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Fri Mar 21 17:12:24 2014 UTClccn-nr900192300.00Letters received,0.561.00Catalogue des tableaux, esquisses, études, aquarelles, dessins et gravures,61818101Charles_Joshua_Chaplinnr 900192302828998Chaplin, Charles JoshuaChaplin, Charles Joshua, 1825-1891Chaplin, Charles-Josuah 1825-1891Charles Chaplinlccn-n97877683Masson, Alphonse-Charles1814-1898egrlccn-n50041773Minney, R. J.(Rubeigh James)1895-1979viaf-291106809刘芃如lccn-n85149549Knoedler, M.pbllccn-n83139030Avery, Samuel Putnam1822-1904lccn-n79029235Boussod, Valadon et Cieprtlccn-n50037946Daubigny, Charles François1817-1878lccn-n85183018Nanteuil, Célestin1813-1873egrlccn-nr91024076Hédouin, Ed(Edmond)1819-1889lccn-n50041610Fromentin, Eugène1820-1876Chaplin, Charles1825-1891IllustrationsChaplin, Charlie,Chaplin, Charles,Nijinsky, Vaslaw,Duchamp, Marcel,Masculinity in artHay--HarvestingHats in artMasculinityGender identity in motion picturesArtists' studios in artArts, ModernHorsesCows in artHomosexualityMotion picture actors and actressesUnited StatesGender identity in danceGender identity in artSexComediansBridgesGleaningArabsVeyrassat, Jules Jacques,Spinning in artArt, FrenchGoats in artSoap bubblesBeggars in artWooden bridgesRoyal Hospital for Seamen at GreenwichWomen musiciansShepherdsWomen artistsTen virgins (Parable)Millet, Jean François,GuitaristsGrey, Jane,--Lady,MonkeysEarringsFerriesMusiciansHell in artFamiliesHoussaye, Arsène,Snow in artStiltsLeda (Greek mythology)SewingBucintoro (Ship)1825189118501857185818611862186418651871187218731874187818861888189119171930195519612005534142ocn762197305ocn762345795ocn762197301ocn691791842ocn762345925ocn691813756ocn762345705ocn691712760ocn693092922ocn693092672ocn762791366ocn76279141021ocn040575926book18911.00Chaplin, CharlesCatalogue des tableaux, esquisses, études, aquarelles, dessins et gravures11ocn762791410visuNanteuil, CélestinRoses d'automne [estampe]11ocn693092365visu1858Masson, Alphonse CharlesLe Sommeil [estampe]11ocn658693908score1886Cazelles, J. FQuatorze Printemps ! Mazurka pour piano par J.-F. Cazelles11ocn080416172visu1.00Toussaint, HenriMiscellaneous etchingsOriginal etchings and reproductive prints. Original prints depict architectural subjects, including Brasenose College (Oxford), Notre-Dame de Rouen, Notre-Dame de Reims, the Ecole des beaux-arts, Kirkstall Abbey & Mount Grace Charterhouse. Reproductive prints are after Bonnat, Chaplain, Chaplin, Corot, Dannat, Delacroix, Diaz, Dupré, Fragonard, Henner, Meissonier, Morot, Teniers & Turner. Subjects include a portrait of Henri Harpignies, St. Anthony, a bridge, a bullfight, a dead horse, a dead woman martyr, gypsies, harps, harvesting, hats, hay harvesting, sailors & views in the forest of Fontainebleau, Morocco & St. Moritz. Some prints are present in more than one state. Some prints include remarques11ocn762346208visu1871Masson, Alphonse CharlesLisette [estampe]11ocn843050261book1961Hommage à Clara Haskil : théâtre de Vevey, 19 avril 196111ocn083957914book1930Chaplin, CharlesMillet11ocn843034912score1888La danse le Gaulois à ses abonnés : 188811ocn762791366visu1857Nanteuil, CélestinLes premières roses [estampe]11ocn693092672visu1872Masson, Alphonse CharlesLes Premiers liens [estampe]11ocn693092764visu1874Masson, Alphonse CharlesMaîtresse [estampe]11ocn693092610visu1865Masson, Alphonse Charles[Le Petit déjeuner] Tiré de la galerie de monsieur Thomas : [estampe]11ocn082175785visu1.00Courtry, ChReproductive printsReproductive prints after Franc̦ois Bonvin, Franc̦ois Boucher, Charles Chaplin, Eugène Delacoix, Honoré Fragonard, Eugène Fromentine, Jean Léon Gérôme, Francesco Guardi, Jean-Jacques Henner, Hans Holbein, Pieter de Hooch, Jacques de Lajoue, Armand Hubert Simon, Leleux, Timoléon Lobrichon, Emile van Marcke de Lummen, Arthur H. Marsh, Ernest Meissonier, Adolphe Menzel, Mihály Munkácsy, Henri Regnault, Paul Emile Sautai, Johannes Vermeer and Antoine Watteau. Individuals depicted include Madame de Pompadour, Salome, Alcibiades and the Maréchal de Saxe. Subjects