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Thu Oct 16 17:53:39 2014 UTClccn-no981185010.13Human weapon0.240.63The mighty Mississippi150416947no 981185014846655lccn-no95055790New Video Grouplccn-no96037384History Channel (Television network)lccn-nr92019436Arts and Entertainment Networklccn-no95029668A & E Home Video (Firm)lccn-n92100998Robertson, Tomausnp-edens, matthewEdens, Matthewlccn-no98125090Land, Stephenprolccn-no97047251Rivela, Francisconrtlccn-no2002023304Proud, Geoffreyproauslccn-n2003100584Jefferson, JonausproJupiter Entertainment, IncHistoryBiographyDocumentary television programsCriticism, interpretation, etcDramaTelevision programsUnited StatesMexicoFlorida--Walt Disney WorldIndustrialistsFloridaAmusement parks--Design and constructionSteel industry and tradeCarnegie, Andrew,CriminalsMississippi RiverCrimeUnited States.--Federal Bureau of InvestigationEngineeringDisastersOutlawsGolfIron and steel workersSteelPhilanthropistsMartial artsPetroleum industry and tradeSlater, Samuel,Textile industryTextile factoriesBrewing industryCoca-Cola CompanySoft drink industryPepsiCo, incBrewersGolfersMayasTechnological innovationsAztecsToltecsTechnologyConquest of Mexico (1519-1540)JapanSugar--Manufacture and refiningCandyAtomic bombSuspension bridgesMonster trucksSugar tradeManhattan Project (U.S.)Japan--Kōbe-shi--Akashi Kaikyō ŌhashiBeerUnited States.--Marine CorpsKrav magaIsrael.--Tseva haganah le-YiśraʼelCombat1997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320144335166224791.068759F1226ocn44337349744414ocn041068917visu19990.23Mexico a story of courage and conquestHistoryThis documentary traces the history and culture of Mexico from the arrival of its first people to present times3391ocn064282449visu20060.17Walt Disney WorldHistoryDocumentary television programsTakes viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the ingenious technology and incredible engineering feats that went into building Disney World's 27,000 acre complex. Features innovations ranging from a network of underground tunnels connecting the various regions of the park to the space-age propulsion technology called linear synchronous motors. Traces the history of Disney World from Walt Disney's purchase of the Florida land and the building of Magic Kingdom through its ongoing work at the cutting edge of theme park innovation2202ocn454578145visu20080.14Crime wave 18 months of mayhemHistoryBiographyAn overview of the Depression-era crime wave waged by such renowned outlaws as John Dillinger, Machine Gun Kelly, Baby Face Nelson, Bonnie Parker, and Clyde Barrow. Features archival footage, expert commentary, and dramatic recreations1812ocn062555479visu20050.21Empires of industry. the story of oilHistoryThe most valuable substance on earth has brought wealth to poor nations and nearly bankrupted wealthy ones. It has created cities overnight -- sometimes destroying them just as quickly -- and has caused rampant international warfare. When a Canadian chemist found a way to turn petroleum into kerosene in the 1850s, the need for oil exploded. "Black gold" burns at the heart of the modern age, making those who control it the wealthiest and most powerful men on earth. This program narrates the stories of these men -- including John D. Rockefeller and William Mellon -- and the empires they built. Learn how oil came to dominate American industry -- and about the nation's current dependency -- and discover why the resource continues to cause global flare-ups1712ocn039708000visu19980.17The mighty MississippiHistoryThe Mighty Mississippi journeys along the river and through its past from St. Paul to New Orleans, from its formation during the Ice Age to the ambitious 20th-century attempts to tame its waters. It is a tapestry of cotton kings and riverboat gamblers, Native American legends and devastating floods, the tales of Mark Twain and the chords of the blues1622ocn038963202visu19970.30Textiles birth of an American industryHistoryTells the story of America's first real industry, the textile industry, beginning with Samuel Slater and Slater's Mill in Pawtucket, R.I., then the Boston Associates' development of America's first industrial city, Lowell, Mass., and up to the present. Discusses child labor and labor conflicts and the changes brought by new technologies all along the way1212ocn071149723visu19970.26Brewed in AmericaHistoryBiographyTells the story of the brewing industry in the United States which began with small local breweries, expanded into big business driven by Adolphus Busch, Adolph Coors, Frederick Miller and others, survived Prohibition, and adopted new technologies along the way. Today there is a renaissance of the small local brewery with the success of micro-brewed beers1141ocn849674006visu20020.56MexicoHistoryExplore the mysteries of the Toltec and Mayan civilizations through visits to the ruins of Teotihuacan and Palenque, trace the waves of conquest that made the Aztecs the most powerful people in the New World, and examine the battles with the Spanish that brought their empire to its knees in little over a year after the arrival of Cortes in 15191141ocn849674129visu20020.56MexicoFor 300 years after the conquistadors' triumph over the Aztecs, Mexico was the crown jewel of the Spanish colonial empire. But the injustices of the feudal system Spain had imposed together with the excesses of the Inquisition sparked the fires of revolution. This program returns to colonial Mexico, where the Catholic Church was the dominant force in daily life. Also, the storied Battle of the Alamo is relived, which forever colored Mexico's relationship with its powerful neighbor to the North1132ocn038963149visu19970.20Andrew Carnegie and the age of steelHistoryBiographyExpert interviews, period photos and rare footage chronicle the evolution of steel into the pre-eminent American industry. Carnegie built an empire so large that when he sold out to J.P. Morgan it created the first billion-dollar corporation