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Fri Mar 21 17:15:10 2014 UTClccn-no950482990.07When Zachary Beaver came to town0.180.23Pulp fiction88396873Eric_Stoltzno 9504829981098873936203Stolitz, Eric 1961-lccn-n88100657Walken, Christopher1943-prfactlccn-no96023134Jersey Filmslccn-no96025942Medeiros, Maria deactlccn-n93050992Arquette, Rosanna1959-prfactlccn-no95048300Roth, Timprfactlccn-n85151503Columbia Picturesprolccn-no92003380Keitel, Harveyprfactlccn-n94000221Caton-Jones, Michaelflmdrtlccn-n92004088Byrne, Gabriel1950-prfactlccn-n84006931Travolta, John1954-prfStoltz, Eric1961-DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryBiographyRecords and correspondenceMilitary historySourcesFictionInterviewsLegal dramaUnited StatesMan-woman relationshipsFamiliesFriendshipManners and customsGangstersMurder for hireBoxers (Sports)ThievesCriminalsMassachusettsAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Mothers and daughtersYoung womenMaturation (Psychology)Little women (Alcott, Louisa May)High school studentsNew York (State)--New YorkTime travelDiaries--AuthorshipCalifornia, SouthernMarch family (Fictitious characters)World War (1939-1945)Film noirAeronautics, American militarySingle womenWharton, Edith,Women--Social conditionsBenefactorsSocial classesYoung menInheritance and successionSocial historyLoveWomen--Conduct of lifeCaliforniaCrowe, Cameron,Memphis Belle (B-17 bomber)Political sciencePresidentsJackson, Andrew,Mothers and sonsDisfigured childrenTeenagersSoldiersSoldiers' writings, AmericanAmerican lettersMotion picturesSocial acceptanceDennis, Roy L.,1961198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201325828250743791.4372PN1997ocn044018802ocn047046666ocn056780476ocn191674744ocn047173079ocn041207706ocn724021516ocn664030266ocn681774302ocn064038647ocn032679650ocn050239795ocn647991922ocn043333572ocn071809390ocn042904349ocn020140624ocn174055498ocn154327379ocn295578370ocn664030266ocn681774302ocn780937791ocn044605944ocn019608287ocn511188282ocn441809553ocn852944096ocn851692364ocn221636376ocn743075067327240ocn050437614visu19930.23Tarantino, QuentinPulp fictionFictionInterviewsDramaGangster filmsThe lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster's wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption+-+1973543006324211410ocn044018802visu19940.18Alcott, Louisa MayLittle womenHistoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsLouisa May Alcott's classic coming-of-age story follows the childhood adventures of the four free-spirited March sisters and their family's struggles during the Civil War+-+0306965535324145615ocn033263874visu19950.19Caton-Jones, MichaelRob RoyHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsWhen a harsh winter threatens the majestic Scottish Highlands, Rob Roy MacGregor is forced to borrow money from the less-than-noble Marquis of Montrose to provide for his clan. But when Montrose's evil henchmen conspire to take the wealth for themselves, they thrust Rob into the most challenging battle of his life-- one that escalates into a bloody, exhilarating climax+-+3958837425324130724ocn041207706visu18800.18Caton-Jones, MichaelMemphis BelleHistoryDramaBased on a true story about the famous plane of World War II, the Flying Fortress, Memphis Belle is about the crew of one of the B-17s flying their last mission before they can go home to a hero's welcome+-+6767825425324120834ocn054893171visu20030.17Bress, EricThe butterfly effectDramaEvan Treborn wants to be free of his disturbing childhoomemories. As a young child, he often blacked out for long periods of time and would try to detail his life through journal writing. As a young adult, he revisits the journalentries to figure out the truth about his troubled childhood friends Kayleigh, Lenny, and Tommy. When he discovers he can travel back in time in order to set things right, he does so in order to save his beloved friends. But he discovers that for every change he makes in the past, there is an unexpected consequences in the future109431ocn055704169visu19830.19Bogdanovich, PeterMaskDramaBiographical filmsThe true story of Rocky Dennis, a personable young man who has craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, a fatal disease which causes hideous facial disfigurement. Rocky is the son of biker Rusty and he is accepted without question by his mom's boyfriends and her cycle buddies, but treated with pity and disgust by much of the outside world. The local high school principal doesn't want to enroll Rocky, but Rusty fights for her son's rights. Rocky eventually falls in love with Diana, a blind girl who cannot see his deformity and is entranced by the boy's kindness and compassion105026ocn047173079visu19950.12MGM/UA Home Video (Firm)FlukeJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsTom Johnson had it all: a loving wife, an adorable son and a partnership in a growing company. But when a car crash takes his life, he is forced to start over again, this time as ... a dog! Tom awakens in the body of Fluke, a canine who happily romps around a junkyard until visions of his former life become too strong to ignore. Compelled to find his original family, Fluke makes every attempt to work his way back into the their lives. However, there is one major problem: his wife has already