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Contains 22 cuts or calls on each side of tape21ocn051838237book20030.06Jarvis, AlanScience boosterJuvenile works+-+008403593632421ocn051838267book20030.06Jarvis, AlanScience boosterJuvenile works+-+688403593632421ocn052226774book20020.06Jarvis, AlanScienceJuvenile worksStudy guides+-+356203593632422ocn319678676book19620.47Merrick, WilliamAvec ou sans passion12ocn432634197book1969Merrick, WilliamEl caso Packard11ocn085846756book19270.10Miss Eleanora Randolph Sears11ocn648014476mix1.00American and English literary and historical papers collected by Atcheson L. HenchAutographsAlso Joseph Wood Krutch to J. John Munson on his biography of Edgar Allan Poe; Mary Elizabeth Latrobe to Dolley Madison on her life in Pittsburg in 1812; Richard Henry Lee conveying orders of General Ripley, 1815; Benjamin Watkins Leigh to Henry A. Wise about the 1839 Whig National Convention; John Letcher to Henry A. Wise regarding the dismissal of Wise's son from the Virginia Military Institute; David Ross Locke (Petroleum V. Nasby) sending regrets; Marianne Preble Longfellow[Fuller] to Anne Longfellow [Pierce] on a journey to New York with her father William Pitt Preble; and John Lubbock advising P. O'Callagnan on Athenaeum Club election11ocn075507426book19270.10Mrs. William Brewster : Caroline Freeman Kettell11ocn085846050book19270.10Miss Clara Endicott Sears+-+9784035936324+-+9784035936324Fri Mar 21 15:34:08 EDT 2014batch12250