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The fortunes of Francis Talbot and his friends, etc. [A novel.]0.761.00Henry Dumont and Nina Webster Dumont papers,23163620no 960571014196124lccn-n50041824Markham, Edwin1852-1940lccn-n96075165Hamilton, Florencenp-markham manuscript collection, wagner college staten island nyMarkham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NYlccn-n2001026982Millard, Bailey1859-1941lccn-n50047915GeorgeIKing of Great Britain1660-1727viaf-7772082Pitz, Henryilllccn-n82234465Bender, Albert M.(Albert Maurice)1866-1941lccn-n86111466Markham, Anna Catherinelccn-n00113448Greenway, Corneliusnp-laprade, ruthLaPrade, RuthMarkham, Virgil1899-FictionHistoryJuvenile worksGreat BritainGeorge--I,--King of Great Britain,Historical fictionMurder--InvestigationEnglandPoliceMarkham, Virgil,Markham, Anna Catherine,Poe, Edgar Allan,Sterling, George,London, CharmianOccupational mortalityMcDevitt, WilliamUnited StatesMedical care, Cost ofMarkham, Edwin,Reed, Edward Bliss,Historic buildingsUnited States.--Bureau of Labor StatisticsPoets, AmericanBabbitt, Irving,Rogers, AmosDreiser, Theodore,Bender, Albert M.--(Albert Maurice),Blake, William,Barry, John D.--(John Daniel),DiseasesClemens, Cyril,Genthe, Arnold,Seymour, George SteeleBrowning, Robert,Routhwaite, Mary Isabelle SterlingRossetti, William Michael,Whitaker, Herman,Wagstaff, Blanche Shoemaker,Cost and standard of livingOppenheim, James,Usher, Roland G.--(Roland Greene),Miller, Joaquin,Mencken, H. L.--(Henry Louis),Poetry Society of AmericaPurchasing powerAir--PollutionSinclair, Upton,Gregory, Alice Chrystal SterlingBridges, Robert,Gilman, JohnMuir, John,Medical statisticsPacific Coast Borax Company18991973189919001902190419051906190819101915191719181919192019211922192319261928192919301931193219331934193519361937193819391940194119421943194419551957458187231813.5PS3525.A6577577ocn008775215book19280.84Markham, VirgilDeath in the dusk403ocn005947015book19260.66Markham, VirgilThe scamp; the fortunes of Francis Talbot and his friends during the reign of His Majesty George the FirstHistoryFiction369ocn005815947book19330.84Markham, VirgilInspector Rusby's finaleFiction272ocn001098707book19300.86Markham, VirgilThe rogues' road : seven turbulent days in the lives of Francis Talbot, his wife Dorothy, and the scamp--risks and rescues which befell in the summer of 1726HistoryJuvenile worksFiction242ocn009819964book19320.90Markham, VirgilThe devil drives206ocn011528887book19350.81Markham, VirgilThe deadly jest161ocn004552181book19300.73Markham, VirgilThe black door : the mystery of the fate of Sir Anthony Veryan's heirs in Kestrel's Eyrie Castle near the coast of Wales113ocn011528893book19340.73Markham, VirgilThe dead are prowling101ocn011528891book19330.96Markham, VirgilRed warning : written by the detective "Gaillard"82ocn007407000book19300.94Markham, VirgilShock! : the mystery of the fate of Sir Anthony Veryan's heirs in Kestrel's Eyrie Castle near the coast of Wales, now set down from information supplied by the principal surviving actors and witnesses85ocn072615840book19360.23Markham, VirgilSnatch61ocn013927747book19440.92Markham, VirgilThe devil drives64ocn022431524book19320.81Markham, VirgilThe devil drives42ocn610676869file19230.96Markham, VirgilThe satirical method of Addison and Steele43ocn022431500book19320.92Markham, VirgilSong of doom22ocn048507254book19400.47Greenway, CorneliusLetter, 1940, Brooklyn, New York [to] Mr. Virgil Markham, [Staten Island, New York]Returns the check Virgil had sent him for his father's funeral. The Reverend was honored to be on his side during those difficult hours. He values his and his parents friendship very much22ocn562321077book1926Markham, VirgilThe Scamp. The fortunes of Francis Talbot and his friends, etc. [A novel.]22ocn045230057book19220.47Markham, EdwinLetter 1922 February 24, Staten Island. N.Y. [to] Virgil Markham, UnknownMarkham writes Virgil again in the same day. He forgot to discuess Virgil's paper on Donne and Blake and refers to Babbitt, Reed, and Rosetti22ocn562321084book1930Markham, VirgilShock! ... The mystery of the fate of Sir Anthony Veryan's heirs, etc22ocn044433271book19300.47Bender, Albert MLetter, no date, San Francisco, Ca., [to] Virgil Markham, [Staten Island]Writer thanks Virgil for explanatory letter. Comment made in reagrds to both Mr. and Mrs. E. Markham, and manuscript for "The Gallow's Bird."44ocn045474330book19000.47Markham, Anna CatherineLetter 1900-1910, Wyoming, N.Y. [to] Mr. Edwin Markham, UnknownAnna wanted to meet him in Wyoming but the illness of others stopped her. She talks of sending papers of lectures. She spoke to an audenice and was a big success and she felt it redeemed for him not being there. she discusses the Hearst Magazine and money. Virgil is there preparing for Calif and his masters. She adds info on Miss Fuller's girls. She hopes he is resting11ocn045223252book19210.47Markham, EdwinLetter 1921, June 14, Kansas?, [to] Dear Girl [Anne Catherine