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Fri Mar 21 17:08:59 2014 UTClccn-nr960249330.00Papers [ca. 1871-1894]0.581.00Admission of Utah : speech of Hon. Joseph L. Rawlins, of Utah, in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, December 12, 189324499847Joseph_Lafayette_Rawlinsnr 960249334214606lccn-nr92039132United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Claimslccn-n79043125United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Indian Affairsviaf-282560266Morgan, John Tylerctbnc-united states$congress$senate$committee on pacific railroadsUnited StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Pacific Railroadsnp-harris, william alexanderHarris, William Alexanderctbnc-blc oca digitization projectBLC OCA Digitization Projectlccn-n2001062537Internet Archive (Firm)lccn-n84051322Boston Library Consortiumlccn-n82069294University of ConnecticutLibrarieslccn-n85188720United StatesCongressSenateCommittee on Public Buildings and GroundsRawlins, Joseph LafayetteHistorySpeeches in CongressSourcesUtahUnited StatesTerritorial expansionRawlins, Joseph L.--(Joseph Lafayette),PhilippinesAcquisition of territorySilver questionStatehood (American politics)Political scienceCuban questionIndians of North America--Land tenureUtah--DraperUnited States--Standing Rock Indian ReservationUtah--Uintah and Ouray Indian ReservationMormon Church--Political activityBernhisel, John M.--(John Milton),ChinaCannon, George Q.--(George Quayle),Hooper, W. H.--(William Henry),ImmigrantsCaine, John T.--(John Thomas),PolygamyCannon, Frank JKinney, John F.--(John Fitch),LegislatorsEmigration and immigrationChineseEmigration and immigration law185019261885189318941897189818991900190119021484248155.4F826ocn857809970ocn857811174ocn857809437ocn857854739ocn857866900ocn857865579ocn857856695ocn857872996ocn857809764ocn857880486132ocn001124487book18930.95Rawlins, Joseph LAdmission of Utah Speech in the House of Representatives, Dec. 12, 1893History92ocn025229690book18930.96Rawlins, Joseph LSilver : speech of Hon. Joseph L. Rawlins, of Utah, in the House of Representatives, Saturday, August 12, 1893Speeches in Congress92ocn471479900com18990.81Rawlins, Joseph LAcquisition of territory danger of taking the Philippines, their retention bodes nothing but evilHistorySpeeches in Congress71ocn857856695file18990.31Robert Otis, administrator. February 8, 1899. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857854739file18990.31Right of way, Clearwater Valley Railroad. January 19, 1899. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857809764file18970.31Union Pacific Railroad. June 26, 1897. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857866900file19000.31John Anderson. March 1, 1900. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857811174file18980.31Ravensworth estate. January 12, 1898. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857865579file19000.31Public building, Deadwood, S. Dak. February 9, 1900. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857809437file18970.31Sioux City and Pacific Railway Company. April 15, 1897. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857809970file18970.31Southwestern Presbyterian University. July 14, 1897. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857880486file19000.31John Conner, Sr. June 2, 1900. -- Ordered to be printed71ocn857872996file19000.31Memorial concerning water supply of Salt Lake City. May 3, 1900. -- Referred to the Committee on Public Lands and ordered to be printed52ocn010455107book18931.00Rawlins, Joseph LAdmission of Utah : speech of Hon. Joseph L. Rawlins, of Utah, in the House of Representatives, Tuesday, December 12, 1893HistorySources31ocn040282395book19020.92United StatesLeasing of Indian lands. Hearings ... on the resolution submitted by Mr. Rawlins proposing an inquiry relative to leases of Indian lands, Senate bill 145, in relation to certain lands within the Uintah Indian Reservation, and the resolution submitted by Mr. Jones, of Arkansas, in regard to leases of the Standing Rock Reservation lands31ocn010485405book18980.96Rawlins, Joseph LResolution and remarks relating to the Spanish-Cuban questionSpeeches in Congress21ocn010485346book18980.92Rawlins, Joseph LIndependence of Cuba : remarks of Hon. Joseph L. Rawlins, of Utah, in the Senate of the United States, Monday, April 18, 1898Speeches in Congress22ocn786339080com19011.00United StatesS. 152, in the Senate of the United States : December 4, 1901, Mr. Rawlins introduced the following bill, which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Immigration : a bill continuing in force all existing laws relating to Chinese immigration or exclusion11ocn122462679mixMusser, A. MiltonContains miscellaneous papers, including copy of an 1894 letter to Joseph L. Rawlins, prospectus for the Utah Farmer, circular from the Deseret Parent Society, historical information on the Deseret Telegraph Company, and newspaper clippings11ocn154298791mixRawlins, Joseph LHistoryAutobiography to 1890; congressional speeches, 1885-1902; notes and correspondence pertaining to Alta R. Jensen's book "The Favored Few."42ocn003338783book19731.00Harrow, Joan RayJoseph L. Rawlins: father of Utah statehoodHistory31ocn010478894book18941.00Rawlins, Joseph LRawlins in congress : the work of a strong, modest, untiring man : what has been done for Utah in eighteen months by the Democratic Party : the malicious legislation of the Republican Party reviewed in detail31ocn080279066book19560.92Rawlins, Joseph LThe unfavored few : the auto-biography of Joseph L. RawlinsHistory21ocn080678117book19620.47Haslam, LarryUtah's delegates to Congress, 1851-1896Biography11ocn004994191book19561.00Rawlins, Joseph L"The unfavored few"; the auto-biography of Joseph L. Rawlins, delegate to the U.S. Congress from the Territory of Utah, 1892, U.S. Senator from the State of Utah, 1897History11ocn006688470mix1.00Rawlins, Joseph LPapersHistoryAutobiography, 1850-1890; congressional speeches, 1885-1902; notes and correspondence related to Alta R. Jensen's book T̲h̲e̲ F̲a̲v̲o̲r̲e̲d̲ F̲e̲w̲11ocn011441337book1894Grant, Heber JSpeech of Hon. H.J. Grant : a ringing appeal to the voters of Utah Territory : patriotism and gratitude demand that voters support Hon. J.L. RawlinsFri Mar 21 15:59:27 EDT 2014batch12305