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Thu Oct 16 17:58:46 2014 UTClccn-nr910445720.00Certifications to declarations by Sir John Pirie and Thomas Kelly,0.871.00Catalogue of [his] Books relating to America44158047nr 910445723108752Aspinwall 1786-1876 ColonelAspinwall, Colonel (Thomas), 1786-1876lccn-n80120512Massachusetts Historical Societylccn-n79005645Irving, Washington1783-1859lccn-n85158370Everett, Edward1794-1865lccn-n79056429Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth1807-1882lccn-n80097795Felton, C. C.(Cornelius Conway)1807-1862lccn-n85820195King, Charles1789-1867lccn-n80032729Holmes, Oliver Wendell1809-1894lccn-n50036519Bancroft, George1800-1891lccn-n86053817Francis, John W.(John Wakefield)1789-1861lccn-n80097854Greene, George Washington1811-1883Aspinwall, Thomas1786-1876CatalogsBiographySourcesManuscriptsHistoryBibliography‡vCatalogsAutographsPersonal narratives‡vConfederateRecords and correspondenceCommercial treatiesDexter, Samuel,MassachusettsRhode IslandBoundariesUnited StatesAspinwall, Thomas,LibrariesLawyersLegislatorsUnited States.--Supreme CourtJudgesIrving, Washington,AmericaBibliographyHench, Atcheson Laughlin,Jackson, Andrew,Ruggles, Daniel,Louisiana--New OrleansOhio--CincinnatiSouthern StatesVirginia--CharlottesvilleMutual Assurance Society Against Fire on Buildings of the State of VirginiaKane, Thomas L.--(Thomas Leiper),Virginia--RichmondGeological Survey (U.S.)Emigration and immigrationUnited States--Appalachian TrailRandolph, Edmund,Rhode Island--Narragansett RegionRandolph, Beverley,Beauregard, G. T.--(Gustave Toutant),Webster, Daniel,Adams, John Quincy,Randall, Alexander Williams,Silver questionTransportationInsurance policiesDiplomatsRogers, William Barton,VirginiaBloom, Sol,Bleecker, Harmanus,Balance of tradeUniversity of VirginiaEnglish language--SlangUniversities and colleges--FacultyPage, John,Political scienceDestruction and pillageAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)17861876181618191823182418311832183318341835183618381839184018421843184818491850185118521860186318641865187118791890190919661995200020124707399974.4AC1ocn03311886823213ocn820329805file18630.86Aspinwall, ThomasRemarks on the Narraganset patent read before the Massachusetts Historical Society, June, 1862History363ocn004871236book18600.93Washington Irving. Mr. Bryant's address on his life and genius. Addresses by Everett, Bancroft, Longfellow, Felton, Aspinwall, King, Francis, Greene. Mr. Allibone's Sketch of his life and works. With eight photographs342ocn002319212book18710.88Aspinwall papersSourcesManuscripts244ocn010478975book18630.84Aspinwall, ThomasRemarks on the Narraganset patentHistory102ocn044501751book18320.90Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of books relating to America in the collection of Colonel Aspinwall, consul of the United States of America at LondonBibliography CatalogsCatalogs31ocn081316721book1.00Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of [his] Books relating to AmericaCatalogs21ocn648014523mix1.00American and English literary and historical papers collected by Atcheson L. HenchHistoryAutographsPersonal narratives ConfederateWiliam Barton Rogers writes to Luthern Stearns Cushing, augusts A. Gould, Washington C. Kerr, [Clarence King?], Henry D. Rogers, Henry E. Roscoe andThomas G. Wales on routine matters, a geological map of North Carolina, directorship of the U.S. Geological Survey, University of Virginia classes, and the composition of kaolin21ocn181346496book18160.93Story, JosephSketch of the life of Samuel Dexter as delivered to the grand jurors of the district of Massachusetts, and to the members of the Suffolk bar at the opening of the court in Boston, May 15, 1816Biography21ocn832913450file18651.00Aspinwall, ThomasRemarks on the Narraganset patent. Read before the Massachusetts historical society, June, 1862, by Thomas Aspinwall40 p. 26 x 15 cm11ocn056506200book1842United StatesCertifications to declarations by Sir John Pirie and Thomas KellyCertificates signed by Thomas Aspinwall, Consul of the U.S. for London, regarding declarations made before him by Sir John Pirie, lord mayor and chief magistrate of London, and Thomas Kelly, alderman and magistrate of London, 23 July 1842. Seals of the Consulate are affixed, but declarations are missing11ocn078835519mix18641.00Condolence book for Charles Pelham CurtisScrapbook containing letters