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Fri Mar 21 17:11:56 2014 UTClccn-no950490090.00Memorandum : Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum, to Dr. F.W. True,0.781.00Papers of David Starr Jordan,49297479Leonhard_Hess_Stejnegerno 950490093938317Hess Stejneger, Leonhard 1851-1943Steineger, Leonhard 1851-1943Stejneger, Leonard, 1851-1943Stejneger, LeonhardStejneger, Leonhard H. 1851-1943Stejneger, Leonhard HessStejneger, Leonhard Hess 1851-1943lccn-n50034580Golder, Frank Alfred1877-1929lccn-n84152520Steller, Georg Wilhelm1709-1746lccn-n50039881Jordan, David Starr1851-1931ctblccn-n87825967Barbour, Thomas1884-1946lccn-n80024499Merriam, C. Hart(Clinton Hart)1855-1942lccn-n2001019491Bertholf, Ellsworth Price1866-lccn-n80036744United States National Museumlccn-no2005033950Townsend, Charles Haskins1859-1944ctbnc-united states$department of the treasury$commission on fur seal investigationsUnited StatesDepartment of the Treasury(Commission on Fur-seal Investigations)lccn-n79139471True, Frederick William1858-1914ctbStejneger, Leonhard1851-1943ClassificationTerminologyMapsBiographyKamchatskai︠a︡ ėkspedit︠s︡ii︠a︡North AmericaReptilesSealingAmphibiansAlaskaSeals (Animals)Bering Sea controversyEconomic historyFisheriesMammalsTravelSteller, Georg Wilhelm,JapanEast AsiaNorth Pacific OceanNorthern fur sealSouth America--PatagoniaScientific expeditionsBirdsNatural historyRussia (Federation)--Commander IslandsSnakesPacific Ocean--Bering SeaVertebrate surveysVertebratesAnimalsEcological surveysSouthwest, NewRussia (Federation)--Kamchatka PeninsulaPhilippinesAlaska--Pribilof IslandsReptiles--Collection and preservationPoisonous snakesPaleontologyZoologyFur-bearing animalsBotanyNorwayBiogeographyFrogsDippers (Birds)Birds--Geographical distributionFishingNatural resourcesEducationPteridophytaLiverwortsBryophytesHerpetology1851194318731874187718781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051906190719081909191019111912191319151916191719181922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419471953196019671968197019711981199619992002200520092010201120134998346638910.4G296.B4ocn000328243ocn747307225ocn857810109ocn858144200ocn857786185ocn857807335ocn459689270ocn45968927378916ocn002506553book19220.63Golder, Frank AlfredBering's voyages : an account of the efforts of the Russians to determine the relation of Asia and AmericaTranslated from the logs and journals. Includes a chart of the voyage of Bering and Chirikov in the St. Peter and the St. Paul from Kamchatka to the Alaska coast and return, 1741, based on the log books and other original records and adjusted to known physical conditions by Ellsworth P. Bertholf (v.1)50522ocn001171577book19170.90Stejneger, LeonhardA check list of North American amphibians and reptiles25611ocn003284910book18980.76Jordan, David StarrThe fur seals and fur-seal islands of the North Pacific oceanReport by commissioner in charge of fur seal investigations, 1896-97, in preparation for revision of sealing regulations enforced in this area. - Part I: Discusses background to and main issues of the fur seal controversy. Includes report on general conditions, needs and possibilities of Pribilof Islands herd. - Part II: Journal of daily observations of members of the commission. Appendix includes record of log of St. Paul Island for 27 years regarding life history and habits of seals. - Part III: Series of special papers and reports which deal with various phases of the life history, movements and surroundings of the fur seal. - Part IV: Reports for 1896 and 1897 on the Commander and Kuril Islands24612ocn008991290book19360.76Stejneger, LeonhardGeorg Wilhelm Steller, the pioneer of Alaskan natural historyBiography23812ocn001702015book19070.76Stejneger, LeonhardHerpetology of Japan and adjacent territoryThis work is the result of a critical study of more than 1,500 specimens from Japan and its dependencies, as well as from portions of adjacent territory on the mainland of Eastern Asia, most of which are held in the herpetological collection of the United States National Museum+-+43893416451937ocn005737058book18980.70United StatesSeal and salmon fisheries and general resources of AlaskaMapsA survey of the economic resources of Alaska in the early territorial period of 1868 to 1895 including seal and salmon fishing, in particular in the Bering Sea and Pribilof Islands, and the condition of native peoples, as well as the operations of the Alaska Commercial Company. Includes annual reports of agents in charge of seal islands1322ocn003753997book18900.84Merriam, C. HartResults of a biological survey of the San Francisco Mountain region and desert of the Little Colorado, Arizona. 