Markham, [Wyoming, New York]Markham is writing to Dear Girl who is Anne his wife. It seems he, Virgil and Anne were together in Wyoming, New York. He describes how beauitful it was and that he wanted to stay longer. But he also dicusses appearing at the University of Kansas and that it was a victory for him. He wants Anne and Virgil to stay as long as they can and enjoy the the area11ocn049236786book19050.47Burt, Mary ELetter 1905-1910, Woodland Farm, Connecticuit to Mr. Edwin Markham, [Staten Island]She informs Mr. Markham that there is another Markham family living in Connecticuit. She goes about their wonderful ancient house and all the rooms that they have. Judge Markham invites Mr. and Mrs. Markham and Virgil to come and stay with them for as long as they want. She lets them know which train to take and that they would meet them at the train station. Also Dr. Strong gave a wonderful speech here on Sunday. The farmers and the local people paid ten dollars, just to hear him speak. part of the city11ocn070980076mix1.00Dumont, HenryHenry Dumont and Nina Webster Dumont papersRecords and correspondenceHenry Dumont's papers consist of correspondence (much of it with the poet George Sterling), printed matter, scrapbooks, clippings, business papers, and drafts of his biography of Sterling. Includes Dumont's correspondence about Sterling with Albert M. Bender, Theodore Dreiser, Arnold Genthe, Charmian London, Virgil Markham, William McDevitt, H. L. Mencken, George Steele Seymour, Upton Sinclair, and Sterling's daughters, Alice Chrystal Sterling Gregory and Mary Isabelle Sterling Routhwaite. Also includes poems by Sterling, many of them autographed. Also includes material on Dumont's career with Pacific Coast Borax Company and his involvement with the Business Men's Art Clubs of Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. Nina Webster Dumont's papers relate primarily to her work as statistician and conductor of surveys for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other federal and state agencies on such topics as air pollution, consumer purchases, cost of living, health, medical care costs, and occupational morbidity and mortality11ocn046951173book19040.47Benignus, WilliamLetter, 1904, Jan. 6, York City [to] Mr. Edwin Markham, Staten Island, New York CityWilliam got a job as a stewart on a steamer and was able to pay back $2 to Markham. He was sorry he couldn't get a present for Virgil for Christmas. He is waiting for Markham's Easter Book11ocn047062164book19150.47Black, JohnLetter, Brooklyn, NY [to] Mr. Edwin Markham, [Oakland, Calif.]John discusses sending copies to Edwin as he promised. He talks about his writing. He asks about Virgil and ask him to write him. He was upset to hear about a U-boat sunking the Stephano11ocn047285988book19200.47Bland, Henry MeadLetter, 1920-1930, San Jose, California [to] Mr. Edwin Markham, New York City.Henry is writing to Mrs. M, Poet and Friend. Henry recieved thereletter and the circulars from Macmillians and the comment on Virgil's book. He disscusses this. It seems tobe a chldren's book. He is working hard on his poetry. He revised his Chant Royal California. The Markham House and the Edwin Markham Cottage is lovely enterprise. They would like a visit from the Markham's11ocn046952521book19040.47Benignus, WilliamLetter, 1917, March 17, York City [to] Mr. Edwin Markham, Staten Island, New York CityWilliam can't come to see the Makhams. He wanted to speak to and and bring his new book. He sent him a coopy and he would his opinion on it, whether he likes it or not. He wants to have Markham's opinion printed a the newspapers about his book. It is a very valuable opinion11ocn045569482book19150.47Markham, Anna CatherineLetter 1915, August 31 Staten Islan, N.Y. [to] Mr. [Edwin] Markham, UnknownAnna is still waiting for him to come home. Virgil is at Czara Lashes, anything to get him away from basketball. She has enclosed Blackton's letter and she is in favor of the Vitagraph Co. Book selling is not going to make them a fortine11ocn048022118book19060.47Clemens, CyrilLetter 1906, Sept. 28, Webster, Groves, Missouri [to] Mr. Edwin Markham, Staten Island, N.Y.Cyril liked the poem Markham wrote in Houseman's Memory the best for the Symposium. He recieved Virgil's letter. He will omit the lines. He asks if he ever meet Dan Beards. He refers to his biography Dubblers and that he knows everyone. Cyril has read Ballad of the Gallows Bird. He recieved Some Mark Twain. Markham will be recieving a complimentary subscription from his members. Cyril is the President of the International Mark Twain Society11ocn048175629book19360.47Brooks, GwendolynLetter 1936, Nov. 28, San Jose, Cal. to Mr. Edwin Markham, [Staten Island]She send him a list of names for him to use in his new book. Last week, she says that she had sent him a booklet containing names of Penwomen. She also had the pleasure of telling, everyone at her branch, about our visit. They were interested in hearing