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This insightful monograph reveals the twists and turns of the artist's career to date, from her creations as fledging artist to Kovats' most recent successes which include her travelling meadow+-+7325773936321ocn123128102serial0.84The yearbook of consumer lawPeriodicals321ocn047214657book0.93Prosopography of the Byzantine EmpireBiographyThe Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire is designed to record, eventually in a computerised relational database, all surviving information about every individual mentioned in Byzantine textual sources, together with as many as possible of the individuals recorded in seal sources, during the period from 641 to 1261, and every individual mentioned in non-Byzantine sources during the same period who is 'relevant' (on a generous interpretation) to Byzantine affairs. The project covers the period from 641 (the terminal date of Volume III of the publication Prosopography of the later Roman Empire) to 1261 (the commencement date of the publication Prosopographisches Lexikon der Palaiologenzeit)271ocn829055984book20120.66Emergency law132ocn044060824file19990.59Gardner, WilliamGardner's chemical synonyms and trade namesDictionariesTrademarks"Gardner's digital handbook is the digital complement to the reference book Gardner's Chemical synonyms and trade names ... one of the ... most widely used sources of information on chemicals in commerce ... all bulk inorganic chemicals, major pesticides, dyestuffs, surfactants, metals and alloys are included. The 5,000 highest volume chemicals in the US, as defined by application of the Toxic Substances Control Act, are all represented"--Publisher's insert31ocn821805374file20120.70Adelopo, IsmailAuditor Independence Auditing, Corporate Governance and Market ConfidenceAuditors' independence has been called into question in the light of their being complicit in some of the corporate misbehaviour exposed in recent years. Here, the author examines the historical role of auditing in corporate governance and the regulatory context. He sets the function within a theoretical framework and then provides empirical analysis of problem issues such as the relationship between audit committees and external auditors and the probity of providing non-auditing services to audit clients. The focus on matters that are damaging to market confidence and threatening to the reput31ocn783119400file20110.81Szczepanski, BethThe instrumental music of Wutaishan's Buddhist monasteries : social and ritual contextsCriticism, interpretation, etcExamines how traditional and modern elements interact in the practice, reception and functions of wind music, or shengguan, at monasteries in Wutaishan, one of China's four holy mountains of Buddhism. This book provides an insight into the political and economic history of Wutaishan and its music31ocn857947160book20130.76Brand, RalfThe radicals' city : urban environment, polarisation, cohesionCase studiesBringing together comparative case studies from Belfast, Beirut, Amsterdam and Berlin, this book examines the role of the urban environment in social polarisation processes. In doing so, it provides a timely and refreshingly innovative voice in the confusing babble on (counter-)terrorism, urban conflict and community cohesion. Despite their socio-political differences, these cities are telling cases of how the location and shape of very mundane objects such as rubbish bins, bridges, clothes' stores, shopping malls and cafeĢs - in addition to the obvious fences, walls and barbed wire - are often21ocn829776725book20120.88The social construction of corruption in Europe21ocn860510028book20090.81Petersen, Jesper AagaardContemporary religious Satanism : a critical anthologyBroader studies : history, tradition, legitimacy -- Regional studies -- Primary documents+-+113701902521ocn829755252book20120.76Brooks, StephenPolicy expertise in contemporary democraciesIn the world of Wikipedia, blogging and citizen journalism where huge masses of information and the capability to disseminate opinions, thoughts and ideas is available at the click of a mouse what is the role and impact of political experts? The contributors to this insightful and original volume argue that across the western world in general, the political expert occupies as important a role today as at any time in the past. The ubiquity of information and the fact that the experts and the organizations to which they are affiliated may be viewed as having an ideological agenda has not diminished their role, influence or status. Governments and the media still rely on them for information and advice whilst organizations in civil society need them in order to provide the evidence, arguments and policy recommendations that are essential to having a voice in the public conversation. By examining how these policy experts and their think tanks continue to exert influence across a range of modern western democracies a better understanding of the role of policy expertise and an examination of how it may develop and evolve throughout the rest of the world is reached21ocn869915954book20130.76Nesbitt, ClaireExperiencing Byzantium Papers from the 44th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Newcastle and Durham, April 2011Conference proceedingsFrom the reception of imperial ekphraseis in Hagia Sophia to the sounds and smells of the back streets of Constantinople, the sensory perception of Byzantium is an area that lends itself perfectly to an investigation into the experience of the Byzantine world. The theme of experience embraces all aspects of Byzantine studies and the Experiencing Byzantium symposium brought