include Arabs, artists' studios, bathers, belly dancers, blacksmiths, the Bucintoro (Bucentaure), cows, goats, guitarists, gleaners, horses, knights, musicians, nudes, print collectors, snow, soap bubbles, women musicians, women reading and white slavery11ocn691813756visuChaplin, Charles[Recueil. Oeuvre de Ch. Chaplin]11ocn083903599visu1.00Hédouin, EdPortraitsEtched portraits of X.B. Saintine (M. Xavier), a woman holding a feathered hat after Charles Chaplin and a patient at the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich, England after Sir Henry Raeburn. One print was in the Salon of 1873 and published in the Gazette des Beaux-Arts11ocn034377897visu18501.00Chaplin, CharlesReproductive printsReproductive prints after Bida, Decamps, Hédouin, Leleux, Nègre and Rubens. Subjects include a dead woman laid out for burial, a pig, shepherds, some of them walking on stilts, gleaners, a courtyard in Constantine (Algeria), Leda and the swan, a portrait of Helena Fourment, and the parable of the wise and foolish virgins11ocn808209865visuDeschamps, Louis-HenriA covered corpse lying on a bed11ocn077748467mixBeugniet, AdrienLetters receivedCollection consists of letters received from several correspondents, mostly artists. The letters concern practical matters, namely the framing, price and shipment of paintings. Of particular interest is one letter from Espargiliere of the "Maison imperiale" regarding the framing of the portraits of the Princes Napoleon and Jerome. Correspondents include Charles Chaplin, Daubigny, Edouard Detaille, J.-L. Gerome, Eugene Isabey, Marie Cazin, Gavarni, Eugene Fromentin, Jules Breton, F. L. Francais, Theodore Chasseriau, and Felix Ziem. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent11ocn081970591visu1.00Veyrassat, Jules JacquesMiscellaneous printsIllustrationsMiscellaneous reproductive prints and original etchings. Reproductive prints are after Rosa Bonheur, Charles Chaplin, Aelbert Cuyp, Charles Franc̦ois Daubigny, Alexandre Bida, Eugène Delacroix, Paul Delaroche, Charles Fortin, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Edouard Frère, Théodore Frère, Louis Gallait, Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Edmond Hédouin, Charles Emile Jacque, Charles Franc̦ois Marchal, Prosper Marilhat, Charles Monginot, Constant Troyon, Veronese and others. Subjects include portraits of Veyrassat's mother and wife, the title page for the series 12 eaux-fortes, the business card of M. Ardail, and numerous landscape prints and subjects involving horses. Additional subjects include the execution of Lady Jane Grey, Paolo and Francesca in hell from Dante's Divina commedia, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, animals in human situations, Arabs, artists and artists' studios, barrels, bazaars, beggars, bridges, bulls, carriages and carts, children eating & drinking, coopers, cows, dogs, donkeys, draft horses, eating & drinking, ferries, hay harvesting, hunting, kissing, laundresses, lutes, monkeys, mothers, pitchforks, prayer, scythes, sewing, sheep, spinning, sheep, violins and views of Beirut and Brittany. Some prints are present in more than one state112ocn035993824book19550.95Minney, R. JHe ping zhan shi Zhuobielin21ocn071356455book20050.97Franklin, Paul BMen in the making : case studies in the work and personae of Vaslav Nijinsky, Charlie Chaplin, and Marcel Duchamp, 1909-1929Criticism, interpretation, etc11ocn862222340book0.92Amengual, BarthélemyCharles ChaplinBiographyExhibition catalogs11ocn081363783visu1917"A Night in a London club" this is the same company that played "A night in an English music hall," welcome return Karnos London Comedians with the famous Charles Chaplin as the "Souse."PostersPoster depicts a man with a bottle in one hand holding onto a lamppost11ocn083408587visu0.47Chaplin, CharlesCharles Chaplin : artist file :Assembled artist file includes b&w photographs, reproductions from books and auction catalogs, and in some cases, negatives. 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