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Thu Oct 16 17:59:25 2014 UTClccn-nr950231280.00Le complot d'Aristote0.641.00Jean-Pierre Bekolo (Cameroon)49117999Jean-Pierre_Bekolonr 950231283870284Bekolo, Jean-PierreBekolo Obama, Jean-PierreBekolo Obama Jean-Pierre 1966-....Obama, Jean-Pierre Bekolo-Obama Jean-Pierre Bekolo 1966-....lccn-nr95023131Amougou, Sergeactlccn-no00022829Mindja, Essindiactlccn-no00022827Biyong, Jimmyactlccn-nr95023129Ola'a, Sandrineactnc-kola case firmKola Case (Firm)lccn-n80142225California Newsreel (Firm)np-dennis, lisetteDennis, Lisettelccn-nr95023132Blondeau, Régiscnglccn-nr95023133Nikwé, Philipcmplccn-n85138076Kino International CorporationBekolo, Jean-PierreDramaAction and adventure filmsScience fiction filmsBiographyCameroonFolkloreSex (Psychology)Women--Social conditionsSex roleMan-woman relationshipsMotion picturesMotion pictures--Social aspectsAfricaIdentity (Psychology) in motion picturesZimbabweCameroonian dramaBekolo, Jean-PierreProstitutesCorruptionDictatorsMotion pictures, AfricanAutobiographyFrance--La CiotatFamiliesCyborgs in motion picturesPolitical sciencePresidentsYouth--Political activityAfrica, Sub-SaharanPolitical corruption1966199219931994199619971999200020022004200520062008200920102011201220133571846791.4372PQ3989.2.B366ocn029011706ocn042496217ocn673617131ocn762828996ocn781854440ocn829971769ocn692029962ocn863001094ocn781854067ocn865746476ocn029011706ocn042496217ocn781854440ocn865746476ocn781854067ocn042496217ocn781854440ocn865746476ocn781854067ocn673617131ocn829971769ocn863001094ocn82821253031023ocn029011706visu19920.63Bekolo, Jean-PierreQuartier MozartDramaQueen of the 'Hood is a proud young girl who doesn't want to be taken advantage of by men. She befriends a local sorceress who helps her enter the body of a young man, My Guy, so she can discover for herself the real "sexual politics" of the quarter. Meanwhile, the sorceress assumes the shape of Panka, a familiar comic figure in Cameroonian folklore with sexual powers. In this sex farce, women's wisdom and "witchcraft" help to temporarily regain the balance of power in a sexist world173ocn059714991visu19960.90Aristotle's Plot Le complot d'AristoteThe film reflects the young director's refusal to be pigeon-holed as a maker of "traditional" films set in rural settings. The film partly operates on the level of "story," but only minimally. The film is set in a nameless allegorical southern African town52ocn773195830visu20060.95Les saignantes The bloodettesDramaScience fiction filmsAction and adventure films"A superbly photographed, edited and scored film about two young femmes fatales who set out to rid a futuristic country of its corrupt and sexually obsessed powerful men. In this stylized, sci-fi action-horror hybrid, Majolie and Chouchou navigate a sordid world of sex, money, politics and death. They are on a mission to change the destiny of their country, but their task is made difficult by a formidable foe. Revelling in excess, Les saignantes is one of the first science fiction films to come out of Africa"--Container43ocn762828996visu1999Le complot d'Aristote41ocn495306354book20090.97Bekolo, Jean-PierreAfrica for the future : sortir un nouveau monde du cinéma21ocn690697266visu2000Le complot d'Aristote Aristote's plotIndiqué sur la jaquette : Essemba Tourneur, cinéaste maudit chassé d'Europe, découvre avec stupeur que son vieux cinéma est occupé par une bande de jeunes malfrats qui consomment à longueur de temps des films américains. De force, il récupère les lieux pour y projeter des films africains. Les voyous expulsés de la ville décident alors de dévaliser la salle d'Essemba et d'ouvrir un cinéma au village. Leur butin n'est malheureusement constitué que de films africains. La mort dans l'âme, ils les projettent aux villageois qui les adorent. Mais Essemba décide de régler ses comptes avec le gang, glissant ainsi malgré lui dans un véritable film américain22ocn852394110visu20130.47Le présidentDrama"In this intelligently rendered mix of mockumentary and drama, the disappearance of the President of Cameroon a few days before the elections is a sign that the 'spectre' has taken over. Young people are becoming restless, intellectuals are debating national issues, prisoners are making political plans and people are asking difficult questions. With this film, which contains the stories of succession, independence and revolution, director Jean-Pierre Bekolo presents a very different African narrative, one which attempts to interrupt notions of genre, not just by mixing fiction and reality but also in its treatment of form and imagery." -- Internet21ocn060987739book1994Blanc d'ébène et Quartier Mozart11ocn800959926visu20110.82Romand, FrançoiseThème Je The camera I ; IntersectionsBiography"Françoise Romand dissects family secrets, drags skeletons out of the closet, aims the camera on her lovers who hold mirrors up to her, with both humor and ferocity. After filming characters with strange life stories, she turns the camera on herself, always mixing fiction with documentary. If all her films reflect a search for identity, who better than the filmmaker could serve as a new subject for examination?" -- Container11ocn704350716art20101.00Diawara, ManthiaAfrican cinema, post-colonialism and the aesthetic strategies of representation11ocn718050719visu2004Le complot d'Aristote Aristote's plot11ocn473498424visu1993Kvarteret Mozart"Kvarterets høvding" er en dejlig rapkæftet tøs, der så gerne vil lære kærlighedens væsen at kende11ocn828212530mixFilmakers in conversation21ocn057967746art20021.00Ukadike, Nwachukwu FrankJean-Pierre Bekolo (Cameroon)Interviews11ocn034820750art19941.00Bekolo, Jean-PierreHave you seen Franklin Roosevelt?11ocn230309382art20051.00Adesokan, AkinwumiJean-Pierre Bekolo's multifocal cameraCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn827862289art20121.00Omelsky, MatthewJean-Pierre Bekolo's African cyborgian thoughtCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn049897233art19991.00Bekolo, Jean-PierreAfrican cinema and the question of meaning : an interview with Jean-Pierre BekoloInterviewsThu Oct 16 15:18:25 EDT 2014batch11737