of condolence for Charles Pelham Curtis, first City Solicitor for the city of Boston, following his death in 1864. With this is bound a pamphlet in his memory, titled In memory of Charles Pelham Curtis. (Boston : J.H. Eastburn, 1864)11ocn057560320book18651.00Aspinwall, ThomasBoston, to Emory WashburnRecords and correspondenceAutograph note signed to Emory Washburn, relating to the Boston & Worcester Railroad Corporation; Boston, MA11ocn841792805book20120.10Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of books relating to america : in the collection of colonel aspinwall, consul of the11ocn236072104book18790.82Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of the valuable private library of the late Colonel Thomas Aspinwall, many years American consul at London ; to be sold by auction, on Tuesday, May 27, 1879, and following days, in the Library salesroom of Leonard & Co.Catalogs11ocn236237494book1.00Copy of will and related documentsExemplification of the will of Thomas Tomlin, on parchment, with 1 seal pendant. Attached is (1) the certification of John Sise Venn, notary public, and (2) verification of Venn's credentials by Thomas Aspinwall, U.S. consul in London. With official stamps11ocn647939795mix1.00Lee family papersThe collection contains two letters from George Fairfax Lee to Robert Carter of Nomini Hall, 1787 March 17 & 1790 December 2; and a letter Jos. Kent to Col. Aspinwall, Consul General, London, 1834, about Richard Lee11ocn078984363book18310.94Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of books relating to America, in the collection of Colonel Aspinwall Consul of the United States of America at LondonHistoryCatalogsBibliography11ocn122335132mix18491.00Rich, O[London, Eng.]Concerning Aspinwall's account11ocn647946364mix1.00American and English literary and historical papers collected by Atcheson L. HenchAutographsCommercial treatiesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcIndividual letters include Alexander Agassiz on lack of funding for a Museum of Comparative Zoology; Mark Alexander on his political service; Christopher Anstey on White family illness; Samuel Chapman Armstrong to Dr. Peabody on a "colored" preacher; and the progress of Hampton Institute; Philip James Bailey on an acquaintance; Joanna Baillie on her refusal to contribute to annuals; George Bancroft on Hart's life of Robert Morris; Clara Barton on a nephew's illness (copy); James Beattie sending thanks; Charles Bell to Sir John Richardson on a trip through England (copy); Park Benjamin on a speaking date; Cyrus Billartin to Charles Henry Van Wyck on Civil War letters; George Henry Boker to Paul Hamilton Hayne on literary matters; Joseph Bosworth to W. Jerdan on literary matters; John Minor Botts to William Ogden Niles on Whigs and the election of 1840; John Breckenridge on a clerkship; Max Bruch on a concerto; Peter Buchan on publishing Robert Burns; and Hezekiah Butterworth on William Dean Howells11ocn122692071mix18501.00Milton, EdwardFort McHenry, Maryland, to Colonel Thomas AspinwallIncludes letters of 1850 July 27 and November 11. Requests assistance of Aspinwall, then United States Consul in London, England; expresses concerns about finances and his aged mother; reflects upon military matters443ocn085888582file18320.90Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of books relating to America in the collection of Colonel Aspinwall, consul of the United States of America at LondonBibliography CatalogsCatalogs152ocn028141146book18310.94Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of books relating to America, in the collection of Colonel Aspinwall Consul of the United States of America at LondonHistoryCatalogsBibliography31ocn035101925book18790.82Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of the valuable private library of the late Colonel Thomas Aspinwall, many years American consul at London ; to be sold by auction, on Tuesday, May 27, 1879, and following days, in the Library salesroom of Leonard & Co.Catalogs11ocn145409155mix1.00King, John ARecords and correspondenceThis collection consists chiefly of letters written by John Alsop King relative to his long and varied career in state and federal politics and government. A number of King's letters concern state legislative decisions, taxes and other political matters and were addressed to colleagues and other governmental officials. Most