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Fri Mar 21 17:09:00 2014 UTClccn-no990575500.00Grolier Club artistic properties information files,0.771.00Letters,26700668no 990575505045791lccn-no99057552Wakeman, Alice L. James1866-lccn-n78085476Emerson, Ralph Waldo1803-1882lccn-n95000359Clarke, Sarah Freeman1808-1896lccn-n78095600Thoreau, Henry David1817-1862lccn-n79007728Hawthorne, Nathaniel1804-1864lccn-n85026963Thoreau, Sophia E.lccn-n89640749Blake, H. G. O.(Harrison Gray Otis)1816?-1898lccn-n50036419Hawthorne, Julian1846-1934lccn-n80044959Hawthorne, Sophia Peabody1809-1871lccn-n91062075Russell, E. H.Wakeman, Stephen H.1859-1924BibliographyHistoryFictionPortraitsUnited StatesAutographsAmerican literatureBooks--PricesAmerican literature--First editionsMassachusettsEmerson, Ralph Waldo,American essaysIndians of North AmericaTranscendentalismWakeman, Stephen H.,Discoveries in geographyFirst editionsHawthorne, Nathaniel,Beale, Mary,Flameng, Franc╠žois,Otway, Thomas,Austin, GabrielGrolier ClubTravelThompson, Cephas Giovanni,Lowell, James Russell,Page, William,LibrariesHolmes, Oliver Wendell,Chew, Beverly,Conduct of lifeHorton, CarolynAlgeriaAvery, Samuel Putnam,1859192418591860186118621863186718751877190319241930363153156016.81Z9971063ocn001710928book19240.84Wakeman, Stephen HThe Stephen H. Wakeman collection of books of nineteenth century American writers, the property of Mrs. Alice L. WakemanBibliography821ocn002579531book18440.79Emerson, Ralph WaldoEssays : second series"Following the success of his first series of essays, Emerson offered the public his insights into additional facets of the human condition... Best known for his essay on 'Nature', Emerson once again demonstrates a vision that is both down-to-earth and deeply numinous, giving the reader a host of new perspectives from which to view the mysteries and seeming contradictions of Existence." --Back cover202ocn019473411book19240.93Wakeman, Stephen HThe Stephen H. Wakeman collection of books of nineteenth century American writers, the property of Mrs. Alice L. Wakeman; first editions, inscribed presentation and personal copies, original manuscripts and letters of nine American authors, Bryant, Emerson, Hawthorne, Holmes, Longfellow, Lowell, Poe, Thoreau, WhittierBibliography51ocn084503590book0.21Hawthorne, NathanielThe Scarlet letter :Title page reading: "The Scarlet Letter, / a Romance. / By Nathaniel Hawthorne." Verso with contents as later published21ocn270107246book18770.93Hawthorne, NathanielLegends of the Province HouseHistoryFiction11ocn270572317book0.10Thoreau, Henry DavidJournal, including notes for A week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers : [Concord]11ocn456457334book18620.10Hawthorne, NathanielWashington, D.C., to his wife SophiaDescribing excursions to Manassas and Fortress Monroe; saying that he has seen Washington and "begin[s] to long for home"; noting that he is staying longer "for [Emanuel] Leu[t]ze wishes to paint a portrait" of him; telling her that he had "a photograph of imperial size" taken of him yesterday11ocn449252684book18500.10Thoreau, Henry DavidExtracts relating to the Indians : [Concord] :Extracts from books published 1845-1848, on Native Americans and exploration of the North American continent11ocn270614324book18510.10Emerson, Ralph WaldoConsiderations by the way : [Massachusetts?]Portraits11ocn429055749book18570.10Bryant, William CullenLetters of a traveller : second series :Describing Algiers. Dated Marseilles, 29 December 1858, but actually written in 1857. Date was corrected in the 1859 printed edition11ocn270572313book0.10Thoreau, Henry DavidExtracts relating to Canada, &c. : Cambridge [and Concord] :Extracts from various works on the history, geography and cartography of Canada and eastern America. With notes throughout and some lightly penciled use-marks, as well as a list of "Books on Canada" on p. 111ocn270482115book0.10Journal kept jointly by Nathaniel and Sophia Hawthorne : ConcordRecording daily activities and events in the lives of the newlywed Hawthornes, and expressing great happiness and love for each other. Mentioning their neighbors Thoreau, Emerson, and Channing, and describing the natural world, as well as their frequent sojourns into it11ocn535123235book0.10Thoreau, Henry DavidJournal : [Concord]11ocn456291336book18510.10Hawthorne, NathanielLenox [Mass.], to Miss M.A.A. DawsonThanking her for her letter; saying that he thinks it is better that they do not meet: "You know me now by some of the genuine traits of my mind and heart. Were we to meet, you would remember me only by a few superficial features"; commenting on her handwriting11ocn013703356book1.00Ives, George BurnhamLettersTo S.H. Wakeman, concerning Ives' bibliography and Wakeman's collection of Oliver Wendell Holmes11ocn668111676book18750.10Lowell, James RussellCambridge, Mass., to Messers. A. Denham & CoEnclosing a check for $6.55 to cover his debt, and mentioning a series of Walter Savage Landor's works11ocn449252779book0.10Thoreau, Henry DavidExtracts relating to the Indians : [Cambridge and Concord] :Extracts from books published 1849-1851, on Native Americans and exploration of the North American continent11ocn270614263book18360.10Emerson, Ralph WaldoConcord, Mass., [to David Holmes?]Saying that he has offered his services to Dr. Ripley tomorrow because Mr. Goodwin is sick; explaining that he will only be able to come to Lowell if Dr. Ripley does not want him11ocn456295528book0.10Hawthorne, NathanielFrench and Italian notebook : Rome, Avignon, Geneva, London, etc. :Describing daily activities and travels throughout Europe, including his final visits to Bath and London. The final four pages written in West Gouldsborough, Maine, in 186211ocn441969156book0.10Thoreau, Henry DavidJournal : [Concord]11ocn079458543mixGrolier ClubGrolier Club artistic properties information filesPortraitsRecords and correspondenceExhibition catalogsCorrespondence, appraisals, photographs, and miscellaneous printed material relating to some of the art objects held by the Grolier Club. The collection includes, but is not limited to: appraisals (1975-1985) of bronzes, pieces of silver, and terra-cotta and porcelain pieces; reports by conservator Carolyn Horton on some works on paper, and information and illustrations of the "Cauliflower Chair" given by Halsted Vander Poel. Portraits for which correspondence, photographs, or other materials exist include, but are not limited to: Charles Beale, by Mary Beale; Nathaniel Hawthorne, by C.P. Thompson (gift of Stephen Wakeman); James Russell Lowell, by William Page (gift of Stephen Wakeman); and Thomas Otway, by Jame Luttrell (gift of Beverly Chew). This last was once believed to be a portrait of John Dryden by Godfrey Kneller. A letter from artist Franc╠žois Flameng to Samuel Putnam Avery documents his painting "Grolier in the House of Aldus the Elder" (1890) that Avery donated to the Club. The collection includes photographic images of 27 items, with a total of 50 prints, and 4 negatives11ocn270112178book0.10Wakeman, Stephen HA collection of original manuscripts by the most famous American authors : Hawthorne, Emerson, Thoreau, Longfellow, Bryant, Poe, Holmes, Whittier, LowellBibliographyFri Mar 21 15:34:07 EDT 2014batch14148