1. General results with special reference to the geographical and vertical distribution of species. 2. Grand cañon of the Colorado. 3. Annotated list of mammals, with descriptions of new species. 4. Annotated list of birds1314ocn004566347file18910.79Merriam, C. HartResults of a biological reconnoissance of south-central IdahoClassification1183ocn002222569file18930.81The Death valley expedition. A biological survey of parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah1108ocn002990653book19240.81Stejneger, LeonhardA chapter in the history of zoological nomenclatureTerminologyClassification1104ocn008457268book18850.90Stejneger, LeonhardResults of ornithological explorations in the Commander Islands and in KamtschatkaThis work has been divided into three parts: (1) a review of the species of birds collected or observed on the Commander Islands and at Petropaulski, Kamtschatka ; (2) a synopsis of the birds reported to inhabit Kamtschatka, and (3) conclusions1099ocn003419731book18930.84Stejneger, LeonhardThe poisonous snakes of North America924ocn003837130book0.90Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896-1899Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896-1899 : J.B. Hatcher in charge865ocn006166746book18910.81Stejneger, LeonhardDirections for collecting reptiles and batrachians593ocn007940774book19070.84Stejneger, LeonhardThe origin of the so-called Atlantic animals and plants of western Norway+-+1920299066324598ocn004730311book18960.92Stejneger, LeonhardThe Russian fur-seal islands553ocn005022057book18960.79United StatesObservations on the fur seals of the Pribilof Islands. Preliminary report541ocn007970179book19100.92Stejneger, LeonhardDescription of a new frog from the Philippine Islands522ocn007929418book19050.88Stejneger, LeonhardThe birds of the genus Cinclus and their geographical distribution511ocn007952195book19080.90Stejneger, LeonhardA new calamarine snake from the Philippine Islands131ocn011949281art19470.98Wetmore, AlexanderBiographical memoir of Leonard Hess Stejneger, 1851-194311ocn057047313book1901Stejneger, LeonhardMemorandum : Smithsonian Institution, United States National Museum, to Dr. F.W. TrueRecords and correspondenceThe signed letter is handwritten on one side of a sheet of United States National Museum memo paper, and is accompanied by two pencil drawings on tracing paper11ocn181162257mix1.00Barbour, ThomasLetters to Thomas BarbourRecords and correspondence11ocn063905372art1999Stejneger, Leonhard Hess11ocn071068098mix1.00Jordan, David StarrPapers of David Starr JordanGeneral correspondence (1872-1913) relating to education, international relations, eugenics, and ichthyology, and business correspondence (1891-1913) relating to Stanford University, of which Jordan was president and chancellor; diaries and journals (1875-1928); lecture notebooks (1870-1924); published and unpublished writings; financial papers, biographical and genealogical information; scrapbooks (1861- 1928), clippings, and printed material. Correspondents include Tarleton Hoffman Bean, John Casper Branner, William Jennings Bryan, Luther Burbank, George Archibald Clark, John Henry Comstock, Ellwood Patterson Cubberley, Bashford Dean, Barton Warren Evermann, William Rainey Harper, Herbert Clark Hoover, William James, Jessie Knight Jordan, Vernon Lyman Kellogg, Samuel Sidney McClure, Richard Rathbun, Jane Lathrop Stanford, Thomas Welton Stanford, Leonhard Stejneger, Joseph Swain, John J. Valentine, Thorstein Bunde Veblen, Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Andrew Dickson White, and Ray Lyman Wilbur11ocn030725822book19390.47United StatesAuthorizing Leonhard Stejneger to accept certain decoration from Norwegian government : report (to accompany S. 2526)11ocn181162346mix1.00Handwriting samples of naturalists and othersAutographs+-+4389341645+-+4389341645Fri Mar 21 15:51:49 EDT 2014batch25827