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Fri Mar 21 17:13:00 2014 UTClccn-no960143900.08Monster0.120.14The sun also rises56202556no 960143904038786containsVIAFID/92315798Gardner, GrovercontainsVIAFID/120745709Parker, Tomlccn-n79116770Kellerman, Jonathanfast-889910Delaware, Alex (Fictitious character)fast-1136275Sturgis, Milo (Fictitious character)lccn-n78078534Hemingway, Ernest1899-1961lccn-n50049790Leonard, Elmore1925-2013lccn-n88231236Grisham, Johnlccn-no98110770Books on Tape, Inclccn-n82028392McCarthy, Cormac1933-lccn-n81119593Brooks, Terrylccn-nr2002015365Lucas, George1944-Adams, AlexanderFictionPsychological fictionHistoryDetective and mystery storiesStar Wars fictionAutobiographical fictionPolitical fictionJuvenile worksYoung adult worksWar storiesDelaware, Alex (Fictitious character)California--Los AngelesSturgis, Milo (Fictitious character)PoliceBeat generationChild psychologistsPrivate investigatorsMurderSpainPsychologistsAmericansExpatriationAshley, Brett (Fictitious character)DetectivesTravelFranceStreet childrenMicronesiaTrials (Murder)MississippiWorld War (1914-1918)United StatesCaliforniaMotion picture musicPro-life movementPresidential candidatesPrimariesLegislatorsCivil War (Spain : 1936-1939)Legal storiesReporters and reportingChild sexual abuseScandalsCubaOlder menFishersSerial murdersPsychopathsMentally ill offendersFriendshipSelf-perceptionPrisonsUnited States.--Supreme CourtAfrican AmericansChild witnessesWomen detectivesMississippi--GreenvilleKu Klux Klan (1915- )Civil rights movementsBombings1972197619861988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022004200520062008201020121404869282813.54PS3561.E3865ocn048095283ocn048591173ocn045664369ocn025815469ocn048591190ocn045012615ocn048067236ocn034602458ocn045474797ocn048097521ocn027367031ocn029850762ocn027457716ocn02987043368915ocn041290733rcrd19990.13Brooks, TerryStar wars, episode I, the phantom menaceJuvenile worksFictionMusicAudio adaptationsScience fictionStar Wars fictionUnabridged+-+200159028567710ocn042951418rcrd19990.08Kellerman, JonathanMonsterJuvenile worksFictionPsychological fictionScience fictionDetective and mystery storiesYoung adult worksDr. Alex Delaware and Detective Milo Sturgis must make sense of a nonfunctional psychotic's ramblings that seem to predict the horrific killings happening on the streets of Los Angeles+-+56535902855798ocn045012628rcrd19880.12Hemingway, ErnestA farewell to armsFictionThe tragic results of a love affair between an American medic and a British nurse on the Italian Front in World War I+-+542601182532456410ocn048097576rcrd19890.14Hemingway, ErnestThe sun also risesHistoryFictionPresents a story of expatriate Americans and Britons living in Paris following the First World War. Talented yet cynical, they suffered from a failure of purpose and came to be known collectively as "the lost generation."+-+10167118253245517ocn048095283rcrd19920.13Hemingway, ErnestFor whom the bell tollsHistoryFictionWar storiesUnabridged+-+309671182532448311ocn048591190rcrd19860.12Kellerman, JonathanBlood testFictionPsychological fictionFive-year-old Woody Swope is ill but his parents refuse to agree to the one treatment that could save his life. Dr. Alex Delaware sets out to convince them only to find that they've left the hospital and taken their son with them. Worse, the sleazy motel room where they had been staying is empty - except for an ominous bloodstain. Now Alex and his friend, homicide detective Milo Sturgis, have no choice but to push the law to the breaking point. They've entered an amoral underworld where drugs, dreams, and sex are all for sale ... where fantasies are fulfilled at any price ... even at the cost of a young boy's life+-+47910118253244588ocn051214516rcrd19920.10Grisham, JohnA time to killFictionLegal storiesFollowing the rape of his 10-year-old daughter by two white men in Clanton, Mississippi, a black father takes justice into his own hands with an assualt rifle. During the ensuing trial, defense attorney Jake Brigance struggles to save his client's life, and then his own4508ocn048591173rcrd20000.12Kellerman, JonathanWhen the bough breaksFictionPsychological fictionWorking together, a detective and a child psychologist investigate a child molestation ring that uses a center for troubled children as a front+-+53300118253244476ocn034602458rcrd19950.12Kellerman, JonathanThe webFictionPsychological fictionDr. Woodrew Moreland, a respected scientist, has invited Alex Delaware, psychologist/detective, to his home on a tiny Pacific island to help him organize his papers for publication. It's a light workload leaving plenty of time for Alex and his girlfriend, Robin, to relax. Quickly, however, secretive houseguests and unexplained visitors dim the pleasures of deep blue water and white sands. Alex can't help wondering why Dr. Moreland really invited him to the island. When he probes, Alex discovers a sour and unwelcome truth. But truth it is, and its discovery comes just in time to save Alex and Robin from the violence that threatens