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Fri Mar 21 17:10:19 2014 UTClccn-no990823920.08The silent sea0.120.14In cold blood265572971no 990823925102134lccn-n81043521Cussler, Clivelccn-n78003040DeMille, Nelsonlccn-n2003041194Berry, Steve1955-lccn-n88243676Coben, Harlan1962-lccn-n96091726Meltzer, Bradfast-821398Austin, Kurt (Fictitious character)fast-1064921Pitt, Dirk (Fictitious character)lccn-n83208131Child, Lincolnfast-1737899Cabrillo, Juan (Fictitious character)lccn-n83070183Scott, JustinBrick, ScottFictionHistoryPolitical fictionSuspense fictionCase studiesAdventure storiesDetective and mystery storiesSpy storiesJuvenile worksHumorous storiesGovernment investigatorsWashington (D.C.)Bell, Isaac (Fictitious character)Ex-police officersTerrorism--PreventionCorey, John (Fictitious character)Pitt, Dirk (Fictitious character)Private investigatorsConspiraciesMarine biologistsMissing personsIntelligence serviceTerrorismSerial murdersNuclear terrorismTWA Flight 800 Crash (1996)Aircraft accidents--InvestigationNew York (State)--Long IslandUnited StatesNew JerseyPublic prosecutorsMissing childrenMarine engineersUnited States.--Federal Bureau of InvestigationCabrillo, Juan (Fictitious character)Ship captainsMercenary troopsArgentinaAntarcticaNew York (State)--New YorkSabotageRailroad trainsParent and childBank robberiesCaliforniaTeenagersArchivistsUnited States.--National Archives and Records AdministrationMurderAlexandrian LibraryKidnappingKansasFamily secretsTreasure trovesArctic RegionsGlobal warmingArctic Ocean--Northwest PassageEmployeesAntiquitiesSecurity, International19661981199119931997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142217427503613813.54PS3553.U75ocn823219572ocn803899511ocn271281498ocn502162211ocn818359237ocn180192221ocn813917916ocn436943595ocn652078150ocn656546021ocn671500028ocn056722994ocn808633170ocn746004860ocn056726485ocn052467778ocn060680143ocn733265354ocn836983911ocn838917971ocn671875837236027ocn074550081rcrd20060.12DeMille, NelsonWild fireFictionSuspense fictionWelcome to the Custer Hill Club, a men's club set in a luxurious hunting lodge whose members include America's powerful business leaders, military men, and government officials. The club is a place to relax with old friends, but one fall weekend, the club's Executive Board gathers to talk about 9/11 and finalize a retaliation plan, know by its code name: Wild Fire. That weekend, a member of the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force is found dead. It's up to Detective John Corey and his wife, FBI Agent Kate Mayfield, to unravel a terrifying plot that starts with the Custer Hill Club and ends with American cities locked in the crosshairs of a nuclear device. Corey and Mayfield are the only ones who can prevent global chaos form being unleashed+-+3561839406208319ocn123244481rcrd20070.12Baldacci, DavidSimple geniusFictionDetective and mystery storiesSecret Service agent Sean King agrees to investigate a murder at an exclusive scientific retreat. Suddenly, he and his partner Michelle Maxwell find themselves in a race against time to expose those who would tip the entire global power structure and destroy what's left of their lives+-+7954839406205231ocn071229511rcrd20000.12Meltzer, BradThe book of fateHistoryFictionPolitical fictionSuspense fictionA two-hundred-year-old code devised by Thomas Jefferson becomes the key to a present-day conspiracy at the highest levels of Washington and the power elite of Palm Beach+-+7090839406324201122ocn056791824rcrd20040.12DeMille, NelsonNight fallFictionInterviewsJohn Corey, an ex-NYPD detective who is now a contract angent with the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force, is persuaded by Kate Mayfield, his wife and partner, that the case involving TWA Flight 800's crash that was ruled to be a result of mechanical failure. The hunt will lead to a conspiracy at the highest levels+-+2452671306183716ocn180192221rcrd20070.12Cussler, CliveThe chaseHistoryFictionIn 1906 detective Isaac Bell goes after the Butcher Bandit who has committed a string of bank robberies and murders in the western states of America and becomes the hunted+-+2897968965176015ocn122938805rcrd20070.12Coben, HarlanThe woodsFictionDetective and mystery storiesSuspense fictionTwenty years