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Fri Mar 21 17:11:47 2014 UTClccn-nr20050286640.12Christmas with a capital C0.140.19Dick42051485Ted_McGinleynr20050286646796390Mac Ginley Ted 1958-....MacGinley Ted 1958-....Mc Ginley Ted 1958-....McGinley, Theodore Martin.lccn-no2003110508Barr, Douglas1949-lccn-no2005068937Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (Firm)np-solomos, steveSolomos, Stevelccn-no2008155799Francis, Genielccn-no2010014029Hallmark Channel (Television network)nc-wildrice firmWildrice (Firm)nc-doone city picturesDoone City Pictureslccn-no2012025411Lightworks Picturesnp-cooper, paul wCooper, Paul pictures firmLightworks Pictures (Firm)McGinley, TedDramaTelevision programsFictionFilm adaptationsLegal dramaTelevision comediesMan-woman relationshipsUnited StatesFamiliesAircraft accidentsJournalistsWatergate Affair (1972-1974)Advice columnistsSchool field tripsHigh school studentsLegal documents--Destruction and reconstructionLoveLetter writingCollege studentsGreek letter societiesCollege students--Sexual behaviorAlaskaChurch and stateNixon, Richard M.--(Richard Milhous),Christmas decorationsCrèches (Nativity scenes)LettersInfantsMarriageSpousesMarried peopleRich peoplePetroleum industry and tradeColorado--DenverManipulative behaviorFamily-owned business enterprisesDivorced peopleDysfunctional familiesBundy familyMinor league baseballRock groupsBaseballRock musiciansPolitical sciencePolitical satireBrothersParent and childWashington (D.C.)RevengeTeenage girlsHigh school girlsHailstormsLiver--Transplantation--PatientsSistersActressesCalifornia19581984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014341360102791.4572PN1992.77ocn085452963ocn047213970ocn024567789ocn027899573ocn030066723ocn035914288ocn831486748ocn676420851ocn676518892ocn691918401ocn780958586ocn839380121ocn753690688ocn7536624327292ocn243708159visu20070.13The noteFictionDramaFollowing a tragic plane crash, newspaper columnist Peyton MacGruder discovers a note that was from one of the passengers onboard. She sets on a quest to find the person for whom it was intended, and discovers the life it will change is her own+-+02887408964932ocn304666540visu20090.13The note II taking a chance on loveFictionDramaFilm adaptationsPeyton MacGruder is an advice columnist who asks herself and her reader - When do you take a chance on love? Haunted by past mistakes, Peyton hesitates to take the next step with the man she loves. But a note from a reader warns about the regret caused by passion denied. Peyton uncovers the author's secret history involving a doomed romance, yet is a love that may just live again+-+15381408963205ocn747732101visu20100.12McGinley, TedChristmas with a capital CDramaLegal dramaAn attorney returns to his small home town in Alaska and quickly rocks the boat by getting an injunction against the nativity display tradition and attacking Christmas2896ocn085452963visu19850.17Revenge of the nerdsDramaAt Adams College, the jocks rule the school from their house on high, the Alpha Beta fraternity. So when a group of socially-challenged misfits try to go Greek, they are immediately rejected by every house on campus. Deciding to start their own fraternity, the nerds soon find themselves in a battle royale as the Alpha Betas try to crush their new rivals2881ocn796653738visu20120.12The note 3 Notes from the heart healerDramaAfter a tragic plane crash, a local journalist discovers a note that she believes was written by one of the passengers. She seeks the note's intended recipient, but the journey is more revealing of her own past1011ocn171296698visu20070.15Married with childrenDramaMore fun with the less-than-loveable Bundy family. This season, there's a new man in the house when Peggy's relatives leave their young son with the Bundys, Al takes a job as a topless bartender to help with bills, Kelly buys a motorcycle, Bud starts his own fraternity to meet girls, and Peggy spends so much money that Al can't retire973ocn068967913visu20000.15Face the musicDramaDown-and-out rocker Dan Stone and his band fake Dan's death to get big-time publicity. When a beautiful reporter arrives to investigate, he must decide whether to stay undercover or come clean and make a play for the girl