about him, Mrs. Markham, and his library. She askes him about his health and about Virgil. Now she is at their mountain cabin near Santa Cruz. Her children love to visit Villa Montatve at Saratoga. And that Senator Phelan donated that as a park to the San Francisco Art Association. To her surprise, there is a bronze bust of Mr. Markham, John Muir, and Joaquin Miller. Also her daughter send her regards to Mr. and Mrs. Markham. Then she askes if Virgil could please return the poems from the last Montalve contest11ocn045569402book19340.47Markham, Anna CatherineLetter 1934, Jan. 3, Staten Island, N.Y. [to] Mr. [Edwin] Markham, CaliforniaAnna is glad that he has missed some of the bad weather. She understands Edwin maybe leaving calif. She hopes to got the oppoertunity to her (Rossenth?) speak, he is wonderful. She is sending poems to be putin a Volume Book of poetry. Haven't seen Amos Rogers since be returned. She has Heard from Edwin about problem with funds. Mary is going home next week and she will leave a vacancy. She has done a reading, she wished that Edwin could have heard it. She has recieved many Christmas and New Years cards. Virgil wasin the hospital and is better. His cousin was there to help. She encloses three pgs.from the Editorial forum, they are religious11ocn049265538book19080.47Burt, Mary ELetter 1908, May 16, Westchester, New York to Mr. Edwin Markham, [Staten Island]She suggest that they go see Ben Ali Haggin's picture. It is at his studio called the Mary Garden. She invites them to come and stay with her. There are plenty of rooms, in her building, even one for little Vigil. She mentions all of her neighbors and how many rooms that they have. Like Mrs. Loomis, Mrs. Ernest Carrier. Mr. and Mrs. Markham could stay for as long as they could stand it. Also Ruth M. Stuart is also talking about coming up11ocn045544856book19000.47Markham, CatherineLetter 1900-1910, Staten Island, N.Y. [to] Edwin Markham, [Oakland, Calif].Anna was upset he is gone. Virgil was upset to because you could see him in his play. She reminds him about the tickets to the banquet. Discusses going to Poe's Cottage. Letter is unisigned11ocn045552923book19100.47Markham, Anna CatherineLetter 1910-1920, Staten Island, N.Y. [to] Mr. Edwin Markham, [Staten Island]Anna tells adout the snow storm and hopes this letter reaches Edwin in Dayton. The Lur Folk poem proofs came. It is being distrbuted in Washington. The Bloom's telegraphiced if you would dine with them. She accepted the date and she wants him to keep it. A man from Southern Calif wrote that the Lincoln poem was printed wrong. Virgil has written from Dakota tghe people think he is most entertaining on the radio, he is rejoicing. Discusses the bad weather. Decasseres sends more bboks. Again Hoe Poem is great. something to the 34th street station. She has written about two dozen letters of apology11ocn045544954book19000.47Markham, Anna CatherineLetter 1900-1910, Nestting Green?. [to] Edwin Markham, [California]Anna was happy to hear from Edwin and looking forwardto him coming home. Tells of her lonliness. Wiltshire is to publish The Challenge. She discusses there cat Kyka and there son who she has tauht a bedtime prayer. Refers to Paul Dana. She will have cousin John Gilman come over when Edwin is home. Virgil miss his father and wants him to come home to him and Kyka11ocn049224295book19060.47Burt, Mary EPostcard July 30, Moodus, Conn. to Mr. Edwin Markham, Lake Hopatkong, New JerseyShe askes Mr. Markham to visit her at lake Bashan. She tells him to bring Mrs. Markham and Virgil11ocn045187515book19210.47Markham, EdwinLetter 1921 August 30, [StatenIsland, N.Y.] [to] Albert Bender, UnknownMarkham He thanks Albert for traveling to Berkeley to help Virgil find lodging. He considers Albert a good friend. Letter is unsigned11ocn070225066mix0.47Markham, EdwinEdwin Markham collectionThe Edwin Markham Collection (1898-1994) includes a variety of documents and photographs chronicling the life of Edwin Markham, noted poet and San Jose Normal School graduate. The varied clippings in the collection indicate the depth of local and national interest in his career and the esteem in which he was held at San Jose State University (SJSU). Secondary subjects represented in the collection include Markham's wife and son, the Markham Cottage on the SJSU campus, and the Poetry Society of America. The bulk of the material dates from 1910-194011ocn048928033book19550.47Krahmer, Alfred JLetter 1955, Jan. 24, Staten Island, New York, Mrs. Pearl Buck, New YorkHe tells Mrs. Buck how much he enjoyed reading "My Several Worlds". In her book, she added the poem, "The Man with the Hoe". He feels she would be interested in visiting The Edwin Markham Memorial Reading Room, at Wagner College. He explains that his entire library was wiled to the College. He adds that his son, Virgil Markham, is also chairman of their English Dept. He invites her to come visit the collectionFri Mar 21 15:16:53 EDT 2014batch27081