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Fri Mar 21 17:12:39 2014 UTClccn-nr920068220.00Fetter, Frank Albert0.791.00Frank Albert Fetter, a birthday note,50068490Frank_Fetternr 920068223114875Fetā-shi, 1863-1949Fetter, Frank A.Fetter, Frank Albert.Fetter, Frank Albert, 1863-1949フェター, フランクlccn-n50080801United StatesCongressHouseSelect Committee on Small BusinessSubcommittee No. 1viaf-49579058Reisch, Richard1866-edtcrelccn-n50031418Commons, John R.(John Rogers)1862-1945lccn-n50054856Ripley, William Zebina1867-1941viaf-1072083Schneider, Samuelnp-mayer, hansMayer, Hansedtlccn-n79059771Liberty Fundlccn-n50007294Mayer, Hans(1907-2001)lccn-n85021463ESEADE (School)lccn-no95012170Mayer, Hans1879-creFetter, Frank A.(Frank Albert)1863-1949Examinations, questions, etcEconomicsMonopoliesUnited StatesTrusts, IndustrialDistribution (Economic theory)Fetter, Frank A.--(Frank Albert),MalthusianismPopulationCommons, John R.--(John Rogers),Antitrust lawRipley, William Zebina,InterestValueRentDemocracyUsurySeligman, Edwin R. A.--(Edwin Robert Anderson),Malthus, T. R.--(Thomas Robert),Taussig, F. W.--(Frank William),Wilson, Woodrow,Universities and colleges--FacultyWarner, Amos Griswold,McCarthy, Charles,Baker, Newton Diehl,Young, Allyn Abbott,Lenroot, Irvine Luther,Cornell UniversityButler, Nicholas Murray,Lloyd, Henry Demarest,EducatorsRoosevelt, Theodore,Wright, Carroll Davidson,Ely, Richard T.--(Richard Theodore),Academic freedomAddams, Jane,La Follette, Robert M.--(Robert Marion),Pound, Roscoe,University of WisconsinDarrow, Clarence,Ryan, John A.--(John Augustine),Small, Albion W.,Clark, John Bates,Gale, Zona,Van Hise, Charles Richard,Taft, William H.--(William Howard),Bemis, Edward Webster,Sellery, George C.--(George Clarke),Holt, Hamilton,Holmes, Oliver Wendell,Jones, Richard Lloyd,1863194918771894189518981899190319041905190719081910191119121913191419151916191719181920192119221923192519261927192819311932193419391941194319491965197119761977197919811985199119951998199920042005200820102013234581240330HD2785ocn001547650ocn012186536ocn002632239ocn262471603ocn657036742ocn671598350ocn583472037ocn502754419ocn024617893ocn71476744245414ocn002373052book19760.66Fetter, Frank ACapital, interest, and rent : essays in the theory of distribution3576ocn000231024book19310.79Fetter, Frank AThe masquerade of monopoly31725ocn003188122book19150.84Fetter, Frank AEconomics26334ocn001545903book19040.92Fetter, Frank AThe principles of economics, with applications to practical problems1805ocn000125452book19710.59Fetter, Frank AThe masquerade of monopoly1538ocn001547650book19120.88Fetter, Frank ASource book in economics, selected and ed. for the use of college classes869ocn012154601book18940.88Fetter, Frank AVersuch einer Bevölkerungslehre ausgehend von einer Kritik des Malthus'schen Bevölkerungsprincips8416ocn001545887book19160.79Fetter, Frank AModern economic problems+-+80228280663248211ocn012186536book19270.90Aarum, ThorvaldDie Wirtschaftstheorie der Gegenwart in Darstellungen von Th. Aarum ... A. Aftalion ... [u.a.]285ocn612414409file19170.84Fetter, Frank AManual of references and exercises in economics for use with volume II Modern economic problemsExaminations, questions, etc2410ocn014929757book19150.76Fetter, Frank AEconomic principles233ocn008228699book18950.98Fetter, Frank AThe exploitation of theories of value in the discussion of the standard of deferred payments222ocn259771134book19160.93Fetter, Frank AManual of references and exercises in economics for use with volume 1. Economic principlesExaminations, questions, etc217ocn780164181book19170.73Fetter, Frank AEconomics213ocn020177832book19390.95Fetter, Frank ADemocracy and monopoly214ocn008837675book19030.96Fetter, Frank AThe relations between rent and interest132ocn085764837file19850.31Fetter, Frank ATeorías antiguas y modernas sobre el interés83ocn671863169com0.88Fetter, Frank