralPolitical scienceAdult services in public libraries--EvaluationExpenditures, PublicGrants-in-aid--AuditingGrants-in-aidAuditing--Law and legislationDetention of personsPublic contracts--AuditingUnited StatesAssets (Accounting)--ManagementGovernment property--ManagementEmergency managementAdministrative agencies--Finance--ManagementBusiness enterprisesAirlines--Security measuresAustralia.--Department of Transport and Regional ServicesAirports--Security measuresIndigenous Land Corporation (Australia)Aeronautics, Commercial--Security measuresNative title (Australia)Australia.--Australian ArmyManagementRefugeesIllegal aliensDebts, PublicGovernment securitiesAuditors' reportsAustralia.--Department of Immigration and Multicultural AffairsAustralian Electoral CommissionArt patronageElection lawCorporate sponsorship19741986198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320141828614291768352.4390994HF5667552ocn708726763file20100.53International peer review of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada491ocn031435744book19940.37The Auditor-General : best practice guide for the administration of grants484ocn026474649serial0.66Australian National Audit OfficeAudit reportPeriodicals422ocn156873991book20040.47Australian National Audit OfficeManagement of the detention centre contracts - Part A : Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous AffairsIn February 1998 the provision of detention centre services at immigration detention facilities was contracted to Australasian Correctional Services Pty Ltd (ACS). This contract ran for 6 years at a cot of more than half a billion dollars. The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of DIMIA's management of its detention agreements with ACM to operate Australia's mainland immigration detention centres423ocn222880148book20000.31Australian National Audit OfficeBenchmarking the internal audit function413ocn221964460book19960.37Australian National Audit OfficeAsset management402ocn044838378book19990.37Australian National Audit OfficeBuilding a better financial management framework : defining, presenting and using financial informationThe ANAO has undertaken significant research into how better practice organisations, in both private and public sectors, approach the task of collecting, analysing, producing and using financial information that helps managers at all levels manage. The product of this research is this guide, and the companion guide titled "Building better financial management support"403ocn044841259book19990.37Business continuity management : keeping the wheels in motionSummary: This workbook deals with business continuity management within a risk management framework. The workbook is designed to assist organisations in the development of a comprehensive business continuity plan403ocn223026293book20000.37Australian National Audit OfficeBenchmarking the finance functionThe objective of the study was to obtain and report on over time, quantitative and qualitative data relating to finance function activities as they operate in Commonwealth organisations. The study was designed to collect and report on data over a 3 year period relating to the financial years 1998-99, 1999-2000, and 2000-2001 respectively. The results of the first year of the study (based on 1998-199 data) were published in Audit Report no.25 of 2000-2001 "Benchmarking the finance function"396ocn222642197book19990.31Australian National Audit OfficeArmy Individual Readiness Notice"The objective of this audit was to examine whether Army effectively administers the Army Individual Readiness Notice to support the achievement of its purpose"--ANAO web site392ocn223740443book20000.30Australian National Audit OfficeIndigenous Land Corporation : operations and performance follow-up audit : Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs393ocn040619160book19980.33Australian National Audit OfficeAviation security in Australia : Department of Transport and Regional Services"Terrorist attacks in the United States on 11 September 2001 reinforced the importance of the security of aviation operations globally, including in Australia. September 11 demonstrates the potential for catastrophe, where the repercussions are still being felt globally. Accordingly, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) conducted a follow-up audit into aviation security in Australia, in order to determine how well aviation security standards were being met in an environment of heightened threat."--Page 9381ocn031090378book19930.29A Practical guide to public sector internal auditing371ocn039079759book19980.35Australian National Audit OfficeThe management of boat people : Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Australian Protective Service, Australian Customs Service -Coastwatch372ocn224501054book19990.30Australian National Audit OfficeCommonwealth debt management : follow-up audit : Australian Office of Financial ManagementThe Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) was established on 1 July 1999. The AOFM is responsible for the administration, financial and operational risk management, and financial reporting of the Australian Government portfolio of Commonwealth Government Securities and associated financial assets. The AOFM issues Treasury bonds and Treasury notes, invests in term deposits with the Reserve Bank of Australia, manages the Government's cash and conducts interest rate swaps363ocn156159338book20000.29Australian National Audit OfficeAQIS cost-recovery systems : Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service364ocn038757862book19970.37Australian National Audit OfficeManagement of corporate sponsorship362ocn155836272book20020.47Australian