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Fri Mar 21 17:04:12 2014 UTClccn-nr940235650.10London, to Mr. Stroughton,0.811.00Collection of engravings,13119485William_Magee_(archbishop_of_York)nr 940235653646537Bishop of Peterborough, 1822-1891Connor, William, 1822-1891Magee, W. C. (William Connor), 1822-1891Peterborough, Bishop of (William Connor Magee), 1822-1891William Connor, Lord Bishop of Peterborough, 1822-1891lccn-n79056234Church of Englandviaf-218990723Macdonnell, John Cotter-1902lccn-n50024610Hatley, Victor A.lccn-no2003100084National Education Union (England)np-magee, charles sMagee, Charles S.lccn-n79084784Jesus Christnc-church of england$diocese of peterborough$bishop 1868 1891 mageeChurch of EnglandDiocese of PeterboroughBishop (1868-1891 : Magee)lccn-n79095478Huxley, Thomas Henry1825-1895lccn-n82252042Wace, Henry1836-1924lccn-no2003037448Grier, R. M.(Richard Macgregor)1834 or 1835-Magee, William Connor1822-1891HistorySermonsSourcesChurch historyControversial literatureBiographyPastoral letters and chargesConference proceedingsChurch of EnglandSermons, EnglishAgnosticismApologeticsEngland--NorthamptonVisitations, EcclesiasticalEnglandEducationChristian lifeChristian life--Anglican authorsFinanceChristianityJesus ChristChurch and stateEstablished churchesGreat BritainChurch and educationTemperanceBishopsLiquor lawsFree thoughtMissionsFaithSkepticismEvangelicalismEducational law and legislationChristian sociologyBelief and doubtAlcoholismDissenters, ReligiousVoluntarismDale, R. W.,DisciplesHughes, Hugh Price,Sepoy Rebellion (India : 1857-1858)Church and social problemsManning, Henry Edward,Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn,Church and the worldDouglas, John,Voysey, Charles,Trimmer, Sarah,Milner, Isaac,Carpenter, William Boyd,Challoner, Richard,Spurgeon, C. H.--(Charles Haddon),Tait, Archibald Campbell,IndiaJowett, Benjamin,More, Hannah,182218911829184318501852185318541855185618581859186018611862186318641866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878188018821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189619001911198219922008201020131001186298283.42BX5199.M2913ocn028253190book19920.93Magee, William ConnorThe Church in Victorian Northampton : visitation records of Bishop Magee, 1872-1886HistoryChurch historySources853ocn830951801file18680.86Magee, William ConnorThe Christian theory of the origin of the Christian life a sermon preached in Norwich Cathedral on Sunday morning, August 23, 1868, on the occasion of the meeting of the British AssociationSermons805ocn830948332file18700.88Magee, William ConnorA speech delivered by the Right Rev. W.C. Magee, D.D., Lord Bishop of Peterboro' at the Leicester Conference of the National Education Union, 27th January 1870HistoryConference proceedings805ocn830949991file18850.84Magee, William ConnorThe danger and the evils of disestablishment and the duty of churchmen at the present crisis a speech of the Bishop of Peterborough at the Peterborough Diocesan Conference in the Drill Hall, Peterborough, on Wednesday, October 14, 1885History774ocn830948841file18850.84Magee, William ConnorDisestablishment and disendowment what they mean and what must come of them : an addressHistorySources164ocn036277217book18760.84Grier, R. MA reply to the Bishop of Peterborough's speech in the House of Lords on intemperance163ocn019318672book18920.56Magee, W. CChrist the light of all ScriptureSermons146ocn268693278com18600.76Magee, W. CThe voluntary system : can it supply the place of the Established Church? with recent facts and statistics from AmericaControversial literature133ocn044779542book18910.53Magee, W. CGrowth in grace : and other sermonsSermons123ocn697632168file18890.70Wace, HenryChristianity and agnosticism; a controversyHistoryControversial literature102ocn038929994book18780.59Magee, William ConnorA charge delivered to the clergy and churchwardens of the diocese of Peterborough at his third visitation, October, 1878Pastoral letters and charges108ocn032030327book18610.66Magee, W. CThe gospel and the age : sermons on special occasionsSermons102ocn729486349com18660.76Magee, William ConnorA sermon, preached at St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, on Monday evening, April 30, 1866, before the Church Missionary SocietyHistorySermons92ocn070987645book18540.59Magee, William ConnorSermons at the Octagon Chapel, BathSermons93ocn278692697book18710.95Magee, William ConnorChristianity in relation to freethought, scepticism, and faith : three discoursesControversial literature92ocn030633879book18520.63Magee, William ConnorSermons delivered at St. Saviour's Church, BathSermons+-+403395267532483ocn035907107book18710.84Magee, William ConnorNorwich Cathedral argumentative discourses in defence and confirmation of the faith. Christianity and free thought, preached on Tuesday, March 28th, 1871Sermons85ocn266830964book18500.63Magee, W. CSermonsSermons73ocn035907349book18710.88Magee, William ConnorNorwich Cathedral argumentative discourses in defence and confirmation of the faith. Christianity and faith, preached on Thursday, March 30th, 1871Sermons73ocn035907204book18710.88Magee, William ConnorNorwich Cathedral argumentative discourses in defence and confirmation of the faith. Christianity and scepticism, preached on Wednesday, March 29th, 1871Sermons1264ocn000550897book18960.73Macdonnell, John CotterThe life and correspondence of William Connor Magee, Archbishop of York, Bishop of PeterboroughBiography22ocn011402572book19820.63Ratledge, Wilbert HEvangelicals and social change : the social thought of three British evangelical preachers, 1850-1900History11ocn122371473mix1.00Collection of engravingsCaricatures and cartoonsThis collection consists of engravings that Pitts Theology Library acquired over a period of several years. Most of the engravings are rather large and have, thus, also been referred to as broadsides. The engravings are nearly all of British origin, with two exceptions: a French cartoon engraving of the body of St. Mary Margaret and "ArmeĢŒ van de Heylige Ligue voor der Jesuiten Monarchy," which is Danish. The last item is accompanied by a draft translation of its inscription into English11ocn614269714book18200.47Carpenter, LantExamination of the charges made against Unitarians and Unitarianism, and the improved version, by Dr. Magee in his 'Discourses and dissertations'11ocn270608025book18910.10Maclagan, William DalrympleLondon, to Mr. StroughtonThanking Stoughton for sending his recently authored book, and hoping to read it while on holiday. Discussing the two previuos Archbishops of York (William Magee and William Thomson), both of whom were friends of MacIagan11ocn624351690visu0.10William Connor MageePortraitsPhotograph of William Connor Magee, Archbishop of York, seated+-+4033952675324+-+4033952675324Fri Mar 21 15:27:10 EDT 2014batch18897