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Fri Mar 21 17:09:54 2014 UTClccn-nr920216510.00Mei Yanfang = Anita Mui0.240.96Ji mo yan hua : Mei Yanfang /27254784Anita_Muinr 920216513188212Fong, Anita Mui Yim- 1963-2003Mei, AnitaMei, Anita, 1963-2003Mei Yam Fang 1963-2003Méi, YànfangMei, Yanfang, 1963-2003Mei, Yen-fangMooi Yim Fong 1963-2003Mui, AnitaMui, Anita 1963-2003Mui Anita Yim-Fong 1963-2003Mui, Yim-fongMui Yim-Fong 1963-2003Mui Yim-fong, AnitaMui Yim-Fong, Anita 1963-2003muìh, yihm fòngYim-Fong, Mui 1963-2003栂艷芳梅 艷芳 1963-2003梅豔芳lccn-no96039667Cheng, Long1954-sngprfprodrtchractlccn-no96054035Golden Harvest (Firm)lccn-no2005066079Tang, Edwardsceausprolccn-no2001070963Yip, Françoise1972-prfactlccn-no95022706New Line Home Video (Firm)lccn-n79000985Di, Longactlccn-no2004073082Liu, Jialiangdrtactnp-wong, felixWong, Felixnp-cheung, peterCheung, Peterflmnp-ho, chong singHo, Chong-SingMei, YanfangDramaHistoryBiographyComedy filmsMartial arts filmsMartial artsChinaGangstersChina--Hong KongMotion pictures, ChineseUndercover operationsSingersMei, YanfangKidnappingWomen heroesGangsMan-woman relationshipsSuperheroesMotion picture actors and actressesRevengeNew York (State)--New YorkNew York (State)--New York--ChinatownNew York (State)--New York--BronxSmugglersSino-Japanese War (1937-1945)MusiciansLennox, AnnieSauguet, Henri,Willis, KellyZevon, WarrenMattila, KaritaWilson, Kim,Switchfoot (Musical group)Von Stade, FredericaBouchard, LindaYankovic, Al,Heard, MarkKiller whaleQueen Latifah,Beltrán, Lola,Spillane, DavySmith, SammiFlaming Lips (Musical group)Phair, LizQueen (Musical group)Skid Row (Musical group)Lewis, Linda GailDavis, ChipSchuur, DianeKorn (Musical group)Ross, Diana,Clinton, George,Dave Matthews BandDairo, Isaiah Kehinde,Townshend, Pete196320031984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133515370723791.4372PN1997ocn054023529ocn047923755ocn052181201ocn044781856ocn746793915ocn318782263ocn047171264ocn778800300ocn047918036ocn058733822ocn054750528ocn780740696ocn054535857ocn781341078ocn054676786ocn054676787ocn054750529ocn781157253ocn054072221ocn068007757ocn659245439ocn659289438ocn658336665ocn659246463ocn658998681ocn658633524ocn658949504ocn658665677ocn658956371ocn658633561ocn22583275867617ocn046459496visu20000.18The legend of drunken master Zui quan IIDramaWhen the British government is discovered smuggling precious Chinese artifacts out of the country, folklore hero Wong Fei Hong (Chan) uses his uniquely outlandish style of martial arts ... Drunken Boxing ... to fight the conspirators and salvage the valuables before it's too late66518ocn040094843visu19960.18Rumble in the BronxDramaWhen gangsters threaten his uncle's store, Jackie must stop them by any means necessary21941ocn042057837visu19880.56Guan, JinpengYan zhi kou RougeDramaA woman ghost is in search of a lost love whom she fails to meet in the nether world fifty years ago15912ocn052181201visu19920.23To, JohnnyHeroic trioDramaThree female martial arts experts (each with her own superhero identity) team up to battle a powerful wizard who thinks that if he kidnaps all the babies in China he can eventually dominate the world1392ocn044781856visu20000.16Jet Li's the enforcerDramaAn undercover Chinese cop sent to track down a notorious criminal in Hong Kong1182ocn054023529visu20030.18Black dragonDramaA country boy rescues a gangland boss and finds himself thrust from poverty into the center of the wealthy crime world of 1930's Hong Kong!+-+4744849596324835ocn045321463visu20000.16MiraclesDramaA country boy rescues a gangland boss and finds himself thrust from poverty into the center of the wealthy crime world of 1930's Hong Kong!