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Studio Documentary EastStudio Documentary East (National Film Board of Canada)lccn-no2001069981Kawaja, Jennifernp-stikeman, ginnyStikeman, Ginnylccn-n80050316Films for the Humanities (Firm)lccn-n81133834Saʻdāwī, Nawāllccn-no97052599Martin, Kentprolccn-n80120516National Film Board of Canadaviaf-105961138MacInnes, Teresaausdrtviaf-105918158Wong, Margaretnp-jalabi, afraJalabi, Afranp-jalabi, mariamJalabi, MariamNational Film Board of CanadaDocumentary East StudioBiographyHistoryAnecdotesCase studiesWomen, Arab--Social conditionsMuslim women--Social conditionsCanadaArab countriesMuslim women--AttitudesVeilsSelf-perception in womenWomen's rightsWomen--Social conditionsPurdahCreighton, Helen,Middle EastFeminism--Social aspectsStereotypes (Social psychology)Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare, William)Shakespeare, William,Shylock (Fictitious character)Jews as literary charactersNewfoundland and LabradorMilitary spousesElectionsCanada.--ParliamentPolitical campaignsNova Scotia--MiddletonInterpersonal conflict in adolescencePeer counseling of studentsUnited StatesWomenClancy, MaryWomen--Political activityMcDonough, AlexaSalvation ArmyOntario--TorontoMaritime ProvincesWomen in IslamNova ScotiaFolkloristsFolk songsFolkloreWomen folkloristsSchool violenceSocial serviceSalvationistsPeace--Study and teaching (Elementary)School violence--PreventionTravelHealersCanada.--Parliament.--House of CommonsDivinationOccultism199719981999200020012002200320042007201220133751837305.488927HQ17841503ocn045012092visu19990.66Beyond borders-- Arab feminists talk about their lives-- East and WestIn the Arab world, women are fighting a two-front war against repressive internal constraints and intrusive Western interference. In this program, a feminist delegation composed of author Nawal Sadawi and other renowned activists from the Middle East and North Africa gathers at the UN, on college campuses, and in church basements to speak out about deterioration of women's rights in the Arab states in an effort to heighten awareness of the Arab feminist struggle for equality--and the effects of U.S. foreign policy on their efforts787ocn062867294visu19990.56Under one sky-- Arab women in North America talk about the hijabArab women, from Montreal and Toronto, discuss the wearing of the hijab, or veil, what it represents to them, and their awareness of what it means to others, especially in the West. They discuss their wish to escape all stereotypes and choose their own identity283ocn053884298visu20020.53Learning peace a big school with a big heartThis film chronicles a year at Annapolis East Elementary, a school where more than 700 kids play, study, meet, and - like kids everywhere - sometimes fight. Thanks to an antiviolence program introduced in 1996 by principal Heather Harris, bullying and fighting have become a rarity now that peace education has been fully integrated into the school curriculum. A peer mediation program helps students settle disputes, good behavior is rewarded at monthly assemblies, and a full-time counselor devotes his days (lunch hours and breaks included) to helping kids address anger issues. Over the course of a year, it becomes clear that peace is hard work - but well worth the effort191ocn048443861visu19990.70ShylockHistoryA study of the character, Shylock, from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Shot across Europe and North America, it features interviews with top directors and actors, and clips of important performances (including Laurence Olivier and Orson Welles). Gives the historical background to the character. Shows how the stage interpretation of Shylock changed as anti-Semitic attitudes changed152ocn154771902visu19990.29The kitchen goddessDonna Davies visits seven women psychics in the Maritime provinces of eastern Canada who use herbal preparations, spells, astrology, and simple tools like tea leaves and tap water to look into the past, present and future142ocn048439887visu19970.63Anna JamesonHistoryLooks at the life of Anna Jameson and her two-month expedition through the Canadian wildernes132ocn059733005visu19970.56Frances HopkinsHistoryThis biography of the painter Frances Hopkins focuses on her life in Canada when married to Edward Hopkins, who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company. They lived in Montreal from 1858 to 1870, and Frances accompanied her husband on inspection trips west to Fort William by canoe. She recorded the scenery and the life of the fur traders and voyageurs, and the Wolseley Expedition to put