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Fri Mar 21 17:04:58 2014 UTClccn-nr900038990.00The Literary Remains of the late Willis Gaylord Clark. Including the Ollapodiana Papers, the Spirit of Life, and a selection from his various prose and poetical writings Edited by Lewis Gaylord Clark. Fourth edition0.691.00Papers of T.H. Chivers,14618072Lewis_Gaylord_Clarknr 900038992703770Clark, L. Gaylord 1808-1873Clark, L. Gaylord (Lewis Gaylord), 1808-1873Clark, Louis Gaylord, 1808-1873lccn-n79029745Poe, Edgar Allan1809-1849lccn-n86144475Duyckinck, Evert A.(Evert Augustus)1816-1878lccn-n79006936Melville, Herman1819-1891lccn-n50033202Miller, Perry1905-1963lccn-nr91006862Clark, Willis Gaylord1808-1841np-hayward, wilbur mHayward, Wilbur M.lccn-n80034929Webster, Daniel1782-1852lccn-n50035339Hoffman, Charles Fenno1806-1884edtlccn-n50003568Flint, Timothy1780-1840edtlccn-n78079507Dunlap, Leslie W.(Leslie Whittaker)1911-2010edtClark, Lewis Gaylord1808-1873PortraitsRecords and correspondenceMusical settingsBiographyClark, Lewis Gaylord,Poe, Edgar Allan,CriticismMelville, Herman,New York (State)--New YorkLiterature publishingAuthors and publishersDuyckinck, Evert A.--(Evert Augustus),Intellectual lifeAuthorshipAmerican literatureAuthors, AmericanClark, Willis Gaylord,Webster, Daniel,Relations with publishersUnited StatesGift booksPeriodicalsChoruses, Secular (Women's voices, 2 parts) with pianoSongs with guitarSongs with pianoHumorous poetry, AmericanNonsense versesBurns, Robert,Bethune, George W.--(George Washington),Stephens, Ann S.--(Ann Sophia),Curtis, George William,Gould, Hannah Flagg,Irving, Washington,Child, Lydia Maria,Kirkland, Caroline M.--(Caroline Matilda),Willis, Nathaniel Parker,Tuckerman, Henry T.--(Henry Theodore),Bryant, William Cullen,Marsh, George P.--(George Perkins),Griswold, Rufus W.--(Rufus Wilmot),Sigourney, L. H.--(Lydia Howard),Benjamin, Park,Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell,Songs (Low voice) with pianoEverett, Edward,Neal, John,Marlay, Charles Brinsley,African AmericansWarner, Charles Dudley,Hillard, George Stillman,Slidell, John,EditorsStedman, Edmund Clarence,Cooke, John Esten,1808187318331834183518361837183818401841184418451846184718481850185118521853185418551857185818591862186418741899190919381940195619661973197819951996199719992000200720082013373084183818.39PS1299.C3ocn007538919ocn003637297ocn001650862ocn263174246ocn011422179ocn669402721ocn000643416ocn018517669ocn037163237ocn191282636ocn037735108ocn84663507545225ocn656544716book18440.90Clark, Willis GaylordThe literary remains of the late Willis Gaylord Clark Including the Ollapodiana papers, the spirit of life, and a selection from his various prose and poetical writings.Biography44312ocn171287104book18540.73The Knickerbocker gallery: a testimonial to the editor of the Knickerbocker magazine [i.e. Lewis Gaylord Clark]Portraits3616ocn060713453com18540.81Webster, DanielThe life, eulogy, and great orations of Daniel Webster25712ocn000271613book18520.90Clark, Lewis GaylordKnick-knacks from an editor's table15412ocn005304039book18450.93Clark, Lewis GaylordThe Knickerbocker sketch-book a library of select literature1467ocn002196188book18540.92The Knickerbocker gallery a testimonial to the editor of the Knickerbocker Magazine from its contributorsPortraits876ocn001416908book19380.90Clark, Willis GaylordThe letters of Willis Gaylord Clark and Lewis Gaylord ClarkRecords and correspondence695ocn029656581serial0.59The Knickerbocker; or, New York monthly magazine242ocn001650862book18330.66The Knickerbocker; or, New-York monthly magazine243ocn263174246book18470.88Clark, Willis GaylordThe literary remains including the Ollapodiana papers, the spirit of life, and a selection from his ... prose and poetical writings196ocn026997638book18470.95Clark, Lewis GaylordFriendship's token : and the lover's gift92ocn004413412score19780.98Kay, UlyssesThe flamingo : no. 4 from Pentagraph : for two-part chorus of treble voices (SA) and pianoMusical settings83ocn669402721com18480.88Clark, Lewis GaylordThe lover's gift; and friendship's token52ocn030336794book18500.96Clark, Willis GaylordThe poetical writings of the late Willis Gaylord Clark42ocn017817722book18990.97Mackintosh, NewtonA course of sprouts31ocn053395317com19960.81Clark, Willis GaylordThe poetical writings of the late Willis Gaylord Clark31ocn053383818com19960.66Clark, Willis GaylordThe literary remains of the late Willis Gaylord Clark, including the Ollapodiana Papers, the Spirit of Life and a selection from his various prose and poetical writings33ocn559581338book1859CLARK, Willis GaylordThe Literary Remains of the late Willis Gaylord Clark. Including the Ollapodiana Papers, the Spirit of Life, and a selection from his various prose and poetical writings Edited by Lewis Gaylord Clark. Fourth edition31ocn037735108score18370.98Russell, HenryMy heart's in the highlandsMusical settings21ocn001116384book18440.47Clark, Willis GaylordThe Ollapodiana papers, from the Knickerbocker magazine, March, 1835 to April, 1840 as reprinted in the literary remains of Willis Gaylord Clark13805ocn001165525book19560.47Miller, PerryThe raven and the whale; the war of words and wits in the era of Poe and MelvilleHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+22521628353241532ocn036590054book19970.53Miller, PerryThe raven and the whale : Poe, Melville, and the New York literary sceneHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8502036535552ocn005928222book18590.88The