in history. Industrial historians detail the technological developments that propelled steel into the future, and provided the raw material that powered the nation's economy1121ocn184905262visu20070.24The best of Modern marvelsHistoryThis comprehensive 14-disc collector's set features the most popular episodes of the groundbreaking Modern marvels series and covers a broad range of technological breakthroughs and advancements. From environmental catastrophes like the Salton Sea to military blunders like Patriot missle errors, from subway tunnel cave-ins to oil tanker spills, these shows outline in intricate detail the devastating effect of technology gone awry. There is also a complete special on the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina+-+86085477963241054ocn061456145visu19990.15Golf links in timeHistoryBiographyTraces the history of golf and takes an insider's look at the secrets and tips of legendary golfers1041ocn162138257visu20070.21Modern marvelsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFrom the history of the sugar industry to the longest bridge in the world to the world's first atom bomb, the series elucidates the ingenuity that gave way to the revelatory inventions and engineering feats that are a part of modern-day life. Monster trucks: From small-town dirt tracks to big-city stadiums, this program examines the history and technology of the 10,000 pound plus monster truck. James Bond gadgets: Whether cinematic super spy James bond is foiling villains in space-age flying machines or eavesdropping on his enemies with ultra-sophisticated spy gear, 007 is always guaranteed to have the most outrageous and wonderfully creative gadgets ever to grace the silver screen. The Manhattan project: In this examination, Los Alamos scientists and engineers reveal their trials, triumphs, and dark doubts about building the ultimate weapon of war in the interest of peace. More engineering disasters: Reviews some of the most notable engineering disasters in history and searches for probable causes of the calamities, ranging from eingeering errors to arrogance, ego, and plain incompetence. World's longest bridge: In order to link Japan's many parts together as a whole, the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge was created, the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world. Walt Disney World: From a network of underground tunnels connecting various regions of the park to the space-age propulsion technology of linear synchronous motors, the Disney dynasty has been on the cutting edge of theme park innovation since the opening of its first park in 1955. Candy: Loved by kids and savored by adults, candy is more than just a treat, it's an industry that has evolved from a handmade operation to high-tech mass production. Sugar: Reveals suger at its most raw by taking an extensive tour of a cane sugar plantation on Maui, Hawaii, where it examines the technology behind all of the permutations and many uses of sugar, from candies to pipe tobacco and more1013ocn071149801visu20010.24Cola warsHistoryTraces the history of the Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo and the competition between the two for market share in the soft drink market971ocn182561772visu20080.13Human weaponJason and Bill train in Krav Maga, the renowned Israel Defense Forces form developed after the formation of the Israeli state in 1948. They also learn the history and techniques of the formidable U.S. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, a 21st Century fusion of fighting styles that have been adjusted to best suite soldiers clad in equipment including helmets and flak jackets, armed with knives and M-16s861ocn677927214visu20080.63The mighty MississippiHistoryThe Mighty Mississippi journeys along the river and through its past from St. Paul to New Orleans, from its formation during the Ice Age to the ambitious 20th-century attempts to tame its waters. It is a spellbinding tapestry of cotton kings and riverboat gamblers, Native American legends and devastating floods, the tales of Mark Twain and the chords of the blues831ocn745062138visu20110.14Sons of gunsDramaThe bayou of Baton Rouge, a place where the weather is hot, the humidity s off the charts and the characters are larger-than-life. And it s a place that Will Hayden fits right in. Why? Because Will, with the help of eldest daughter Stephanie, runs Red Jacket Firearms, the nation's most unique weapons business833ocn213098640visu20080.15Human weaponHistoryTelevision programsFollow mixed martial artist Jason Chambers and former football pro Bill Duff as they put their bodies on the line as they train in the most lethal forms of combat. Go across the globe to learn the history, style and methodology behind 16 unique forms of combat. On their quest to master everything from karate to Muay Thai and Eskrima stickfighting, Jason and Bill explore ancient relics, unusal villages, breathtaking landscapes, and hidden pasts in order to truly understand the complex development of each individual form. They study with legendary masters and face intense challenges before putting their newfound skills to the test in a final bout with a master in the discipline721ocn747859920visu20110.14True crime seriesIncludes episodes from the television true crime series "Sins & Secrets" and "Stalked: Someone's Watching," that explore how crimes change the communities in which they occur, and the emotional effects of stalking on victims, and the psychology of their stalkers671ocn312182356visu20090.15The Kennedy curseAmerica's most famous political family has undoubtedly suffered more than its share of tragedy, beginning with the untimely deaths of Joe Jr. and Kathleen in separate airplane crashes during WWII to John Jr.'s fatal airplane crash. In the interim there have been two assassinations, as well as murder, rape and drug charges for the Kennedy cousins+-+8608547796324+-+8608547796324Thu Oct 16 15:42:43 EDT 2014batch20751