down the Riel Rebellion. Her paintings are a valuable record of a way of life that was ending even as she recorded it112ocn052248476visu19990.27LostThe experience of being lost lies at the heart of this documentary. People who have been lost overnight or longer recall the stress and the ongoing effects on their lives. Why do lost people almost invariably make the worst possible decisions? Psychologists Ken Hill and Daniel Montello reveal why and describe the science of the search. Being lost is more than just a physical state. It's also a key part of our cultural and spiritual experience. Lost was shot in England, Alberta, and Nova Scotia, the province where more people get lost per capita than anywhere else in North America111ocn079998159visu19970.53Seven brides for Uncle SamHistoryBiographyCase studiesThis video documents the stories of seven newfoundland women who married American servicemen. In what was called "the friendly invasion," some of the largest military bases outside of the United States were located in Newfoundland. From the beginning of the Second World War until the recent end of the Cold War, when the last base closed, as many as forty thousand Newfoundland women married Americna. Many of these liaisons were happy; some were not93ocn053213887visu20010.37SalvationBiographyThere is an army in the city's mean streets. Its foe is poverty and human misery. Salvation is about front-line workers serving the needy under the umbrella of the Salvation Army, offering a glimpse into the hearts and minds of people on both sides of the street. Shot in downtown Toronto at Christmastime, this moving documentary chronicles the small hopes and tiny victories of life lived in the shadows of destitution in the inner city72ocn071766857visu19980.35Rain, drizzle and fogHistoryAnecdotesThis program is a celebration of a town like no other: St. John's, Newfoundland. Director Rosemary House and some of Newfoundland's most famous artists and writers take you on a tour of the city's past and present from their own perspectives--which are as unique as the town itself52ocn606846684visu19990.47The perfect heroHistoryMeet some of the hunks who pose for the book covers as they compete in the Mr. Romance Pageant on board a cruise ship. Experience an insider's look at the business of romance fiction through the eyes of the huge Harlequin empire. Enjoy a fun - and sometimes surprising -- look at who writes these books, who reads them, and why41ocn227284394visu20070.76Davies, DonnaA sigh and a wish Helen Creighton's maritimesBiographyRenowned folklorist Helen Creighton single-handedly compiled North America's largest collection of folklore and music, much of which would have disappeared forever if not for her tenacity, collecting stories and songs from the Gaelic singers of Cape Breton, French Acadians, the Mi'kmaw, and the Black communities of Nova Scotia31ocn631988122visu19970.35Ishbel, Countess of AberdeenHistoryBiographyThe Petticoat expeditions series uses the words and works of three extraordinary British women to recount their experiences in 19th-century Canada. This program looks at the life of Lady Aberdeen, who devoted herself to social reform and helped found both the National Council of Women of Canada and the Victorian Order of Nurses in Canada. Her excursions across the country in the 1890s are chronicled in a photographic travelogue31ocn078466139visu19990.50Why women runBiographyOn June 2, 1997, residents of Halifax went to the polls to choose between Mary Clancy, the incumbent Liberal Member of Parliament, and Alexa McDonough, leader of the federal New Democratic Party of Canada. It was slated to be one of the most highly contested races in the country and one of the rare occasions when two strong women candidates were running against each other -- The movie highlights the accomplishments of women in politics and the problems many women face participating in the political process22ocn082998470visu19990.66Wendy Lill playwright in parliamentBiographyChronicles Wendy Lill's first year in office, from the election in 1997 to her introduction to parliament as a rookie member representing Dartmouth and her duties as NDP cultural and disability critic21ocn080092905visu19990.25And so to bedJeff McKay takes us on an unusual odyssey into the world of the commonplace - our beds. Visit the beds of families, Nevada hooker, truckers, a murderer in his cell, artists, an undertaker, a coroner and a homeless man who remembers his mother tucking him in11ocn434099028visu0.47The Petticoat expeditionsHistoryFri Mar 21 16:01:47 EDT 2014batch15165