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Thu Oct 16 17:56:53 2014 UTClccn-no930066220.00Bayley, James Roosevelt0.681.00[Pastoral letter to the clergy and laity of the Diocese of Newark]36487655James_Roosevelt_Bayleyno 930066223345273Bayley, J. R. 1814-1877Bayley, J. R. (James Roosevelt), 1814-1877Bayley, James RooseveltBayley, James Roosevelt 1814-1877 AbpBayley, James Roosevelt, Abp., 1814-1877lccn-n79041716Catholic Churchlccn-no90006566Bruté de Rémur, Simon William Gabriel1779-1839viaf-270852547Yeager, HildegardeSister1894-nc-catholic church in new york cityCatholic church in New York (City)lccn-n86039274Corrigan, Michael Augustine1839-1902nc-catholic church$archdiocese of baltimore md$archbishop 1872 1877 bayleyCatholic ChurchArchdiocese of Baltimore (Md.).Archbishop (1872-1877 : Bayley)nc-catholic church$archdiocese of baltimore md$synod$1875Catholic ChurchArchdiocese of Baltimore (Md.).Synod(1875)nc-catholic church$diocese of newark n j$bishop 1853 1872 james bayleyCatholic ChurchDiocese of Newark (N.J.).Bishop (1853-1872 : James Bayley)nc-catholic church$diocese of newark n j$diocesan synod$1878Catholic ChurchDiocese of Newark (N.J.).Diocesan Synod1878)nc-catholic church$diocese of newark n j$bishop 1873 1880 michael corriganCatholic ChurchDiocese of Newark (N.J.).Bishop (1873-1880 : Michael Corrigan)Bayley, James Roosevelt1814-1877HistoryPersonal narrativesChurch historyDiariesBiographyConference proceedingsPastoral letters and chargesSourcesCatholic ChurchCatholicsNew York (State)--New YorkFranceRevolution (France : 1789-1799)Bruté de Rémur, Simon William Gabriel,Bayley, James Roosevelt,United StatesBishopsFrontier and pioneer lifeMissionariesFrance--BrittanyTemperanceCouncils and synods, DiocesanIndianaIndians of North America--MissionsMissionsNew Jersey--NewarkPolitical scienceLentCatholic Church.--Archdiocese of Newark (N.J.)RevolutionNew JerseyIndians, Treatment ofIndians of North America--Government relationsNorth AmericaTemperance--Societies, etcCatholic Church.--Plenary Council of BaltimoreImmaculate ConceptionCatholic convertsCatholic Church.--Archdiocese of New York (N.Y.)IndulgencesSeton Hall UniversityDisciplineAuthorsKenrick, Francis Patrick,ClergyHughes, John,Education18141877184918531855185618571860186118631865186818691870187118721874187518761878187918841909194719561969197019711973198819951999200020072013138045104282.7471BX1417.N457929ocn011240456book18530.66Bayley, James RooseveltA brief sketch of the early history of the Catholic Church on the island of New YorkHistoryChurch history35215ocn011019443book18600.70Bruté de Rémur, Simon William GabrielMemoirs of the Right Reverend Simon Wm. Gabriel Bruté, D.D. first bishop of Vincennes ; with sketches describing his recollections of scenes connected with the French revolution, and extracts from his journalHistoryChurch historyDiariesPersonal narratives+-+2440700796611ocn000124296book19710.37Bayley, James RooseveltFrontier bishop; the life of Bishop Simon BrutéBiography402ocn003823468book18760.82Bruté de Rémur, Simon William GabrielMemoirs of the Right Reverend Simon Wm. Gabriel Bruté, D.D., first bishop of VincennesHistoryPersonal narratives303ocn008933007book18650.53Bruté de Rémur, Simon William GabrielMemoirs of the Right Reverend Simon Wm. Gabriel Bruté, first bishop of Vincennes : with sketches describing his recollections of scenes connected with the French revolution, and extracts from his journalHistoryPersonal narratives232ocn016120661book18710.94Bayley, James RooseveltAddress of the Right Rev. Bishop Bayley of New Jersey, before the state Catholic Total Abstinence Union, on intemperance, its ravages among all classes of society, the various methods of combatting it and the best means of checking its progress with interesting matter concerning the total abstinence movement in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut201ocn016122063book18760.93Catholic ChurchPastoral letter for Lent, 1876Pastoral letters and charges201ocn016120643book18720.93Bayley, James Roosevelt"The Catholic Church the great temperance society" lecture before the annual convention of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union, at Paterson, April 25th, 1827192ocn009709634book18760.77Catholic ChurchSynodus diœcesana Baltimorensis octava : Quæ antecedentium etiam complectitur Constitutiones ; die XXVII Augusti A.D. 1875 Ad B.M.V. in Seminario S. Sulpitii, Baltimoræ habita181ocn022253415book18780.82Catholic ChurchStatuta Diœcesis Novarcensis : quæ post Synodum Iam A.D. 1853, et IIam A.D. 1868, a Revmo. Jacobo Roosevelt Bayley, Fe. Me., celebratas ; in Synodo Diœcesana Tertia, diebus 8 et 9 Maji 1878 habitaConference proceedings102ocn017816936book18690.79Catholic ChurchStatuta novarcensis dioeceseos : a reverendissimo domino Jacobo Roosevelt Bayley, novarcensi episcopo, in synodo dioecesana prima, mense Augusto, 1856, lata et promulgata, iterumque, cum nonnullis mutationibus additionibusque, in dioecesana synodo, habita die 10 Julii, 1868, in Collegio Seton Hall, South Orange, N.J. confirmataConference proceedings91ocn008353245book18570.74Catholic ChurchStatuta Novarcensis dioeceseos : a Reverendissimo Domino Jacobo Roosevelt Bayley, Novarcensi episcopo, in synodo dioecesana prima habita mense Augusto, 1856, in Collegio Seton-Hall, Madison, N.J. lata et promulgata81ocn014756841book18740.90Ewing, CharlesCircular of the Catholic commissioner for Indian missions, to the Catholics of the United States82ocn793582374file18490.88New York (State)Gardiner G. Howland, Isaac Roosevelt and Harriet Roosevelt, executors, &c. of James Roosevelt, deceased vs. The Union theological seminary in the city of New York and James Roosevelt Bayley Opinion of the court61ocn010961793book18720.92O'Brien, James WLectures and addresses of the Very Rev. Thos. N. Burke, o.p., also the discourses of ... Archbishop Bayley ... Archbishop Manning ... Bishop Persico ... and other Catholic divines on temperance. With a sketch of the life and labors of Father Burke41ocn019837627book18760.74Catholic Commissioner for Indian MissionsStatus of the Catholic Indian missions in the United States, 1876HistorySources41ocn645875202book18650.22Bruté, Simon GJugenderinnerungen aus der Schreckenszeit der französischen Revolution33ocn032359347book18561.00Catholic ChurchStatuta Novarcensis DioeceseosHistorySources31ocn009105523book18650.47Bruté de Rémur, Simon William GabrielJugenderinnerungen aus der Schreckenszeit der franzososischen Revolution ... : Nebst einem Lebensabrisse desselben von ... James Roosevelt Bayley ...HistoryPersonal narratives33ocn032141366book18551.00Catholic Church[Pastoral letter to the clergy and laity of the Diocese of Newark]Pastoral letters and charges1272ocn003588015book19470.70Yeager, HildegardeThe life of James Roosevelt Bayley, first Bishop of Newark and eighth Archbishop of Baltimore, 1814-187744ocn008372654mix19560.96Bayley, James RooseveltAn annotated copy of the diary of Bishop James Roosevelt Bayley first bishop of Newark, New Jersey, 1853-1872HistoryChurch historyBiographyDiariesSources11ocn050779288art1999Bayley, James RooseveltBiography11ocn022982481mix1.00Bayley, James RooseveltPapersPersonal correspondence, 1839-1872, mostly from members of Bayley's family11ocn144598789art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamBayley, James Roosevelt11ocn861073180mix0.47Bayley, James RooseveltJames Roosevelt Bayley papers, 1836-1872HistoryPastoral letters and chargesThis collection focuses primarily on Bayley's tenure as Bishop of Newark from 1853 to 1872, but spans the years 1836-1877. During Bayley's episcopate, the Diocese embraced all of New Jersey, and the Bishop's papers document Catholic activities throughout the entire state. Materials are in English, Latin and French. An Episcopal register chronicles visitations from Macopin to Cape May, blending the Bishop's commentary on parish activities with observations concerning significant state and national affairs. Available letters include correspondence with parish priests laboring throughout New Jersey, seminarians studying at St. Sulpice, prominent laymen, religious communities, and fellow American Bishops including John Hughes of New York and Francis Patrick Kenrick of Baltimore. Personal diaries relate details of Bayley's European travels during 1842-1843, as well as his 1867 pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Family correspondence, letters to the Propaganda Fide, documentation concerning the founding of Diocesan institutions and financial accounts exist for the entire period. In addition, the collections boasts Bayley's original handwritten manuscript "Sketch of the Life of the Rt. Rev. Simon William Gabriel Brute de Remur, first Bishop of Vincennes." Researchers will note that a considerable portion of the collection consists of photocopies. Original manuscripts for these items reside in the Archives of the Archdiocese of Baltimore+-+2440700796+-+2440700796Thu Oct 16 15:31:28 EDT 2014batch17751