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Thu Oct 16 17:56:59 2014 UTClccn-nr20050292620.00The Howe exhibition catalogue of sewing machines & cases0.811.00Instruction book for the Howe Sewing Machine : step feed265169943nr20050292626802799Howe Machine Companylccn-n85339570Singer Sewing Machine Companylccn-n88144058Grover & Baker Sewing Machine Companylccn-nr2006002908Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Companynp-doak, edmundDoak, Edmundlccn-n50050588Parton, James1822-1891lccn-nr93045047Howe, Elias1819-1867nc-siebert f new haven connSiebert, F. (New Haven, Conn.)nc-johnson & tyler haverhill massJohnson & Tyler (Haverhill, Mass.)nc-f siebertF. Siebertnc-bowne & grogan paterson n jBowne & Grogan, Paterson, N.J.Howe Machine CoHistoryCatalogsHandbooks, manuals, etcSewing machinesHowe, Elias,Sewing-machine industryCommercial catalogsGrover & Baker Sewing Machine CompanyWheeler & Wilson Manufacturing CompanySinger Sewing Machine CompanyClothing tradeDressmakingClothing and dressCalifornia--Los AngelesLathesManners and customsMachine partsPoetryTyphoid feverPatent infringementNew York (State)--New YorkAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Public opinionUnited States.--Army.--Indiana Infantry Regiment, 100th (1862-1865)United States.--Army.--Indiana Infantry Regiment, 13th (1861-1865)Regimental historiesDemocratic Party (U.S.)West VirginiaRich Mountain, Battle of (West Virginia : 1861)SlaveryHopley, Catherine CooperElectionsUnited States.--Army.--Indiana Infantry Regiment, 6th (1861-1865)United States.--Army.--Indiana Infantry Regiment, 89th (1862-1865)United States.--Army.--Indiana Infantry Regiment, 75th (1862-1865)United StatesUnited States.--Army.--Indiana Infantry Regiment, 46th (1861-1865)Cheat Mountain, Battle of (West Virginia : 1861)United States.--Army.--Indiana Infantry Regiment, 21st (1861-1863)Methodist ChurchMilitary campaignsIndiana--Howard CountyKnott familyUnited States.--Army.--Indiana Infantry Regiment, 20th (1861-1865)Prisoners of warIndianaRepublican Party (U.S. : 1854- )Virginia--Strasburg186218661867186818691871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883189418971286279681.7677TJ1519368ocn046723821book18660.77Howe Machine CoThe Howe exhibition catalogue of sewing machines & casesCatalogsThis catalogue presents a pictorial history of the sewing machine, which revolutionized one of women's traditional domestic responsibilities82ocn024552991book18820.88Howe Machine CoThe Howe Machine Company almanac41ocn078216998book18680.93Parton, JamesHistory of the sewing machineHistoryCatalogs42ocn039184319book18671.00Howe Machine CoInstruction book for the Howe Sewing Machine : step feedHandbooks, manuals, etc33ocn045451099book18731.00Howe Machine CoCheck receipt from Howe sewing machine company21ocn191308634bookHowe Machine CoThe Howe exhibition catalogue of sewing machines & casesCatalogs21ocn080353429book1868Parton, JamesGeschichte der Näh-Maschine.22ocn045451116book18761.00Howe Machine Co[Correspondence from company to customer]21ocn008002234book18831.00Howe Machine CoThe Howe Machine Co's illustrated alphabet : machine poetryCatalogs22ocn045451027book18761.00Howe Machine CoThe Howe (S.M. exhibition catalogue) a brief history of the sewing machine and its inventor, Elias Howe, Jr21ocn016474240serial1.00Howe Machine CoIllustrated almanac for11ocn045451170book18771.00Howe Machine CoReceipt from company to customer11ocn045451829book18791.00Howe Machine Co[Correspondence from Howe machine company to customer?]11ocn045452451book1.00Howe Machine CoThe Howe sewing machineHandbooks, manuals, etc11ocn045451072book18731.00Howe Machine CoCheck receipt from Howe company11ocn083498130book1868Howe Machine CoThe world-renowned Howe sewing machines,11ocn045452401book18831.00Howe Machine CoHowe Machine Company's illustrated alphabet machine poetry11ocn045451055book18741.00Howe Machine CoCheck of $10 from office of D.D. Schoonmaker for a sewing machine11ocn045451108book18731.00Howe Machine CoBill from Howe sewing machine company11ocn045452410book1.00Howe Machine CoInstruction book for the new B machine. Manufactured by the Howe Machine Company82ocn437864377book18740.77Doak, EdmundPalacio Imperial! Generos de modistas! Se hacen vestidos! Maquinas de coser22ocn402520231book18711.00Howe Machine CoInstruction book for the Howe Sewing Machine : step feedHandbooks, manuals, etc11ocn402463555book18811.00Howe Machine CoThe Howe Machine Company et al. v. the National Needle Company, and same v. Alonzo H. Whitten et al. : brief for complainantsTrials, litigation, etc11ocn173729969serial1.00Howe Machine Co[Catalogue]PeriodicalsCatalogs11ocn247161744mixKirkpatrick family[Papers]HistoryPoetryCollection includes material, most newspaper clippings, from Howard County (Ind.) and Kokomo, 1850-1918. There is information on Howard County Civil War regiments, Methodist clergy, local obituaries, poetry, etc11ocn191578774book1.00Howe Machine CoThe Howe sewing machineHandbooks, manuals, etc11ocn080229199book18811.00Rabbeno, AronneStudi di diritto industriale italiano. Questioni generali sorte nelle cause della ditta inglese The Howe Machine Comp. di Londra con vari fabbricanti e commercianti italiani di macchine da cucire applicabili anche a cause di contravvenzioni congeneriThu Oct 16 15:56:41 EDT 2014batch12910