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Fri Mar 21 17:12:11 2014 UTClccn-nr930360090.00Kiseki I wish : nos voeux secrets /0.261.00Splendidi riflessi di ciò che ci manca : il cinema di Koreeda Hirokazu /44174038Hirokazu_Koreedanr 930360093453014Eda, Hirokazu Kore-, 1962-Hirokazu, Kore-edaHirokazu, Kore-eda, 1962-Hirokazu, KoreedaHirokazu, Koreeda, 1962-Kore-eda, Hirokazu, 1962-....Koreeda, HirokazuKoreeda, Hirokazu, 1962-これえだひろかず, 1962-コレエダ, ヒロカズ, 1962-是枝裕和, 1962-lccn-no00097678Terebiman Yunionlccn-no2001029868Engine Film, Inclccn-no2003047359Bandai Bijuaru Kabushiki Gaishanp-you$1964You1964-prfactlccn-no94037810New Yorker Video (Firm)lccn-no2009064159柳楽優弥prfactlccn-n87103099山崎裕cnglccn-no2002096530IFC Filmsviaf-189639898ゴンチチcmpnp-shimizu, momoko清水萌々子act是枝裕和1962-DramaHistoryFilm adaptationsMotion picturesFictionJapanBrothers and sistersGriefAbsentee mothersAbandoned childrenJapan--TokyoMotion pictures, JapaneseFuture lifeHeavenFamiliesFamilies--Psychological aspectsLoveSuicideManners and customsSuicide victims--Family relationshipsChildren of divorced parentsBrothersMiraclesCookingHigh speed trainsSamuraiMotion picturesRevengeEthicsIntermediate stateReminiscingSoulFamily reunionsRemarriageCompanion dollsInterpersonal relationsDomestic terrorismBereavementDeath--Religious aspectsTerminally illDeath--Social aspectsSex dollsWhite collar workers--Conduct of lifeSingle-parent familiesCultsKoreeda, Hirokazu,Man-woman relationshipsMotherless familiesMotion picture producers and directorsParent and adult childDomestic fictionMother and childTime in motion picturesVarda, Agnès,Wenders, Wim1962199219941995199619971998199920002001200320042005200620072008200920102011201220133866105310791.4372PN1997ocn061126736ocn045116780ocn698131951ocn811267455ocn044896400ocn709596210ocn049397896ocn055606986ocn758399845ocn781436286ocn061126736ocn698131951ocn709596210ocn055606986ocn758399845ocn191699368ocn758006746ocn779132139ocn061126736ocn698131951ocn709596210ocn758399845ocn191699368ocn743145672ocn779132139ocn742989867ocn742904805ocn743003113ocn061126736ocn820855076ocn045116780ocn804419404ocn811267455ocn781436286ocn762521986ocn743145672ocn762587355ocn828236658ocn742904805ocn781327948ocn762310634ocn742989867ocn798362529ocn837596202ocn549594884ocn549525683ocn762941643ocn8683299297197ocn061126736visu20040.23Dare mo shiranaiDramaKeiko, a young, confused and irresponsible single mother tasked with four children sneaks them into a new apartment, instructing them that only the eldest,12-year-old Akira, can be seen, and that the others must remain hidden. Over time, Keiko leaves them increasingly alone, eventually abandoning the children completely, only leaving behind an envelope of cash. Akira, his two sisters, Kyoko and Yuki, and their irrepressible younger brother, Shigeru, are left to fend for themselves without even comprehending their situation+-+948213742571519ocn045116780visu19980.27Koreeda, HirokazuWandafuru raifu After lifeDramaMotion picturesIn Koreeda's thought-provoking vision, the newly deceased find themselves in a way station somewhere between Heaven and Earth. With the help of dedicated caseworkers, each soul is given three days to choose one cherished memory for their life that they will relive for eternity. As the film reveals, recognizing happiness and finding a life's worth of meaning in a single event is no simple task66133ocn698131951visu20080.24Koreeda, HirokazuAruitemo aruitemoDramaEvery year, the Yokoyama clan gets together to honor the life of eldest son Junpei, drowned 15 years earlier while saving a man from drowning. Retired physician father Shohei still mourns, while his wife Toshiko has become a passive-aggressive domestic goddess, the two bicker continually. Surviving son Ryota has married at last-his new wife Yukari is a widow with a young son. Daughter Chinami and her car-salesman husband have their two kids in tow. The sound of a family not getting along is an international language. Amidst the bustle of chatter and cooking, and under the pressure of forced conviviality after long separations, this family reveals its dysfunctions, its secrets, and the complications and trials of its love46922ocn045747313visu19950.33Koreeda, HirokazuMaboroshi no hikari MaborosiFictionDramaHaunted by the loss of her grandmother many years before, a young mother struggles to come to terms with the sudden mystifying loss of her husband3804ocn811267455visu20110.17KisekiDramaTwelve-year-old Koichi, separated from his brother Ryunosuke due to his parents' divorce, begins to believe that Japan's new bullet train service will create a miracle when the first trains pass each other at top speed, and enlists a group of friends on an improbable mission21740ocn070735821visu20030.23Koreeda, HirokazuNobody knows Dare mo shiranaiDramaAn exceptional story of a makeshift family of children left to survive in an urban jungle+-+948213742515010ocn233702924visu20050.31Hana yori mo naoHistoryDramaDirector Hirokazu Koreeda turns the popularly held conventions of the typical samurai revenge tale on their head with this story of a man whose quest to avenge the death of his father gradually takes a back seat to his emerging role as a key figure in the community. The year is 1702, and young samurai Sozaemon Aoki (Junichi Okada) has arrived in Edo to seek revenge against Jubei Kanazawa (Tadanobu Asano). Kanazawa is the man responsible for the death of Aoki's father, and now it's up to the grieving swordsman to settle the score. When Aoki begins