+-+3262032125324621ocn314432688visu20090.17The enforcerDramaAn undercover cop infiltrates a notorious gang to avenge his wife's death627ocn060612108visu19970.50Ban sheng yuan Eighteen springsDramaShen Shih-chün and Ku Man-chen fell in love at their first sight. Man-chen went to live with her sister who just had a miscarriage and needed a company. Then, Man-chen was raped by her sister's lover and was pregnant. She tried to kill herself but it was in vain. Later, she knew that Shih-chün was married to a rich lady and she never met him again591ocn077528948visu20050.18Rumble in the Bronx The corruptorDramaRumble in the Bronx: A Hong Kong cop visiting New York for his uncle's wedding accidentally uncovers a diamond smuggling ring. The corruptor: The head of NYPD's Asian Gang Unit attempts to diffuse a gang war in Chinatown with the help of his knowledgable but naive partner3613ocn035169277visu19930.53Dong fang san xia The Heroic trioDramaThree chivalrous ladies rescue 100 stolen babies from an evil baby-stealing demon known as the Lord of the Underground. In the process, they engage in battles filled with traditional martial arts, sorcery and modern warfare357ocn050040279visu20010.18Ai jun ru meng Dance of a dreamDramaWah (Lau) is a superbly gifted ballroom dance instructor who appears to be kindhearted, but in reality, he is a mean and stingy crook. With dwindling attendance at his studio, Wah is therfore overjoyed to have rich social queen Tina (Mui) as his latest student. At the same time frugal and dull-looking waitress Kam (Ng) also joins Wah's dance class. Only one of them will eventually change Wah's life, and make him realize that dancing is much more than just making money3414ocn038509571visu19860.63Zui quan II Drunken master IIHistoryDramaComedy filmsMartial arts filmsA sinister profiteer is illegally exporting Chinese treasures overseas, and it's up to Wong FeiHung (Chan) to put a stop to it292ocn052851731visu20030.23The moon warriors Zhan shen chuan shuoHistoryDramaA young fisherman and his fellow villagers help the emperor in exile of an ancient kingdom to wage a bloody war against his cousin, the usurper of the throne298ocn038057470visu19950.33Gei ba ba di xin My father is a heroDramaAs part of his mission to infiltrate a notorious triad gang, an undercover agent is deliberately arrested by the police in front of his home for all to see and engineers a phony escape with an oblivious triad thug. A female Hong Kong cop believes that the agent is not the criminal that people think255ocn050660863visu20010.25Jin zhi yu ye. Who's the woman, who's the manDramaWith the help of her lover, Sam, Wing impersonated a male image and became a pop singer. But one un-excepted person, Fong Yim Mui, wrecked the relationship when they both had an affair with her. The Climax was that the fact became known to Wing who became disillusioned and decided to leave, but when Sam tried and managed to urge her to stay behind, arguing that though the reality was harsh, there was still a lot to be cherished in a genuine relationship256ocn054451365visu20010.28Zhong Wuyan Wu YenBiographyDrama"The Emperor Qi and his council go on a hunting expedition and end up lost, they have ended up in the domain of WuYen, a bandit princess, without knowing. WuYen's domain also holds the imprisoned fairy Enchantress who was trapped there centuries ago by a powerful sorcerer. Emperor Qi in his ignorance releases the Fairy Enchantress as WuYen tries to stop him. As the confusion settles there is a spark of passion between Wu Yen and Emperor Qi, it turns out that WuYen's love for the emperor was predicted by ancient sages. Unfortunately WuYen discovers that the Fairy Enchantress is in love with her and it will stop her marriage to the emperor, thus the love triangle begins between those three as the Fairy Enchantress jumps between male and female forms to get her way"-- n/wuyen.html213ocn039660271visu19940.33Drunken master IIDramaA sinister profiteer is illegally exporting Chinese treasures overseas, and it's up to Wong Fei-Hond (Chan) to put a stop to it. A winning combination of martial arts and humor213ocn050993191visu20010.21Huang xin jia qi Midnight flyDramaMichele takes off for Europe to contemplate her inevitable divorce. She meets the beautiful Miki, a Japanese model who tries to end a relationship with a married man. There is nothing like love trouble to foster a quick bond and the women become close