of King's letters were addressed to M.R. Patrick and Edwin D. Morgan, who were also prominent in government and politics of the mid-nineteenth century. The letters to Morgan concern military affairs while the letters to Patrick discuss financial matters. Other prominent correspondents included Horatio Seymour, Sanford E. Church, and Thomas Aspinwall11ocn057724144book1.00Bates, Joshuato James Robb, Thomas Aspinwall and othersRecords and correspondenceIncludes one letter signed to "My Dear Sir", Thursday morning; two letters to James Robb, 1850 Sept. 15, together with a letter from Herbert P. Gray to Laura Monti; twelve letters and notes mostly to Thomas Aspinwall, ca. 1817-184911ocn058779402mixRush, RichardRichard Rush papersCorrespondence, 1804-1857, of Richard Rush, including letters sent and received by Rush to and from various friends, colleagues, acquaintances11ocn647922751mix18231.00Copy of 1769 Florida land grant and mapMapsThe original grant was to William Barker for 20,000 acres along the St. Johns River in East Florida. It was accompanied by a map by William Gerard De Brahm, surveyor-general of the colony locating the property11ocn070843881file1.00Aspinwall, ThomasThe Thomas Aspinwall papersRecords and correspondenceA collection of 10 autograph letters, dating between 1822 and 1848, addressed to the longtime American consul in London, Col. Thomas Aspinwall. They are from prominent Americans and Englishmen seeking Aspinwall's assistance in a variety of matters. The correspondents are Richard Biddle (1796-1847), David Paul Brown (1795-1872), David Lee Child (1794-1874), Edward Everett (1794-1865), Henry Hobhouse (1776-1854), Ogden Hoffman (1793-1856), John Smythe Richardson (1828-1894), Sir Anthony de Rothschild (1810-1876), H. Manners Sutton, and Ashur Ware (1782-1873)11ocn020551830book1890The Aspinwall-Barlow library11ocn612789254mix1.00Aspinwall, ThomasCatalogue of Col. Aspinwall's library :CatalogsList of books in Thomas Aspinwall's library with size, date of publication, and value11ocn040576337mix18351.00Murray, JohnLetters from John Murray to Thomas Aspinwall, January 30-September 14, 1835Concerning the publication of Washington Irving's Legends of the conquest of Spain and Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey. Aspinwall acted as Irving's agent with Murray and other English publishers. Correspondence deals with payments to Irving, typesetting of books, problems with printers, and publication dates11ocn647812004mix1.00Payne, John HowardPapersPortraitsPapers include business correspondence, photographs, an engraving of Payne as Hamlet, and a quotation signed by Adelina Patti. Of interest is a letter, 1843, to Robert Tyler, introducing Capt. Wilson of the "Preble" and a letter, 1849, to Prosper M. Wetmore re a job as Librarian at the New York State Historical Society. In a letter, 1811, Paul Allen, Philadelphia, writes to Rebecca P. Air explaining his reactions to Payne's acting. There is also a bookmark containing the words to "Home Sweet Home."11ocn056211957visu0.10Black & Case (Boston, Mass.)[Col. Thomas Aspinwall]PortraitsFull-length frontal portrait of Colonel Thomas Aspinwall of Boston, Mass. He stands beside a chair with his right hand resting on a table next to his hat. His left arm is missing. He would have been in his late seventies when this photograph was taken11ocn317495184mix18191.00Cumming, William ClayWilliam Cumming letterRecords and correspondenceThe collection consists of a letter written by William Cumming, a soldier in the war of 1812 and trained as a lawyer, to his war comrade Thomas Aspinwall, U.S. Consul at London, 3 April 1819. Basically a letter of introduction for his brother Henry Cumming, he discusses Aspinwall's appointment as U.S. Consul11ocn140242462art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamAspinwall, Thomas11ocn402405782mix18241.00Brown, JamesJames Brown letterBrown's letter to Colonel Thomas Aspinwall, United States consul in London, thanks him for the purchase of a tablecloth and comments on the possibility of Andrew Jackson being elected president and the popularity of Charles X of France11ocn122442856mix1834Raguet, CondyPhiladelphia, to Thomas AspinwallRaguet asks Aspinwall to arrange for the publication of his forthcoming book in England11ocn082573740book1.00Smith, Charles CardMemoir of Col.Thomas AspinwallThu Oct 16 16:05:13 EDT 2014batch23312