together archaeologists, architects, art historians, historians, musicians and theologians in a common quest to step across the line that divides how we understand and experience the Byzantine world and how the Byzantines th21ocn783119384file20110.47Ferber, SarahThe body divided human beings and human 'material' in modern medical historyHistoryBodies and body parts of the dead have long been considered valuable material for use in medical science. They have been dissected, autopsied, investigated, harvested for research and therapeutic purposes, collected to turn into museum and other specimens, and then displayed, disposed, of, and exchanged. This book examines the history of such activities, from the early nineteenth century through to the present, in hospitals, universities, workhouses and lunatic asylums in England and Australia. A series of case studies reveals the changing scientific, economic and emotional value of corpses an21ocn783119370file20120.70DiConsiglio, JohnBanking and finance in the Mediterranean a historical perspectiveHistoryBringing together papers by leading banking and finance historians which were first presented at the European Association for Banking History conference held in Malta in June 2007, this volume presents a panoramic picture of the many national and international trends and developments, factors, customs, and events that have characterised banking in the Mediterranean area over the past two centuries21ocn783119389file20120.79Whelan, ChadNetworks and national security : dynamics, effectiveness and organisationThis analysis presents a highly innovative, qualitative study of networks in the field of national security. Developing our understanding of 'organisational networks' in organisational theory, management and public administration, and 'security net-works' in criminology and international relations, he presents a multi-disciplinary analysis of network forms of organisation. Whelan puts forward a methodological framework involving five levels of analysis-structural, cultural, policy, technological and relational-with which we can better analyse and understand the dynamics and effectiveness of ne21ocn863114434book20120.66The social significance of religion in the enlarged Europe secularization, individualization, and pluralizationHistoryEngaging with some of the central issues in the sociology of religion, this volume investigates the role and significance of churches and religion in contemporary Western and Eastern Europe. Based on an extensive international research project, it offers case studies of various countries (including Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Hungary and Croatia), as well as cross-country comparisons. Researching more precisely the present social relevance of church and religion as different levels, (this book) raises and responds to both descriptive and explanatory questions: Can we observe tendencies of religious decline in the various Western and Eastern European countries?Are we witnessing trends of religious individualization? To what extent has there been a religious upswing in the last few years? And what are the factors causing the observed processes of religious change? -- Book Jacket21ocn827703278book20120.79Lutheran churches in early modern EuropeHistory21ocn783119377file20120.79Nathan, LaurieCommunity of insecurity SADC's struggle for peace and security in Southern AfricaHistoryExploring the formation, evolution and effectiveness of the regional security arrangements of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Community of Insecurity examines the vital issues of why the SADC has struggled to establish a viable security regime; why it has been unable to engage in successful peacemaking; and why it has defied the optimistic prognosis of the early 1990s that it would build a security community in Southern Africa11ocn857957744book20130.81Febbrajo, AlbertoLaw and intersystemic communication : understanding structural couplingThis volume provides an overview of current perspectives on socio-legal studies with particular attention focused on the concept of 'structural coupling'. The first part of the book presents a reconstruction of theoretical tendencies in the field of socio-legal studies, characterised by the emergence of a transnational model of legal systems no longer connected to territorial borders and culturally specific aspects of single legal orders. In the following parts of the book, the contributions analyse some concrete cases of interrelation between law and society from an empirical and theoretical11ocn863091945book20130.73Waldman, ThomasWar, Clausewitz and the TrinityToday, the ideas of Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831) are employed almost ubiquitously in strategic studies, military history and defence literatures, but often in a manner which distorts their true meaning. In this book, the author explores Clausewitz's central theoretical device for understanding war -- the "remarkable trinity" of politics, chance and passion. By situating the great Prussian in historical context, the author presents a conception truer to Clausewitz's intention. Seeking to achieve this through an in-depth reinterpretation of On War and Clausewitz's other writings, conducted through the prism of the trinity, this book draws on existing studies but argues that there is room for clarification. It presents fresh perspectives into aspects of Clausewitz's thought and emphasises elements of his theory that have often been neglected. Furthermore, it provides a solid basis from which debate on the nature of modern war can move forward+-+7325773936+-+7325773936Fri Mar 21 16:12:03 EDT 2014batch23645