ago, four teenagers at summer camp walked into the woods at night. Two were found murdered, and the others were never seen again. Four families had their lives changed forever. Now, two decades later, they are about to change again. For county prosecutor Paul Copeland, mourning the loss of his sister has only recently begun to subside. Balancing family life and a rapidly ascending career distracts him from his past traumas, but only for so long. When a homicide victim is found with evidence linking him to Cope, the well-buried family secrets are threatened. Is this victim one of the campers who disappeared with his sister? Could his sister be alive? Cope has to confront so much he left behind that summer--he must decide what is better left hidden in the dark and what truths can be brought to the light+-+3381282406174417ocn056551535rcrd20040.12Baldacci, DavidHour gameFictionDetective and mystery storiesSpy storiesSuspense fictionA series of brutal murders darkens the Wrightsburg, Virginia countryside. The killer, replicating notorious murders of the past, seeks to improve them, while taunting the police by leaving watches on the victims set to the hour corresponding with their position on his hit list. When Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are called to join the case, they are already investigating a crime involving an aristocratic and dysfunctional Southern family. But, as they soon discover, the two cases may be connected. The tension is further increased by a second killer who is copying the crimes of the first. King and Maxwell must discover their identities before the body count increases even more+-+1580940696172814ocn464589900rcrd20100.12DeMille, NelsonThe LionFictionSuspense fictionLibyan terrorist Asad Khalil, known as the Lion, returns to the U.S. to take care of unfinished business, and the only man who can stop him is John Corey, a special agent for the NYPD's Anti-Terrorist Task Force+-+0577332516170717ocn656546021rcrd20100.10Meltzer, BradThe inner circleJuvenile worksFictionPolitical fictionBenjamin January, a librarian at the National Archives, receives a surprise visit from Clementine Kaye, an old childhood flame who is searching for her father. Trying to impress his old crush, Benjy gives Clementine a tour of a secret vault where classified documents are reviewed. There, the duo discovers a hidden dictionary that once belonged to George Washington and is plunged into a deadly mystery involving the most important secret in U.S. history+-+1121332516168718ocn220945067rcrd20080.12Coben, HarlanHold tightFictionDetective and mystery storiesDomestic fictionSuspense fiction"Mike held his son's hand and told him to "hold tight," and he could feel the little hand dig into his but the crush got bigger and the little hand slipped from his and Mike felt that horrible panic, as if a wave hit them at the beach and it was washing his baby out with the tide. The separation lasted only a few seconds, ten at the most, but Mike would never forget the spike in his blood and the terror of those brief few moments. Tia and Mike Baye never imagined they'd become the type of overprotective parents who spy on their kids. But their sixteen-year-old son Adam has been unusually distant lately, and after the suicide of his classmate Spencer Hill - the latest in a string of issues at school - they can't help but worry. They install a sophisticated spy program on Adam's computer, and within days they are jolted by a message from an unknown correspondent addressed to their son: "Just stay quiet and all safe." Meanwhile, browsing through an online memorial for Spencer put together by his classmates, Betsy Hill is struck by a photo that appears to have been taken on the night of her son's death-- and he wasn't alone. She thinks it is Adam Baye standing just outside the camera's range; but when Adam goes missing, it soon becomes clear that something deep and sinister has infected their community. For Tia and Mike Baye, the question they must answer is this: When it comes to your kids, is it possible to know too much?"