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Fri Mar 21 17:12:58 2014 UTClccn-no990868390.00Brother Musicians. Reminiscences of Edward and Walter Bache ... With sixteen illustrations0.700.76Brother musicians; reminiscences of Edward and Walter Bache,47508334Walter_Bacheno 990868395113556lccn-nr91013804Bache, Constance1846-1903trllccn-no00003302Bache, F. E.(Francis Edward)1833-1858lccn-n79079048Liszt, Franz1811-1886cmplccn-nr98039229Mary Flagler Cary Music Collection (Pierpont Morgan Library)lccn-n82228417Bennett, Joseph1831-1911nc-st jamess hallSt. James's Hallnp-federici$signorFedericiSignorvocviaf-37676873Hill, Karl1831-1893viaf-64801350Brandt, Karl1828-1881lccn-n80019543Sullivan, ArthurSir1842-1900Bache, Walter1842-1888Bache, Walter,Bache, F. E.--(Francis Edward),Concert programsOratorios--LibrettosWagner, Richard,Richter, Hans,Beethoven, Ludwig van,Grove, George,Chopin, Frédéric,Bülow, Hans von,Bennett, Joseph,Liszt, Franz,Schubert, Franz,1842188818651874187618791880188318851886188719011101619775.75M1003Oocn838359093ocn084640305ocn08464030532ocn557701900book18650.47Bache, Walter[A Collection of Programmes of Walter Bache's Concerts.]11ocn498228739score18870.24Liszt, FranzAngelus : prière aux anges gardiens : pour quatuor ou quintuor d'instruments à cordes11ocn248753642book18830.47Mr. Walter Bache's pianoforte recital : (fourteenth season) ; the programme will consist of original compositions of Franz Liszt ; monday, 22nd october, 188311ocn084697712book0.47Bache, WalterConcert programmes 1865-188811ocn270125567book18860.10Bache, WalterWestwood House, Sydenham, to Arthur Sullivan11ocn810666711book0.47Bache, WalterWalter Bache's concert programmes from July 4, 1865 to Jan. 21, 1888 : collected in one volume11ocn061132513book18800.47Mr. Walter Bache's sixteenth annual concert : Tuesday evening, 11th March, 188011ocn060832633book18790.47Mr. Walter Bache's fifteenth annual concert : Tuesday evening, February 25th, 187911ocn084640305book18760.73Liszt, Franz[Die Legende von der heiligen Elisabeth.] The Legend of St. Elizabeth. An oratorio composed by Franz Liszt. The words translated from the German of Otto Roquette by Constance Bache. Book of words with ... analytical notes by Joseph Bennett11ocn838359093score18800.47Liszt, FrançoisSarabande und Chaconne aus dem Singspiel Almira von G. F. Händel für Pianoforte zum Concertvortrag bearbeitet11ocn557700874book1901Bache, ConstanceBrother Musicians. Reminiscences of Edward and Walter Bache ... With sixteen illustrations11ocn270670847book18800.10Bache, Walter[London], to DeichmannSaying he will play the "Schubert-Liszt Fantasia" at his concert on 27 November, asking if Deichmann will see if Mr. [Joseph] Bennett will allow him to reprint Bennett's program notes, discussing the alterations he would like to make in Bennett's notes if he uses them, etc11ocn248753003book18850.47Mr. Walter Bache's twelfth orchestral concert for performance of works by Franz Liszt on thursday evening, 5th february, 1885933ocn000399225book19010.76Bache, ConstanceBrother musicians; reminiscences of Edward and Walter Bache11ocn270565361book18760.10Dannreuther, Edward[London], 13 April 1876, 24 January 1881, [and n.d.], to [Joseph] BennettSaying that the Figaro reprinted an article from an American newspaper violently attacking Dannreuther's translation of Wagner's book on Beethoven, that "the article contains downright lies," saying that Grove has invested in Dannreuther's Beethoven--part goes into Macmillan, "part into a dictionary he is preparing"--, mentioning Littleton, Bache, Bülow, advising Bennett on getting tickets and hotels at Bayreuth, etc11ocn270578888book18740.10Klindworth, KarlVilla Schumacher in Taschenlaken bei Hall in Tyrol, [August 1874], to [Edward] Dannreuther]Saying that he just came from Bayreuth and Wagner's magnificent new house, that a part of Götterdämmerung he sent from Russia never reached Bayreuth, having been routed to Beirut instead, discussing preparations for the first performance of the Ring, asking if he has seen Klindworth's Chopin edition, mentioning Schott, Betz, Niemann, Hill, Materna, Scaria, Richter, [Georg Unger], Brandt, [Walter] Bache, etcFri Mar 21 15:55:48 EDT 2014batch7765