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Thu Oct 16 18:01:14 2014 UTClccn-nr940289990.00Connemara. Ou uma Eleição na Irlanda. Romance irelandez ... Tradusido por C.A. da S. e S. [i.e. Camillo Aureliano Silva e Sousa]. [With "Pasquetta Launay. Por Fr. Soullié. Tradusida por A.L. de S."]0.820.98The pleasures of melancholy; and A Saxon tale,5690769Eyre_Evans_Crowenr 940289993676305Author of To-day in Ireland 1799-1868Crowe, E. E. 1799-1868Crowe, E. E. (Eyre Evans), 1799-1868Crowe, Eyre EvansTo-day in Ireland, Author of 1799-1868lccn-n88068106James, G. P. R.(George Payne Rainsford)1801?-1860lccn-no98096102McInnis, Maurie Deelccn-n79063445Irelandlccn-n82159898Banim, Michael1796-1874lccn-n82159897Banim, John1798-1842viaf-291167701Veegens, D.(Daniel)1800-1884lccn-n79090070MorganLady(Sydney)1783-1859lccn-n79084304Macaulay, Thomas Babington Macaulay1st Baron1800-1859lccn-n50041511Harper & Brothersnp-s e s, c a daS. e S., C. A. daCrowe, Eyre Evans1799-1868HistoryFictionBiographyFranceIrelandRebellion of 1798 (Ireland)StatesmenTravelManners and customsMiddle EastMediterranean SeaUnited StatesEnglandSouthern StatesSlave tradeArtSlave trade in artVirginia--RichmondAntislavery movementsPoetry, ModernLiteratureEuropeReligionChinaQing Dynasty (China)American loyalistsAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)179918681819182118231825182618281829183018311832183318341835183618371838184018421843184418481853185418581860186919581977197819791995200020092011103078175944PR4519.C27ocn457298177ocn84664505032238ocn004684319book18300.84Crowe, Eyre EvansThe history of FranceHistory20022ocn495730262book18290.90Crowe, Eyre EvansYesterday in IrelandHistoryFiction19618ocn830954143book18250.92Crowe, Eyre EvansTo-day in IrelandHistoryFiction712ocn004773777book0.82Crowe, Eyre EvansEminent foreign statesmen694ocn004773789book18540.66Crowe, Eyre EvansHistory of the reigns of Louis XVIII. and Charles X.History393ocn012599316book18530.63Crowe, Eyre EvansThe Greek and the Turk; or, Powers and prospects in the Levant194ocn697767095file0.66Crowe, Eyre EvansFranceHistory105ocn024154638book18190.98Crowe, Eyre EvansThe pleasures of melancholy; and A Saxon tale82ocn719444662file0.88Crowe, Eyre Evans[The] history [of] France53ocn315527077book18330.47Crowe, Eyre EvansLives of the most eminent foreign statesmen51ocn063949158book18440.47Levens van beroemde staatslieden51ocn034309560book18330.86Irish national tales and romances43ocn156181905book18540.47Crowe, Eyre EvansA history of China to the present time. Including an account of the rise and progress of the present religious insurrection in that empireHistory31ocn055558478book18530.82Charles Delmer : a story of the day. In two volumes32ocn427506140book0.88James, G. P. RLives of the most eminent foreign statesmenBiography32ocn557998813book1843Crowe, Eyre EvansConnemara. Ou uma Eleição na Irlanda. Romance irelandez ... Tradusido por C.A. da S. e S. [i.e. Camillo Aureliano Silva e Sousa]. [With "Pasquetta Launay. Por Fr. Soullié. Tradusida por A.L. de S."]21ocn560485248book1825IrelandTo-day in Ireland. [By Eyre Evans Crowe.]21ocn174974298book19790.47Crowe, Eyre EvansTo-day in Ireland21ocn560165614book1829IrelandYesterday in Ireland. By the Author of "To-day in Ireland" [Eyre Evans Crowe]21ocn557998857book1832Crowe, Eyre EvansLives of the most Eminent Foreign Statesmen. (vol. 2-5. By G. P. R. James.)191ocn787848556file20110.59Slaves waiting for sale abolitionist art and the Southern slave tradeHistoryIn 1853, Eyre Crowe, a young British artist, visited a slave auction in Richmond, Virginia. Harrowed by what he witnessed, he captured the scene in sketches. This book uses Crowe's paintings to explore the texture of the slave trade in Richmond Charleston, and New Orleans11ocn658215953art20000.10Coldham, Peter WilsonCrowe, Eyre Evans of Reading: [New Jersey]HistoryBiographyGenealogyRegistersThu Oct 16 15:30:57 EDT 2014batch11787