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Fri Mar 21 17:04:35 2014 UTClccn-nr880110600.00John Steuart Curry : a portrait of the artist as a Kansan /0.560.92From Taylorism to quality control : scientific management in twentieth-century Japan /110043664William_Tsutsuinr 880110602401051Tsutsui William 1963-....Tsutsui, William M.ツツイ, ウィリアム Mviaf-119347951Itō, Michikoedtlccn-no2001040186Baskett, Michaeledtlccn-no00037213Wiley InterScience (Online service)lccn-nb2002013677Swann, Marjorie(Marjorie E.)lccn-n80050020Curry, John Steuart1897-1946viaf-254216607神山, 京子lccn-nb99122595Heenan, Patricknp-it, michikoIt, Michikolccn-no2011129702Kansas Federation of Women's Clubslccn-n82055558Mulgan, Aurelia GeorgeTsutsui, William M.HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJapanIndustrial managementIndustrial engineeringPopular cultureCivilizationBanks and bankingAllied Occupation of Japan (1945-1952)Economic historyEconomic policyInternational economic relationsBanks and banking--Government policyUnited StatesMass media--Social aspectsCivilization, Modern--Japanese influencesGlobalization--Social aspectsRelations (Canon law)Sports and stateOlympic athletesSports--Social aspectsEast AsiaManners and customsBusinessRelationsHealthFiscal policyQuality controlPerforming artsAsiaKansasCurry, John Steuart,Traveling exhibitionsArtArt and societyBanks and banking, JapaneseArt patronageKansas Federation of Women's Clubs19631985198719881995199819992001200320042005200620072009201020112013430926143658.009520904T55.77.J3ocn698875874ocn761276327ocn470893174ocn799027035ocn781209122ocn441095186ocn748527210ocn468384773ocn866823182ocn803944780167330ocn744470675file19980.53Tsutsui, William MManufacturing ideology scientific management in twentieth-century JapanJapanese industry is the envy of the world for its efficient and humane management practices. Yet, as William Tsutsui argues, the origins and implications of "Japanese-style management" are poorly understood. Contrary to widespread belief, Japan's acclaimed strategies are not particularly novel or even especially Japanese. Tsutsui traces the roots of these practices to Scientific Management, or Taylorism, an American concept that arrived in Japan at the turn of the century. During subsequent decades, this imported model was embraced--and ultimately transformed--in Japan's industrial workshops+-+411773559632483632ocn064442902book20060.59Tsutsui, William MA companion to Japanese historyHistoryA Companion to Japanese History provides an authoritative overview of current debates and approaches within the study of Japans history.; Composed of 30 chapters written by an international group of scholars.; Combines traditional perspectives with the most recent scholarly concerns.; Supplements a chronological survey with targeted thematic analyses.; Presents stimulating interventions into individual controversies+-+454166059632447413ocn709749589file19880.59Tsutsui, William MBanking policy in Japan American efforts at reform during the OccupationHistoryHow Japan's banking system maintained continuity of development and avoided the occupiers' attempts at "democratisation" and "Americanisation" is the subject of this book. It explores why the Americans were committed to reform, the reasons they failed and how important the maintenance of the financial status quo was to the subsequent development of Japan's "miracle" economy46916ocn062697238book20060.66Ito, MichikoIn Godzilla's footsteps : Japanese pop culture icons on the global stageCriticism, interpretation, etcThese essays consider the Godzilla films and how they were shaped by and also influenced postwar Japanese culture, as well as the globalization of Japanese pop culture icons in the wake of the Godzilla phenomenon. They fall within a wide range of disciplines: Film Studies, Anthropology, History, Literature, Theatre and Cultural Studies. Contributors include Susan Napier, Anne Allison, Christine Yano and others+-+56191485964537ocn054544028book20040.32Tsutsui, William MGodzilla on my mind : fifty years of the king of monstersCriticism, interpretation, etcIn 2004, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his first appearance on the screen, the original, uncut version of Godzilla was released in American theaters to the delight of sci-fi and B-movie fans everywhere. Ever since Godzilla (or Gojira, as he is known in Japan) crawled out of his radioactive birthplace to cut a swath of destruction through Tokyo, he has claimed a place alongside King Kong and others in the movie monster pantheon. He is the third most recognizable Japanese celebrity in the United States, and his fan base continues to grow as children today prove his enduring appeal. Historian Bill Tsutsui, a lifelong fan, takes a lighthearted look at the big, green, radioactive lizard, revealing how he was born and how he became a megastar. With humorous anecdotes, the book explores his lasting cultural impact on the world.--From publisher description+-+79291485961706ocn624405675book20100.73Tsutsui, William MJapanese popular culture and globalization988ocn732627121book20110.84Tsutsui, William MThe East Asian Olympiads, 1934-2008 : building bodies and nations in Japan, Korea, and ChinaHistoryThis interdisciplinary volume, the first to focus on the collective East Asian Olympic experience, reveals the Games' important role in the creation of a modern Asian identity in a world-and a global sporting culture-still dominated by the West857ocn039678324book19990.73Banking in Japan+-+266526069593ocn632080904book20100.29Tsutsui, William MBanking policy in JapanHistory63ocn036422089book19950.92Tsutsui, William MFrom Taylorism to quality control : scientific management in twentieth-century JapanHistory61ocn165698332book19990.29Banking in Japan51ocn165698340book19990.28Banking in Japan51ocn165698343book19990.28Banking in Japan32ocn782528926book19980.56Heenan, PatrickThe Japan handbookFirst Published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company+-+100530420632ocn675959937book20050.92Tsutsui, William MGojira to amerika no hanseikiCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn069156872art2004Swann, MarjorieJohn Steuart Curry : a portrait of the artist as a Kansan21ocn054789693art2003Tsutsui, William M"Light the beauty around you" : the art collection of the Kansas Federation of Women's ClubsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn051750900art2003Tsutsui, William MKansans and the visual arts11ocn060453269art2001Tsutsui, William M[Book review of] Kate Hansen : the grandest misson on earth, from Kansas to Japan, 1907-1951, by Dane G. and Polly Roth Bales with Calvin Harbin11ocn122954072book19870.47Tsutsui, William MAmerican efforts at banking reform in occupied Japan, 1945-52History+-+4117735596324+-+4117735596324Fri Mar 21 15:25:10 EDT 2014batch14417