them+-+350884258532443212ocn039744830rcrd19980.12Patterson, Richard NorthNo safe placeFictionPolitical fictionA pro-abortion presidential candidate is stalked by a pro-life assassin during an electoral campaign in California. The candidate is Kerry Kilcannon, a senator from New Jersey whose brother was shot when he ran for president+-+K1585902854257ocn036586214rcrd19970.12Kellerman, JonathanThe clinicFictionPsychological fictionFor three months, the police find no clues in the stabbing death of Hope Devane, the author of a pop-psychology bestseller. So they turn to Dr. Alex Delaware to study the case for insights that might point to a killer. As Alex unlocks the private compartments of Hope's life, the murder looks calculated and vengeful. A study of her childhood reveals that she kept secrets from everyone. It also helps Alex set a trap for killer+-+226374069642412ocn045012608rcrd19880.10Hemingway, ErnestThe old man and the seaHistoryFictionAn old Cuban fisherman named Santiago who finally catches a magnificent fish after weeks of not catching anything. After three days of playing the fish, he finally manages to reel it in and lash it to his boat, only to have sharks eat it as he returns to the harbor. Santiago is spent but triumphant as the other fishermen marvel at the size of the skeleton+-+122601182532441810ocn706504669rcrd19970.12Kellerman, JonathanSurvival of the fittestFictionPsychological fictionPsychologist Dr. Alex Delaware confronts an almost unimaginably cruel, arrogant and obsessed killer after the slightly retarded daughter of a diplomat is murdered on a school field trip+-+48088425853243844ocn051245860rcrd19920.12Grisham, JohnThe pelican briefFictionTwo supreme court justices are murdered within hours of each other, and Darby Shaw, a law student at Tulane, thinks she has the answer. She prepares a meticulous, speculative brief that builds a strong case against a surprise suspect -- a suspect with powerful friends that wants her and her brief out of the way for good35510ocn711685831rcrd19940.12Kellerman, JonathanBad loveFictionPsychological fictionDetective and mystery storiesIt came in a plain brown wrapper, no return address-- an audiocassette of a soul-lacerating scream, followed by an enigmatic, haunting message delivered in a childlike voice: "Bad love. Bad love. Don't give me the bad love." For psychologist-detective Dr. Alex Delaware, the chant, repeated over and over like a twisted nursery rhyme, is the first intimation that he is about to enter a living nightmare. If Alex fails to discover the escalating pattern of violence and to decipher the twisted logic of the stalker's mind games, he will be the next to die+-+74988425853243524ocn045913196rcrd19980.12Kellerman, JonathanBilly StraightFictionPsychological fictionDetective and mystery storiesTwelve-year-old Billy Straight is caught in a twilight world of violence and evil where he must rely on his wits and his moral courage as he tries to survive on L.A.'s meanest streets after witnessing a murder3467ocn048067236rcrd20000.12Kellerman, JonathanOver the edgeFictionWhen six young prostitutes are found strangled in Los Angeles, an investigation begins that takes the reader on a wild ride involving powerful families and close friends. Child-psychologist Alex Delaware has received a garbled, middle-of-the-night crisis call from an ex-patient. As Dr. Delaware becomes involved, he stumbles on a deep secret, one that has existed for over forty years. Along with detective Milo Sturgis, Delaware is about to find himself on a journey into an unforgettably brutal world of madness and murderous passion+-+18910118253243452ocn051245863rcrd19940.12Grisham, JohnThe chamberFictionIn 1967, Mississippi Clan member Sam Cayhall's trial for bombing a law office ends in a hung jury. In 1979, an ambitious DA reopens the case and Cayhall is convicted. In 1990, a young Chicago lawyer, Adam Hall, asks to work on the case. With time running out and Cayhall facing the death penalty, what is Hall's interest?3006ocn047953251rcrd20000.13Hemingway, ErnestThe snows of Kilimanjaro and, the short happy life of Francis MacomberFictionThe Snows of Kilimanjaro, the protagonist perishes of gangrene alone out in the bush, recognizing his failure as a writer: a writer who never had the nerve to write. He dies with stoic acceptance and a view of the famous summit unseen by any alive. In the Short happy Life of Francis Macomber, Francis is too wimpy to face down a wounded lion, let alone satisfy his wife in bed+-+94150118253242926ocn045664369rcrd19990.14Kerouac, JackOn the roadFictionManuscriptsAutobiographical fictionOn the road is a thinly fictionalized autobiography, filled with a cast made of Kerouac's real life friends, lover, and fellow travelers. Narrated by Sal Paradise, one of Kerouac's alter-egos, On the road is a cross-country bohemian odyssey that not only influenced writing in the years since its 1957 publication but penetrated into the deepest level of American thought and culture.--Container+-+5426011825324+-+5426011825324Fri Mar 21 15:49:48 EDT 2014batch22333