of his dreams961ocn213355943visu20080.15Married with childrenDramaMore fun with the less-than-loveable Bundy family. This season, Peggy switches seats with AL at a basketball game, and ends up being chosen for the $10,000 free throw contest. Kelly and Bud buy a car to share, and then are forced to double date+-+K202839796911ocn045340739visu20000.14Major leagueDramaMinor league baseball team South Carolina Buzz consisting of likable misfits is preparing for the match with the arrogant champions the Minnesota Twins882ocn085380838visu19930.16Revenge of the nerds III the next generationDramaIt's a new era at Adams College. The nerds have taken over, making the Tri Lambda fraternity the most popular on campus. But when Alpha Beta alumni campaign to regain their former turf, the nerds are forced to call in the cavalry, the original nerds811ocn444747866visu20090.16Married with childrenDramaThe Bundys are back and more outrageous than ever. Highlighted by the hilarious three-part episode 'Breaking Up is Easy to Do' where Al leaves Peggy and the kids to become the most swingin' single in all of Chicago, plus the Bundys take cover from a tornado, Al and Griff compete for a raise, Kelly must sign a contract to remain chaste if she is going to model, plus 18 other fun episodes+-+2731040896324651ocn795250422visu20120.12DynastyDramaInsatiable ambition. Stunning deception. Devastating consequences ... For the first time, the Carrington/Colby conflict leads to a climactic battle of Carrington brother against brother, resulting in a breathtaking betrayal no one sees coming.--Container634ocn060410267visu20020.12Frozen impactDramaJason is a 12 year-old boy in dire need of a liver transplant. But a deadly hailstorm threatens the family's race against time to save his life. When the plane carrying Jason's liver crashes into a mountainside, Dan, an emergency dispatcher and Jason's father, miraculously recovers the liver. But the storm has ravaged the town, and Jason is trapped inside a collapsed trailer621ocn047213970visu19990.19DickDramaDuring a class field trip to the White House in 1972, two high school girls wander into a top-secret shredding session. President Nixon appoints them "Official White House dog walkers" to find out how much they have discovered611ocn052050675visu20030.17Married with childrenDramaTelevision comediesTelevision programsA collection of the television show's wildest episodes featuring the delightfully dysfunctional Bundys562ocn308732728visu20090.13Hope & FaithDramaHope is a down-to-earth, happily married mother of three living in Glen Falls, Ohio. She has her tidy world up-ended by the arrival of her celebrity sister, Faith. Faith was living the high life in Hollywood as a daytime soap opera star until her character, Ashley Storm, is suddenly killed off. After having Faith living under her roof, Hope can attest that you can kill the diva off on the daytime drama, but you can't take the drama out of the diva521ocn844793578visu20130.13DynastyDramaThis hugely popular prime-time soap opera follows the exploits of the Carringtons and Colbys, both "oil rich" family dynasties in Denver, CO, as they accrue and manipulate power and wealth. As the war between the Carringtons and Colbys escalates into intensely personal territory, Blake must face down his own brother; Krystle is left clinging to life; and Alexis reaches new depths of romantic treachery511ocn844793579visu20130.13DynastyDramaThis hugely popular prime-time soap opera follows the exploits of the Carringtons and Colbys, both 'oilrich' family dynasties in Denver, CO, as they accrue and manipulate power and wealth. Watch as the war between the Carrington and the Colby family empires reaches staggering new heights, culminating in a sumptuous wedding ceremony with a cliffhanger finale no one could ever predict.--Container351ocn052378714visu20030.15Married with children. the most outrageous episodesDramaA collection of the television show's wildest episodes featuring the delightfully dysfunctional Bundys+-+6242749596324306ocn024567789visu19910.16Blue tornadoAir force fighter pilots on a test mission are blinded by a dazzling light on a mountain side+-+0288740896+-+0288740896Fri Mar 21 15:45:34 EDT 2014batch16625