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Fri Mar 21 17:12:55 2014 UTClccn-no960584080.00Le Cahier rouge0.291.00Un invierno en Mallorca42034304Henri_Serreno 960584084202455Sera, Henri 1931-lccn-no98033402Moreau, Jeanne1928-othcmmprfactcstnrtlccn-n86140227Werner, Oskar1922-1984othcstnrtprfactlccn-n86041260Films du carrosse (Firm)prolccn-n80036636Truffaut, Françoisprfaudadpscedrtausflmlccn-n80164393Gruault, Jeanscewamaudadplccn-no00033416S.E.D.I.F.lccn-n82101108Delerue, Georges1925-1992arrcmplccn-n82117695Roché, Henri Pierre1879-1959antothlccn-n96122305Dubois, Marie1937-othcstprflccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)Serre, HenriDramaFilm adaptationsFictionMotion picturesLove storiesMan-woman relationshipsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)FriendshipFranceRoché, Henri Pierre,France--ParisMarriageFascismMotion pictures, FrenchLoveMotion picturesMale friendshipPortugalLove storiesJules et Jim (Roché, Henri Pierre)World War (1914-1918)Theater rehearsalsFrench languageTerroristsBohemianismSand, George,Spain--MajorcaChopin, Frédéric,RevolutionariesAdulteryBetrayalNew wave filmsArtistsFilm adaptationsAustria19311936194119421943194519531957195819591960196119621967196819761978197919801984198519861988198919901991199219931994199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122014280767247791.4372PN1997ocn606910073ocn077538817ocn641307833ocn868601857ocn869934027ocn870906604ocn767219262ocn767219369ocn767361821ocn690813197ocn421411856ocn753609384ocn422109014ocn299980644ocn753790513ocn761866721ocn781022262ocn831215070ocn839912361ocn839334837ocn225847471ocn225851342ocn765451825ocn691734412ocn691731630ocn765451915ocn661674836ocn466371075ocn742947906ocn658830677ocn7618890262501140ocn058567180visu19610.28Truffaut, FrançoisJules et Jim Jules and JimFictionDramaFilm adaptationsLove storiesThe friendship of Jules, who is German, and Jim, who is French, and their twenty year love for the same woman1097ocn641307833visu19610.23Cavalier, AlainLe combat dans l'ileDramaClement leads a secret double life as a member of a right-wing extremist organization. When he's ratted out after an assassination attempt on a prominent politician, Clement and his long-suffering wife Anne flee Paris to the country home of his childhood friend, Paul. While Clement embodies reactionary machismo with his sudden outbursts of brutality, Paul is an easy-going, gentle pacifist. As affection blossoms between Paul and Anne, tensions soar and will eventually explode346ocn014475444book19680.76Serre, HenriPathologie médicale de la hanche chez l'adulte, par Henri Serre et Lucien Simon, avec la collaboration, pour certains chapitres, de J. de Godebout [et al.]Hüfte / Krankheiten339ocn868601857visu19840.24Jules and JimDramaMotion picturesTwo men remain friends for twenty years while sharing their love for the same woman, who is incapable of remaining faithful to either one226ocn492511969book19110.56Serre, HenriLes Concessions de terrains dans les cimetières91ocn458807612book18900.47Serre, HenriFaculté de droit de Paris. Droit romain. De l'Accession. Droit français. Essai sur le principe de la non distraction des charges dans le calcul de l'actif héréditaire pour la perception des droits de mutation par décès. Thèse... par Henri Serre93ocn669851148visu20040.24Le combat dans l'ile Fire and iceDramaA story of love, loyalty and betrayal with a backdrop of political upheaval. Clement is part of a right-wing political movement and an active terrorist. Betrayed by his comrade, he took his wife and seek refuge in a friend's house. Complications arose when his wife started to have feelings for his friend71ocn334967225visu20080.98Mon casDramaPresents four rehearsals for a play, each with a distinct style: one with the actors and an intruder interacting with the camera, one as a silent film with Samuel Beckett speaking in the background, one with the actors working backwards and the last with an apocalyptical perspective based on the Book of Job52ocn646195054visu20081.00Un invierno en MallorcaDrama"The cigar-smoking French writer, George Sand (Lucia Bose) and her lover, the composer-pianist Chopin (Christopher Sandford) have rented a former monastery in Mallorca as a winter retreat. They have even shipped a piano to the site, so that Chopin can continue his work. However, what promised to be a warm, sunny vacation turns sour as the locals disapprove of Sand, the servants are surly and mysterious, and the monastery is cold. She has her revenge, however. She wrote the book A Winter in Mallorca about her miserable winter retreat. This film follows that book closely, with concern for historical accuracy, which did not increase the Spanish filmmakers' popularity with their countrymen."--All Movie website43ocn493511542book1924Serre, HenriLe Cahier rouge43ocn315762590book19360.47Serre, HenriLa thérapeutique de choc dans les maladies des articulations : à propos de vingt-huit cas traités par le vaccin antichancrelleux44ocn459555714book19530.92Serre, HenriLa Résistance acquise du "Mycobacterium tuberculosis" à l'hydrazide de l'acide isonicotinique : étude bactériologique et clinique... thèse... par Henri Serre43ocn503753435book1820Serre, HenriEssai sur la mélancolie, etc31ocn729796880visu20040.47Fantomas bedroht die Welt22ocn761866721rcrd1957LES TARTES A LA CREME LE CHEVAL D'OR ; LA CONTRESCARPE ; L'AMOUR A LA MOUF'22ocn658830677rcrd1957Suc, Jean-PierreLa gargouille Traine Flemme ; le Clodo des toits ; le Paratonnerre22ocn658826335rcrd1958SUC ET SERRE ET LEUR TROMBONE - 321ocn460361209book1960Serre, HenriPolite21ocn604407706book18900.47Serre, HenriDe l'accession ; Essai sur le principe de la non distraction des charges dans le calcul de l'actif héréditaire par la perception des droit de mutation par décès21ocn813741589book18900.10Serre, HenriDe l'Accession en droit romain : Essai sur le principe de la non distraction des charges dans le calcul de l'actif héréditaire pour la perception des droits de mutation par décès françaisFri Mar 21 15:38:07 EDT 2014batch16030