National Audit OfficeIntegrity of the electoral roll : Australian Electoral CommissionThe audit examined the integrity (accuracy, completeness, validity and security) of the electoral roll; and also examined the effectiveness of the Australian Electoral Commission's management of the roll362ocn224428096book20020.30Australian National Audit OfficeWorkforce planning"...the Government has highlighted some challenging population and labour force trends in the 2002-03 Intergenerational Report and in Australia's Demographic Challenges in 2004. For many entities, a key business risk, which could impact on economic growth, is skill shortages...In the Australian Public Service (APS) the report entitled Organisational Renewal produced by the Management Advisory Committee in 2003, and the Senate Finance and Public Administration References Committee report Recruitment and Training in the Australian Public Service in 2003, recommended that agencies undertake workforce planning...The objective of the audit was to consider the status of workforce planning by APS agencies against the background of the ANAO's 2001 Better Practice Guide Planning for the Workforce of the Future..." -- p. 11-12352ocn039078263book19980.31Australian National Audit OfficeCommonwealth management of the Great Barrier Reef : Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority1163ocn061109540book20050.79Nicoll, PaulAudit in a democracy : the Australian model of public sector audit and its application to emerging markets"This book explores the role of public sector audit in emerging democracies and developing countries. It provides an account of the relationship between the public sector auditor, the legislature and executive government. In particular, it introduces public sector audit's capacity to assess government agencies' compliance with the law and their management of taxpayer or internationally funded programs and services." "This volume will be of use to researchers, academics and students interested in the critical issues surrounding audit in general and public sector audit, in particular. It will also be a valuable guide to practitioners in this area."--Jacket+-+9479919025512ocn048901307book20010.47Wanna, JohnFrom accounting to accountability : a centenary history of the Australian National Audit Office452ocn225652082file0.56Australian National Audit OfficeAnnual report of the Australian National Audit Office ...Periodicals412ocn037056559book19900.39Sharpe, MichaelReport of the Independent auditor on an efficiency audit of the Australian National Audit Office in accordance with the Audit Act 1901381ocn038415065book19960.37Human resource management in the Australian National Audit Office : performance audit241ocn038357767book19940.53AustraliaAn advisory report on the Financial Management and Accountability Bill 1994, the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Bill 1994 and the Auditor-General Bill 1994, and on a proposal to establish an Audit Committee of Parliament222ocn037068136book19900.47Unchaining the watch-dogs201ocn038359618book19940.56Australian National Audit OfficeParliament's right to know : legislation to replace the Audit Act 1901192ocn154018484book19920.47AustraliaReview of the independent auditor : watching the watchdog171ocn044896144book19990.47AustraliaDefence life cycle costing ; Commonwealth guarantees, indemnities and letters of comfort : review of Auditor-General's reports 1997-98 fourth quarter161ocn222227776serial0.47AustraliaReview of Auditor-General's reportsPeriodicals161ocn038357708book19950.59Australian National Audit OfficeAudit strategy 1994-95153ocn222534805serial0.27AustraliaReview of Auditor-General's reportsPeriodicals141ocn780413619book20120.50Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture series and other papersHistory143ocn222849753book19990.30Barrett, PatAuditing in contemporary public administration141ocn040872923book19980.47AustraliaReview of Auditor-General's reports 1997-98 : first quarter141ocn039442478book19980.47AustraliaReview of Auditor-General's reports 1996-97 : third quarter131ocn222497258book19990.47AustraliaReview of Auditor-General's reports 1997-98 : third quarterThis report is the review by the Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit (JCPAA) of the Auditor-General's reports tabled in the third quarter of 1997-98. From these, the Committee selected three reports for further examination. The Committee reviewed Audit Report No. 35, into the then DEETYA International Services, Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs, (DIS) because of concerns raised in the report about DIS' operational framework. The audit report found that DIS' mission statement and planning documents pointed to a commercial operation, but the level of "commerciality" it wished to achieve had not been clearly defined. Audit report No. 38 into the sale of Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth Airports reviewed the extent to which the Government's sales objectives were achieved. The issues on which the Committee focussed included the sale management; the bid assessment and the sale outcome. A specific area of concern was the weakness in the contracting process. The selection of Audit Report No. 39 into the Child Support Agency (CSA) for further scrutiny, was made on the basis of continuing negative community perceptions about the administration of the Child Support Scheme131ocn220962499book19910.47Australian National Audit OfficeAustralian National Audit Office corporate plan, 1991-92 to 1993-94121ocn222163602book19970.47AustraliaReview of Auditor-General's reports 1996-97, second quarter+-+9479919025Thu Oct 16 15:55:56 EDT 2014batch44357