friends. However, during an evening of drunken revelry, Miki discloses by accident that she is the other woman of Michele's husband211ocn228074285visu20010.18Kawashima YoshikoHistoryDramaThe life of the last crowned princess of Manchuria, daughter of Emperor Xu, and how her beauty and background brought her a great deal of wealth and power, but also tragedy and hardships291ocn728679031file20040.31Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in musicBiographyProvides biographical information on important figures in today's musical arena, covering artists working in all genres of modern music, including rock, jazz, pop, rap, rhythm and blues, folk, New Age, country, gospel and reggae+-+K653112325231ocn166765747book20070.10Zhang, WeiMei yan fang feiFiction224ocn225331701book20080.24Luo, JunzuoBu ke neng zai yu shang Anita Mei YanfangBiography142ocn055629553book20040.31Gong zui Mei YanfangBiographyPictorial works132ocn062598312book20050.24Huang, XiaoyangMei Yanfang hua zhuanBiography122ocn320408098book20080.76Tong, Te-kongWu shi nian dai di chen aiHistoryBiographyTang xian sheng zi qian ben ji li de dou shi chen ai,shi za wen,you xi zhi zuo,wo dao yuan cheng zhi wei bao dao wen xue,san wen,shen huo xiao shuo.jiu bao dao wen xue yan,ta men ba wu shi nian dai zhong guo liu xue sheng de sheng huo mian mao,liu xia le san lin liang zhao,you wen gu de yi yi.jiu san wen yan, dou shidu hou yu wei hui gan de hao wen zhang.jiu xiao shuo jiao du kan,hui fa xian de gang xian sheng shi xie ren wu de hao gang xian sheng shuo zhe xie dou shi wu shi nian dai chen ai xia de liu sha zhui jian,wo men que wu ning shi wei na shi chen ai zhong bu tun se de zhu yu.tang wen zhi yin dong shi ting, hai youyi xian li. ta de< mei lan fang chuan gao > shou ci yu yi jiu wu er nian<<tian feng yue kan>>shang liang xiang,ji yi ming dong si fang,<<ming bao yue kan>>yu yi jiu liu liu nian liu yue yu yi zhuan zai,yi cheng wei zui shou huan ying de hong wen,hou lai you zai tai wan<<yi hai za zhi>>zhuan zai,yi tong yang jiao zuo,xian zai shou ru ben shu,dang ran ye shi yong yuan wei ren zheng song de.wen zhang ru ming ju,lu lu shang yan,lu lu wei ren he cai,dang zhen xiang mei lan fang yan<<gui fei zui jiu>>yi yang le.< mei lan fang chuan gao > bi shei du xie de hao,yin wei shi yun yong wen xue bi fa,xiang tai shi gong wei gu ren li chuan,ru jian qi ren,ru wen qi sheng.zheng xiang tang wen xie mei lan fang de shou,shuo shi feng mi le quan mei guo,mei guo shao nu wu lun shi zai di dao che shang,ke tang shang,gong chang li,wu chang shang,yi wo feng du zai mo fang mei lang wu tai shang de shou zi.mei lan fang de se yi jing jue,mei guo ren de qing xin,mei jun de ying xiang li,bu du biao jin dao jin le ma?hu ju ren91ocn055607662book20040.27Bai bian tian hou Mei Yanfang : I love AnitaBiography92ocn062112538book20050.24Mei li yu ai chou : yi ge zhen shi de Mei Yanfang = Beauty and sadnessBiography82ocn056290531book20040.66SanbingZai jian le Mei YanfangBiography61ocn054084939book20040.24Dian ying shuang zhou kan bian ji buBai bian tian hou : Mei yan fangBiography52ocn031199578book0.23Chen, QingweiMei YanfangBiography41ocn057298283book20040.47YonglanMei Yanfang jing hua yuanBiography41ocn785981483book20110.96Lan, FangJi mo yan hua : Mei YanfangBiography31ocn061746195book20040.27Qin mi ai ren Mei Yanfang ji nian te kan = In loving memory of Anita Mui = Anita Mui, zā memori bukkuPortraits32ocn024562686book19900.47Xiao, ShiMei Yanfang = All the way upBiography21ocn721356161book20100.23Mei Yanfang, hai bao ji = Anita poster collectionPosters21ocn057779690bookMei Yanfang = Anita MuiSummary of Mei Yanfang's life time achievements, pictures of her performance, with texts from friends who share their memories of the popular singer and actress21ocn067616440visu20030.10Jue dai fang hua Mei Yanfang ji nian te ji21ocn056406678score20040.47Shi zhe yang de Mei Yanfang21ocn068841379book20050.47Wu xing xiang hui : forever yong yuan huai nianBiography Pictorial worksPictorial works+-+4744849596324+-+4744849596324Fri Mar 21 15:42:47 EDT 2014batch31867