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Fri Mar 21 17:14:58 2014 UTClccn-nr890145110.00And reminiscences0.601.00Exhibition of works by five deceased British artists Sir W.Q. Orchardson, W.P. Frith, R.W. Macbeth, J.M. Swan [and] [R.A.] D. Farquharson /77118105William_Powell_Frithnr 890145112636086Frith, W. P.Frith, W. P. (William Powell), 1819-1909Frith, WilliamFrith William 1819-1909William Powell Frithlccn-nr98018945Bills, Markedtlccn-n85163487Knight, Vivienedtlccn-n50058005Guildhall Art Gallerylccn-nr95029628Mercer Art Gallerylccn-n79054670Leech, John1817-1864lccn-no2004021360Noakes, Aubreylccn-nr99028376Wood, Christopher1962-viaf-247129711Wallis, Nevileedtnp-wallis, nWallis, N.lccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616Frith, William Powell1819-1909BiographyCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondenceConcordancesExhibition catalogsPrayersFrith, William Powell,Great BritainPaintersGenre painting, VictorianLeech, John,Shakespeare, William,Caricatures and cartoonsEnglandArtistsCraig, W. J.--(William James),English drama--Early modern and ElizabethanEnglish dramaBibleInspirationMillennium (Eschatology)--Biblical teachingPainting, VictorianArt, EuropeanArt, BritishHarrogate Art GalleryDickens, Charles,Railroads in artWhitechapel Art GalleryOlder peopleBereavement--Religious aspects--ChristianityBible.--PsalmsGermanyWhitehead, Charles,Victoria and Albert MuseumEnglish poetryArt appreciationThackeray, William Makepeace,Hogarth, William,Cruikshank, George,18191909184518491851185618581859186118621863186418651866186818721873187418751877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941896189719011902190519071910191119511957196219691978198819891993199519971999200220042006200720092010201120122333157268759.2PR2753ocn056089808ocn021454360ocn054222409ocn318422323ocn271805651ocn859417121ocn693337413ocn450910543ocn811542247ocn693336617ocn768130876ocn693337413ocn693336617ocn7626738332932ocn004719396book19780.53Noakes, AubreyWilliam Frith, extraordinary Victorian painter : a biographical & critical essayBiography2629ocn001648286book18810.70Frith, William PowellJohn Leech; his life and work1966ocn000554574book19570.73Frith, William PowellA Victorian canvas; the memoirs of W.P. 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FarquharsonExhibition catalogs42ocn315257110book18830.47Frith, William PowellLife's eventide; or, Loving words to aged pilgrimsPrayers43ocn057646966book18620.73Taylor, TomThe railway station41ocn223944935book18910.47Frith, William PowellJohn Leech his life and work By William Powell Frith, ... With portrait and numerous illustrations In two volumes4913ocn068694253book20060.50William Powell Frith : painting the Victorian ageCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+854676558537819ocn003567809book18770.79Frith, William PowellMy autobiography and reminiscencesBiographyRecords and correspondence2343ocn071348170book20060.33Wood, ChristopherWilliam Powell Frith : a painter & his worldBiography"William Powell Frith, painter of Derby Day and The Railway Station, was a great Victorian artist, yet this is his only biography. Born the same year as Queen Victoria, Frith was initially a reluctant artist; preferring auctioneering. Art historian Christopher Wood presents a vivid picture of the man who, in true Victorian style, had a wife, mistress and nineteen children. Published to coincide with major exhibitions at the Guildhall, London and Harrogate."--Jacket+-+0093845025231ocn059408892book19570.73Frith, William PowellA Victorian canvas; the memoirs of W.P. Frith, R.A101ocn038635019book18880.33Frith, William PowellFurther reminiscences74ocn058048179book19970.81Montgomery, David LayneWilliam Powell Frith (1819-1909) : a reevaluation of his artistic careerCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyWilliam Powell Frith (1819-1909) was one of the most popular and successful painters of the Victorian era, yet, because of developments in modernism and the promotion of French-influenced styles, his work, as well as that of many other Victorian artists, has fallen out of fashion and has been nearly forgotten. Rather than applying the standards