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Fri Mar 21 17:14:56 2014 UTClccn-nr900216830.00The Court and Reign of Francis the First ... With a preface by A. Cohn0.640.94English-French hand book for the use of United States soldiers7241413Adolphe_Cohnnr 900216832839165lccn-n80126267Voltaire1694-1778np-woodward, benjamin duryea$1868Woodward, Benjamin Duryea1868-edtlccn-n81013473Le Sage, Alain René1668-1747viaf-291925721Sanderson, Robert Louis1851-edtlccn-n79069916Maupassant, Guy de1850-1893lccn-no98076986Spencer, Anne1882-1975lccn-n82113987Sumichrast, Frederick C. de(Frederick Caesar de)1845-1933trllccn-no2002036414Ranous, Dora Knowlton1859-1916trlnp-olinger, henri cOlinger, Henri C.trlnp-cohn mcmaster, albert mCohn-McMaster, Albert M.trlCohn, Adolphe1851-1930FictionHistoryConversation and phrase books‡vfor Soldiers, etcCriticism, interpretation, etcSoftwareBiographyFranceFrench essaysPhilosophyMontaigne, Michel de,French fictionLiteratureAristocracy (Social class)EscapesFrench literatureBlas, Gil (Fictitious character)RevengeAdventure storiesFalse imprisonmentEssais (Montaigne, Michel de)Picaresque literature, FrenchPiratesSpencer, Anne,Austen, JohnAuthors, FrenchPrisonersPrisonsLe Sage, Alain René,EssaysCivilizationSurrealismPhilosophy, FrenchMaupassant, Guy de,Smollett, T.--(Tobias),Chappell, Warren,Short stories, FrenchFrench languageHistoire de Gil Blas de Santillane (Le Sage, Alain René)Dumas, Alexandre,FictionRomance literatureWashington, George,Florio, John,Adventure stories, FrenchPhilosophy, ModernCriticism and interpretationShakespeare, William,Carter, Landon,Young menIllustrated booksAristocracy (Social class) in literatureAdventure and adventurersEducatorsManners and customsFine bindingsBookbinding--Gilding1851193018911892189718981899190119021903190519061907190819091910191119141917192219237323468843.5PQ1642.E5ocn002865496ocn000620236ocn009314201ocn000607879ocn610553700ocn018901484ocn685202604ocn574311366ocn040321021ocn027688005ocn001740158ocn368342812ocn018040946ocn464921206ocn021463221ocn502625441ocn762569523ocn857777373ocn0724580831814ocn002811672book18990.73Le Sage, Alain RenéThe adventures of Gil Blas of SantillaneHistoryFictionThe picaresque novel was an entertaining take on satire that came to prominence in early modern and Enlightenment-era Europe. Tales in this genre often features a dashing protagonist of humble origins who relies on his wit to make his way in life. To many critics, The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane represents the very pinnacle of the picaresque novel genre. Dive into this hilariously rollicking account and find out why!1577ocn002865496book18980.66VoltaireVoltaire's prose. Extracts selected and ed. with introduction and notes795ocn001740158book19100.66Maupassant, Guy deComplete works of Guy de MaupassantCriticism, interpretation, etc662ocn000620236book19070.73Montaigne, Michel deMontaigne; the essays586ocn002063638book18970.73VoltaireVoltaire's prose : extracts selected and edited with introduction and notes492ocn001428188book19170.35Maupassant, Guy deMad, and short stories+-+9191719406275ocn610553700book18970.81VoltaireVoltaire's prose222ocn004838195book19170.94Downer, Charles AlfredEnglish-French hand book for the use of United States soldiersConversation and phrase books for Soldiers, etc211ocn005871918book19220.24Dumas, AlexandreThe Count of Monte CristoHistoryFictionThe Count of Monte Cristo is the tense and exciting story of Edmond Dantes, a man on the threshold of a bright career and a happy marriage, who is imprisoned in the island fortress of the Chateau d'If on a false political charge. After staging a dramatic escape, he finds the fabulous treasure of Monte Cristo which makes him wealthy. He then sets upon the course of revenge against his old enemies166ocn368342812book18170.47Beck, James MLa guerre et l'humanite102ocn780054872com19070.31Montaigne, Michel deEssaysSoftwareBiographyTranslates selections from sixteenth-century French writer Michel de Montaigne's "Essays," a collection that presents Montaigne's philosophical opinions on a wide variety of subjects, including books, relationships, cruelty, and smells71ocn857777373file18910.31Annual report of the American Historical Association for the year 189051ocn018040946book19230.29Maupassant, Guy deThe masterpieces of Guy de Maupassant32ocn561767139book1907Montaigne, Michel deThe Essays, translated by John Florio, 1603. Selected and edited by A. Cohn31ocn219283586book19080.47MolièreMolière31ocn023990875book19170.47Maupassant, Guy deAfloat ; In the sunlight, etc.31ocn717015062book1917Beck, James MLa guerre et l'humanité / James M. Beck ; trad. de l'anglais sur la 3e éd. par Adolphe Cohn32ocn562963350book1902PardoeThe Court and Reign of Francis the First ... With a preface by A. Cohn21ocn562113831book1901Columbia UniversityColumbia University Studies in Romance Philology and Literature. [Edited by Adolphe Cohn and H.A. Todd.]22ocn809578618book1905Cohn, AdolpheFrench Classics for English Readers. Edited by A. Cohn and C.H. Page11ocn150949497art18990.10Chamberlain, Joshua LawrenceCohn, Adolphe, 1851-11ocn144514969art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamCohn, Adolphe11ocn753561990art19140.10Cohn, Adolphe: educator, philologistBiography+-+9191719406+-+9191719406Fri Mar 21 15:33:05 EDT 2014batch12847