started anew-- in the arms of his former best friend+-+929273742532488912ocn047046666visu20010.20Davies, TerenceThe house of mirthHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsThe story takes place at the opening of a new century, one that held forth all kinds of promises, especially for women. In this post-Victorian Fifth Avenue milieu, Lily Bart, an unmarried woman of 29 with dwindling prospects, needs a husband badly. She lives beyond her means, relying on the grudging charity of her elderly aunt. She is the kind of girl who would make an admirable decoration on some fine gentleman's arm, but there is a liveliness--a knowingness--in her eyes that alarms potential suitors. Lily is unsuccessful in her search for a haven, because she values her emotional and financial independence. To her eternal sorrow, it is other women, the doyennes of high society, who obliquely, ruthlessly, keep that independence forever out of poor Lily's reach+-+12521321258284ocn056780476visu20040.20Heckerling, AmyFast times at Ridgemont HighDramaComedy filmsFilm adaptationsA comedy that chronicles the trials and tribulations of several high school students+-+455665269677016ocn070892154visu19870.17Some kind of wonderfulDramaA high school misfit is so head-over-heels for the senior class siren that he's blind to the charms of his devoted best pal75818ocn037750509visu19970.15Voight, JonAnacondaFictionDramaA group of documentary makers in the rainforest are terrorized by a giant anaconda and the snake expert who wants to capture it+-+44975321253246481ocn191674744visu20070.20Andrew Jackson : good, evil & the presidencyBiographyThis biography explores whether Americans should celebrate Jackson or apologize for him. The program reveals the world of America's 7th president, who founded the Democratic Party, yet was viewed by his enemies as an American Napoleon. The film contains reenactments, lithographs, letters and the insights of distinguished scholars5784ocn061370150visu20050.13Jacobson, DannyThe honeymoonersDramaNew York City bus driver Ralph Kramden and sanitation engineer Ed Norton are best friends whose schemes are the only things bigger than their dreams. The most recent plan finds the boys out to make a fast buck by racing a stray greyhound5187ocn311624933visu20090.15CapricaDramaAn astonishing breakthrough is taking shape on the planet Caprica. The rapidly evolving spheres of human and mechanical engineering have finally collided, including the fates of two families. They have been joined by tragedy in an explosive instant of terror. Two rival clans are led by powerful patriarchs. Joseph Adama and Daniel Graystone duel in an era of questionable ethics, corporate machinations and unbridled personal ambition. The final war for all humanity looms ever closer4943ocn070787442visu19950.23Kicking and screamingDramaAfter college graduation, Grover's girlfriend Jane tells him she's moving to Prague to study writing. Grover declines to accompany her. Paralyzed by postgraduation ennui, Grover, Otis, Max and Skippy remain on campus, denying the real-world futures awaiting them. Nobody wants to radically alter his life, yet none of them wants to end up like Chet, who tends bar and is in his tenth year. The four friends typify a generation of adults-to-be unable to reconcile their hermetic educational experience with workaday responsibility, and posing the eternal question, where do we go from here?+-+026671820632442911ocn053300903visu19980.16A murder of crowsDramaLegal dramaThe story of one man's struggle with his responsibilities as a lawyer and with the appetite of his ego. Prominent New Orleans attorney Lawson Russell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) puts his name on a best seller he didn't write. However, the novel he stole was a factual account of a series of murders4053ocn063190601visu20030.07When Zachary Beaver came to townDramaFilm adaptationsDuring the summer of 1971 in a small Texas town, thirteen-year-old Toby and his best friend Cal meet the star of a sideshow act, Zachary Beaver, "the fattest boy in the world." Over the course of the summer the three boys become friends and learn about life from each other3742ocn039980133rcrd19980.14Berg, A. ScottLindberghBiographyAn account of Lindbergh's life drawn from unrestricted access to archives, unpublished letters and diaries, and interviews with Lindbergh's friends, colleagues, and family members, including his children and widow Anne Morrow Lindbergh+-+094959028537011ocn042665604visu19950.16Widen, GregoryThe prophecyDramaAt the scene of a bizarre murder, L.A. homicide detective Thomas Dagget discovers a lethal heavenly prophecy now being fulfilled on earth! Yet in his fight to stop the forces of evil, led by the powerful angel Gabriel, Dagget finds an unlikely ally in an elementary school teacher. Together they race against time and terror to save the world as we know it!3593ocn049761113visu20010.21War letters stories of courage, longing and sacrificeMilitary historyBiographySourcesRecords and correspondenceA variety of letters written by American servicemen which include accounts of combat, complaints about conditions, philosophical musings, love letters, and final thoughts+-+0586620696+-+1252132125+-+1252132125Fri Mar 21 15:56:46 EDT 2014batch29031