of modern aesthetics, Frith's artistic career, his style, goals and accomplishments are presented and reevaluated here within the context of his time. With this approach Frith reemerges as one of the key figures of his day. He is credited for his contribution in painting modern subjects before his French contemporaries such as Manet. Mote importantly, he is not condemned for his continued interest in the British heritage of history, literature and narration. Frith's reluctance to accept Impressionism and the aesthetic movement is viewed as an appropriate response from one steeped in the Victorian work ethic, trained in the traditional academic style, and sympathetic and responsive to the tastes of private patrons and public viewers. Frith's life and career are presented as an overview, regarding his influences from earlier British painters including William Hogarth, Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Lawrence and David Wilkie. Also emphasized are Frith's stylistic similarities and associations with other Victorian artists: Richard Ansdell, Douglas Cowper, Thomas Creswick, Augustus Egg, William Maw Egley, Alfred Elmore, Richard Dadd, Charles Robert Leslie, Daniel Maclise, William Mulready, Richard Redgrave, Edward Matthew Ward, the Pre-Raphaelites, and others. The misconception that Frith was primarily, if not exclusively, a genre painter is clarified by emphasizing three other important aspects of his career which have received relatively little attention: (1) portraits; (2) literary paintings (including works inspired by Cervantes, Shakespeare, Moliere, Vanbrugh, Farquhar, Addison, Steele, Gay, Richardson, Fielding, Sterne, Goldsmith, Scott, and Dickens); and, (3) historical paintings, particularly those illustrating anecdotes from the lives of British monarchs and other national celebrities. Whenever possible, photographic reproductions, including numerous details, are provided for all known paintings by Frith, documenting his work as a visual archive. Additional appendices serve as a catalog of all Frith's paintings, with notations concerning questionable attributions41ocn048604015book19510.47Frith, William PowellA Festival of Britain exhibition of paintings by William Powell Frith, R.A., 1819-1909, Harrogate Corporation Art Gallery, 7 July-Sept. 30, 1951Exhibition catalogs31ocn048603875book19510.47Frith, William PowellAn exhibition of paintings by William Powell Frith, R.A., 1819-1909 : Whitechapel Art Gallery, 25th October-1st December : in co-operation with the Harrogate Arts Collection SocietyExhibition catalogs32ocn222110203book18880.47Frith, William PowellMy autobiography and reminiscencesBiography21ocn081889575book19511.00Whitechapel Art Gallery...An exhibition of paintings by William Powell Frith, R.A., 1819-1909. In co-operation with the Harrogate arts collection society. 25th October-1st December21ocn014283075book19511.00Frith, William PowellAn exhibition of paintings by William Powell Frith, R.A., 1819-1909Exhibition catalogs21ocn078055407book1858Frith, William PowellMr. W.P. Frith's celebrated picture of the "Derby Day." : Painted by W.P. Frith, ... Engraving by Auguste Blanchard.21ocn702229955book1.00Hall, S. CA descriptive sketch by Mrs. S.C. Hall of the engraving of the Village pastor21ocn054216552book19510.92Frith, William PowellAn exhibition of paintings by William Powell Frith, 1819-1909 : ... Whitechapel Art Gallery, 25th October-1st DecemberExhibition catalogs21ocn056978026book18580.81Frith, William PowellMr. W.P. Frith's celebrated picture of the "Derby Day" opinions of the press11ocn122626246mix1863FitzGerald, EdwardWoodbridge, to Herman BiddellDiscusses a proposed visit and compares the work of Hogarth and Frith11ocn032503165book0.47Magazine articles on Dickens & Thackeray [Vol. 1]Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn272572377book19510.47Frith, William PowellA Festival of Britain exhibition of paintings by William Powell Frith, 1819-1909Exhibition catalogs11ocn032897041book19070.10Gems of the South Kensington collection11ocn221494238book19570.23Frith, William PowellA Victorian Canvas+-+0093845025+-+0093845025Fri Mar 21 15:54:45 EDT 2014batch23470