Atlantic souvenir for 1859 : with twelve elegant portraits on steel, from original pictures81ocn005194321book18540.33Knickerbocker gallery; a testimonial to the editor of the Knickerbocker magazine from its contributors11ocn081275092book18581.00Clark, Lewis GaylordLewis Gaylord Clark letter to My dear Mr. ChildsRecords and correspondenceClark writes to Childs, 9 Nov. 1858, thanking him for his compliance with a request11ocn052044668art1999Clark, Lewis Gaylord12ocn467178434mix1.00Benjamin, ParkHistoryCorrespondence, manuscripts of poems, and manuscripts of lectures by Benjamin. The correspondence consists of original letters of Benjamin, typescript and photostatic copies of Benjamin letters in other libraries, and letters to Benjamin from some of his literary contemporaries including Paul Hamilton Hayne, Willis Gaylord Clark, John Lothrop Motley, and Fitz-Greene Halleck. Many of the letters relate to Park Benjamin's lecture tours. There are other family letters and many documents relating to the Benjamin family,and two letterbooks of John Lothrop Motley. Also, a large amount of genealogical material of the Benjamin family, and its related families from the 16th century to the present day. There are also financial records, monographs, clippings, and photographs11ocn311056743book1.00Clark, Lewis GaylordNew York, NYRecords and correspondencePraising the engravings sent to him and stating that they will appear in the Knickerbocker Magazine11ocn064032068book1.00Embury, Emma CEmma C. Embury salon albumAn album comprising 122 autograph items, drawings, portraits, clippings and extracts relating to the development of an important American literary salon in New York. The correspondence addressed to Emma and Daniel Embury focuses primarily on literature, writing, and publishing. Subjects include American poetry, its relation to English poetry, criticism, publishing, literary annuals and magazines, women writers, literary circles, and social affairs. Correspondents include: George W. Bethune, William Cullen Bryant, Lewis Gaylord Clark, Thomas Seir Cummings, Samuel Goodrich, Hannah Flagg Gould, Fitz-Greene Halleck, Charles Fenno Hoffman, Daniel Huntington, Henry Inman, Catharine Sedgewick, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, L.H. Sigourney, Ann Sophia W. Stephens, John Trumbull and Alaric Watts. Includes an autograph address panel in the hand of George Gordon, Lord Byron11ocn849917379mix1.00Kellogg, Miner KMiner Kilbourne Kellogg papersScrapbook of clippings, collected by Kellogg from New York, Washington, Baltimore and Ohio newspapers. Some clippings were written by Kellogg, including stories about his own paintings, advertisements for his patent canvas stretcher, reports by him on his travel in foreign countries, and article on Hiram Powers, the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1880), Jane Eyre, Emanuel Swedenborg, the Cleveland Academy of Art, art unions, and fireproof buildings. Also included is a copy of a paper, "Fine arts in the United States" given by Kellogg in 1869 to the American Union Academy, Washington, D.C., and a booklet, "Mr. Miner K. Kellogg to his friends," Paris, 1858, describing his relationship with Powers11ocn030465144mix18570.47Clark, Lewis GaylordLetters : Knickerbocker Sanctum, New York, to M.S. BeachTwo letters written by Lewis Gaylord Clark of the Knickerbocker magazine to M.S. Beach inquiring about the possibility of publishing some accounts of the life of the notorious criminal Stephen Burroughs. The letters describe public reaction to Burrough's book and brief biographical notes about his life and death11ocn806969762art18460.10Poe, Edgar AllanThe literati of New York City -- no. V : some honest opinions at random respecting their authorial merits, with occasional words of personality [September 1846 issue]11ocn269530306book18550.10Heuston, S[New York], to Fletcher HarperConcerning a draft on him in the name of L.G. Clark11ocn311056752book1.00Clark, Lewis GaylordNew York, NYRecords and correspondenceAsking if he had offended Seward in writing about his handwriting11ocn084067612book1.00Sands, Alyce EWillis Gaylord Clark and Lewis Gaylord Clark : a bibliographical essay11ocn034689931mix1.00Chivers, T. HPapers of T.H. ChiversThe papers contain a fair manuscript copy of "The Rappings" with a note discussing the poem's popularity and Lewis Gaylord Clark's anger at it11ocn049372545art18551.00Bethune, George WPisecoPortraitsAnecdotes11ocn156979075art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamClark, Lewis Gaylord11ocn084672364book1.00Gould, Hannah FlaggPortraitsAutograph manuscript poems by the poet Hannah Flagg Gould (1789-1865), who wrote mostly on subjects of domestic life and memorials of soldiers, especially her father, Benjamin Gould. Also includes correspondence with her brother Benjamin A. Gould, the publishers George W. Childs and D. Appleton & Co., and friends. Two portrait engravings of Park Benjamin and L. Gaylord Clark are included with their letters11ocn837279473mix1.00Clark, Lewis GaylordLewis Gaylord Clark corrspondenceRecords and correspondenceLewis Gaylord Clark (1808-1873) was an American editor. The collection consists of correspondence between Clark and various friends and colleagues. Letters are predominantly outgoing, and relate to business matters. Some items are negative photostats+-+2252162835324Fri Mar 21 15:22:08 EDT 2014batch22585