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Fri Mar 21 17:09:40 2014 UTClccn-no990764030.08The steam mole /0.130.47Left behind26703506Dave_Freerno 990764035086036lccn-no98068084Flint, Ericlccn-n85039370Lackey, Mercedeslccn-n80032675Laumer, Keith1925-1993fast-951731Harrington, Honor (Fictitious character)np-drake, davidDrake, Davidlccn-n80132906Schmitz, James H.1911-1981lccn-n50020136Pournelle, Jerry1933-lccn-n96016522Weber, David1952-lccn-n50000650Niven, Larrylccn-n00038850Ringo, John1963-Freer, DaveFictionFantasy fictionHistoryScience fictionSteampunk fictionYoung adult worksOccult fictionItaly--VeniceBrothersMagicHuman-alien encountersMonstersLife on other planetsEurope--Carpathian MountainsInterplanetary voyagesSpace shipsCircusWitchesHuman-animal relationshipsGoddessesGodCivil warGood and evilImaginary wars and battlesKnights and knighthoodIllinois--ChicagoPyramidsNorwayMythologySpace flightRelicsEurope--Holy Roman EmpireKidnapping victimsRevolutionariesSpace coloniesMythology, NorseSteampunk fictionInsurgencyAustraliaSubmarines (Ships)Mothers and daughtersVoyages and travelsDragonsDogsWizardsQuests (Expeditions)LiteratureWomen heroesGods, NorseExtraterrestrial beingsHeroines as literary charactersFantasy fictionTheft of relicsRatsScience fiction, AmericanHarrington, Honor (Fictitious character)Space warfare1959199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201488552296813.54PS3562.A24611539ocn048451017book20020.13Lackey, MercedesThe shadow of the lionHistoryFiction"Three writers (the others are Eric Flint and Dave Freer) collaborate on this massive concoction of alternate history, high fantasy, and historical romance set in the sixteenth-century Venice of an alternate world in which Catholicism is factionalized, the Hohenstauffens instead of the Habsburgs rule the Holy Roman Empire, magic works, and the grand duke of Lithuania is trying to use that magic against his enemy, the emperor."--Booklist+-+587089892510929ocn053019420book20030.13Lackey, MercedesThis rough magicHistoryFictionScience fictionFantasy fictionThe demon sorcerer Chernobog, having failed in his attempt to gain power over Venice, enters into an alliance with the King of Hungary to seize control of Corfu, an island that holds the key to controlling the Adriatic+-+54962989258739ocn055096768book20040.12Lackey, MercedesThe wizard of KarresFictionAfter eliminating the Worm World threat and outwitting a deadly gang of space pirates, Captain Pausert embarks on a mission for the Empress Haile to stop a nanite plague before it can devastate entire worlds+-+84833989258723ocn419818455book20100.12Lackey, MercedesMuch fall of bloodFictionFantasy fictionA diplomatic mission leads to Prince Manfred, his bodyguard Erik, and his knights of the Holy Trinity being caught in an inter-clan civil war, rescuing a fugitive woman and her injured brother, and becoming involved in the problems of Prince Vlad, Duke of Valahia--and the ancient magical forces surrounding him+-+96088648966701ocn830667725book20130.12Lackey, MercedesBurdens of the deadFictionA Venetian siege on alternate-universe Constantinople finds Italian captain Benito Valdosta battling a magical manifestation of Hekate in order to save his daughter and destroy the fleets of the Chernobog, an effort that is complicated by Aidonus's resolve to claim the woman Benito loves6064ocn209699694book20080.13Flint, EricSlow train to ArcturusFictionSending a spaceship to rendezvous with an enormous vessel made up of a series of globular habitats approaching its star system, the aliens find a savage race calling themselves "humans" who promptly slaughter the exploration team, except for a single survivor who escapes to another habitat, where he finds more friendly humans whose help he requires to get back to his own ship+-+90300016965197ocn046991677book20010.13Freer, DavePyramid schemeFictionAn alien pyramid has appeared in the middle of Chicago, growing so large even the military can't stop it, or the way it transports citizens into the world of mythology+-+K4836862155195ocn059360061book20050.14Freer, DaveA mankind witchFictionFantasy fiction+-+68644989255125ocn311764664book20100.13Flint, EricThe sorceress of KarresFictionScience fictionAfter Captain Pausert and two Karres witches, Goth and The Leewit, realize they are being tracked by unknown forces in the Chaladoor region of space, Goth travels back in time to meet Pausert as a young boy, while, in present time, Pausert and The Leewit face a desperate situation+-+22588648963955ocn123232412book20070.14Flint, EricPyramid powerFictionA power-hungry Washington bureaucrat sends the survivors of the first expedition back into the alien pyramidal device sent by the invading Krin to dominate Earth, which hurtles them into the world of the Norse gods+-+05867016963917ocn044089169book20000.13Freer, DaveRats, bats & vatsFiction"Chip Connolly was a conscripted grunt, ... stuck behind enemy lines with a bunch of cyber-uplifted rats and bats," in a ruined wine-farm with plenty of brandy but not much food.--Jacket+-+85946862153243649ocn055678946book20040.15Flint, EricThe rats, the bats & the uglyFictionIn the sequel to Rats, Bats & Vats, the team of metally gifted bats and rats, accompanied by their human leader, sets out to persuade an incompetent military bureaucracy that they are about to be invaded by a powerful alien conspiracy, joining forces with Fluff, the pet of one of the colony's ruling class, to save the world+-+11933989252395ocn316828590book20090.16Freer, DaveDragon's ringFictionFantasy fictionFionn, a black dragon, is bent on destroying the magical plane of Tasmarin, a community where the only hope lies in a female human mage who has fallen in with Fionn but actually may affect his dark plans after all+-+54688648962264ocn793581761book20120.08Freer, DaveThe steam moleFictionYoung adult worksSteampunk fictionIn an alternate Australia dominated by coal power and the British empire, Clara and Tim arrive in the rebel republic of Westralia, where people are nocturnal and live underground, burrowing with machines called steam moles2184ocn764387259book20120.08Freer, DaveCuttlefishFictionScience fictionSteampunk fictionIn an alternate 1976 dominated by coal power and the British Empire, Clara Calland and her mother, an important scientist, embark on a treacherous journey toward freedom in Westralia aboard a smugglers' submarine, the Cuttlefish, pursued by Menshevik spies and Imperial soldiers1433ocn741542539book20120.15Freer, DaveDog and dragonFictionFantasy fictionFlung from her dragon-ruled homeland to the world of Lyonesse, Meb, a student of the universe-folding skill of Planomancy, becomes a candidate to fulfill a prophecy about a Defender who would free the world from a tyrannical sorceress+-+1663816096522ocn042282157book19990.16Freer, DaveThe forlorn+-+168320621581ocn050793747file20020.23The Honorverse diskFiction11ocn855249504book20130.10Lackey, MercedesHeirs of Alexandria. Burdens of the deadFictionScience fictionOccult fictionA Venetian siege on alternate-universe Constantinople finds Italian captain Benito Valdosta battling a magical manifestation of Hekate in order to save his daughter and destroy the fleets of the Chernobog11ocn759102723book20100.47Freer, DaveLeft behindFictionWhen the Devil tangles with a lawyer and his grandmother, he quickly learns he's not the only one with a trick or two up his sleeve+-+5496298925+-+5496298925Fri Mar 21 16:04:44 EDT 2014batch15984