AManual of references and exercises in economicsExaminations, questions, etc84ocn213298247book19150.47Fetter, Frank AEconomics81ocn703923655file20040.59Fetter, Frank AModern Economic Problems Economics Volume II791ocn039060725book19980.88Schneider, SamuelThree American economics professors battle against monopoly and pricing practices : Ripley, Fetter, and Commons : "three for the people"History+-+747839822532ocn061492198book19650.96Coughlan, John AThe contributions of Frank Albert Fetter (1863-1949) to the development of economic theory22ocn229446668art19080.10Cornell UniversityFetter, Frank AlbertRegisters21ocn043646783book19431.00Howard, Stanley EdwinFrank Albert Fetter, a birthday note11ocn173699720fileRoss, Edward AlsworthThe processed portion is summarized above and is described in the register. Additional accessions are described below11ocn748678263art19790.10Fetter, Frank Albert 86Periodicals11ocn084675127mix1.00Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript LibraryLecture Notes CollectionThis collection contains student notes taken from lectures given by members of Princeton's faculty. They represent the broad range of courses taught at Princeton University and include the works of numerous famous faculty and students11ocn056668324mix1.00Fetter, Frank APapersRecords and correspondenceIncluded also is correspondence, 1900-1901, relating to the dismissal of Edward Alsworth Ross from the faculty of Stanford University under circumstances which, it was claimed, involved the freedom of teaching, and Fetter's resignation as a result of this affair. The correspondence is largely between Fetter and David Starr Jordan, but there are also letters from other persons, most of them being members of university faculties11ocn613430956fileEly, Richard TRichard T. Ely papersEly corresponded with hundreds of individuals including many prominent in the social sciences and education, in the field of business, and in Wisconsin political, educational, and business circles. A prolific author and editor, Ely had frequent contacts with publishers and editors, especially those at the Macmillan Company. Ely is also widely recognized as a key figure in the development of the reform ideology which characterized the Progressive Era. He had many contacts with prominent political, reform, religious, labor, and socialist leaders. Ely received and wrote thousands of letters during his career; selected correspondents are noted in the subject headings below and a correspondent index was compiled for inclusion in the microfilm edition11ocn154241966art19320.10Cattell, James McKeenFetter, Prof. Frank A(lbert) : Princeton University, Princeton, N. J11ocn048822423book19161.00Whitaker, Albert CFetter's principles of economics11ocn079644103book1949Brown, J. DouglasFrank Albert Fetter11ocn706678374mix1.00Fillebrown, Charles BowdoinCharles Bowdoin Fillebrown papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, speeches, printed matter, and other papers relating to Fillebrown's promotion of the single tax and the activities of the Massachusetts Single Tax League. Correspondents include Thomas Nixon Carver, John Bates Clark, John R. Commons, Richard T. Ely, Frank A. Fetter, Max Hirsch, Alvin Saunders Johnson, J. Shield Nicholson, Carl C. Plehn, Edwin R.A. Seligman, F.W. Taussig, Carroll Davidson Wright, and Allyn Abbott Young11ocn052914412art1999Fetter, Frank Albert01ocn122401552mixAmerican Economic AssociationPeriodicalsCorrespondence and reports of the Association Secretary (1886-1899), Treasurer (1886-1899), and Secretary-Treasurer (1900-1964). Concerns topics including the Association's annual meeting; awards and prizes ; requests for permission to reprint or quote from Association publication; and the activities of Association committees+-+8022828066324+-+8022828066324Fri Mar 21 15:12:38 EDT 2014batch19683