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Fri Mar 21 17:15:11 2014 UTClccn-no990769090.00U-Aggrey um-Afrika. Ifalwe ngesiNgesi ngu-Mfun. uC. K. Williams ... yaz a yaguqulelwa esiXhoseni ngu S.E.K. Mqhayi. [A translation of C.K. Williams's abridgment of "Aggrey of Africa" by Edwin W. Smith.]0.691.00I-nzuzo (Xhosa poems, "Things rare and profitable")76385464Samuel_Edward_Krune_Mqhayino 990769095087796Mqhayi, S. E. K.Mqhayi, S.E.K., 1875-1945Mqhayi, S. E. K. (Samuel Edward Krouné)Mqhayi, Samuel E. KhuneMqhayi, Samuel E. Khune 1875-1945Mqhayi, Samuel E. Khune (Samuel Edward Khune)Mqhayi, Samuel Edward KhuneMqhayi, Samuel Edward Khune 1875-1945Mqhayi, Samuel Edward KrounéMqhayi, Samuel Edward Krouné 1875-1945Mqhayi, Samuel Edward KruneMqhayi, Samuel Edward Krune 1875-1945lccn-n80051902Ntsikanaapproximately 1760-1820lccn-n85229018Soga, Tiyo1829-1871lccn-no2003112719Human Sciences Research CouncilDemocracy and Governance Research Programmelccn-n2008028927Jabavu, John Tengo1859-1921lccn-no2004086767Rubusana, W. 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