--Publisher's web site+-+439278879616059ocn652078150rcrd20100.12Cussler, CliveCrescent dawnFictionAdventure storiesSuspense fictionIn A.D. 327, a Roman galley barely escapes a pirate attack with its extraordinary cargo. In 1916, a British warship explodes in the middle of the North Sea. In the present day, a cluster of important mosques in Turkey and Egypt are wracked by explosions. Does anything tie them together? NUMA director Dirk Pitt is about to find out, as Roman artifacts discovered in Turkey and Israel unnervingly connect to the rise of a fundamentalist movement to restore the Ottoman Empire+-+1823797965158711ocn080563396rcrd20070.12Berry, SteveThe Alexandria link [a novel]FictionSuspense fictionToo bad former secret agent Cotton Malone knows how to unearth the lost contents of the Library of Alexandria; now his bookstore has been ransacked and his son kidnapped+-+958798482515706ocn557611841rcrd20100.12Cussler, CliveThe spy [an Isaac Bell adventure]HistoryFictionAdventure storiesSpy storiesIn 1908, a brilliant American battleship gun designer dies in a sensational apparent suicide. The man's grief-stricken daughter turns to the legendary Van Dorn Detective Agency to clear her father's name. Van Dorn puts his chief investigator on the case, and Isaac Bell soon realizes that the clues point not to suicide but to murder+-+4422797965156017ocn062793183rcrd20060.14Capote, TrumanIn cold bloodCase studiesRecreates the slaying of the Clutter family of Kansas and the capture, trial, and execution of their murderers+-+K918884825153217ocn237799115rcrd20080.12Meltzer, BradThe book of liesHistoryFictionCal Harper is on the hunt for the world's first murder weapon. Cal has to discover what Cain, one of the greatest villains of all time, has to do with Superman, one of the greatest superheroes of all time. Before Cal can begin his search, he is attacked by a killer with tattoos of Cain+-+5538975516151311ocn271281498rcrd20080.12Cussler, CliveArctic driftFictionSuspense fictionThe twentieth Dirk Pitt adventure explores a potential breakthrough that may reverse global warming. After several international events between the United States and one of its closest allies threaten to get vicious, NUMA director Dirk Pitt and his children must follow their only real clue: a curious mineral linked to an old Northwest Passage exhibition+-+5218968965148711ocn829243590rcrd20130.10Evanovich, JanetThe heistFictionHumorous storiesFBI Special Agent Kate O'Hare is known for her fierce dedication and discipline on the job, chasing down the world's most wanted criminals and putting them behind bars. Her boss thinks she is tenacious and ambitious; her friends think she is tough, stubborn, and maybe even a bit obsessed. And while Kate has made quite a name for herself for the past five years, the only name she's cared about is Nicolas Fox, an international crook she wants in more ways than one148414ocn706024199rcrd20110.12Cussler, CliveThe raceFictionAdventure storiesThe year is 1910, and wealthy newspaper magnate Preston Whiteway has put up $50,000 for the first aviator to cross America in fewer than 50 days. Josephine Frost takes up the challenge and has more than enough moxie to claim the prize. But when her husband murders her lover, and then goes after her, Josephine will need the help of Detective Isaac Bell if she's to avoid the ultimate crash and burn+-+326512661614785ocn502162211rcrd20100.08Cussler, CliveThe silent seaFictionSuspense fictionWar storiesOn December 7th, 1941, five brothers exploring a small island off the coast of Washington State make an extraordinary discovery, only to be interrupted by news of the Pearl Harbor attack. In the present, Cabrillo, chasing the remnants of a crashed satellite in the Argentina, stumbles upon a shocking revelation of his own. His search to untangle the mystery leads him to that small island and its secret+-+6590968965146411ocn710899638rcrd20110.12Cussler, CliveThe kingdomFictionAdventure storiesThe husband-and-wife team of Sam and Remi Fargo are used to hunting for treasure, but they aren't used to hunting for people--until an investigator friend of their goes missing and they promise to search for him. On a journey that will take them to Tibet, Nepal, China, Italy, and Siberia, the Fargos find themselves embroiled with black-market fossils and a skeleton that could just turn the history of human evolution on its head+-+K084797965+-+K084797965+-+K084797965Fri Mar 21 15:19:30 EDT 2014batch68649