teaching the children of Edo to read and write, however, his bloodlust slowly begins to subside as he comes to realize the true value of his useful place in society. Upon falling in love with the beautiful Osae (Rie Miyazawa), Aoki comes to realize that although the sword may be a powerful symbol of strength, allowing oneself to fall victim to its savage allure may not always be the best way to realize one's true heroism7614ocn694850769visu20090.35Koreeda, HirokazuAir dollDramaFilm adaptationsHideo heeft een relatie met een opblaassekspop die op een dag een menselijk hart ontwikkelt en tot leven komt. Ze gaat op onderzoek uit in de achterbuurten van Tokio, vindt een baantje in een videotheek en wordt verliefd op een collega552ocn825097471visu20120.17I wishDramaSeparated from his father and younger brother by his parents' divorce, twelve-year-old Koichi puts all his hope in the tale that if two people make the same wish while watching two trains pass each other, the wish will come true and his family will be together again376ocn055606986visu20010.81DistanceDramaA cult religion called the Ark of Truth puts poison in the Tokyo water system and causes the death of more than 100 people and serious illness in thousands of others. On the 3rd anniversary of the disaster, four people whose relatives died in the attack gather for a memorial at a mountain lake in which the ashes of their loved have been deposited. They have many emotional issues to deal with and are shocked to learn that they are staying in a cabin with a former member of the cult. This film draws its inspiration from the notorious Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo, which released nerve gas in a Tokyo subway leading to the death of 12 people287ocn066583871visu19980.23After lifeDramaErgens tussen hemel en aarde, op een hemels platteland, bevindt zich een huis waar een soort sociaal werkers de pas overledenen een week lang helpen bij het sorteren van hun herinneringen254ocn690354471visu20080.81Koreeda, HirokazuAruitemo aruitemo Still walkingDramaLa jaquette indique : "Une journée d'été à Yokohama. Une famille se retrouve pour commémorer la mort tragique du frère aîné. Rien n'a bougé dans la maison des parents, réconfortante comme le festin préparé par la mère pour ses enfants et petits-enfants. Pourtant, au fil des ans, chacun a imperceptiblement changé..."215ocn717791808visu19980.32After life Nach dem Leben = Après la vie"Peu après leur passage dans l'au-dela, des morts sont invités à se remémorer le meilleur souvenir de leur vie terrestre."206ocn814360962visu19950.25Koreeda, HirokazuMaboroshi no hikari = MaborosiVijf jaar na de zelfmoord van haar echtgenoot hertrouwt een jonge vrouw en verhuist met haar zoontje naar een vissersdorpje, maar ze kan haar verdriet en vragen niet achter zich laten161ocn835197856visu2012Koreeda, HirokazuKiseki I wish : nos voeux secretsAu Japon, deux frères sont séparés après le divorce de leurs parents : l'aîné part avec sa mère, alors que son petit frère reste avec son père. Lorsqu'un nouveau train relie enfin les deux régions, Koichi et son jeune frère organisent clandestinement un voyage avec quelques amis jusqu'au point de croisement des trains, où un miracle pourrait, dit-on, se produire... Verront-ils se réaliser leurs voeux secrets ?142ocn730448123visu20100.28Still Walking Aruitemo, aruitemo122ocn717433233visu20090.47Hana Hana yori mo naho"Dans un Japon médiéval, à l'ère Edo, à une époque où règne la paix et où les Samouraï n'ont plus de raison d'être, Aoki Sozaemon, a juré à son père sur son lit de mort de le venger. Mais dans cette période où les guerres se font rares, la vengeance d'un samouraï a un peu perdu de sa signification. Elle n'est plus qu'un sujet de théâtre que les villageois regardent avec amusement. Pour Sozaemon, se libérer de ce joug serait un grand soulagement et la certitude de se rapprocher de la jeune veuve dont il brigue la main. Mais son clan ne le voit pas de cet œil."122ocn237138316visu20050.27Nobody knows life as they know itFictionDramaFour siblings live happily with their mother in a small apartment in Tokyo. The children have different fathers and have never been to school. One day, the mother leaves behind a little money and a note. And so begins the children's odyssey121ocn820855076visu20110.63Endingu nōto Ending noteSeveral months after he retires, Tomoaki Sunada learns that he has stage four abdominal cancer. Having been a methodical and conscientious person for his entire career, he applies those same traits to preparing for his own death. His daughter made this documentary of his life and last months111ocn492206199visu20050.47Koreeda, HirokazuDare mo shiranai obody KnowsQuatre enfants vivent avec leur mère dans un petit appartement à Tokyo. Ils sont tous de pères différents et ne sont jamais allés à l' école. Un jour, leur mère disparaît... Ainsi commence une nouvelle vie pour ces enfants livrés à eux-mêmes, une vie que "nobody knows"41ocn864432078book20131.00Bertolé, ClaudiaSplendidi riflessi di ciò che ci manca : il cinema di Koreeda Hirokazu22ocn798201000com20120.47Lee, Cheuk-chiTo live and forget : the limits of comprehension and remembrance in the feature films of Hirokazu Kore-edaCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn076696414book20050.92McKim, Kristi IreneThe astounded soul : cinematic time and photogenic love (Wim Wenders, Agnès Varda, Hirokazu Kore-eda)Criticism, interpretation, etc+-+9482137425+-+9482137425Fri Mar 21 15:44:59 EDT 2014batch23018